EDS Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – Innate Talent

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Mi Li went back to her own world in the afternoon. She also brought back two flame date saplings and a basket of flame dates. There was originally a live fish, but the smuggling operation failed. The living creatures of that world obviously could not be brought here, at least not for the time being. She left Little Bai with Old Bai; it was having a good time with its little friends.

After returning home, Mi Li immediately set off for Qingwei County.

Papa Mi and Mama Mi had not seen their daughter for a long time. It was a moment of enquiring of each other’s well being, joyously and harmoniously.

“You came back at a good time, we’re about to start eating.” Mama Mi pulled Mi Li into the house with a smile.

“Mom, there are still some things in my car. I’ll take them out first.” As soon as Mi Li finished speaking, she prepared to open the trunk.

“What’s the hurry? Eat first.” Mama Mi said with an all too knowing expression, “As if I don’t know how you are. They’re probably healthy foods again. Your dad and I are already tired of eating them.”

Mi Li: “Hoho.” Is it really okay to attack your daughter’s filial piety?

“Go wash your hands and prepare to eat.” Papa Mi, wearing an apron, smoothly arranged the dishes and chopsticks.


After Mi Li washed her hands, she smelled the aroma of the food and greedily said, “Ah, it’s been so long since I tasted Dad’s cooking.”

As she spoke, she couldn’t wait to put a piece of meat into her mouth and slowly savor it.

“You’re getting more and more unruly.” Mama Mi slapped her forehead lightly, “You’re so old already, how can you act like a child?”

“There’s no other way. Mom and Dad are to blame for spoiling me too much, turning me into a little princess.” Mi Li was also very helpless.

“Enough nonsense!” Mama Mi laughed at her.

Papa Mi laughed from the side as well, all the worries that were frustrating him were dispelled by his precious daughter.

While the family was eating happily, a few uninvited guests dragged themselves in, destroying the wonderful atmosphere.

“Yo, it’s meal time.” The bald headed man scanned the three of them one by one, and finally settled on Mi Li, “Little Mi is back? Long time no see, you’re becoming more and more beautiful.”

“Uncle.” Mi Li stood up and greeted him, her attitude neither warm nor cold.

Uncle Mi ignored the alienating gaze of Papa Mi and introduced, “Little Mi, this is your Eldest Uncle’s son, Mi Xiangyang, 26 years old. You used to play together when you were young, remember?”

Mi Li looked towards Mi Xiangyang. He was about 180 cm tall, lean in build, and looked pretty good. However, his gloomy eyes were shaped like inverted triangles, and he gave off the feeling that he was a vicious person who might stab you in the back at any moment.

“Mi Zheng, what’s the meaning of this?” Papa Mi set his chopsticks aside, his tone carrying a hint of anger.

“I’m just bringing the juniors over for a visit.” Mi Zheng patted Mi Xiangyang on the shoulder, laughing so hard that his muscles bunched up, and he looked like a ████.[1]

As soon as Mi Li came back, Mi Zheng came to the door. Even barging in while others were eating, it could be said to be very arrogant and domineering.

“You came for a visit and now you’ve visited. If there is nothing else, please leave.” Papa Mi drove them off harshly.

“Don’t worry.” Mi Zheng laughed and looked at Mi Li, “I’m here to invite Little Mi over as a house guest. Little Mi, your father wants to buy up the barren mountain behind us. You have to dissuade him, because buying the barren mountain is very risky. I have many profitable tips. Come to my house for dinner tomorrow and I will discuss it with you in detail.”

Mi Zheng’s son-in-law worked in the ZF department, and his son was also in the government. Although their positions weren’t high, their power wasn’t small. This was the reason why Mi Zheng was able to run rampant around the village.

“If Uncle has any advice, you can talk to my dad. I’m just a little girl who doesn’t understand anything.” Mi Li showed an ignorant look.

“You are more knowledgeable than your dad. I will talk to you about some stakes first, then you can do your dad’s thinking.”

Mi Li laughed internally: My dad’s intelligence quotient is much higher than yours, why would he listen to your baseless thoughts?

Mi Zheng squinted his eyes and pretended to casually say, “You also know that Uncle has a bad temper. If I’m unhappy, I might do something impulsive. We are all related and should take care of each other. Little Mi, you are a sensible girl. You must also hope that our two families can live in harmony, don’t you?”

This was a threat.

Both Papa Mi and Mama Mi had on ugly expressions, and when they were about to explode, Mi Li said, “As Uncle said, I will go and disturb you tomorrow.”

“Good, I’ll wait for you.” Achieving his aim, Mi Zheng didn’t even say goodbye and swaggered off with his group of people.

“Little Mi, why did you agree?” Mama Mi was angry.

“Mom, you don’t have to worry, I have a way to deal with it,” Mi Li soothed.

“What can you do!” Most of the villagers in Qingwei Town were very simple, but this Mi Zheng was someone who was capable of anything. He didn’t care about Papa Mi’s family before, and it was unknown why he suddenly set his sights on Mi Li. Him forcing Mi Li to eat at his house was obviously with bad intentions.

“If I don’t go this time, he will think of other tricks next time.” Mi Li sat down and continued to eat with a calm expression.

“You really…” Mama Mi was very anxious.

Papa Mi said, “Then let Little Mi go and take a look. I will bring someone to wait near Mi Zheng’s house just in case.”

