He’s so Flirty Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Ferocious Beast

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When No 1 High School opened, it was in the heat of the summer in Qingcheng. 

A sun disk hung in the sky that made it impossible for people to open their eyes. The ground seemed to be burning with tar. Adults couldn’t stand the heat, let alone high school students who were pampered at home—— it seems that half a day of Military training can take away half a person’s life. 

Most of the boys at this age had a strong body. Most could kick a ball under the sun and still be manageable. While among the girls, apart from a few women who are comparable to the boys, most of them were listless under the sun.

It was with great difficulty did they finally hear their instructor tell them to “rest “. Many girls couldn’t care about anything else and went to the rest area to get some sunscreen to apply to themselves. 

Qin Qing followed the group back to the rest area. She took off her backpack and took a few sips of mineral water.

But before she could put down the water, a shadow appeared in front of her.

Frightened by the person yesterday, Qin Qing’s heart was beating wildly. She choked on her last mouthful of water.

“Hey, are you okay?”

The girl standing beside her hurriedly asked.

After the coughing subsided, Qin Qing stared through the blinding sunlight.

She was a familiar girl. She should be in the same class.

Qin Qing heaved a sigh of relief and shook her head. She bit her lip and revealed a quiet smile.

“It’s fine.”


When the girl heard Qin Qing speak, she smiled and sat on the high stone steps beside Qin Qing.

“My name is Zhuo Anke. What about you?”

Just as Qin Qing was about to speak, the girl narrowed her eyes and smiled. “I know even if you don’t say it. Your name is Qin Qing.”


Qin Qing blinked.

Her personality was somewhat strange—— Only among strangers or her closest friends of the same age could she let herself go. If her classmates were not close enough to her, she would be at a loss.

However, she was used to using silence to hide her helplessness, so in the eyes of others, they would only think that this girl was not easy to get along with, or get close to.

This was also why, after three years of middle school, only Lin Manxue, who had a carefree personality, could get close with Qin Qing.

And at this moment, Zhuo Anke clearly had a lot in common with Lin Manxue—

For example, when Qin Qing didn’t answer her, she could still talk by herself.

“Everyone in our class knows your name.”

Zhuo Anke stretched out her hand and drew a circle in the air. Then she narrowed her eyes and smiled at Qin Qing. “You were already famous in our grade before summer vacation——number one in the grade, and a girl.”

When Qin Qing heard this, her soft and harmless smile froze. She then pursed her lips and looked at Zhuo Anke.

Her black and white eyes were filled with seriousness.

“There shouldn’t be a distinction between a boy and a girl.”


Zhuo Anke was startled.



Qin Qing wanted to say something but after a moment of hesitation, she missed the opportune moment.

She pursed her lips and did not speak again.

After thinking for a few seconds, Zhuo Anke probably understood what Qin Qing meant. She shook her head and changed the topic with a smile.

“I don’t think you’re wearing any sunscreen. Did you forget to bring some?”

Qin Qing was surprised that the other party was still willing to continue talking.

She raised her gaze.

“No…”I’ve never applied sunscreen.”

Zhuo Anke looked at Qin Qing with regret.” You’re so white, yet you don’t even wear sunscreen during summer?”


“……” Qin Qing nodded honestly.

Zhuo Anke suddenly leaned over, her face close to her face.

Qin Qing was shocked and almost stood up. However, she was pressed back by Zhuo Anke’s surprised sigh.

“Your skin is also very good! Don’t tell me that you don’t even use skincare products.”


The distance was too close, Qin Qing could not help but want to escape. Her cheeks were slightly red.

“Ai, she was born beautiful… and her personality is this cute.” Zhuo Anke shook her head and turned back. “No wonder that person can’t stop thinking about…”

Although Zhuo Anke’s last sentence was soft, Qin Qing still heard it.

She slightly frowned and turned to Zhuo Anke.” You ……”

 Before she finished speaking, Zhuo Anke turned back with a ridiculous giggle.

“So, what is your relationship with Wen Yufeng?”

Qin Qing’s eyes flashed and she looked down.

“I don’t know him.”

Zhuo Anke’s expression was exaggerated.” How is that possible? He —— yesterday.”

“Don’t know him ……”

A low magnetic voice interrupted Zhuo Anke’s words and suddenly sounded behind them.

Qin Qing and Zhuo Anke were frightened at the same time and turned around——

The boy in the high school uniform was wearing a loose tie. He was sitting two stone steps higher than them. When he saw the two of them turn around, he leaned forward and placed his hands on his knees. The uniform shirt that was pulled to his elbow revealed fair and beautiful muscle lines, extending all the way to the slender fingers that were naturally hanging down.

The curve of his thin lips had a shadow of a smile. His dark eyes stared at Qin Qing’s body for a moment. 


“Are you sure?”


 Qin Qing was stared at by those eyes, and instinctively wanted to stand up and run away.

  Before she could move, a sharp whistle sounded behind her.

  It was the assembly whistle blown by the instructor.

At that moment, to Qin Qing, it was the most beautiful sound in the world she had ever heard. She got up and ran almost as fast as she could.

