EDS Chapter 57

Chapter 57 – Little Cuties

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Mi Li laid on the bed, rubbing the two jade pendants in her hands. One piece was from Master Wude, and the other piece was sent by Xi Zinuo.

She was very curious if she could really bring blessings to others this way.

When Xi Baichen came out of the bathroom, he was not happy to see Mi Li focused on helping others cultivate jade. He pressed down on her with his body, took away the jade pendants from her hands, and said lightly, “Just wear it casually, there’s no need to be so concerned.”

“Since I promised someone, I have to do what I say.” Mi Li turned to look at him, “Besides, one of them is your little brother’s.”

“He’s got all four limbs and has no worries about food or clothing, what good fortune does he need?” Xi Baichen rubbed his face on her neck and said in a muffled voice.

Mi Li hooked his neck. “I wish for your happiness, but I also wish for your family’s happiness. No one knows when one might encounter an accident. It’s always better to pray for safety, even if this is just a beautiful wish.”

Xi Baichen kissed her on the cheek, and the soft light in his eyes flickered. “You are right.”

“Ah, by the way, speaking of accidents,” Mi Li suddenly remembered. “Have you ever been in a car accident before?”

Xi Baichen nodded. “Yes, a few months ago, there was a multiple car collision on the road not far from the villa. I got caught up in it and was hit by a car head-on. Fortunately, I didn’t suffer heavy injuries.”

Mi Li said “sure enough” in her heart, and then asked, “Do you remember the color and model of the car that collided with you?”

Xi Baichen thought for a while. “It was white, but I didn’t pay attention to the specific model.”

Mi Li could basically confirm the previous guess. The reason why she was able to travel between the two worlds was because she and Xi Baichen encountered each other in that car accident, and it formed a special connection between their souls.

“Why are you suddenly asking about this?” Xi Baichen’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

Mi Li generously opened her arms to him. “Hurry and be blessed with my fortune, so that you never have accidents again.”

The corners of Xi Baichen’s mouth rose into a wide smile. He covered her with his body, and was blessed all night…

The next day, Master Wude arrived as promised. He looked at the makeup mirror pretentiously, chatted about feng shui, then finally had lunch before leaving in satisfaction.

Although Xi Baichen found him not pleasing to the eyes, he had someone investigate his background, and he did have some abilities. There was no disadvantage in making this acquaintance.

Gradually mastering her traversal skills, Mi Li crossed between Qingwei Homes and Xi Baichen’s villa every day. Although usually individually busy, they would eat and sleep together.

After getting used to it, Mi Li was not as lethargic as before, but her sleeping time was still longer than the average person. After falling asleep, her soul would still fly out of her body. This peculiar possession ability had become her golden finger for exploring the new world.

She would consciously try to attach to different objects or animals, but the possession target could not be too far away from the Xi Baichen, otherwise she would not be able to control it freely.

But that was enough.

When Xi Baichen was at home, she could possess the furniture, computer, window bars, flowers, butterflies…

When Xi Baichen was out, she could possess sculptures, birds, balloons, bicycles, billboards…

She was Xi Baichen’s scenery, and Xi Baichen was her canvas. Wherever he was, scenery followed.

Even if they didn’t go hand in hand like a normal couple, they could sense each other’s presence like the shadow that follows one’s body.

Two months later, Little Bai’s children were born. There were four in total, two tabbies and two folded-ears.

Fortunately, the four kittens were very healthy.

Just in case, Mi Li looked for someone to test their genes, and found that there were actually no genetic disease genes in their bodies. Logically speaking, all folded-ear cats had genetic defects, just that not each one would get sick. However, the four newborn kittens did not have this defect at all.

Is it because the tabby’s genes were too powerful? Or can it be that folded-ear cats can mate with the cats of this world to avoid genetic defects and breed healthy folded-ear cats?

Mi Li could hardly believe it, and was even a little expectant and excited. If it was the latter, then she might be able to bring a new generation of folded-ear cats back to her own world, and end the genetic diseases that had afflicted this group for so long.

Out of happiness, she took a lot of cute photos and uploaded them to her weibo.

[ Obsessed Monster Breeder Little Mi: Little Ear’s little cuties (picture) (picture) (picture) ]

[ AAAAHHHH, so cute I’m getting a nosebleed!!! ]

[ Buy, buy, buy even if I go bankrupt! ]

[ There are two more folded-ears in the world, let me take a breath! ]

[ Where did these little angels come from? They’re too cute. ]

[ For more daily life photos, I’ll stay here every day! ]


As soon as the photos were posted, Mi Li’s weibo was tagged so much that it exploded.

Then she posted another message soliciting names for the kittens, and the winners would be given a random gift.

The netizens became even more crazy, and they kept racking their brains, trying their best to name the kittens.

Mi Li was overjoyed and praised sincerely, “The netizens are really talented.”

Xi Baichen glanced at her. “Why do you want others to name our kids?”

“Isn’t it better to have more people love them?” Mi Li looked at the four kittens drinking under Little Bai, her face filled with adoration. Fortunately, I didn’t insist on abortion at the beginning, otherwise these four little cuties wouldn’t have been born.

