He’s so Flirty Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Happy to help.

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The school doctor gave Qin Qing a simple auscultation, then finally nodded.

“It was indeed a heatstroke, but fortunately, it was not serious. How about this? Take off your military coat and let the temperature of your body drop, then rest here a while longer.”

As the school doctor spoke, he walked out of the clinic.

“I’m going to get you two boxes of Agastache’s Vital Energy Water. After that, remember to take it according to the instructions.”

“En, sorry to trouble you”

Qin Qing still felt a little dizzy and did not object. She obediently replied and was about to unbutton her camouflage coat.

However, as soon as she raised her hand, a wave of pain came from her palm, causing her to involuntarily gasp. She looked down at the palm of her left hand.

The wound was on her already thin palm and the blood had already dried up a little between her thumb and forefinger of her hand, but no matter how one looked at it, it was somewhat sinister.

Qin Qing then remembered that she had scuffed her palm and knee when she fell earlier. However, after being carried by Wen Yufeng all the way to the infirmary, she was only concerned about being ashamed and forgot about the pain.


 When she thought of this, Qin Qing sneaked a glance at Wen Yufeng timidly.

When she looked up, she met with the boy’s eyes…


Wen Yufeng was staring at the bloody palm of her hand, his face sunken, and his brows wrinkled.

Looking at the other person’s expression, Qin Qing somehow felt like a child in trouble who had seen their parents – she wished she could just shrink herself into a ball and slip past him quietly.


Before Qin Qing could think of any words to say, she saw Wen Yufeng standing in front of her with a steady expression.


The boy leaned over with his waist, his good-looking eyebrows knitted, staring at the wound on her palm without a moment’s hesitation.


After a few seconds, the thin lips opened and closed.

“Does it hurt?”


Originally, she thought that there might be some reprimand after that somber look, Qin Qing had not considered his standpoint at all.

The result was unexpected, thus what came out were these two words, and the other party even slowed down their manner of speaking.

As if he was afraid that a heavier voice would make her hurt a little more.

  Qin Qing hesitated before slowly shaking her head. 

“It doesn’t hurt.”

It would be weird if it didn’t hurt…

Qin Qing lowered her eyes.

“Thank you, Senior. I’m much better. I’ll be fine by myself, so I don’t have to bother senior anymore.”


He saw with his own eyes that the little rabbit in front of his mouth had slipped so far away, and even put on an expression of ‘avoiding him’——Although he knew that he was the one who had personally urged her, he still felt an itch in his heart.

In addition to the itch, there was also an inexplicable impatience.

He stood up and picked up the medical case from the shelf beside him. His eyes unconsciously deepened.

When he arrived in front of Qin Qing, he stood still, and the boy’s lips curled up.

“—— What did you just call me?”


This question made Qin Qing feel a little cautious.

After thinking for two seconds, she still spoke obediently. “Thank you, Senior.”

Wen Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly.

……quite quick witted to use words to stop him.


Wen Yufeng opened the medical box and took out the cotton swab and the iodine inside. Then, he pulled the medical cart by the side and picked up the iodine bottle in his hand. He opened it and used it skillfully.

This set of movements flowed very smoothly. It was obvious that he was very familiar with it. Qin Qing could not help but be lost in thought as she watched from the side.

For some unknown reason, she recalled the unfamiliar Wen Yufeng that she had seen in the mixed martial arts arena a few days ago, as well as the words Grandma had said about his family.

It was as if something soft was stuck in her heart. It wasn’t considered painful, but it inexplicably made her feel slightly sour and uncomfortable.

Qin Qing frowned and her delicate and beautiful face unconsciously became taut.

Until everything was spread out on the medical cart, Wen Yufeng then reached out his right hand and held Qin Qing’s wrist.

Qin Qing was startled and snapped back to her senses. She instinctively wanted to break free.

“Senior ……”


Wen Yufeng, however, bent down and stopped. Then, his eyes suddenly lifted, his black eyes slightly fluttering under his slender and thick eyelashes——

“You didn’t call me that before.”

As he spoke, his thin lips slowly rose, and a faint smile appeared in his eyes.

Qin Qing looked at the person who was close at hand and froze.

  She had to admit that stripping out all the things related to character and conduct, the person in front of her had to be considered the best looking even among all the good-looking people she had ever seen.


  So much that even at such a close distance, she still couldn’t find a single flaw in his handsome face.

  It’s as if every arc and angle was a perfect masterpiece, and one would wonder how someone could be so genetically favored.


  Qin Qingfei took a breath of cold air, and her thoughts were dragged back, and she instinctively looked in the direction where the pain was coming from.

  Tiny grains of sand were gently wiped from the wound by cotton swabs dipped in iodine, and a slight sting was transmitted from the wound back to the brain.

  It wasn’t until after the pain had passed at this time that Qin Qing suddenly reacted.


  She had just stared at the boy’s face and lost her soul, not even noticing when the other party lowered his head to treat her wound.


  Qin Qing’s cheeks glowed with heat afterwards.

Wen Yufeng seemed to be unaware, holding her left wrist with his eyes down, and seriously applied the medicine.

  When the wound was almost treated, and the cotton swab was replaced by the last one, he smiled and raised his eyes lazily.

  ”Don’t call me senior in the future.”


Qin Qing did not react, then instinctively asked, “Why?”

Wen Yufeng’s eyes darkened.

