EDS Chapter 58

Chapter 58 – Old Bai’s Negative Buff

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“Bad luck talisman?” Master Wude sat on the sofa, looking at Mi Li with a little surprise.

Mi Li nodded. “Yes.”

“What do you want to do?” Master Wude rubbed his chin. “I am a decent Daoist priest. I won’t do anything that will harm others.”

Mi Li didn’t comment on his “decency”, and continued, “I don’t intend to harm others, I just want to punish some people with poor characters. Besides, it’s questionable whether or not this kind of superstitious thing is even useful.”

“Haha, you’ll know if it’s useful once you try it.” Wude said with a smile, “This Daoist likes to punish evil and promote good. If it’s to deal with evil people, I can help.”

“How can you help?”

“Metaphysics may not be as mysterious as the world imagines, but it is a simple matter to take advantage of the trend.” Wude revealed a cryptic expression, “It is said that persisting in evil brings about self-destruction and the amount one has sinned is the amount one must pay.”

“What do you mean?”

Wude took out the piece of jade that Mi Li had cultivated for him and rubbed it carefully. He explained, “People have both good luck and bad luck. Everything is mutual. If you want to punish those people, you only need a bad luck talisman.”

“I think so too.” Mi Li stared at him with shining eyes. “I’ll trouble Master to help me make three to five bad luck talismans.”

“Simple.” Wude glanced at Xi Baichen in the kitchen and whispered, “Go pull out some of your boyfriend’s hairs and give them to me, and this matter will be settled.”

“Why use his hair?” Mi Li looked at him suspiciously.

“Your boyfriend has his own negative buff, which is designed to take away other people’s good luck in exchange for his own bad luck. If an unrighteous person encounters him, they would kneel in defeat at any moment.”

“Really?” Mi Li showed disbelief. Her Old Bai came from a good background and was raised properly, he was nowhere near as terrible as he pointed out.

“Don’t doubt it,” Wude guaranteed. “Think about how many people are close to him. What happened to them in the end?”

“I’m the person he is closest to.” Mi Li pointed at herself with her thumb. “My end will be very good.”

Wude: “…” What misunderstanding do you have about “end”?

Wude pursed his lips, face_full_of_lemons.jpg: “Those with excess luck are excluded.”

“Oh.” Mi Li smiled reservedly, showing that she was not particularly proud.

“Hurry up and pull out his hair. I’ll help you finish the talismans in three days.” Wude waved his hand impatiently.

“Immediately.” Mi Li got up and ran towards the kitchen, hugging Xi Baichen’s waist from behind, “Old Bai~~”

“What? Are you hungry?” Xi Baichen glanced sideways at her.

“You have white hair!” Mi Li reached out and combed through his hair a few times before letting out a low cry of surprise.

Xi Baichen paused, a little panicked at heart, but he pretended to be strong on the surface. “Help me pull it out.”

“Okay~~” Mi Li cheerfully and thoughtfully helped him pull out a few “white hairs”. “Okay, without the white hair, Old Bai is once again incredibly handsome.”

The corners of Xi Baichen’s mouth rose, and he leaned over to kiss her. She responded enthusiastically, and the two became a bowl of dog food.

Wude, who was paying attention to them: “…” Motherf*ckers, what attention wh*res!

“Here, the hair you wanted.” Mi Li placed the hair in a sealed bag and handed it to Wude.

“En.” Wude was about to take it, but Mi Li did not let go.

She asked uneasily, “It won’t cause any harm to Old Bai, will it?”

“Don’t worry,” Wude said impatiently, “Only others will be unlucky.”

“That’s good then.” Mi Li let go, looking on reluctantly as Wude put the hair in his pocket.

Wude felt a little bit pained by her stare. It’s just a few hairs, do you need to be so careful? I didn’t see you hesitate when you pulled them out just now!

Wude left after eating. It was too abusive for single dogs to watch others show affection.

Three days later, Mi Li received three bad luck talismans that Wude sent by courier. They appeared ordinary, and it was unknown if they would be useful.

Not long after, Wude called Mi Li again. [ Have you received the items? ]

“Received, thank you.”

[ One point I want to explain first is that bad luck talismans work best on those who do many wrongdoings and commit many evils. If it’s an ordinary person of good character, the effect will be greatly reduced. Bad luck charms can’t create bad luck, but rather balances out one’s karma. ]

“Okay, I understand.” Mi Li thought of her uncle’s family. By relying on higher-ups, they ran rampant in the village. Robbing other people’s resources and harming others’ interests, they aroused many people’s dissatisfaction.

If the bad luck talismans were really effective, she believed that the family would definitely suffer.

Of course, Mi Li didn’t pin all her hopes on a few bad luck talismans, but she just wanted to see the power of metaphysics. If it was fake, she would just treat it as pure entertainment.

With three bad luck talismans, Mi Li returned to Qingwei Town and summoned a weasel. For the price of three eggs, she asked it to help hide a bad luck talisman under the bed of Uncle Mi Zheng. The other two were sent to the rooms of his son and son-in-law.

After doing this, Mi Li temporarily set the matter aside, and followed her father to examine the trees and crops on the mountain.

Affected by the poison, this year’s growth was not very good. Only the flame date trees were thriving, but the first year’s harvest wouldn’t be that much.

Papa Mi was optimistic by nature, and was not frustrated by this incident. After descending the mountain, he said to Mi Li, “Little Mi, I plan to raise a few native dogs[1] to guard the orchard.”

“Good idea, I support you,” Mi Li agreed. “I heard that Uncle Wang’s Er Niu just gave birth to a litter of puppies. Should you buy two from him?”

