EDS Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Hooligan Weasel

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Mi Li organized a reposting lottery on Weibo, and selected 10 lucky fans to win three flame dates each.

There were only 50-odd flame dates in total, so she wouldn’t make much money and it was better to give them to everyone to try them out. Mi Li was not worried about arousing suspicion from others. After all, the quantity was so small, and the agricultural bases of various countries were developing new varieties every year: grains, vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants. It was just that many were not sold to the outside world.

Mi Li ate flame dates as she browsed Weibo while listening to music from another world, very leisurely and at ease.

At this moment, Mi Li received a call from her mother asking her about her current situation.

“Very good, your daughter is a person who owns a building. My hand goes limp from collecting rent every year, passing my time in a drunken stupor,” Mi Li said proudly.

[ Is that anything to be proud of? ] Mama Mi said angrily, [ Your dad and I helped you build a house, but we didn’t want you to do nothing with your life! ]

“You didn’t?” Mi Li grinned, “I thought Mother’s expectations of me was to be a proper landlady.”

[ *Ptui*, stop with the nonsense. ] Mother Mi changed the subject and said, [ Little Mi, do you have cash on hand? Your dad wants to buy the barren mountain in the village, and he still needs three to four hundred thousand. ]

“Why did Dad suddenly want to buy that barren mountain?” Mi Li was puzzled. Her family took seven or eight years to start a farmhouse which she would inherit in her old age. They started late and their business was not as good as others’ in the village, but there was no problem making a living.

[ It’s because of your uncle’s family. ] Mama Mi sighed, [ Not only did they occupy the ancestral house, but they also transferred your father’s fields to their own name. This is not the most upsetting. What is really upsetting is that they felt that daughters have no inheritance rights, and they said they want to find you a husband who will inherit the family business in the future. ]

Mi Li was speechless. Look at what age it was now, and yet they were still so patriarchal.

Mama Mi continued: [ Your dad disagreed so they went around bad mouthing him everywhere, making it so that our farmhouse can’t go on. Your dad has no choice but to find another way out. ]

“Does the village chief not care about this?” Mi Li was very angry.

[ *Sigh* The village chief is a nice old man. He just wants things to stay peaceful. What can he do? ]

“But,” Mi Li frowned, “buying the barren mountain is very risky.”

[ Right? I also tried to persuade your dad, but he wouldn’t listen. ]

Mi Li listened to her tone and knew that she actually also supported this. Otherwise, with her ability, it would only take minutes if she really wanted to convince Papa Mi.

She remembered the barren mountain; she used to always climb and play on it. It wasn’t correct to call it a barren mountain; there were many trees growing on it. It was just that the trees were becoming sparser because they kept being cut down, and then the mountain became increasingly desolate.

Mi Li thought for a while, and asked, “Why does Dad want to buy that mountain?”

[ Your dad asked an expert to do a field inspection, and they plan to grow tea and fruit. ]

Mi Li thought for a moment, and said, “Okay, I will transfer 400,000 yuan to you later, and I will come over in a few days.”

Papa Mi was not an ignorant farmer, otherwise he would not have bought land in the city to construct a building even under external pressure. He was a college student in the 1960s, and he studied agriculture. Since he thought it was feasible, Mi Li would also give her unreserved support. Although she was still carrying a mortgage on her back, her annual rental income was enough to repay the loan as long as she cut back a little on her spending.

“Fruit…” Seeing the tasty and refreshing flame dates on the plate, Mi Li suddenly brightened. If she transplanted the flame date saplings from Qiming Village, she didn’t know if they could survive. If they could be cultivated successfully and the taste guaranteed, her dad would be able to make a profit.

In the afternoon, Mi Li went to the bank to transfer 400,000 yuan to Papa Mi. She then bought some healthcare products, planning to go home the day after tomorrow.

Carrying big and small bags back home, Mi Li inadvertently caught a glimpse of the flower pots on the windowsill. The qianhuicai, mangzhu and xiulan planted two days ago had all sprouted.

The little buds stood quietly in the soil, looking very energetic. The manual clearly stated that they would take three to five days to germinate, but now they germinated in less than two days. It was unknown whether or not it was a mutation caused by traveling through time and space.

Mi Li thought of the appearance they would grow into, and looked forward to it. If the flame dates couldn’t be cultivated, then she could raise flowers and plants. The new varieties of flowers and plants were also very valuable. Not to mention, the xiulan alone was an utterly unique new orchid in this world.

Mi Li remembered that she also sent Xi Baichen vegetables, flowers, and grass seeds from this world. The next time she crossed over, she would try to plant them and see how they grew.

Thinking of this in her heart, Mi Li woke up in Xi Baichen’s bed the next morning, softly nestled in the man’s arms. The sling pajamas hung loosely on her shoulders, revealing a plump fullness.

Feeling the warmth in his arms, Xi Baichen stretched out his arms and hugged her even tighter. A soft sensation came from his chest and seeming to feel it, he slowly opened his eyes to see a snow white expanse.

His breath caught in his throat, and Xi Baichen remained motionless, staring deeply at the girl in his arms. Her pink lips were slightly open, her neck line was as graceful as a swan, the richness of her chest pressed against him, and the silky touch of her palm made him linger.

With such excitement so early in the morning, Xi Baichen was shamelessly hard.

At this moment, Mi Li’s eyelashes trembled slightly, as though she was about to wake up. Xi Baichen quickly adjusted his posture and was ready to accuse her of sexual assault.

