EDS Chapter 54

Chapter 54 – Map

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What’s this?

Xi Zinuo picked up the makeup mirror that had fallen on the sofa with a surprised expression on his face. How can such an obviously feminine personal item appear on Xi Baichen?

He opened the makeup mirror and looked at himself from the left and right. “I’m still hot and handsome!”

While he was admiring his looks, the mirror surface suddenly began to blur. It turned into a funhouse ​​mirror, turning Xi Zinuo’s handsome face into a monster who had failed cosmetic surgery.

“What the h*ll is this?” Xi Zinuo was startled, and quickly pulled the mirror away. When he looked at it carefully, his reflection returned to normal.

Am I seeing things? Xi Zinuo approached suspiciously and was caught off guard by a dark eye, as if someone was peeking at him from the other side of the mirror.

“Oh my, it’s terrifying!” Xi Zinuo stood up and ran in panic to the study where Xi Baichen was. “Brother, there’s a ghost in your mirror!”

The door was pushed open rudely, and Xi Zinuo rushed in front of Xi Baichen’s fierce gaze, throwing the makeup mirror on the desk with a thump.

Xi Baichen picked it up and rebuked, “Be careful.”

“This is a makeup mirror used by women.” Xi Zinuo trembled and asked, “Why do you have such a thing?”

“I bought it.” Xi Baichen opened the lid and casually replied while checking it.

“You are a 10,000-year-old single dog, what did you buy a makeup mirror for? Are you a drag queen?”

Xi Baichen raised his eyes and glanced at him coldly.

Xi Zinuo’s survival instinct instantly came online, and he said in a serious tone, “Let me tell you, there must be a problem with this mirror. I just saw a ghost’s eye inside!”

[ What ghost? Obviously it’s his own eye. ] Mi Li complained to Old Bai. I just narrowed the distance a little bit.

“Obviously you saw it wrong.” Xi Baichen said casually, “This is an ordinary makeup mirror. Besides…”

“I’m not a single dog.”

Xi Zinuo was trying to defend himself, but his eyes widened when he heard these words. “What? Not a single dog? You mean you’re no longer single? When did it happen? Who is it? Do I know her?”

Xi Baichen took out his phone, put up a photo, and showed off in a low-key manner. “Little Mi, my girlfriend, your future sister-in-law.”

Xi Zinuo leaned over in disbelief. He looked at the sweet and lovely girl on the phone, and was shocked.

He actually found a girlfriend without saying a word, and she’s even such a heartwarming little fairy. Are the heavens blind?! Who said that he would be a single dog for life? Fraud! Shameless!

This explosive news made Xi Zinuo forget his fear of his ghostly encounter.

[Old Bai, how deeply rooted is your single dog image in others’ hearts? Look at your brother. ] Mi Li teased.

Xi Baichen coldly looked at Xi Zinuo, who had on an exaggerated expression. “Do you have an opinion of my girlfriend?”

“Brother!” Xi Zinuo said with a serious look, “Who is this little fairy? Please be sure to introduce her to me.”

The Xi family all knew Xi Baichen’s character. Because of his parents’ tragedy, he was indifferent towards life and estranged from others. He looked like he lacked nothing, but in fact he had nothing to live for. Even if he were to die tomorrow, he would not be moved at all.

Xi Zinuo couldn’t imagine that he would like someone, and was even willing to start a family with that person.

“Let’s talk about it later.” Xi Baichen put his phone away, then disdainfully dismissed him. “I have something to do, you can go.”

“Brother, you must remember, introduce me next time you go out with your girlfriend. I’m really curious.” Xi Zinuo looked at him reluctantly.

“Got it.” Although Xi Baichen couldn’t let go of what his grandfather had done, Xi Zinuo and his father did not owe him anything. On the contrary, they took on the parental responsibilities that did not belong to them and took care of him for many years.

Therefore, Xi Baichen was willing to introduce Little Mi to them and get their blessings.

Xi Zinuo walked to the door reluctantly, but he suddenly seemed to think of something and turned around to say, “I almost forgot. Brother, that makeup mirror is really haunted. You should hurry up and throw it away!”

It’s impossible to throw it out, it’s impossible in this life.

Xi Zinuo kept looking back as he left.

Xi Baichen played around with the makeup mirror in his hand. “You pretended to be a ghost to scare people. How did you do it?”

[ Look~~ ] Mi Li adjusted the angle and distance of the mirror surface, zooming the reflected image in and out, and then used light and shadow to form a ball. Finally, she refracted the sunlight from a distance and sparkled brightly.

“…Not bad.” When ordinary items were possessed by Little Mi, they would always become magical.

Xi Baichen quickly accepted this setting.

[ Put on a drama for me to watch. I won’t bother you while you write your novel. ] Mi Li said with empathy.

Xi Baichen grabbed the ipad and helped her choose a light-hearted idol drama.

Then, he began to write in the midst of ridiculous dialogue and romantic soundtracks.

After dozens of minutes, the sound of the drama suddenly disappeared. Xi Baichen took a look and found that the page on the ipad had changed on its own. First it looked for dramas and then turned to the search page. The search bar automatically entered the words “China Map”.