Seeing that the father-daughter duo had their minds set, Mama Mi stopped talking. However she was depressed at heart and secretly cursed up a storm at Mi Zheng.

After eating, Mi Li bade her parents farewell and left alone.

She wandered in the forest near Qingwei Town, searching for weasels. That’s right, her trump card was Huang Daxian. There were few weasels in the village, but many in the forests.

After possessing a weasel, the affinity between her and these great immortals had also become friendly. Although the one who lived in Xi Baichen’s house had a grumpy temper, he kept his promise and did not cause trouble in the village.

An hour later, Mi Li carried a rabbit and walked out of the forest. The rabbit was a testimony of the friendship given to her by a certain great fairy. In fact, Mi Li had exchanged it with 50 jin of pork. Tired of eating rabbit meat, they also wanted to try something else.

At this moment, there was a faint cry for help not far away.

Mi Li paused and changed her route, following in search of the sound.

Qingwei Town received many tourists every year, and the nearby mountains and forests were also popular places for tourists. The forest terrain was not high, but there were also several dangerous mountain cols[2], usually with warning signs.

Not long after, Mi Li came to a steep slope covered by trees. She bent over and looked down, vaguely seeing a beam of light swaying below, interspersed with faint calls for help.

The steep slope was about a hundred meters long, in an inverted triangle shape, with rugged rocks and tortuous faults, but it was difficult to use them as hand or footholds. If she fell, she was likely to be stuck in place without being able to advance nor retreat.

“Are you okay?” Mi Li shouted.

Hearing her voice, the person below cried in joy, “Ah, great, I’m finally saved!”

Due to the angle of the terrain obstructing her vision, Mi Li couldn’t see the man below. She could only judge his position by the flashlight beam swinging back and forth.

“Wait for me.” Mi Li turned and walked into the woods. She found some vines which she quickly wove into a thick rope. One end was tied to a tree trunk, and the other end was dropped down the steep slope.

“No, I can’t reach it,” the person below shouted anxiously.

The vine hung two meters behind him. Unless he jumped over like a trapeze artist, he would not be able to reach the vine.

Mi Li thought about whether to go to the village to get help. However, it was getting late now and the longer it took, the more dangerous it was for him.

“Squeak…” At this moment, a familiar cry suddenly came from above her head.

Mi Li looked up and saw a monkey squatting on a branch, looking curiously.

“Ah, Brother Monkey, do me a favor!” Mi Li waved again and again.

Brother Monkey hesitated for a while, then swung down from the tree and landed beside Mi Li.

Mi Li picked up the vine, “Brother Monkey, can you pass this to the person below?”

Brother Monkey tilted his head and straightforwardly asked, [ Any benefits? ]

Mi Li felt inside her pocket and took out the candy that Mama Mi gave her before she left. She peeled one and handed it to Brother Monkey.

Brother Monkey put the candy directly into his mouth and chewed it. Um, it’s sweet and delicious, but it’s a bit hard.

Having accepted the candy bribe, Brother Monkey grabbed the vine and swung down.

“Are you still there? I can’t hold on anymore.” The guy who was waiting for help saw no movement from above for a long time. He worried that the other party had abandoned him, and his weak voice let out a desperate cry.

“Don’t worry, I found a helper. He will come down right away.” Mi Li comforted him with composure.

“Helper? Who… what the f*ck?!” In the dimness, a dark shadow suddenly swayed to the side of the man who was in trouble. With a click, some loose rocks were disturbed. The man was so shocked that he almost fell off.

“Squeak!” Brother Monkey glanced at him contemptuously, and threw the vine at his face.

The man hurriedly grabbed it, with an uncertain expression still on his face.

“Did you get it?” Mi Li shouted from above, “Tie the vine around your waist, and I will pull you up.”

“Got…Got it.” Lady, why didn’t you say that the helper you found was a monkey? You almost scared my little brother into peeing.

The man clung to the vine with one hand and struggled to wrap it around his waist with the other. After making sure that it was tight enough, he shouted, “I’m ready.”

“OK.” Mi Li began to pull with all her strength, and the man was also climbing up.

Seven or eight minutes later, the man finally climbed to the top of the slope, sprawling on the ground and panting. He looked up at his savior to thank her, but he saw a long string of monkeys standing behind her, with more than a dozen pairs of bright eyes staring at him.

Man: “!” No wonder this girl could easily pull me up, it turns out there are so many helpers!

Mi Li squatted down and asked, “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay.” The man stammered, looking at Mi Li in admiration.

“Do you have anything to eat?” Mi Li pointed to the monkeys behind her, “Give them a little reward.”

“Yep yep.” The man quickly took off his backpack and took out all the instant noodles, biscuits, bread, potato chips, etc. inside.

Mi Li picked through them and started to “divide the spoils” with the monkeys, “This is yours, this is yours… Everyone gets an equal share, no fighting or stealing.”

Although this kind of junk food was unhealthy to eat, it was fine to occasionally eat them to relieve hunger.

The man’s jaw dropped and he stood stunned, his three views completely ruined.

“Did you raise these monkeys?” he couldn’t help asking.

“No, they’re wild.” Mi Li stood up, patted the grass off her hands, and watched the monkeys leave.

“Then how come they obey your commands?”

Mi Li looked at him condescendingly, and replied with the words, “Innate talent.”

Man: “…”

  1. This was already censored in the raw.
  2. A mountain col is the lowest spot on a mountain ridge. Basically the opposite of mountain peaks.

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