But he did not answer. He looked up at the clock hanging on the wall.

It had been half an hour since he had taken her away. According to the speed of those people, it was about time……

Wen Yufeng stood up and tidied up the medicine and cotton swabs on the medical cart. Finally, he closed the medical box and put it in its original place.

“You rest here and leave school at noon. I’ll ask for leave for you at the military training side.”

Qin Qing hesitated for a moment. When she looked up again, she noticed that he was about to leave the clinic.

She nodded.

“Thank you Se ——”

Before the word “senior” could come out, the sudden gaze that swept over made Qin Qing choke.

She lowered her head guiltily and puffed her cheeks innocently.

Wen Yufeng, who was standing at the door of the clinic, slowly withdrew his gaze from the girl and his eyes flashed.

Then he walked out with his long legs and closed the door behind him.

When there was the last crack in the door, a faint whisper flew in.


“Because I don’ t want to be your senior.”

“Bang!” The door closed.


Inside the room, Qin Qing looked at the closed door blankly before lowering her head to look at her palm.

Then, she frowned and became confused.



 When Wen Yufeng returned to the training area, he saw several instructors and teaching director Sun Xing standing together.

  There were two people among the instructors, who as soon as their eyes met his figure, their faces turned ashen.

Wen Yufeng slipped his hands into his trouser pockets and walked over. Even though the unkind eyes of the few instructors had already materialized, the lazy smile on his face did not change a bit.


It just so happened that it was time for a rest. The students in the rest area saw that a good show was about to start, their waists and legs didn’t feel sore anymore. The boys didn’t shout that they were tired, the girls didn’t shout that they were sunburnt, and they secretly looked over one by one.

At that moment, Sun Xing caught a glimpse of Wen Yu Feng’s figure and his brows furrowed.

He turned around and walked over to the boy.

“Why were you and the instructors fighting?”


Wen Yufeng’s thin lips curled into a cold smile. His gaze swept over the instructors, his black eyes flashing with a fierce light.

After a few seconds, he slowly withdrew his gaze and returned to his previous lazy smile.

“Director Sun, the first to act… was not me.”


Sun Xing frowned and thought for a moment before saying, “But you’re a student still and they are your school’s external instructors. They’re also nominally your teachers. No matter what, you shouldn’t be fighting with your teacher, right?”


Wen Yufeng let out a low laugh, his expression unreadable. “They are indeed senior year one instructors, but they don’t have any relationship with me. I’m not their soldier, so I naturally won’t give them the right to discipline me.”

Sun Xing was about to argue when he heard a hearty laugh behind him.

“You’re right. You’re really not our soldier.”

When Sun Xing heard that, he quickly turned around.

“Aiyo, Lieutenant Colonel Wang, why are you here in person?”

The middle-aged man who walked over waved his hand and said with a smile, “The soldiers that I’ve chosen so carefully have been taken down by a student, how can I sit still?”

As he spoke, he didn’t explain any further. He turned to Wen Yufeng. His fierce eyes were filled with a subtle light.

“You are Wen Yufeng?”

The meaningful “are” caused Wen Yufeng’s eyes to turn cold.


 He looked up and their eyes met.

Within a few seconds, Wen Yufeng had obtained the answer he wanted.

At this point, the last trace of warmth on his face turned cold.

“……I’ll accept any criticism or detention.”

Having said that, he turned and left. Obviously, he didn’t want to be around Lieutenant Colonel Wang for another second.

Behind him, Sun Xing looked embarrassed. He turned to the middle-aged man with a difficult smile.

“Lieutenant Colonel Wang, don’t be surprised. This child has such a personality.”

“I won’t take offense!”

The middle-aged man smiled and shook his head. “In the Wen family, this child is not the most arrogant——I’ve seen even crazier ones, so what’s there to take offense at?”

Although Sun Xing didn’t understand, he knew that he couldn’t ask any more questions. He only responded with a sound. 

Originally, the two of them were about to turn around and return to the training area, but when they looked up again, the one who had just turned around and left had returned.

“I forgot something.”

Wen Yufeng stood a few meters away from them, his eyes on Sun Xing.


“The girl I took away earlier, give her a leave of absence. The school hospital diagnosed her with heatstroke, and you can check the records directly afterwards if you need to, Director Sun.”


Before Sun Xing could speak, the man beside him spoke with a smile. “I heard that it was for that girl that you had a fight with my two instructors?”


Sun Xing’s face was surprised, obviously unaware of this matter, and followed the man’s words to look at Wen Yufeng.



Wen Yufeng’s swordlike brows slightly frowned.

The actual fact, he didn’t want to explain, but if he didn’t, Sun Xing would inevitably have to disturb Qin Qing afterwards ……


Thinking about this, Wen Yufeng glanced at Lieutenant Colonel Wang with cold eyes,

“Is there a problem?”

Lieutenant Colonel Wang smiled, “No problem. But what is your relationship with that girl?”

Wen Yufeng’s eyes flashed. If he said there was one, before it was night time, the words would have passed on to that old man of the Wen family-


“No relationship.”

“Then why did you fight with the two instructors because of her?” This time the one who spoke was Sun Xing, with a look of utter disbelief and reproach.



Hearing these words, the boy’s thin lips lifted, two points of his amber-like pupils started to flow like ink.

“I’m happy to help others, is that not allowed?”

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