The location of Yunlang City was circled on the map, and several surrounding cities had also been marked in different ways.

“What are you doing?” Xi Baichen couldn’t help asking.

[ Learning geography. ] Mi Li replied casually.

While watching the drama just now, she suddenly thought about how she didn’t fully understand this world. Thus she shifted her consciousness to the ipad, searched for the map of China, and found that the China of the two worlds had almost the same geographic location and land area.

Of the 224 countries and regions in the world, although Mi Li couldn’t recognize them all, she recognized the more developed ones. These had similar names, such as the United States, France, and Iraq, etc., but many cities had different names.

Mi Li took Yunlang City as the center to compare the coordinates of the two Chinas’ cities. Yunlang City roughly overlapped with the Hangzhou City of her world. By checking their position one by one, she could create a special map of China.

Mi Li quickly found her hometown, Qingwei County, which was not far from Qiming Town. However, the customs of the two were quite different, and their degree of development were also different.

Qingwei County was obviously richer than Qiming Town, and traveling to and fro was more convenient. However, Yunlang City was more developed and had a larger population than Hangzhou City.

Mi Li wondered whether the two worlds could transmit items in close proximity in the future. For example, fruit tree seedlings in Qiming Village would be directly transported to Qingwei County, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

She could currently carry items and shuttle between the two worlds, but it wasn’t stable yet, and she needed to store up sufficient energy to achieve it. Xi Baichen’s attractive pull on her had also increased, but so long as she concentrated, she could choose not to accept the call.

If two people exchanged ideas at the same time, can a transmission channel be established?

Someday she had to arrange a time to test it with Old Bai!

“Have you never studied geography?” Xi Baichen’s question interrupted Mi Li’s thoughts.

[ I’ve learned it, but what I learned was the geography of the evil spirits’ world. ] Mi Li started running her mouth again.

Xi Baichen gave a short laugh. “Do you even drive electric cars in the evil spirit’s world?”

Mi Li: [ …We advance with the times. ] Her evil spirit defense was starting to crack.

Xi Baichen didn’t continue to delve into Mi Li’s origins. He guessed that she came from a different world with similar civilizations, except that their form of existence was unique.

[ I am a little tired, save the map for me. ] Mi Li left these words and returned to her body, peacefully going to sleep.

Xi Baichen picked up the ipad and looked at the markings on it. He didn’t understand them, but he still saved the map according to her request, and then put the ipad away with the makeup mirror.

When he was about to continue typing, he suddenly caught a glimpse of the Maitreya Buddha, and the golden fortune cat beside it.

Xi Baichen raised his head, looked around, and found that many strange things had unknowingly been added to his home.

Dolls, vases, potted plants, fruits, paper towels, snacks, juicers… All of them were items that Little Mi had possessed before. Except for some that could not be preserved, the others, whether useful or not, were kept by him.

There were originally no decorations at home, leaving it monotonous and bland, but a lot of changes had been made over the past few months. Little Mi’s appearance brought not only happiness, but also liveliness. Although a lot of things were incompatible, and even a little damaging to the decor, there was some sort of mysterious harmony after seeing them for a long time.

Feeling happy, he was naturally full of inspiration. Xi Baichen typed like he was on fire, and 30,000 words were completed within two hours.

“Art of Food” had sold its film and television copyrights, and he planned to use the money to travel abroad with Mi Li.

Didn’t she say earlier that she wants to study geography? What’s the point of just looking at a map? It’s better to go out and see for herself.

“Travel abroad?” At dinner, upon hearing Xi Baichen’s proposal, Mi Li responded enthusiastically, “Okay, great, when?”

“How about after Little Bai’s pregnancy?”

“Perfect! It’s decided.” Mi Li hugged Little Bai and gave her a big kiss.

Little Bai: Eating dog food everyday is so disgusting that I want to puke.

“Then about our visas…” Xi Baichen considered finding someone to apply for an ID card for Little Mi.

“No need to worry.” Mi Li gave a big flourish, “I have special smuggling skills.”

Xi Baichen: “…We still need to get you an ID card. In the future, you’ll need it when I add you to the household registration.”

Mi Li reacted after a moment, her little heart beating violently, and muttered, “I can also add you to my household registration.”

“Alright then, you can do it for me.” Xi Baichen had an expression that said, “I will let you decide all the important things in my life.”

Mi Li’s eyes shone, her soul feeling blessed. When they got new identities, they could get married twice, hold two wedding banquets, receive two sets of red packets, and receive four old age insurances![1] Thinking about it, Mi Li even got a little excited!

“Okay, you do it for me, I do it for you.” Mi Li suddenly looked forward to getting married.

The corners of Xi Baichen’s mouth rose. “En.” Seeing her reaction, his heart was at ease.

The two officially dated for only a month or two, but they were already driving a sports car onto the road of marriage, and they did not feel that there was anything wrong…

  1. Old-age insurance (养老保险) — Basically the same as social security in the United States, older citizens are subsidized with periodic payments from the government.

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