He’s so Flirty Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Call it again

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 Qin Qing’s eyes did go black for a few seconds. In that moment, fatigue had built up to the breaking point. She failed to control her body and fell onto the track.


  The pain on her hands and knees brought her back to consciousness.

  By the time everyone in the class had surrounded her, Qin Qing had already slowly sat up from the ground.



  How embarrassing.


  Qin Qing thought with some helplessness and blushed as she supported herself in her drowsy consciousness.

  ”Are you okay?”


  Zhuo Anke was the first to squat down next to Qin Qing and reached out to hold her up.




  Qin Qing gave the other party a grateful look, then shook her head.

Who would have thought that it was fine if she didn’t shake her head, but with this shake, she immediately felt that the world in front of her was spinning with the sky.

Her originally pale face instantly turned even paler.

“Are you suffering from heatstroke?”

Zhuo Anke worriedly said: “You have to go to the infirmary in such a situation. I’ll help you up ——”

Before Zhuo Anke could finish her sentence, a few girls’ screams suddenly rang out from outside the encirclement.

Following that, a commotion spread across the entire field.

Qin Qing was completely blocked, completely unable to see what was happening outside.

It was just the direction of the first scream……

Before Qin Qing could figure out her guess, there was already a live broadcast of discussions by her ear——

“My god, as expected of Brother Yu——he actually dared to make a move against the instructor?”

“Also it’s one-on-two…Why do I see that these two instructors can’t beat him alone?”

 ”Cr*p, that’s too amazing! He could even use that grappling move? He must have practiced it, right?”

“……How long had it been? Those two instructors lost? Did I see it wrong!”

It didn’t take long for the discussion to calm down. Qin Qing raised her head and saw the male student walk in from the gap from the automatic parting of the encirclement with cold eyes.

When she met Wen Yufeng’s gaze, Qin Qing was stunned.


She had never seen this person like this before. His eyes looked like they were covered in thin ice, and his body was covered with the invisible label “I’m not to be trifled with”. The slender and beautiful knuckles in her memory were clenched into fists, but his fair skin could not hide the red mark on the knuckles.

Even though that non-smiling face was still handsome and good-looking, his sharp eyes and tightly pursed lips carried a murderous aura that made people not dare to get close.

It was also at this moment that the “Wen Yu Feng” in front of her finally overlapped with the image of the High School bully that Lin Manxue had mentioned.

Or maybe… This was the true face of that person.

Qin Qing looked down and avoided the meeting of their eyes.

As for the past, it was probably just her misconception and his appearance.

However, what Qin Qing did not see was that the moment he saw her awake, the coldness in Wen Yufeng’s eyes, which seemed to have been frozen by the wind, suddenly melted away. The low squeezing pressure seemed to be also retreating from his body.

Wen Yufeng walked quickly to Qin Qing and crouched down.

His slightly cold fingertips touched her forehead without warning. Qin Qing was stunned and her eyes opened slightly. By the time she reacted, that hand had already been pulled back.

“You’re suffering from a heatstroke.”

It was replaced by Wen Yufeng’s low and hoarse voice, which carried a chill that caused people to inexplicably feel a chill down their backs in the scorching heat.

“I’ll take you to the infirmary.”

As he spoke, he turned to the side and said concisely, “Climb up.”


Qin Qing paused and looked at Wen Yufeng with mixed emotions.

So many people were eagerly looking at her to have her lie on his back?

……if she was crazy.

Qin Qing cursed silently as she struggled to stand up.

“Thank you, Senior. There’s no need.”


Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the girl’s pale face and the sweat on her forehead. His eyes gradually turned cold.

However, the corners of his lips curled up, and there was no smile in his pitch-black eyes.

“Looks like you don’t like this posture.”

The moment Qin Qing stopped moving, the alarm bell rang in her heart.

Unfortunately, her physical fitness was originally quite average, and now that she was weak, her body movements simply couldn’t keep up with her brain’s reaction.

Suddenly there were low cries of alarm around her. Qin Qing’s vision blurred and the world turned upside down.


  –She was carried directly on Wen Yufeng’s shoulders.


The already obvious difference in height was immediately magnified——

Qin Qing felt that she was about two meters away from the ground. She was very, very high, and if she wasn’t careful, she would fall down and bleed badly.

The originally prepared struggle action was immediately stillborn. Qin Qing was frightened and her little face was pale. Her hands were tightly and vainly clutched the boy’s shirt, and her soft voice was trembling with fear——

“Wen, Wen Yufeng… You let me down ……”

This was the first time Wen Yufeng had heard Qin Qing call out his full name.

With a crying voice, the words were soft and sticky.

Hearing this, his fists trembled slightly.

However, in the end, he only picked up the school blazer he had beside him and placed it on his shoulder to to cushion the girl’s belly. Then, he turned around and walked towards the infirmary.

After a few seconds, he finally spoke.

His voice was still hoarse.


“Not letting go.”

His dark eyes were deep, like two pools of thick ink.



In the end, Qin Qing was really carried all the way to the infirmary by Wen Yufeng.

Fortunately, the school had foresight. They knew that the stadium was the place where accidents were the most likely to happen, so they built the hospital opposite the stadium. The distance between the two was not too far.

Even so, the shocked gazes that she endured along the way had made Qin Qing almost die of shame.

After entering the hospital, even the school doctors, who were used to seeing big scenes, were shocked by the two of them.

“This, this…” The school doctor pointed at Qin Qing. He was dumbfounded for a long time before he continued,” What’s going on?”

Wen Yufeng raised his hand to support the girl’s waist and carefully placed her down.

His brows furrowed slightly.



Qin Qing stared at him with her eyes wide open. Her pretty little face was red and even her earlobes were stained with a beautiful red powder.


“Heat stroke? Is it serious?”

 The school doctor couldn’t afford to take it carelessly, so he hurried over to check. While taking the auscultation tools, he reproached Wen Yufeng. “Since she’s unwell, how can you just carry her on your shoulders? She’s still such a little girl, are you her classmate?  Don’t be so rude next time, be gentle!”

“Next time?”

Wen Yufeng raised his eyebrows slightly, and some unpleasant emotions flew across his black eyes.

 Only a few seconds later, he seemed to have thought of something suddenly, and his thin lips twitched.

His dark eyes turned to stare at Qin Qing’s body, smiling.

“Okay. Next time I will…take her gently.”

That meaningful look and tone of voice made Qin Qing shy and speechless. Coupled with the humiliation and anger accumulated along the way, she did not know where to vent it.

 If it were anyone else, they probably wouldn’t have been able to resist the urge to fight with Wen Yufeng. But Qin Qing, was not good at expressing kindness to her classmates and she was even less familiar with how to reproach others and express her displeasure.

So in the end, despite her anger, Qin Qing sat there with her eyes downcast, not saying anything.

There was no resistance from Qin Qing, but Wen Yufeng’s eyes were deep. The fire that was stirring in his heart inexplicably rose another half a dozen feet.

After a long time, he looked down at Qin Qing and laughed in a low voice.


“Why are you so easy to bully, huh?”


Qin Qing raised her head, so furious that her pretty almond eyes opened big and round.

“Wen Yufeng.” She shouted his name with a bit of annoyance, but her voice was soft and sticky.

“Call it again.” Web Yufeng spoke instinctively without thinking.

Only when he received shocked looks from Qin Qing and the school doctor at the same time, did he suddenly come back to his senses.


His black eyes revealed a rare emotion of him being in a difficult situation. Wen Yufeng coughed lightly and averted his eyes.

If this continues…… he will probably become a real pervert.

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