“I had the same idea.” Papa Mi laughed.

Although Er Niu was just a native dog, she was strong, loyal, and reliable, and was very suitable for watching the house. Her puppies should not be bad.

After the father daughter duo decided, they immediately went to Uncle Wang’s house and explained their intentions.

Uncle Wang readily agreed and gave them two directly, insisting that it was free.

Papa Mi was very popular. He would help out his friends whenever something came up, and he had saved a lot of good person cards.

After returning home with a pair of three-month-old puppies, Mama Mi gave them a warm welcome, personally set up a kennel for them, and prepared plenty of food.

“Little Mi, why don’t you give them a name?” Mother Mi dragged Mi Li over and squatted beside the puppies.

“Mom picks nicer sounding names.” Mi Li pointed to herself and spouted some excessive flattery, “Mom, you picked my name and I really like it!”

Mother Mi smiled triumphantly. “Very well.”

She pointed to the black one: “Heibao.”

The yellow one: “Jinbao.”[2]

“What do you think?” She turned her head and asked for praise.

Mi Li: “…Not bad.” It’s fine as long as you’re happy.

Mi Li’s family was happy, but it wasn’t so happy on Mi Zheng’s side.

The bed and breakfast he ran had a guest that was burgled last night, losing a necklace worth over 3,000 yuan and more than 2,000 yuan in cash. The ruckus started in the early morning. The police were called and the place was surrounded by a large crowd.

Mi Li was lying at the window, eating melons while watching the show, and thought to herself: Could the bad luck talismans have worked so quickly?

After clamoring for two or three hours, Xiangfu Mingju resumed normal business. Later, on hearing that the thief had not been caught, Mi Zheng paid a sum of money to settle the matter.

That afternoon, when the extremely depressed Mi Zheng drove back, he was distracted and drove the car into someone else’s rice field. Not to mention the mud, he had to spend money to find someone to tow the car and compensate the owner of the rice field. He bled a lot of money.

As Wude said, Xi Baichen came with a negative buff. Good luck couldn’t be kept, and bad luck continued to increase.

In the next few days, Mi Zheng, his son, and son-in-law seemed like they were declining. One by one, they suffered misfortune. However bad they were in the past was how unlucky they were in the present.

Guests suffering theft, car accidents when out, mistakes at work, being reported by others… All sorts of troubles followed.

After Mi Li learned of these things, she felt incredulous at heart. She originally thought that if the bad luck talismans didn’t work, or if the results took too long, she would find someone to secretly investigate the work of Mi Zheng’s son-in-law and son.

Both of them worked in the ZF department, and the amount of bribes they took was not little. As long as sufficient evidence was collected, Mi Li was somewhat certain that they would lose people and money.

Unexpectedly, she didn’t need to make a move. Under the balancing of the bad luck talisman, someone had already reported them first.

Master Wude once said that bad luck talismans could not create bad luck, it would only balance one’s bad karma. The retribution of Mi Zheng’s family came quickly, which showed how much they usually troubled and mistreated others.

Mi Li was a forgiving person. Seeing that Mi Zheng’s family had learned the lesson they deserved, she stopped paying attention.

After a morning run, Mi Li felt drowsy. She returned home and took a shower before falling asleep.

When her consciousness was “awakened”, she appeared in Xi Baichen’s old house in Qiming Village. She was lying on his body, staring into his eyes.

Mi Li grinned and warmly greeted, “Woof~~”

Mi Li: ???

indifferent_Xi_Baichen.jpg: “…”

Mi Li looked at her paws, then at the collar around her neck, and finally realized the problem.

She had turned into Heibao, the black three-month-old puppy that her family had just adopted!

Although she could basically choose the traversal method now, she often just went with the flow. It didn’t seem strange that she crossed over as Heibao this time.

Xi Baichen stretched out his finger and lifted the puppy’s collar. “…Heibao?”

[ Yes. I just adopted it, isn’t it cute? ] Mi Li got up and did a twirl in front of him, showing off the puppy’s sleek figure.

Before Xi Baichen could say anything, four kittens jumped onto the bed one after another, curiously surrounding the dog (Mi Li).

Mi Li greeted them one by one, petting their heads and rubbing their paws, and soon established an interspecies friendship with them.

Xi Baichen half-lifted his body, silently watching four cats and one dog playing on his blanket, then took out his phone and took a small video.

With sharp eyes, Mi Li put on a coquettish pose and shook her paws towards the camera before squeezing into his arms with the other four furballs. [ Show me quick, how does it look? ]

Xi Baichen played the video, and for nearly a minute afterwards, all attention was on the cuteness of the five small furballs.

[ Old Bai, although your photography skills aren’t good, the video isn’t bad. Upload it to Weibo! ] Mi Li gave him a thumbs up.

Xi Baichen brushed away one cat’s paw, then another cat’s paw, and posted the video. [ Ever Elusive Xi Da: New family member: Heibao. ]

After a few seconds, several comments were immediately posted.

[ AH!!! So cute, I’m dying! ]

[ Xi Da is too fortunate! ]

[ That little black dog is the true fortunate one! Sitting in the middle of a cat harem! ]

[ Look at that dangling little paw, it’s another attention-seeking dog. ]

[ AAAHHH, I also want to be surrounded by furballs AAAAHHHH! ]

[ I’m so jealous that I can’t show my face. ]

[ Jelly! ]

  1. 土狗 — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tugou
  2. Heibao means Black Treasure, and Jinbao means Gold Treasure.

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