EDS Chapter 43

Chapter 43 – Let’s Go on a Date!

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Xi Baichen wore Mi Li’s hand-made pajamas and sat on the balcony, leisurely sipping his newly brewed flame date wine. With his half closed eyes, the look on his face resembled that of Little Bai.

[ Old Bai, let’s go on a date! ] In his pseudo sleeping state, Mi Li’s voice came from the left accompanied by a burst of wind.

Xi Baichen looked up and saw a crow slowly landing on his shoulder with two small eyes shining at him.

A few days ago, she was still a little sweetie, why did she become a crow today? This evil spirit’s thoughts are really elusive.

[ Why are you in a daze? ] Mi Li patted his face with her wings.

“Okay, where do you want to go?” Xi Baichen drank all the flame date wine, got up, and walked inside.

[ We’ll first eat at a restaurant, then go to the amusement park, and watch a movie later at night.]

Xi Baichen had no objections. He moved her off his shoulders, placed her on the small table next to him, and then began to change his clothes. Recently, Qiming Village was doing road construction and it was a bit noisy, so Xi Baichen had moved back to the original villa.

Mi Li flew to the windowsill, chose an excellent viewing angle, and admired the figure of her man.

With only a pair of underwear left, Xi Baichen suddenly turned to look at Mi Li. “As a girl, don’t you know how to be shy?”

[ I’m just a crow. ] Mi Li answered in a straightforward and confident manner.

“If you have the ability, then be a crow for the rest of your life.” Xi Baichen took out some clothes from the closet and quickly changed into them.

Mi Li pretended not to hear, flew to the shoe rack and reminded, [ Don’t forget to take your wallet. ]

“Meow~~” Little Bai clattered his way over.

“Little Bai, you stay and guard the house,” Xi Baichen told Little Bai while changing his shoes.

“Meow meow meow~~” Little Bai grabbed Xi Baichen’s trouser legs and looked up at him pitifully.

[ Take him with us. He’s been cooped up at home recently, and he’s probably very bored. ] Mi Li flapped her wings and landed on the floor. Little Bai leaned in immediately and licked her crow’s beak with his tongue.

Xi Baichen quickly swooped Mi Li into his arms, fearing that Little Bai would take her as an ordinary crow and kill her.

“It’s not suitable for Little Bai to go out now.” Xi Baichen stuffed Mi Li into the collar of his jacket, not allowing Little Bai to touch her.

[ Didn’t I make a hat for Little Bai? ]

“Oh.” Xi Baichen remembered, turned around, and headed inside. He took out a lace-rimmed sunhat and put it on Little Bai’s head. With the lace framing the top of his head, he looked like a cat-faced sunflower.

Little Bai fiddled with the hat in askance, not very happy. Finally, with Mi Li’s consolation, he barely accepted the low class outfit.

Xi Baichen tied a leash on him and then carried him out of the villa.

Mi Li passed over his head, leading the way. As it was her first time possessing a bird, she enjoyed the feeling of flying.

Considering the inconvenience of bringing Little Bai along, Mi Li chose an open-air restaurant near the river.

Xi Baichen took a seat, and Mi Li flew down from the sky, landing lightly on the table.

Her appearance immediately attracted the attention of several nearby tables.

The waiter came over, saw the crow on the table, and hesitated. “Sir, this crow…”

“This is my pet, no need for attention.” Xi Baichen looked indifferent.

“It…will it disturb other guests?” Crows were not auspicious birds, and their cries were unpleasant. They often appeared in groups and were not very popular.

“No, she is well behaved.” Xi Baichen set Little Bai on the chair next to him.

Little Bai lifted his upper body, leaned against the table, and stretched out his paw to snatch the menu not far away.

Mi Li walked over and pushed away the cat’s paw with her bird’s claw, signaling him not to make trouble.

Little Bai withdrew his paw obediently, laid his chin on the edge of the table, and stared at her with flashing eyes.

Waiter: “…” D*mn, how could he be so cute!

Surrounding audience: “…” D*mn, charmed into spouting blood!

Wait! Did it make sense for a cat and a bird to get along so harmoniously???

Xi Baichen ordered a set meal, and then asked Mi Li, “Do you want something to eat?”

“Aw, aw.” Mi Li assented with a hoarse cry.

Xi Baichen immediately said to the waiter, “Also add a corn salad and a glass of soy milk.”

Waiter: Are you seriously saying that you understand bird language?

“Meow meow.” Little Bai said unwillingly, [ I want to eat dried fish. ]

[ Wait. ] Mi Li flew to Xi Baichen’s leg, buried her head into his pocket, and took out a bag of homemade dried fish. She jumped back to the table, tore open the bag with her claws, and poured the bag of dried fish onto a small dish before pushing it in front of Little Bai.

