EDS Chapter 56

Chapter 56 – Fortune

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Master Wude brought the group to an upscale hotel, and then they were led by a waiter into a reserved private dining room.

“You can chat first, I’ll go out and make a call.” He walked out with his cell phone, and soon his voice was heard intermittently coming from outside. “Hello, Boss Jiang? I have something to do today, and we’ll reschedule for another day… Don’t worry, I remember. Well, that’s it… Oh, yes, don’t cancel the reservation. It just so happens that I want to entertain a few friends…”

The three people in the private dining room listened to what he said, and showed indescribable expressions at the same time: Really… I have never seen such a brazen person.

Not long after, Wude walked in naturally. “The food will be served soon, what would you like to drink?”

“We drove over, so no need for alcohol. How about just a few different beverages?” Xi Zinuo quickly adjusted his state, revealing a polite smile. Although Master Wude didn’t seem reliable, he did have some real skills and wasn’t a deceitful person.

Wude called over the waiter and added a variety of beverages, then sat next to Mi Li, looking at her with a smile.

Mi Li was at a loss from his staring. “Does the master have anything to say to me?”

Xi Baichen held a teacup, his half-lidded eyes shooting out a cold glare.

Wude straightforwardly said, “According to Zinuo, you have a strange makeup mirror?”

Hearing this, Xi Zinuo was taken aback for a moment, and then was almost moved to tears: He finally remembers!

“It’s nothing strange, just an ordinary mirror.” Mi Li glanced at Xi Baichen beside her.

“Did you bring the mirror? Can you show it to me?” Wude suddenly assumed the role of a master and began to act seriously.

“I didn’t bring it.” Mi Li went out as soon as she crossed over, and she didn’t bring anything.

“It’s okay.” Wude showed a beautiful smile. “I’ll take a look at it another day.”

Xi Baichen felt this guy was just looking for an excuse to approach Mi Li. Who knew what his purpose was for. Having thought of this, he couldn’t help but glare at Xi Zinuo.

The ignorant Xi Zinuo was full of gratitude. “Then we’ll be troubling the master.”

After the food was served, they all chatted casually about everyday things, seeming quite harmonious.

When they were almost finished eating, Wude smiled and asked, “Little Mi, can I call you Little Mi?”


“Not OK.” Xi Baichen stared at Wude coldly. “Do nonsecular people address others so casually?”

“Everything must keep pace with the times. As long as there is sincerity, we can address each other casually.” Wude ignored Xi Baichen’s attempt at alienation. “I hit it off with you two and hope to make friends.”

“Haha.” Xi Baichen remembered that when they first met, this Daoist priest didn’t have such an attitude, but he suddenly changed after seeing Mi Li.

Wude looked at Mi Li again. “Little Mi, can I ask you for a favor?”

Mi Li looked at him curiously. “What favor?”

Xi Baichen and Xi Zinuo pricked up their ears at the same time.

Wude took out a jade pendant from his pocket and set it on the table. “This is a jade pendant I just bought. Could you please carry it with you for a month or two?”

“Do you mean to have me help you cultivate jade[1]?” Mi Li also knew about cultivating jade. However, generally cultivating jade took a long time, at least a year. What effect could be achieved in just one or two months?

“Is Little Mi also familiar with jade? That’s even better.” Wude said with a smile, “Little Mi was born with good fortune. I also want to get some luck.”

“Haha, Master, if you want good luck, you can raise koi.” Mi Li thought that the master was joking. Although her life had been smooth since childhood, it did not mean that she had any good luck. After all, ordinary people like her — with village fields, city apartments, two living parents, a harmonious family, and good health — were everywhere.

Xi Baichen glanced at Mi Li thoughtfully. Before, he had bought a lottery ticket and won the jackpot. A casually bought Maitreya Buddha contained a hidden treasure. The folded-ear cat took part in a movie and became popular worldwide. His novels were selling like crazy… All kinds of good things came one after another, all because of her.

Therefore, when this Daoist priest said that she was born with good fortune, he believed it.

“*Sigh*, those found on the internet are just gimmicks. Although they are popular, they don’t provide good fortune. They are just a placebo effect.” Wude directly said, “But you are different. You can really bring good fortune to others.”

“Really?” Xi Zinuo looked at Mi Li in surprise. “Sister-in-law, you should cultivate jade for me too. Everything has been going wrong for me lately, and I need to change my fortune in a hurry!”

“I’ll help you change your fortune, are you willing?” Xi Baichen replied coolly.

He immediately became quiet as a chicken.

“Little Mi, I hope you can do this for me. How about you just take it that I owe you a favor?” Wude looked at her expectantly.

Xi Zinuo frantically winked at her from the side and asked her to agree.

Mi Li said hesitantly, “This matter isn’t difficult…”

“Wait.” Xi Baichen interjected, “Are you sure that you only want her to cultivate a piece of jade for you?”

Wude showed a deep expression that seemed to have seen through everything. “Don’t worry, this thing called fortune depends on destiny. It is not so easy to obtain. Today I happened to get a good jade, and I just happened to meet you. That means we are fated, so I made this presumptuous request.”

Mi Li looked at Xi Baichen: He seems to be speaking the truth, what do you think?

Xi Baichen silently responded: Just ignore this kind of unorthodox wild Daoist.

Mi Li then turned her head and said to Wude, “Well, this thing seems to be quite interesting. I agree.”

Xi Baichen: “…” Didn’t we reach an agreement with our eyes? We really have no implicit understanding!

“That… can you add me in as well?” Xi Zinuo raised his hand weakly.

Xi Baichen: Get lost!

Mi Li: “No problem.” Buy one get one free, no more no less.

Xi Baichen: “…” Taking away his Little Mi’s fortune with a single meal, how infuriating!

Master Wude happily exchanged cell phone numbers and WeChat with Mi Li. He also agreed to ████ for free tomorrow — catching ghosts, fortune-telling, feng shui — a one-stop shop.

“Old Bai~~” Back home, Mi Li suddenly hugged Xi Baichen’s waist, “Do you feel it?”

“What?” Xi Baichen lowered his head in confusion.

“My good fortune,” Mi Li said with a smile. “Do you feel full of power and energy, so happy that you’ll fly off to heaven?”

Xi Baichen: “…You’re on drugs, right?”

Mi_Li_indifferent.jpg: As always, his words can kill.

Noting the unkind look in his little girlfriend’s eyes, Xi Baichen’s survival instinct suddenly came online. “I’m sick.”

Mi Li:“……”

“You have medicine.”

Mi Li:“……”

“I want to take it my whole life.”

Mi Li: To go so far as to provoke me with these sour and rotten words of love, can he still be saved?

  1. 养玉 — raising or cultivating jade.  Jade that has been in contact with the human body for a long time will become warmer and impurities will fade.  There is a series of steps to this, which is too long for a footnote.

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