EDS Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Tuhao Chicken

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[ This is a rare chance, shall we go to the movies? ] Mi Li wanted to thoroughly understand this world and the film industry was a good breakthrough point.

Xi Baichen raised his hand to check the time. He put the perfume bottle into his pocket, and took a long stride. “Let’s go.”

[ Hey, just go if you’re going, why put me in your pocket? I need sunshine! I need to show my brilliance! ]

Xi Baichen ignored her cries and headed straight towards the theater at the other end of the street.

When he came to the ticket office, he took out the perfume bottle again and asked, “What do you want to see?”

Mi Li’s gaze swept across the display screen, and she decisively selected a movie that looked particularly blockbuster-like: [ Parallel Universe! ]

Xi Baichen took out his membership card and said to the clerk, “One ticket for Monster Baby.”

Mi Li: [ !!! ]

“Let’s watch something professional, Parallel Universe is not for you.”

Mi Li: […] She puffed up like a pufferfish.

Calmly taking the ticket, Xi Baichen also bought popcorn and a drink. He mixed in with a group of adults and children and walked slowly into the theater.

Today happened to be a holiday and there were more people than usual watching movies. Xi Baichen sat peacefully in the center. He had such a strong aura that the people sitting next to him were turned into “peasants.”

Mi Li grumbled: [ What the h*ll is Monster Baby? Do you think it’s fine for a big man like yourself to watch a children’s cartoon? ]

Xi Baichen leisurely sipped his drink, chewed his popcorn, and turned a deaf ear to her complaints.

Mi Li felt he was not a gentleman at all. He pretended to ask her to choose, but actually didn’t intend to listen to her at all.

While cursing the villain in her heart, the film began.

Xi Baichen put down his drink, placed the perfume bottle in his palm, and stared at the screen intently. If one didn’t know, one would have thought he was looking forward to this movie.

Monster Baby was a 3D animated movie, and the CG was obviously much worse than that of the world she lived in.

Mi Li complained as she watched, but she didn’t say it aloud so as not to affect others.

As she watched, she unknowingly immersed herself in the film, completely forgetting her previous disdain.

When the film ended, Mi Li cried: [ Woowoowoo, the little monster was so pitiful. Everyone rejected and hated it, but it sacrificed itself for the others in the end. Humans are always so harsh on the unfamiliar; the monster baby was just a child. ]

Mi Li had to admit, although the technical aspects of the film weren’t high, the plot was compact, dialogue witty, and editing smooth. Perhaps the subject wasn’t very novel, but the film was made with great attention to detail. She retracted her complaints; this was a film worth watching, much better than most of the big budget commercial films.

Xi Baichen left the theater amidst her crying and returned home.

Putting the perfume bottle on the desk, he made a cup of hot tea and turned on his computer, ready to continue refining his outline.

Realizing that Mi Li was still immersed in her emotions, Xi Baichen said, “I want to include a few more perfume brands. Do you have any suggestions?”

[ Suggestions? I have some! ] Mi Li put her emotions in order and skillfully listed, [ For example: Chanel, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Adidas, Saint Laurent, Arden, Penhaligon, Annick Goutal…]

She reported more than a dozen brands in a single breath without stuttering.

Xi Baichen glanced at her, “What did you do before?”

[ Take a guess~~ ] The more mysterious a woman was, the more attractive she was, and Mi Li was the most mysterious.

Xi Baichen said, “Oh,” with absolutely no interest in guessing. He entered into the computer all the brands she just reported, and then asked, “Which brand do you think best suits the male protagonist?”

[ You should decide for yourself. Find the scent you like best, then choose a suitable brand based on that. ]

Xi Baichen nodded, glanced away, and casually chose Adidas.

[ You… why did you choose that? ] The perfume she bought yesterday just happened to be from the Adidas brand.

Xi Baichen, “I felt it wasn’t bad so I chose it.”

Mi Li faintly felt that there was a special connection between them. Not only could they communicate between two worlds, but they also had a certain resonance.

At this time, an alarm sounded in the distance. Ripples formed on the calm sea of ​her ​consciousness. After a brief moment of reverie, Mi Li opened her eyes and woke up in bed.

Rubbing her forehead, she habitually picked up her cell phone to check the time, but saw that there were two unread text messages on it. The sender was Old Bai.

One was “Where are you?” and the other was “Are you still there? Whose phone are you using?” The messages were sent around 9 o’clock last night, but she did not receive any texts before she went to bed. Apparently there was a communication delay between them.

Mi Li replied: [ Old Bai, send me your address. I’ve got time to send you delicious food. ]

After sending this text message, she put her phone aside, got up and went to the bathroom to wash up.

After eating, Mi Li checked the recently released movies with her cell phone. She stopped looking after not finding anything of particular interest.

The movie “Monster Baby” kept replaying in her mind. Mi Li suddenly took out a drawing board and drew some four panel comics of the interesting tidbits before posting them on Weibo.

Her drawing skills might not be superb, but her style was unique and very magical. She couldn’t remember the complete plot, but she conceived a similar story based on her vague memory and showed it in this way, producing unexpected results. As soon as she posted the comics, it attracted many fans.