After crossing the tartan track and entering the sports field training area, did her heart palpitations stop. 

  Qin Qing looked back.

 En, he didn’t catch up.

  …… After all, the first year of high school training area has special instructors watching from the edge of the training area, and it is expected that the person will not be able to enter.

  Qin Qing assured herself and withdrew her gaze.




  The instructor’s voice suddenly sounded in her direction.


  Qin Qing raised her eyes reflexively and collided with the instructor’s line of sight.

   Seeing a cute looking little girl with innocent eyes underneath the military training cap, the instructor’s original stiff tone unconsciously softened a bit.


  ”Water cups can’t be brought into the training area, hasn’t this been emphasized?”




  Qin Qing was confused for a moment and looked down as if she felt something.


  The mineral water bottle was clutched tightly in her hand.


 —— running in a hurry, she forgot to put it down.

Qin Qing’s cheeks instantly burned. Along with the innocent laughter of the students behind her, she quickly ran to the rest area with a red face.

However, the closer she got, the more she could feel an unsettling gaze following her.

Qin Qing involuntarily slowed down and looked over.

The boy was still as lazy as before, but he was not in the same position as before. At this moment, the boy was sitting on the big stone steps on the third step, with his beautiful arms behind his back. His upper body was leaned back, his chin slightly raised, his black eyes half lowered, and his thin lips slightly hooked.

Arrogant and unrestrained, but people had to admit that it was the right age for one to be arrogant and unrestrained. One casual smile from him was enough to make people unable to look away.

Qin Qing pursed her lips and slowly moved over. She put the water bottle on the ground, turned around and ran back.

Wen Yufeng sat on the stone steps and saw the girl’s reaction. He smiled as he looked up at the sky.


So cute.

When Qin Qing returned to the training area, she returned with meaningful looks from the class.

After all, the outside classed were distant in space, so even if two people passed by each other, they might not think too much, but they were different.

——On the first day of school yesterday, all the students of the fifteenth class witnessed the famous bully, inside and outside of No 1 high school, interacting closely with the little talented girl in their class.

The two of them having nothing to do with each other, they definitely wouldn’t believe it.

But not long after, everyone’s thoughts were forced back from gossip——


The instructors had already held a meeting while the students were resting. At this moment, they announced their instructions:

In the classes where the military training was carried out in the sports field, all of them were to run in batches in order.

Once this order was given, the entire field was filled with resentment.

It was a pity that the public opinion was not heard and the orders were enforced. The few classes that were thrown on the soccer field could only split up their teams and began to run in the face of the scorching sun.

They had to run while shouting slogans.

In less than a circle, Qin Qing and several other students became separated from the main body.

And Qin Qing was the most representative one of them—she was alone and far behind the main group, becoming a lonely little tail.

Qin Qing herself was not surprised by the outcome.

In middle school, whenever she ran 800 meters, she was always stuck to the last batch every time. Oftentimes, she would walk the entire journey with a pale face.

Usually, when she was 100 meters away from the “critical” point of 400 meters, her limit had already been reached.

This time was no exception.


Qin Qing’s face was slightly pale as she adjusted her breathing, but the feedback she was receiving from her windpipe was a stinging sensation. She struggled to swing her arms forward and backward, but in vain. Her body and spirit became more tired.

She experienced the feeling of dying every time she ran. This kind of experience was probably rare……

Qin Qing smiled bitterly in her heart.

She couldn’t hold on any longer, so she decided to give up. Anyways——

Before Qin Qing’s idea could fully take shape, she once again felt a familiar temperature.

—— The temperature that can give people a scorching sensation just from the eyes alone. 


She bit her lower lip and looked up, not surprised to see the slender figure from the resting area.

He must have been standing under the bottom of the stairs for an undisclosed length of time. He held a bottle of mineral water that Qin Qing was quite familiar with and shook it towards her.

Two instructors looked at the boy with unfriendly gazes. They seemed to be ready to rush up and “capture” him whenever he stepped into the training area.

Qin Qing wanted to laugh from this thought of hers, but she was trapped in the fatigue of her body. In the end, she only curled the corners of her lips.

Then she turned her gaze back.

She really wanted to give up… However, she did not want to give up in front of that person.

As for the reason why she had such thoughts, Qin Qing no longer had the strength to think about it.


So against the scorching summer sun, Qin Qing squeezed the last ounce of strength out of her body and finished her second lap almost mechanically, slower than a normal walk.


  When there were only a few steps left to the finish, the wind in her ears seemed to be mixed with Zhuo Anke’s cheering.


  The group that had stopped to rest was also close at hand ……


  Finally arrived……


  Qin Qing took the last step with relief, leaned forward, and then closed her eyes, and directly collapsed.

   The crowd exclaimed.

Not far away, under the stone steps, the smile on Wen Yufeng’s face suddenly sank.

He raised his foot to run towards the training area.

“Non-military training students are not allowed to enter the training area!”

The instructor, who had been eyeing him for a long time, spoke up and stopped him in time.


Wen Yufeng looked over with a cold and gloomy gaze.

The depths of his black eyes seemed to be hiding a ferocious beast.

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