EDS Chapter 55

Chapter 55 – Match Made in Heaven

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Mi Li used the computer to build an electronic map overlapping the urban areas of the two Chinas for intuitive comparison.

Reducing the area to Yunlang City, Mi Li found that her Qingwei Homes was only a few kilometers away from Xi Baichen’s villa. After the route was connected, it formed an L-shape.

She uploaded the route to her cell phone, put on casual clothes, and went out excitedly.

Walking along a straight road, she came to an intersection, turned to the right, and continued on. After walking for about ten minutes, Mi Li stopped and looked at the road that ran from north to south with a throbbing heart.

This was… the location of her previous car accident.

The multiple car collision was still fresh in Mi Li’s memory. Fortunately, she had only been affected by the aftermath of the explosion, and unexpectedly collided with another car. Except for her head injury, there were no other wounds.

It was precisely because of that car accident that she had the ability to travel through parallel worlds.

Regardless of the reason for this ability, what made her even more curious was, why Xi Baichen? If she accidentally picked up a key, why was Xi Baichen the door?

While thinking, a black Porsche drove by. Mi Li’s pupils shrank slightly, and she suddenly grasped a certain key fact.

The car accident! Old Bai should have had a car accident as well. Mi Li remembered that he changed to a new car not long ago. It turned out that because of an accident, after his car was repaired, he disposed of it as a second-hand car.

Mi Li did not ask about the cause of the accident, but if her speculation was correct, then Old Bai must have been involved in the “same” car accident at the same time and place.

Mi Li remembered that the car she collided with was black, and its appearance was similar to the Porsche she just saw. She closed her eyes and recalled carefully, the scene of the last moments of the car accident flashed before her eyes like a movie.

After a while, she opened her eyes sharply. That’s right, the logo of the car she collided with was exactly the same as the new car that Old Bai bought later. The only difference was the color of the cars.

In other words, the car accident caused a certain time and space distortion, which caused her and Old Bai’s car to collide at the moment when the two worlds overlapped. Their souls were connected together, and they unintentionally established a transdimensional gate that allowed access between the two worlds.

Her heart was suddenly at ease, and Mi Li felt that she had discovered the truth.

She turned and walked into the building next to her, then took a step and disappeared into the empty stairwell.

At the same time, Xi Baichen, who was talking to Xi Zinuo, suddenly stood up and quickly walked into the bedroom. The moment the door closed, his back felt heavy and two arms hooked around his neck.

“Old Bai~~” A soft voice rang next to his ears.

Xi Baichen pulled open her arms, dragged her into his embrace, and looked at her steadily.

Recently, his sensitivity towards Mi Li had become stronger and stronger. The premonitions were especially obvious when she appeared in person.

“Be more careful next time.” Xi Baichen reminded, “Only appear when there is no one around.”

“Is there a visitor at home?” Mi Li opened a crack in the door and tried to look outside.

Xi Baichen pulled her back and whispered, “Don’t go out, that brat Xi Zinuo brought a Daoist priest over.”

“Daoist priest?” Mi Li asked with a look of surprise, “Why did he bring a Daoist priest?”

Xi Baichen was speechless. Does someone not have any self-awareness of being an evil spirit?

“He suspects there are ghosts around me.”

“There are? Why haven’t I found any?” Mi Li said happily, “It’s not me, right? Hahaha…”

Xi Baichen: “…That’s right, it’s you.”

Mi Li: “…” So, Xi Zinuo really treated her makeup mirror play that day as a haunting?

At this moment, Xi Zinuo’s shout came from outside the door, “Brother, what are you doing in the room?”

“What do we do?” Mi Li asked in a low voice, her face excited as though they were hooking up in secret.

Xi Baichen put a hand on her head. “Answer me first. Will the Daoist priest cause you any harm?”

“No.” Mi Li confidently said, “I am no different from ordinary people.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m certain.”

“Okay.” Xi Baichen said no more. He took her hand and walked out of the room together.

In the living room, Xi Zinuo was sipping tea one mouthful at a time. Next to him sat a strangely dressed middle-aged man wearing a suit, with a bun on his head and a string of Zen beads on his wrist. He looked somewhat bizarre.

“Master Wude, what do you think of the feng shui at my brother’s house?” Xi Zinuo asked with a smile.

“Not bad.” Master Wude gave his evaluation clearly and concisely with two words in a cold and haughty manner.

Xi Zinuo inched closer and asked stealthily, “You really think it’s not bad? Don’t you feel any ghostly aura?”

“There is no ghostly aura, but…”

“But what?” he asked hurriedly.

Wude took a few glances at the room. “Your brother’s face doesn’t look too good. He has sunken cheekbones, Fuxi nose, Danfeng eyes, broad eyebrows, and a narrow nose bridge. Although he has wealth, his relations with his family are shallow, his life brings loneliness, and his life expectancy has been harmed.”

Xi Zinuo’s eyes widened. “Then what should we do?”

“This kind of destiny is difficult to change. It all depends on his own efforts.”

Xi Zinuo frowned, signs of worry on his face.

Wude glanced at him and said, “Rather than worrying about him, you should worry about yourself.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Xi Zinuo looked at him suspiciously.

“His fate is too resolute, and when things reach an extreme, they can only move in the opposite direction. While alive, he has unparalleled wealth, seizing luck and momentum, but he jinxes his relatives and friends. The richer he is, the more unlucky the people around him. I advise you not to associate with him too closely, so as not to be jinxed until you can’t take care of yourself.”

