EDS Chapter 42

Chapter 42 – The Pinnacle of Little Bai’s Cat Life

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Mi Li covered her steaming face and curled under the blanket like a shrimp.

She crossed back in the middle of last night, but Xi Baichen’s breath still lingered between her lips and teeth. The hot kiss tasted like a piece of chocolate cake, sweetly and delicately melting in her heart. It was irresistible.

Is this what it feels like to be in love?

She was both nervous and excited.

Mi Li lifted the blanket, her black eyes shining and her cheeks smeared a healthy pink. She bathed in the morning sun, exuding a charming and moving light.

“It’s another beautiful day~~” Mi Li rolled over and sat up, took a light step, and floated into the bathroom happily.

After washing up, Mi Li made a delicious and flavorful heart-shaped breakfast for herself. She took photos and uploaded them, captioned with: “My dears, have breakfast~~” The air of romance rushed into one’s face and could even be smelled through the screen, leading a crowd of single dog netizens to howl.

If she hadn’t taken a step forward, Mi Li would still have reservations. But now that she had made her decision, she would no longer flinch.

“Let the love come even more violently!” Mi Li cried, standing on the top of the building with her hands on her hips. Above her head was the blue sky, and behind her were flying sheets and sun-dried radishes.

After cleaning the room inside and out, Mi Li picked up her purse again and went on a big shopping spree. Her love-soaked brain was full of inspiration, and several new dishes quickly took shape. Rose shrimp, sweet and sour chicken wings[1], red male and green female[2] crispy rolls, deeply affectionate stuffed chocolate cake… She developed a series of lovey-dovey dishes. Not having had enough, she even started a livestream, which was really going too far!

After experimenting with food, she began to tailor pajamas for couples. The blue and pink silk fabrics were soft and smooth, each stitch and thread were delicate and compact. The bear and rabbit combo style was comfortable and cute, and the couple’s initials were embroidered thereon.

She had prepared a couple’s life package. In addition to food and clothes, there were also photo albums, pillows, stickers, tableware, tea sets, toiletries, etc., all of which she planned to make or customize herself. She had a wide range of hobbies. Although most of her skills such as makeup, painting, carving, cooking, sewing, and embroidery were not proficient, she had her ingenuity. With some time, she could create simple but distinctive works.

This was a long and sweetly intimate plan. Mi Li intended to design several more plans and then select them together with Xi Baichen. If one encountered something one was not good at, one could learn it, and the learning process was also a kind of enjoyment.

In the past, she could only amuse herself, but now that she had another person to share with, she seemed to be injected with new vitality and was full of passion.

[ Old Bai, good afternoon~~ ] A cheerful voice came into his ears.

Xi Baichen silently looked at the double yolk egg in the bowl.

[ The bigger one is me, you can eat the smaller one~~ ] A round egg yolk twirled around in the bowl.

Xi Baichen set the bowl aside, “I won’t eat eggs for lunch today.”

[ Then how about dumplings? I’ll teach you how to make ~~love dumplings~~ ] Mi Li’s voice undulated, crisp and sweet with a hint of tenderness.

“Okay.” The corners of Xi Baichen’s lips curved into a smile.

The unrestrained Mi Li was covered with pink bubbles.

Today she became a double yolk egg, the day after she became a love bean, and the day after that she was a thousand paper cranes.[3] Once she even became a red heart emoji. Every time he typed a sentence on his cell phone or computer, a red heart would float out.

Xi Baichen laughed out loud several times. The number of times he laughed this month was more than that of the past few decades combined. He was even about to get eye wrinkles from laughing so much.

Little Mi really was a precious girl; she was too adorable.

Apart from dabbling in romance, Mi Li did not forget to pay attention to the release of “The Blessed Cat”. Its subject matter wasn’t controversial, and it passed review with little trouble. The release date was scheduled for June 1st.

Several actors starring in this film were relatively well-known, but the one that truly attracted the fans was the unique folded-ear cat. The crew members’ occasional posting of the folded-ear cat’s daily activities turned him into a popular animal star. The peculiar appearance of the folded-ear cat had also attracted the attention of pet breeding institutions, but this world had no folded-ear cat genes. Even if they wanted to breed, they had no way to begin. They could only start their breeding program if they got their hands on Little Bai.

Mi Li naturally would not agree and reminded Xi Baichen to beware of stray cats looking to hook up with Little Bai. Little Bai’s heat cycle was relatively late, and she planned to have him neutered after a while.

June 1st in this world was also Children’s Day. “The Blessed Cat” was released simultaneously in major theaters across the country, and the audience that had long been waiting bought tickets one after another.

“Aaahhh, I can finally breathe in cats at a close range.”

“I have been waiting for such a long time, so excited!”

“It’s my first time watching a movie starring a cat. I wonder how it turned out.”

“Little Ears is so cute, I really want to have one.”

Amidst the audience’s comments, the story began.

The opening scene was the scene of the kitten being abandoned, and then being picked up by the protagonist who named him “Little Ears”. From then on, he lived an ordinary, hard yet happy life.

A poor family, an elderly grandmother, and a boy who lost his parents obviously carried a sad tone. However, because of the addition of Little Ears, everything became more colorful. In order to feed Little Ears, the boy worked everywhere to make money while in school, and gradually developed a mature and self-reliant character. Although he encountered many difficulties, he finally overcame them with his own efforts. The cleverness and occasional mischief of Little Ears became the biggest highlight of the film, making the audience laugh nonstop.

