He’s so Flirty Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Really unfamiliar 

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Qin Qing’s fainting from heatstroke was notified to Li Jinghe by the school, and Li Jinghe, who was away from home, conveyed it to grandma Qin, which scared grandma Qin very much. 

After seeing Qin Qing’s untreated wound covered under the military training pants, grandma Qin entered a semi explosive state. – “Is heatstroke a small thing? Sweetie has fainted! If she really develops heat stroke, it will be a big matter!” 

Grandma Qin was so angry that her voice rose. “What kind of training is this? Do you have to run into a problem to regret? No more training!”

Finally, under the tough attitude of grandma Qin, Li Jinghe had no choice but to call the school and directly ask for a week’s leave for Qin Qing. Since Qin Qing had fainted directly during the training, the teacher was embarrassed to say anything, so they had to agree.

 So, when Qin Qing returned to No 1 high school, it was already after military training. After a week of estrangement, Qin Qing felt like an outsider when she returned to class 15. Fortunately, there was a different existence among these new students.


“You are finally back!”

    Zhuo Anke saw Qin Qing sit down in her seat silently after entering the classroom in the morning. She immediately got up and ran over, “How was it? Did you have a good rest at home?”

 Qin Qing was obviously not used to this very friendly girl. She blinked her eyelashes twice, then nodded, and a soft smile appeared at the corners of her lips.



The corners of the pretty apricot eyes drooped slightly.

Zhuo Anke looked at her for a second, and sighed sadly after pondering about it.

“Initially, my color was far inferior to yours. After the experience of the military training h*ll week, the gap between our skin colors is almost cross-racial.”


Qin Qing wanted to say something to comfort the other party, but looking at Zhuo Anke’s skin tone that was a few shades different from a week ago, she couldn’t say anything against her heart.

The delicate face with delicate features wrinkled up a little depressed.

Zhuo Anke was amused by her little expression, “Little Qing, you’re so cute, no wonder you’re on that guy’s mind .”

  ”…… ah?”


  This topic changed so fast that Qin Qing was once again side tracked before she could understand what Zhuo Anke was talking about –


“Did you know?” Zhuo Anke blinked at Qin Qing, “Wen Yufeng has now been punished and reprimanded by the school because he clashed with the instructor that day.”




  Qin Qing was stunned.


  Zhuo Anke continued, “A few days ago, many high school sophomores and even seniors came to our grade building, asking about you, the little beauty who made Wen Yufeng fight with the instructor.”


  Qin Qing choked on Zhuo Anke’s words for a moment, and after a few seconds her alabaster-like ears turned red and her almond eyes widened as she repeated, “…… ‘Little Beauty’?”


  ”Hahahaha, this isn’t what I said.”


  Zhuo Anke laughed and clapped her hands. “Those second years in high school said it——They said to make Wen Yufeng dump his school belle girlfriend, it must be a hidden little beauty.”


 Her delicate eyebrows knitted up, Qin Qing hesitated and asked.


  ”What do you mean by ‘dump his school belle girl friend’?”


  ”Don’t you know?” Zhuo Anke’s eyes widened, “Last school year, it was rumored that our school belle Ling Yu was Wen Yufeng’s girlfriend.”


Qin Qing still frowned and shook her head lightly.

    “I am really unfamiliar with him.”


    Zhuo Anke was dumbfounded for a long time, and then she recovered and stared at Qin Qing’s facial expression unblinkingly, unwilling to let the slightest change go.

   She stared at her like this for nearly half a minute before she finally determined that the girl was actually telling the truth.

   –Or, at least Qin Qing herself thinks that they are not familiar at all.

    After a few more seconds, Zhuo Anke smiled and asked with difficulty.

    “When you heard that Ling Yu was his girlfriend, did you have any thoughts?”

   “Some.” Qin Qing nodded affirmatively.

    Zhuo Anke’s eyes lit up, and her heart said “I knew it”. She asked quickly: “What kind of thoughts?”

    Qin Qing answered honestly, with pure curiosity in her black and white eyes——

    “Who is Ling Yu? Is she pretty?”

    Zhuo Anke : “…………”

    She didn’t know what happened, but she suddenly sympathized with that Senior Wen.

   ——Facts have proven that the Big Boss’s emotional path may be filled with twists and turns, especially since he cared about a girl who is not very emotionally sensitive.

Out of pity, Zhuo Anke decided to give Qin Qing some advice, but before she could speak, the front door of the classroom was pushed open.

 Teacher Xiao Lin, the head teacher of Class 15 came in.

“Qin Qing.”

 Teacher Xiaolin stood by the podium and waved at Qin Qing with a smile.  “You come.”

 Qin Qing had a hunch when she met the gaze of Teacher Xiaolin.

 She stood up, ready to pack her schoolbag.

 Teacher Xiao Lin waved his hand: “You don’t need to take a pen and paper, it’s already prepared for you over there.”

 Qin Qing nodded, and left the seat in the eyes of everyone who didn’t understand.

