He’s so Flirty Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Comparing with her

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In the morning, as soon as Wen Yufeng stepped into the classroom of Class 6 through the back door, he was seen by Li Xiang who sat behind him.

“Brother Yu, congratulations.” Li Xiang bared his white teeth.” You’ve made the black list again!”


Wen Yufeng’s thin lips raised slightly. He glanced lazily at Li Xiang and went to his seat.

The Black List was a term used by the No 1 Division High School to refer to one of the two public notice boards given the most prominent position on the main road by the school.

One of them was used to commend outstanding students. For example, if awarded with an honorary title at the municipal level or above, or if awarded with an award at the provincial level or above. It was nicknamed “Red List” by the students. On the other hand, the other was used to announce punishment measures for students who violated the rules and regulations. It was called the “Black List “.

And to Wen Yu Feng, it was indeed not a rare event to get his name on the black list.

Li Xiang naturally knew this. He had never cared about this before, but this time, it was a little different.

“Brother Yu,” he mysteriously leaned over to Wen Yufeng’s side. “I heard someone say that this time because of a little girl from year one, you fought with two instructors in charge of military training?”

Before Wen Yufeng could reply, Li Xiang lowered his voice, “Could the little girl they’re talking about be the ‘Qin Qing’ you asked me to inquire about?”


Wen Yufeng, who was preparing to lie directly on the light gray cushion, paused, and after two seconds, he narrowed his eyes slightly, turned his head and fixed his gaze on Li Xiang’s face.

  ”What did you say?”

“No, no, absolutely nothing!”

  Poked by Wen Yufeng’s cold gaze, Li Xiang shook his head like a rattle——

  ”I swear, as far as I know… Ah no, only Zhao Zirui and I know, I haven’t revealed anything about it to the others.”


  Wen Yufeng looked at Li Xiang’s face for two seconds, making sure that the other party’s look did not seem to be fake, and then he nodded.

  “…… How did it spread in school, did anyone mention the name of her class?”

Li Xiang scratched his head: “Not yet.” However, I estimate that if this momentum continues to develop, soon someone will go to the first year of high school to inquire. ”

Wen Yufeng frowned slightly.

After a few seconds, he said, “Pick the one who is the most rowdy from inside, and give them a warning.” ”


Li Xiang snapped his fingers and his eyes lit up.” No problem. I’ll handle it.”

He was just about to turn back when he stopped.

“But, Brother Yu, what if after a simple scare they still don’t give up?”


Wen Yufeng let out a lazy snort, raised his head, and his black eyes turned cold——

“Then I’ll see them after school.”

Li Xiang’s expression froze when he heard his last words.

After two seconds, he snapped back to his senses and returned to his seat.

When he sat down, Li Xiang still seemed to be crying and laughing.

When Zhao Zirui, who was sitting next to him, inadvertently looked over, he was startled by Li Xiang’s expression. After he reacted, he asked angrily, “What is this strange look of yours?”


“……You don’t understand my current mood. I’m a little excited and panicked.” Li Xiang quietly turned his gaze back to Zhao Zirui’s face. “Brother Yu just said that if there are people who are still letting their tongues run loose after they’ve been given reminders, then it’s time to ‘see them after school’.”

When Zhao Zirui heard that, he raised his eyebrows.

“If I remember correctly, the last person that was ‘seen after school’ by Brother Yu was you, right? What, has the trauma not dissipate yet?”


Li Xiang’s expression twisted for a moment before he glared at Zhao Zirui resentfully. “At that time, I was still young and arrogant. I spoke nonsense…Forget about the past and we can still be brothers.”

“Be brothers? Goodbye. I’ll cut off my relationship with you as soon as possible to preserve my intelligence.”

Zhao Zirui sneered at Li Xiang.

Li Xiang was so angry that he gritted his teeth. However, he was indeed in the wrong when the matter was brought up. Although he was a bit miserable after being “educated”, there was nothing to be sympathized with.

So he took a few deep breaths and pretended not to hear Zhao Zirui’s sarcasm.


“However, did you notice that Brother Yu’s time in school these two days has been a little weird?” Li Xiang glanced at the wall clock in front of the classroom. “If it was as usual and there was no other arrangement, how could Brother Yu appear in the classroom in the middle of the afternoon?” 