However, the story progressed to the middle and late stages, unlocking the heartbreaking mode.

The boy was admitted to college and left to study with future aspirations. Only Grandma and Little Ears were left at home. At this time, the grandmother’s body started having problems, with her eyesight worsening and her memory declining. She was sometimes alert and sometimes confused, and it was difficult for her to take care of herself.

The grandmother couldn’t even take care of herself, so naturally she couldn’t take care of Little Ears. Little Ears often went hungry, so he could only go out to find food. Digging through trash, catching mice, and picking up leftovers, he struggled to survive.

One day, he struggled to drag a bone home. He was obviously so hungry that he licked his lips, but he chose to give the bone to the grandmother. All the audience couldn’t help but feel distressed. The confused grandmother accepted this bone, which gave Little Ear the wrong message. He decided to repay Grandma in this way and worked even harder to find food. Others’ leftover drumsticks, dried fish, boxed meals, etc. were all brought home by him.

Being bullied by a stray cat, trembling in the heavy rain, becoming thinner and thinner, his fur becoming sparse… He went through many hardships, ignorant that his actions did not help but instead aggravated the grandmother’s condition. The audience who watched all of it felt sad and distressed.

“Little Ears, Grandma can’t eat this garbage!”

“If Little Ears knew that he had harmed Grandma, who knows how sad he would be.”

“AAAHHH, if only Little Ears could communicate with humans!”

“Why do you have to hurt cute Little Ears?!”

“I just wanted to breathe in cats happily, but I didn’t expect to be fed broken glass!”

The audience who came to breathe in cats felt their hearts break.

The grandmother eventually died of a bacterial infection, and the boy hurried back to hold a funeral for the grandmother. Little Ears sat next to Grandma’s corpse, gently touching her face with his paws as though he wanted to wake her up, but the grandmother couldn’t wake up anymore. This scene made many viewers’ eyes redden.

The sad boy vented all his anger on Little Ears, cruelly abandoned him, and then returned to school with his backpack.

Little Ears stood guard all alone at the door, swaying with his thin body. Looking into the distance in the heavy snow, his pair of clear eyes were still so bright, he still seemed to be waiting eagerly for his master’s return.

This gaze triggered the tears of countless people, and there were low sobs in the theater.

When the boy’s mood gradually calmed down and he came back to look for Little Ears, he only saw a small skinny corpse frozen to death at the door of his house. The film came to an end amidst the boy’s bitter cries.

The boy thought Little Ears would go out to find food by himself. Didn’t he live like this when Grandma was alive? Why did he do nothing?

Because no one needed him anymore…

How cheerful this movie was at the beginning, was how sorrowful it became at the end.

[ AAAAHHHH! I hate the author, I hate the screenwriter, and I hate the protagonist! ]

[ What’s the use in crying? The kitten is already dead… ]

[ The protagonist is really a big pig trotter, I’ll become an anti-fan! ]

[ I’m crying to death, can’t you let people breathe in cats in peace?! ]

[ Why is it a tragedy? I wouldn’t have watched it if I had known, AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! ]

[ How can there be such a heart-wrenching little cutie in the world, uuuuuu… ]

[ I’m so heartbroken that I can’t breathe. I won’t be able to recover for months. ]

Despite the outrage on the internet, the box office for this movie skyrocketed.

The intelligence displayed by the folded-ear cat in this film was amazing. Many complex scenes were completed with long shots. Every action, every gaze, and every expression was natural. He was obviously just a cat, but he made the audience feel his rich and delicate heart.

If the Oscars had an award for animals, this folded-ear cat would definitely win the best acting award.

After the film was screened, Little Bai practically became the pet of the whole nation. As the film was released abroad, tens of thousands of poor audiences cried out in the toilet. The folded-ear cat had very quickly become popular all around the world. His unique appearance had left a deep impression on everyone. Cartoon images based on him had also become popular. Businesses looking for Xi Baichen to shoot advertisements and buy image copyrights were endless.

Mi Li had long expected that Little Bai would become famous, but she did not expect quite so much fame. She clearly underestimated the love and acceptance for folded-ear cats in this world.

In less than a month, Little Bai had a huge fan base. Even Xi Baichen’s novel “Blessed Cat” sold crazily, making more than 30 million total. If one added the advertising fees and copyright fees rejected by Xi Baichen, the income would be even harder to calculate.

Little Bai now had the status of a first-tier star, and Xi Baichen bought tens of millions of insurance for him following his agent’s advice. Little Bai had become the most expensive pet and the only star cat in this world. Now as long as one took him out for a walk, he would be recognized by others immediately.

As the only folded-ear cat in this world, his recognition was too high. Little Bai had climbed to the pinnacle of the cat race’s cat life.

Looking at Little Bai who was grooming himself on the sofa, he had no self awareness of being a star cat at all. Mi Li was both happy and frustrated.

In the future, she had to watch him tightly. If he was stolen, she would have nowhere to cry.

Fortunately, Little Bai was just a cat no matter how famous he was. There was no need to be interviewed by reporters nor sign autographs for fans. As long as his daily activities and cute photos were posted regularly, cat fans would be satisfied.

  1. Dish means two hearts beating as one.
  2. This is a pun on the mythical golden boy and jade girl (金童玉女) and basically means a pairing made in heaven.
  3. These are all related to love or being in a relationship.

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