“Do you plan to raise them yourself?” Xi Baichen wondered whether to convert the attic into a cat den.

“We’ll raise them first.” Although the results of the examination were normal, Mi Li was still unable to determine that other diseases would not appear during the growth phase. She decided to observe them for a month or two before making other plans. If everything was normal, she would consider taking two home.

“Okay.” I’ll find someone to renovate the attic tomorrow.

The kittens’ birth caused Xi Baichen’s villa to be much livelier, with guests visiting all the time. Among them, the most frequent one was Xi Zinuo. His greed for the kittens almost overflowed.

The two pieces of jade cultivated by Mi Li had been returned to Master Wude and Xi Zinuo respectively.

She also prepared another two pieces that she intended to give to her parents.

“Why aren’t there any for me?” Xi Baichen felt aggrieved.

Mi Li gave him a blank stare. “The biggest, most beautiful and most blessed one is by your side, what else do you want?”

Xi Baichen was appeased, silently proud with his arms folded.

Mi Li took the time to go home and bring the jade pendants to her parents as well.

It was a pity that she hadn’t been able to bring Xi Baichen over, otherwise she would just take them all together.

“Little Mi, you’re back.” Mama Mi happily pulled her into the house and looked her up and down.

“Did you get a little fatter?” Papa Mi commented.

“Where did I get fat?!” Mi Li measured her waist circumference with her hands, and it was still the standard small waist!

“No need to speak if you don’t know how to talk.” Mama Mi gave him a push. “The food is ready, go bring it over.”

Papa Mi went over obediently.

“Little Mi, how are you and that Xi Something? Have you broken up?” Mama Mi asked with a serious face at the dinner table.

Mi Li: “…Very good, we didn’t break up.”

“That kind of trashy novel is definitely not something normal people can write!” Mama Mi advised, “This world has a lot of perverts, you must not take this lightly.”

Mi Li was helpless. “Mom, you have to trust my judgment.”

“You young people are all blinded by love, what judgment do you have?” Mama Mi, who prided herself on her judgment, dismissed her words.

Papa Mi ate silently.

Mi Li took out her phone from her pocket, pulled up Xi Baichen’s photo, and handed it to Mama Mi. “Look, this is my boyfriend, Xi Baichen.”

Mama Mi took it in disapproval, took a glance, then another one. After a few seconds of silence, she suddenly smiled at Mi Li. “Little Mi, when will you bring your boyfriend back for us to see?”

Mi Li: “In a while.”

Mama Mi took her hand and said earnestly, “In the current world, it’s not easy to find a good man. Once you meet one, you must seize the opportunity.”

Mi Li: Mom, hasn’t your attitude changed too quickly?!

Papa Mi looked up at Mama Mi, then secretly glanced at the phone screen, and gave a silent “Heh”.

“Listen to Mom. Find a time to bring him back for a meal as soon as possible and settle the matter.” Mama Mi said in the tone of someone who had gone through the same experience, “Don’t be like me, picking and choosing, then finally settling with a man with neither high IQ nor EQ, and he’s not even handsome.”

The neither high IQ nor EQ, not even handsome Papa Mi: “…” I’ve been wronged, but there is nothing to say.

Mi Li: “Mom, it’s fine to talk about this in private, but don’t say it in front of Dad. No matter what, save him some face.”

Papa Mi: When you say that, I lose even more face, okay?!

“It’s okay, your dad is used to it.” Mama Mi returned the phone to her, no longer mentioning the breakup, and began to inquire about the other party’s family background and character with interest.

After the meal, Mi Li suddenly asked, “Dad, how’s it going with the mountain you bought?”

Papa Mi’s face was sullen, and he said, “Someone secretly sprayed poison on the trees. Many died, and only a portion of them survived. However, the dozens of flame date trees that you sent are doing well.”

Mama Mi interrupted, “You don’t need a brain to know who tampered with them. That family is crooked to the bone, only knowing how to use this kind of insidious trick.”

“Did you call the police?”

“It’s been reported, but there’s been no response so far.” Mama Mi sighed, “You also know that their family has connections in the government. There are no witnesses nor evidence for this matter. There’s no way to hold them responsible.”

Mi Li frowned. She took out two jade pendants from the bag, and handed them to the two elders. “Dad, Mom, these are protective amulets that I prayed for. You can wear them to keep yourselves safe.”

Although Papa and Mama Mi didn’t believe these things, they still put them on due to their daughter’s sincerity.

Afterwards, Mi Li went to the mountain to take a look, and the trees’ growth was indeed not optimistic.

She stood on the hillside, looked at the house where her uncle Mi Zheng lived, and began to think about countermeasures. The other party was rich and powerful, and it was really difficult for ordinary people to deal with him.

At this moment, there was a sudden flash of insight, and Mi Li thought of a person — Master Wude. If good luck can be shared, can bad luck also be shared?

Although it was grasping at straws, Mi Li still wanted to give it a try.

It just so happened that Master Wude owed her a favor, and she could ask him for help in this matter.

As the saying goes, fortune and misfortune come in turns.

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