 Before leaving, she gave Zhuo Anke an apologetic but regretful look.


 She didn’t  know if there would be a girl with such a good personality who would be willing to take the initiative to be friends with her when she arrived in the new class of the second years.


After being called away by the class teacher before the first lesson started in the morning, Qin Qing did not appear again all day.

The students in the class couldn’t help but talk about this “little genius girl” who was very different in daily life. It was not until the second class the next afternoon that Qin Qing finally appeared outside the classroom door of the fifteenth class accompanied by Teacher Xiaolin.

It was the time of the Chinese class of the fifteenth class of the high school, And Teacher Xiaolin knocked on the door. The Chinese teacher in the class noticed this and took the initiative to walk over.

The two teachers whispered a little bit, and the Chinese teacher looked with surprise at Qin Qing who walked back to her seat.

Upon getting there Qin Qing did not sit down, but directly began to pack up her school bag.


At this point, the class could no longer be suppressed, and there was a burst of whispers.

After Qin Qing silently packed up her things and reflexively walked outside, she hesitated.

Then Qin Qing turned her head and glanced at Zhuo Anke, who was not far from where she was standing..

Zhou Anke obviously didn’t understand what was going on and was looking at her in a daze.

After about two seconds of this silent inner struggle, Qin Qing’s face revealed a soft and idyllic smile.

She walked over to Zhuo Anke’s side.

“I’m going to the sophomore year of high school, but I don’t know which class it is yet, so I can’t tell you.”

As she spoke, Qin Qing bent down and wrote a string of numbers on the calculation paper for Zhuo Anke. She then stood up straight, inclined her apricot eyes and smiled, “You are the first friend I have met here, I want to keep in touch.” 


Zhou Anke was still confused, but she was bewitched by that bright smile and nodded instinctively.

Teacher Xiaolin urged Qin Qing not to delay any longer. So she put down the pen and waved to Zhuo Anke, turned and walked out the door of the classroom.

Teacher Xiaolin held Qin Qing’s shoulder and looked at the whole class who were still discussing in low tones.

“All right, stop talking.” Teacher Xiaolin said as he swept a glance over, “Our classmate Qin Qing has passed the ability tests of all subjects in senior grade one. On account of her excellent academic performance, she has been exceptionally promoted to senior grade two. After today, classmate Qin Qing will be your senior school sister, and you will have to learn from her in the future.” 

After speaking, Teacher Xiaolin laughed. He patted Qin Qing on the shoulder and whispered, “Qin Qing, tell your classmates goodbye.” 

Qin Qing responded, stepped forward and bowed in the middle of the classroom. “Thank you for your care these days.” After saying this, Qin Qing blushed slightly and retreated. 

“That’s it?” Teacher Xiaolin didn’t react and looked at Qin Qing in surprise.


Qin Qing looked back at him with reddish ears. 

“Teacher Xiaolin, our Qin Qing is the most introverted, you don’t know?” A kind cheerful female voice rang out. 

Qin Qing looked in the direction of the voice. It was Zhuo Anke who spoke. She was smiling at her and mouthing the words- “wait for me to find you.” 

Qin Qing’s face also had a soft smile.




More than ten minutes later, Qin Qing was taken by Teacher Xiao Lin to the senior grade 2 math class.

—— In front of Fu Zhengnan’s desk.

“Qin Qing, you know Teacher Fu, he will be your new Homeroom teacher.”


Qin Qing looked at Fu Zhengnan, who looked rather kind, and was stunned.

If she remembered well, that boy…was in Teacher Fu’s class, right?


At the same time, in Senior Grade 2, Class 6, classroom.

“Brother Yu, I can see you’re here early again, and you’re unoccupied.”

Li Xiang sat at the last row, and had a basketball on the fingertip of his index finger. He was twirling it fast, while looking at Wen Yufeng,” Shall we go out to play basketball?”

Wen Yu Feng did not say anything, but leisurely glanced at Li Xiang.

Seeing that he had caught his interest, Li Xiang moved forward more enthusiastically. “Besides, Brother Yu, you’ve been in school for so long these two days, so you probably haven’t been to the fighting Arena. If you go down to play basketball, you can move your muscles and bones, right?” 

Wen Yufeng looked at Zhao Zirui behind Li Xiang. Seeing that he was also eager to exercise, he curled his lips. “Let’s go.” 

The boy stood up and put his hand in his pocket. “Go and call the people.” 

With that, he went straight to the back door. 

“Wen Yufeng!” 

On the podium, the geography teacher who turned around was so angry that he threw away his teaching books when he saw the figures in the back row who were about to reach the back door of the classroom. 

“Where are you going?” 

The boy walking in the front took a step, turned his upper body sideways and leaned slightly towards the podium. 

After standing straight again, the boy’s smile on his lips was decadent and lazy – “Slept too much. I’m going to go out to wake up.Teacher, you can continue.”

With that, he turned and walked out of the back door of the classroom.

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