Mi Li drowsily opened her eyes and looked up at him. She was silent for a moment, then reached her hand around his neck, kissed his lips, and softly called out, “Old Bai~~”

The Xi Baichen that was prepared to (wrongfully) accuse her of sexual harassment: “…”

Mi Li obviously didn’t wake up, and she rubbed herself against his chest after the kiss. She needed to spoil and shower with affection the man that she raised herself~~

Xi Baichen’s eyes darkened. He raised her chin and slowly closed in but stopped at a distance of one or two centimeters from her lips. Their hot breaths intertwined, almost burning him.

“I deserve to die!” Xi Baichen cursed in a low voice. He let go of Mi Li and got up from the bed.

He felt that he was really indiscriminate; he was even aroused by an evil spirit whom he knew nothing about.

He took his clothes to the bathroom and took a cold shower. When he came back, Mi Li was already up and playing with Little Bai by the bed.

She crossed over with Little Bai again this time.

“Old Bai, good morning.” Mi Li changed into a casual outfit, and asked refreshingly, “I’m going to make breakfast, what do you want to eat?”

“Whatever.” Xi Baichen looked at her with an inexplicable expression.

“What ingredients do you have?” Mi Li went to the kitchen, looked around familiarly, and finally decided to cook millet porridge and fry some scallion pancakes.

Xi Baichen self-consciously tended to the fire, and from time to time, two inexplicable eyes glanced at her.

Once a certain idea sprouted, it was like toffee; sweet and sticky, layered on top of itself, drawing out a wondrous pattern in his heart.

After eating breakfast and feeding Little Bai until it was full again, Mi Li asked about the seeds she shipped last time.

“It’s all here.” Xi Baichen gave her the seeds.

While flipping through the seeds, Mi Li said, “There is still a large open space in the backyard. I plan to plant some vegetables and fruits there, and the front yard will be planted with flowers and foliage plants.”

Xi Baichen said indifferently, “It’s good as long as you are happy.”

“But this is your home.” Mi Li criticized and educated, “No matter what, you should try to care a little more. You can’t let a century-old mansion be ruined like this.”

“Okay, you are right.” Xi Baichen liked to see her more serious appearance.

“You help with tilling later.” Mi Li handed him a hoe and planned, “Let’s try planting it in a small test plot first.”

Xi Baichen saw the grandeur she put on, seeming very experienced. He couldn’t help asking curiously, “Have you ever done planting before?”

“Of course.” Mi Li proudly said, “I can grow flowers and vegetables; plant seedlings and trees. I can do everything.”

Xi Baichen’s mouth curved slightly. “Is there anything you can’t do?”

Mi Li thought about it seriously, and said honestly, “I can’t write.”

Xi Baichen: “…Hoho.” What about writing? Writing was satisfying, and it feels particularly so when abusing people. If one doesn’t experience it first hand, how can anyone understand the pleasure of near-collapse or the catharsis of madness?

Mi Li grinned and marked out a piece of land using a wooden stick. “Let’s start from here.”

Under her command, Xi Baichen picked up the hoe and turned over the soil in a precise manner, not caring that his trousers and shoes were covered with dirt.

The soil here was good. After removing the weeds and nourishing them with fertilizer, growing vegetables wouldn’t be a problem at all. It all depended on whether the vegetables from the other world could adapt to the environment of this world.

After a busy morning, the two of them were covered in sweat, so they went to the bathroom to clean up. After eating another sumptuous lunch, their exhaustion was wiped out and they were full of energy.

It was just that there were a few blisters on Xi Baichen’s palm. Mi Li complained that he was too pampered while carefully helping him apply medication.

Xi Baichen’s gentle eyes stared at her as his poisonous tongue lashed out at her intermittently.

Little Bai didn’t bother to watch these two stupid humans and their roundabout show of affection. It left to hang out with other cats while competing with them on cockroach catching skills.

“How is the situation in the master bedroom?” Mi Li asked suddenly.

“I’ll find someone to clean it up, and I can move back in tomorrow.”

“That’s good.” Mi Li nodded in a show of calmness.

Xi Baichen joked, “It’s okay to fart, but please don’t release poison gas anymore.”

Mi Li glared at him, “Don’t worry, there will never be a second time!”

However, this sentence was said too soon.

In the evening, Mi Li found a light brown figure near the wood storage, which was the weasel she had previously possessed.

He seemed to have made a nest at the house and brought his wife over. This season was their season of love, their breeding season. It wouldn’t be long before one, two…seven, and eight weasels would be born.

Although weasels were very good at catching mice, they could also harm the poultry. When they were unhappy, they would release poison. If one drove them off, they would become vengeful.

Mi Li leaned against the door of the wood storage, and said earnestly, “Old Weasel, let’s talk.”

The weasel stuck out his head and looked at her shiftily.

“You can live here, but don’t mess with the poultry in the village. The rats in this house belong to you. If you don’t have anything to eat, you can come find me.”

The weasel gave her a slanted glance and then retracted his head.

“Give me an answer, do you agree or not?” Mi Li knocked on the door panel.

[ I got it, just get out of here. Don’t bother me when I’m doing proper business. ]

Mi Li: I’m going, what a grumpy hooligan this weasel is.

“By the way, one more thing, don’t randomly fart.”

[ Gogogogogogo! ]

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