Dinner time arrived again as she was busying herself, and Mi Li began to cook. Suddenly a text was received on her cell phone. Once clicked, it only showed an address: [ Yunlang City, Jincheng, Fuhai Villas, Unit 101. ]

Mi Li stared at the address for a long while before deciding to experiment.

She took out some ingredients from the refrigerator and spent an hour making twelve white jade bunnies. This was a dessert she learned from a cooking show which used flour as the main ingredient. It looked cute, exquisite, and its flavor was sweet.

After securely packaging the bunnies to prevent damage, she contacted the Shunfeng courier service, wrote down the shipping address, and asked them to ship it out.

The courier felt something was off and asked, “Where is Yunlang City? Are you sure you didn’t write it wrong?”

“Just take it. If it’s wrong, I’ll resend it.” Without waiting for him to ask more, she stuffed a lollipop at him before rushing him out the door.

The courier muttered in his heart, collected the package, and drove away in the electric car with a bitter smile.

The next day, Mi Li reappeared beside Xi Baichen as a golden bank card.

Before Mi Li could react, the bank card was swiped for 1.25 million yuan. Although it was not her money, she still felt very heartbroken.

Xi Baichen was about to put away the bank card but suddenly heard an agitated voice: [ Old Bai, what did you buy to actually use up 1.25 million!? ]

Xi Baichen stopped and then flipped the bank card back and forth several times. “Little Mi?”

[ Yes, it’s me again. ] Mi Li glanced around and found that they were in a car dealership. [ You bought a new car? ]

“Yes.” Xi Baichen walked in front of a silver car, opened the door and sat inside.

[ Don’t you already have a car? ]

“It was in an accident in the past. After repairs, it didn’t run as smoothly as before so I decided to buy a new one.” Xi Baichen set the bank card against the windshield, put on his seatbelt, and started the engine.

Mi Li mumbled that the rich were capricious. She shook off her envy and was about to tell him that she had sent him food, but then closed her mouth again. What kind of courier would be needed to send things from one world to another? Before sending the package, she was already prepared for it to be returned.

[ Old Bai, is writing novels very profitable? ] Living in villas and buying luxury cars, were the authors in this world such spendthrifts?

“It’s okay.” Xi Baichen only replied with two words, not intending to elaborate.

[ Should I also find a proper job to make money? ] Mi Li introspected herself.

Xi Baichen glanced at her from the corner of his eye, his expression complicated.

“Why do you need to make money?”

[ To realize my self-worth! ] Although she now had a house, car and savings account, she still hoped to use her abilities to make more money.

Xi Baichen didn’t know what self-worth could be realized by the little ghost. He resisted lashing out with his poisonous tongue and insincerely encouraged, “…I wish you success.”

After buying a new car, Xi Baichen did not rush home, but drove around the city. If there was a traffic jam, he would crack the window to smoke a cigarette and take a look at the scenery. There was also a little ghost to chat with.

He appeared very suave, but in fact he always had an indifferent attitude towards life. He didn’t care about others and didn’t need others to care about him. Even if he contracted a terminal illness and was about to die, he would probably stay unmoved.

[ Old Bai, shall we go have dinner together? ] Mi Li warmly invited.

“Not going.” Xi Baichen kept the cigarette in his mouth and moved slowly through the traffic jam.

[ It’s bad to always order takeout. ]

“It’s convenient, stop nagging.” Xi Baichen gave his reasons.

[ You really don’t know how to enjoy life. ] Mi Li asserted, [ I’m sure you’ve never tasted real food! ]

“So what? Eating is just to fill your stomach, it’s fine as long as you don’t starve to death.”

Mi Li totally could not agree with his view: [ Old Bai, listen to me, eat out today! You aren’t short of money anyway. Find a high-end restaurant, order a few signature dishes, and have a good meal! ]

Xi Baichen hummed mockingly, but still listened to her advice. He circled around for a while and finally stopped in front of a restaurant.

[ This is what you consider a high-end restaurant??? ] Mi Li stared at the fast food restaurant called “Tuhao Chicken” in disbelief.

“Tuhao Chicken is a world-renowned multinational chain restaurant. Isn’t it high-end enough?” Xi Baichen walked in without a change in expression.

[ Do you not understand what high-end means?! ] Mi Li tried to discourage him, [ Listen to me, let’s go somewhere else. We’ll eat seafood, steak, and Buddha Jumps Over the Wall[1]! ]

Xi Baichen turned a deaf ear.

Mi Li said fiercely: [ Your bank card is in my hands. If I don’t let you eat chicken, you can’t eat chicken! ]

Xi Baichen took out his cell phone and said that he could scan the QR code to pay.

Mi Li was angry and indignant.

“Get me number 148, the deluxe set meal.” Xi Baichen neatly placed his order.

“Okay, please wait a moment.”

A few minutes later, he took his set meal and found a seat. Seeing that Mi Li hadn’t spoken for a long time, he comforted, “Look, I ordered the most expensive set meal. That’s classy enough, right?”

Fast food #148, this wasn’t classy at all!

It wasn’t that Mi Li was prejudiced against fast food restaurants, but he really shouldn’t eat too much of this kind of unhealthy food.

This man was able to grow so tall and handsome under the poison of all kinds of junk food. It’s simply illogical!

  1. 佛跳墙 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddha_Jumps_Over_the_Wall

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