Zhao Zirui frowned at the back door of the classroom when he heard these words. “Indeed, his frequency of attendance is getting higher and higher these two days – even Qi Lulu has noticed this.” Li Xiang followed Zhao Zirui’s gaze, looked over, and saw a tall girl with a thin waist and long legs. 


She was wearing a plaid skirt that seemed to be three centimeters shorter than other students. At this time, she was standing at the back door and looking inside. 

“Qi Lulu? She hasn’t given up yet?” 

Zhao Zirui glanced at Li Xiang and sneered: “Has your Ling Yu Ling, the school flower, given up yet?”


Li Xiang choked so hard that he had nothing to say. Finally, he could only stare at Zhao Zirui fiercely. 

While they were talking, Qi Lulu came in through the back door of the classroom.

 At the moment, it was recess between classes and the rest time was very long, thus the classroom was noisy. Qi Lulu walked to Wen Yufeng’s table with ease. 


Old dual tables were used in No. 1 High school. Wen Yu Feng occupied a whole table but there was nothing on the table except his cushion and the stack of magazines borrowed by Li Xiang. 

When Qi Lulu stood in front of him, Wen Yufeng was looking down and lazily turning over the magazine in his hand. The profile of his handsome face curved perfectly, but no emotion can be seen. 


Inside the magazine were some scantily clad female models. Wen Yufeng turned a few pages, placed it back, then glanced at Li Xiang who was across the aisle with no expression.

  The magazine was tossed there loudly, and the naked female model on the cover was stroking one’s hair coquettishly towards the camera.

  Li Xiang, who loved to collect magazines like Playboy, bowed his head in shame.

  …… He was wrong, he shouldn’t have let Yufeng take the blame.

Next time, at least he’ll learn to wrap it up with a book cover that looked like a textbook.

Qi Lulu, who was standing in the aisle, saw the magazine that Wen Yufeng threw on the table, and her expression was also momentarily uncomfortable.

 She soon recovered, laughed softly, leaned over slightly, then propper her beautiful hands on the edge of Wen Yufeng’s desk.

  ”I heard you like military and martial arts stuff, and this weekend there happens to be a movie on this subject, and I’ve already bought tickets — the location is pretty good, so why don’t we go and see it together?”

Wen Yufeng’s eyes were not raised, and his voice was lazy.

  ”No time.”

The smile on Qi Lulu’s face froze, and after a few seconds she adjusted back. Her voice was soft: “Then when you have time, I will buy a new ticket.” 

“I won’t have time until the movie is taken down.”

Qi Lulu’s expression became a little resentful, “Then what are you busy with? Is it really true what they say outside – you’re with a freshman?”


Wen Yufeng was silent for a few seconds, then his eyes lifted and his dark eyes were exposed with a cold color.

Even in this hot summer that look could make a person feel chills for no reason.

Qi Lulu was intimidated by the boy’s gaze and couldn’t help but want to take a step back.

Only before that, Wen Yufeng had suppressed the irritable emotions in his heart.

He lowered his eyes and lifted his thin lips.

“I’m reading magazines, so have no time.”

The slender bone joints tapped on the naked girl cover, and the corners of the boy’s lips were indolent.

In his eyes covered by his eyelashes, there was no smile in sight.

Listening to this obviously perfunctory answer, Qi Lulu’s face eased up a lot.

  She bent down and laughed—

  ”I knew it, how could it be that little girl named ‘Qin Qing’? I heard she looks like a little bean sprout that hasn’t grown up – can she be even as good as me?”


As soon as these words fell, Li Xiang, who was eavesdropping next to him, changed his face and his heart felt something was going to go wrong.

As he expected, the fingers of Wen Yufeng, who was sitting in the innermost row, on the cover of the magazine gradually turned white.

Still caring that the other party was a woman in the bottom of his heart and her reasoning, at this time, it finally collapsed.

He raised his eyes, his expression cold, and his thin lips moved slightly.

His voice was cold and grumpy:

“Comparing yourself to her…… you think you’re worthy? ”

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