“Master, you are really good at joking.” Xi Zinuo laughed and said, “He has lived with us for so many years, and we’ve always been safe and sound. How can it be as mysterious as you say?”

Although he said so, he thought about how his father’s career had been unsuccessful until his brother moved out. His mother had gone through hardships before she could be with his father. He was sick year round after he was born, and his situation didn’t get better until his brother left.

He faintly felt that Master Wude was not speaking baselessly, and his heart started to make some guesses.

“Just forget it if you don’t believe it.” Wude sighed, “Your brother’s face is rarely seen in a hundred years. If God blocks his way, he will slay God. If Buddha blocks his way, he will slay Buddha. If he encounters a strong obstacle, he will become stronger. He utilizes the strength of others to strengthen himself. In ancient times, he would definitely be a high-ranking and powerful martial artist.”

Xi Zinuo felt like he was listening to a myth. “My brother is totally different from what you said. Although his character is a little withdrawn and a bit venomous, his life is simple and he has no desires.”

“Does he actually have no desires, or is he just indifferent to life?”

Xi Zinuo: “…”

Wude looked at the time. “I have an appointment later, and can at most stay for another half an hour.”

Xi Zinuo was about to say something when he suddenly heard the sound of the door opening. The two looked in the direction of the room at the same time.

“Brother, you finally…”

The sound stopped abruptly.

Xi Zinuo’s attention was attracted to the girl next to Xi Baichen.

Wude’s gaze also froze.

When Xi Baichen came out earlier, what he saw with his eyes was still the heavenly star of destruction who robbed others of luck, but the girl who appeared afterwards instantly changed his image. The killing aura was gone, replaced by calmness.

Wude’s pupils enlarged slightly, and his fingers unconsciously fiddled with the Zen beads on his wrist.

“She, she…” Xi Zinuo pointed at Mi Li with a surprised expression.

“Let me introduce you.” Xi Baichen said calmly, “My girlfriend, Mi Li.”

Xi Zinuo stared as he embraced the girl’s waist affectionately, silently declaring ownership.

“Hello, sister-in-law!” He stepped forward, holding Mi Li’s hand excitedly, and shook it up and down. “I am your younger brother, Xi Zinuo.”

Xi Baichen slapped his hand away in disgust, and then looked bitterly at Master Wude next to him. “Zinuo, I’m going out on a date with Little Mi. Please help me see this ‘master’ off.”

“Not yet.” Xi Zinuo quickly curbed his expression and said seriously, “This master was invited by me with much difficulty. Now that he’s here, let him take a look. This master is also very busy and won’t take too much of your time.”

“No, I’m not busy,” Master Wude suddenly interrupted.

Xi Zinuo was curious: Didn’t you have an appointment? Why are you free again in the blink of an eye?

Master Wude praised sincerely, “Mr. Xi and Miss Mi are really handsome and beautiful, a match made in heaven.”

Xi Zinuo: You clearly didn’t say that earlier!

Xi Baichen’s glance: Your exaggerated flattery is done very well.

“Mr. Xi, your girlfriend is very special.” Master Wude looked at Mi Li with interest.

Xi Baichen’s eyes flashed, and he said lightly, “Oh? How so?”

Mi Li also pricked up her ears curiously.

“Her spirit is outstanding. Forehead high, eyebrows wide and her eyes are clear. She is extraordinary.” Wude did his best to suppress the excitement in his heart. Two people with such strange fates actually appeared in front of me at the same time, and they are even lovers!

Xi Baichen’s arm around Mi Li tightened slightly, and he said calmly, “My girlfriend is indeed very beautiful.”

“Nonono, it’s not beautiful, but special.” Master Wude corrected. “Very special. Just like you, there’s not even one in ten thousand.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Xi Baichen deliberately ignored the deeper meaning of his words.

“I feel fated with you two, how about we become friends?” Wude handed over his business card. His attitude was completely different from when they first met, and his enthusiasm overflowed.

Xi Baichen looked at him indifferently, without any intention of reaching out.

Mi Li accepted the business card, looked at it, and smiled. “Master Wude, I’m very happy to meet you.”

Xi Zinuo was speechless: Who said that my brother jinxes relatives and friends, and that he shouldn’t be associated with? As a master, is it really okay for his words to be so untrustworthy?

“It is fate that we met, shall we have a meal together?” Wude extended an invitation, striking while the iron was hot.

“Master Wude…” Xi Zinuo finally couldn’t help but interrupt. “Do you still remember what you are here for?”

“Oh.” Wude patted him on the shoulder, and said earnestly, “Talk of ghosts and gods is all deception. You must believe in science when you are in socialist China.”

Xi Zinuo: “!” What kind of Daoist priest are you to tell me to believe in science?! Do you believe it yourself?!

Xi Baichen frowned, becoming a little wary of the Daoist priest whose attitude had changed so abruptly.

Mi Li poked his arm. “Since the master is kindly inviting us, let’s go together. I happen to be a little hungry.”

Xi Baichen looked at her, agreeing reluctantly.

Master Wude immediately showed an amiable smile, said some pleasantries, and walked out the door first.

“This person is a bit weird,” Xi Baichen whispered.

“I find him very interesting.” As an upright human being, Mi Li was not concerned at all.

“Brother Baichen is right, I also think he is weird,” Xi Zinuo suddenly came over and whispered.

Xi Baichen and Mi Li looked at him at the same time: Didn’t you bring him over?

Xi Zinuo also seemed to realize that his stance was improper, and immediately corrected his attitude. “The master took the initiative to treat us to dinner. Brother and Sister-in-law have a lot of face, hahaha…”

He then drifted outside while laughing.

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