FMEA Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Not a bit blessed!

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Within Qian Qing palace, in a dim, dark corner, a group of ants were one by one in a line transporting food that they had found with great difficulty unhurriedly.

Suddenly a shadow of darkness covered them directly monopolizing that tidy black long queue. Being scattered away without exception, all the ants lifted up their heads to look at the one who had caused this disaster. Subsequently, making a complete 180, they all dispersed.

“Not real, not real, this can’t be real. The Ultra Seme Lord is actually straight, the Gorgeous Tutor is actually straight, and all the rest of them are also straight! Straight… that’s not logical! Wahhh, I feel like I will never love again…” Xia Yuqing placed her hands over her head and leaned against the dim dark corner talking to herself. From time to time, there would a few cold winds leaking in from the windows, it was exceptionally miserable.

Originally planning on borrowing that opportunity to explain and while shifting the subject matter, the corner of Feng Tingye’s eye twitched. Pointing at where Xia Yuqing was curled up, he gnashed his teeth: “Why is it that knowing we aren’t homosexuals would cause that Ya Tou to have such an appearance?”

Ordinary women who heard that their own husbands weren’t homosexual would be wild with joy. Afterwards they would even throw themselves at their husbands to demonstrate their inner feelings, right? Why is that after this Ya Tou heard their explanation, she would act as if she was severely attacked, as if the sky was going to fall down?

“Eh, how should I know? Who knows maybe it’s extreme joy turned into sorrow….” Before Yan Ran could finish what he was going to say, he immediately recieved a harsh look. Having to oblige, he unwillingly closed his mouth.

“Your Majesty…” Xia Yuqing was trying to restrain her gleaming tears. Miserably, she turned around to stare at Feng Tingye making her final struggle. “Don’t you dislike women?”

Feng Tingye’s eyebrows trembled, replying in an unenthusiastic manner. “That’s right. Zhen indeed does not like women.”

Right away, he saw Xia Yuqing’s pair of eyes abruptly brighten up causing Feng Tingye’s back to shudder. In a great rush, he added: “However, Zhen also doesn’t like men.”

Just when Xia Yuqing looked like she was about to be awoken from her dispirited state, she was left disappointed. Silently she returned to her corner and crouched down once again. From time to time, she would turn around to send an accusatory glance at Feng Tingye.

Wahhhh, to a fujoshi, discovering that her favourite Ultra Seme Lord was in fact straight was like shattering her beautiful dream. All at once, she fell straight from heaven to hell. Ultra Seme Lord, you are immoral! :’(

When Feng Tingye staring at her disappointed appearance, he was a bit disturbed. Wanting to say a few consoling words,he saw that she had suddenly lifted up her head. Her eyes were filled with a familiar light. His whole body shivered, it was very familiar with this bad premonition coming over him.

Dislike women, dislike men, it could be said that the Ultra Seme Lord could be a homosexual or straight or not a homosexual and not straight. Nowadays straight guys turning into a homosexual wasn’t new news. Let alone this kind of incomplete product.

Thinking about it like this, the Xia Yuqing who was dealt a harsh blow and wasn’t able to lift her head up in a second fully recovered. Staring at Feng Tingye, her gaze was somewhat…. evil!

The open depth of Xia Yuqing’s fighting strength caused the several Da Ren to shudder. Each and every one of them were thinking the same thing: “If everything fails, let’s do a tactical retreat.”

“Your Majesty, Chen just recalled that there are still several criminal evidence in regards to Shun Tian Fu within my residence that I still haven’t looked over. I will have to leave first.” Yan Ran was preparing to break off into a run to escape this place.

Shao Zitang who wasn’t willing to fall behind spoke in his deep voice. “At the prime minister’s residence there are several reports of the country’s floods and natural disasters that I will need to go over. Chen will also have to leave first.”

Leng Ruofeng was also efficient and quick. Bowing down, he spoke a single phrase. “Chen has some matters, I will have to leave first.”

Feng Tingye watched everyone flee, the corner of his mouth twitching. Within his heart he had resolutely written down this debt. In spite of their friendship, just before battle they would try to escape, they… are screwed. However at this moment, this life threatening danger in front of him… was absolutely not those three.

“Your Majesty….” Xia Yuqing’s voice sounded exhilarated as it came from behind him. Sweating all over with his body becoming stiff, he turned around with a fake smile on his face: “Ai Fei, is there still something else?”

“Chen Qie feels that there are still some things that Chen Qie needs to talk about.”

Xia Yuqing’s face had a smile that looked like she was strategizing how to plunder something causing FengTingye’s to get goosebumps.

“…. Ai Fei…. please speak.”

That day entered nightfall. Within the Fragrant Palace Hall, Xia Yuqing was sitting upright in front of the table. Her face was lifted in a 45 degree angle looking bright and beautiful underneath the sky.

With a crash, there was a burst of activity. Lu Rui was originally outside sweeping suddenly heard the racket rushed over to the room, and cried out in alarm. “Niang Niang, what’s going on? I was frightened out of my mind, did something get scalded? Does it hurt?”

Lu Rui looked at the thich hot soup that was shattered all over the ground. Scared, her whole body started to break out in cold sear. In a rushed manner she quickly dragged Xia Yuqing to the side to ask her.

“I’m fine, it’s just Cui Er… Cui Er, are you fine? Did you accidentally get burned somewhere?” Xia Yuqing had a guilty face as she stared at the vast expanse of soup all over Cui Er’s clothing, her eyes filled with urgency.

Cui Er looked a bit distracted then smiled. “Niang Niang please don’t feel anxious. Nu Bi is fine. A moment ago, I was able to dodge so I wasn’t injured at all. There was just a bit that had spilled onto my outfit. There’s no wounds anywhere.”

Having heard what was said, Xia Yuqing and Lu Rui let out a breath. Staring at Cui Er’s clothing, she frowned. “Cui Er Jiejie you should probably go change into a set of clean clothing. It just so happens that a few days ago because autumn weather is quite chilly that I brought over a few extra clothing and have placed it in the side room. My size should be similar to Cui Er Jiejie’s. If Cui Er Jiejie doesn’t mind, you can change into those.”

“Ok. Niang niang, Nu Bi will go change clothes and will be back to serve Niang Niang.”

“En, go quickly.”

Seeing Cui Er turn around and depart, Xia Yuqing all at once lied on top of the table, her face listless.

Upon seeing this, Lu Rui was unable to resist probing out a question. “Niang Niang, what’s going on? Since you returned from His Majesty’s place, you seem to be a bit off. Is it possible that… His Majesty did something that would cause you to be broken hearted and distressed?”

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