Little Bai cried cheerfully and happily enjoyed the dried fish.

When everyone saw this scene, they all displayed the collapse of their three views in their expressions.

What’s happening to the world? A crow actually fed dried fish to a kitten? Shouldn’t the kitten pounce on the crow and treat it as a meal? You two are so friendly, have you considered the feelings of your brethren???

“Hey, did you film that just now?”

“Aaahhh, I forgot!”

“Shoot, how can crows be so smart?”

“Huh? Do you think that cat looks like Little Ears?”

“How could Little Ears appear here? He must be like a little prince, with a special car to pick him up and a bodyguard to accompany him.”

“That’s true.”

Mi Li looked at Little Bai who was trying hard to swallow the dried fish, and was speechless for a moment.

While everyone was amazed, the waiter served up Xi Baichen’s meal. His actions were very slow, glancing at the cat and bird from time to time.

Xi Baichen didn’t care, and pushed the corn salad and soy milk towards Mi Li.

Mi Li pecked a few kernels, took a sip of soy milk, and shook her black feathers, feeling quite satisfied.

One person, one bird, and one cat each began to enjoy their food quietly, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

Mi Li’s bird stomach was very small, and one plate of corn salad was enough to eat.

Xi Baichen was still slowly wielding his knife and fork, and Little Bai hadn’t finished his dried fish yet. Mi Li looked around in boredom but her gaze suddenly sharpened in the next second. She saw that not far away, a man wearing a baseball cap stretched his hand into the purse of the middle-aged woman beside him. Seeing that he was about to pull out her wallet, Mi Li slammed her wings and shot at the man like a sharp arrow, pecking at the back of his hand with her beak.

“Ah!” The man suffered an injury, and the wallet in his hand fell to the ground.

The middle-aged woman next to him turned her head in confusion and saw a crow flying past her. She screamed in surprise, subconsciously grabbing her bag and throwing it at Mi Li.

Mi Li dodged quickly, but her wings were still swept away by the bag. Her body was knocked askew, and she almost lost her balance. After that, she caught a glimpse of the man in the baseball cap trying to pick up the wallet and escape while the middle-aged woman was not paying attention. She hovered in a low half circle, rushed towards him again, and pounced on his face.

The man in the baseball cap cursed, protected his head, turned and ran off angrily.

The middle-aged woman ran into the crowd in a panic, not even noticing that her wallet had been left behind. Just as she hurried past Xi Baichen’s dining table, he stood up and stopped her with a cold voice, “Madam, did you not notice someone stealing your wallet just now?”

The middle-aged woman was taken aback for a moment, then hurriedly searched through her handbag, and found that her wallet was indeed missing.

“Ah, my wallet!”

“Over there.” Xi Baichen pointed behind her.

The middle-aged woman quickly turned around and saw the crow that she had just met flying towards her. She was so frightened that her face lost all color, and subconsciously wanted to smash her bag again, but was blocked by a big hand.

Xi Baichen raised his other arm. Mi Li threw the wallet onto the table, then spread her wings and slowly landed on his arm.

“You can take your wallet away.” Xi Baichen didn’t even look at the middle-aged woman. Gently lifting Mi Li’s wings, he asked in a low voice, “Are you injured?”

[ It’s okay, just a few feathers fell off. ] Mi Li used her beak to comb through her still smooth and sleek feathers.

“Did you raise this crow?” The middle-aged woman clutched her wallet tightly and asked, “Are you training it to steal wallets?”

Xi Baichen raised his head and looked at her like she was a fool.

“Did you not see anything just now? It was this crow that frightened away the thief and retrieved your wallet.” The bystanders couldn’t stand it and explained aloud.

“Yeah, this crow was helping out of kindness, but you smashed it with your bag.”

“Train a crow to steal wallets? Shame on you for thinking such, I’m about to die laughing.”

“It’s my first time seeing a crow that could catch thieves. It’s too miraculous.”

“Boss, can you teach me how to raise crows? I will also raise one someday.”

The crowd’s comments made the middle-aged woman’s face heat up. Thanks and apologies were stuck in her throat, and she couldn’t say anything.

Xi Baichen didn’t care, and found the waiter to settle the bill. He then took the crow and the kitten and walked away under everyone’s amazed eyes.

Before long, a video of a crow bravely fighting a thief was uploaded to the internet, attracting countless people to watch.

[ Nowadays, raising cats and dogs can no longer meet the requirements of poop shoveling officers. Raising crows is the general trend! ]

[ Is this really a crow? Are you sure it’s not a dog in crow feathers? ]

[ Being able to raise a crow into such a helpful socialist successor, really too much talent. ]

[ Awesome, Brother Crow. ]

Although many people doubted the authenticity of the video, the thief-catching crow had become somewhat popular on the internet.

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