He’s so Flirty Chapter 15

Chapter 15: No Objection.

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In the office of senior grade 2 mathematics, Qin Qing stood in front of Fu Zhengnan’s desk. Her small face was slightly white and looked uncertain.

Teacher Xiaolin also noticed that as soon as he said that Fu Zhengnan was Qin Qing’s new homeroom teacher, the little girl beside him looked a little disturbed, but he had no idea why. 

Fu Zhengnan naturally discovered that Qin Qing’s look had changed. As soon as his thoughts turned, he felt that he had found the reason and sighed, “Qin Qing, don’t worry, I won’t let that kind of thing that happened last time happen again. If Wen Yufeng continues to bully you, just come to me and I will help you.” 

Qin Qing blinked as her thoughts returned to her mind.


Yanking back the words that Fu Zhengnan had previously slipped past her ears and having  thought about them, Qin Qing hesitated but still opened her mouth to explain.

“Teacher Fu, you misunderstood …… last time it was me who took the initiative to give him a seat, he didn’t force me to do that.”

“Is that so?”

Fu Zhengnan said the words with his mouth but obviously did not believe it.

But watching the girl standing in front of him as she quickly returned to her good and quiet self, Fu Zhengnan could not help but feel in his heart – the smarter the child, the more focused she is; unlike the other girls in the class. He had to keep an eye on them all day, afraid that they would be led by Wen Yufeng to the wrong path of early love.


Qin Qing could also see that Fu Zhengnan did not believe what she said, but she did not know how to explain further.

By the time she was done, Fu Zhengnan had already gathered the handouts and papers on his desk, put them aside, and stood up.


“Teacher Xiaolin, I think the second period is almost over. It just so happens that this recess is long, so I’ll take her directly to the new class to report.”


“Okay, no problem, then I will go now.” Teacher Xiaolin answered. He said goodbye to Qin Qing, then left immediately.

As soon as Teacher Xiao Lin left the office, a few of the other teachers in the office jokingly opened their mouths.


“Teacher Fu, you have excavated a good seedling this time, I think this little girl’s grades can raise the average grade of your class by one point, right?”


When Fu Zhengnan heard this, he couldn’t suppress the smile on his face.

After responding to the teachers, he turned to Qin Qing with the smile still on his face.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to the class.” Qin Qing obediently nodded her head.


When Fu Zhengnan led Qin Qing outside the classroom of class 6, senior grade 2, the bell was just ringing for the end of the class period. 

After class, the teacher stormed away from the front door of the classroom, his face a little gloomy. 

The two sides happened to be in opposite direction. Fu Zhengnan, who was ready to say hello, was completely ignored. He took back his hand and pushed the door into the classroom. 

Qin Qing stopped at the door of the classroom, a bit nervous with her little face tense. She looked quickly around the noisy classroom ——she didn’t see the boy. 

Perhaps the grade promotion of No. 1 high school had divided them into different classes… 

Qin Qing comforted herself and breathed a sigh of relief.

When the students in the classroom saw Fu Zhengnan walk in with a serious expression, they all consciously lowered their voices, and stopped their chaos.

Now more sharp-eyed, they looked up and saw Qin Qing standing at the door of the classroom. They looked curiously and expectantly at Fu Zhengnan who was standing on the podium.

There was still a little noise in the classroom, and Fu Zhengnan reached out and took the eraser and tapped on the blackboard.

 ”Be quiet. I have something to say.” 

As soon as Fu Zhengnan said this, there was silence in the classroom. 

Fu Zhengnan turned to the front door of the classroom with satisfaction and waved at Qin Qing. “Come in.”


Qin Qing’s face was slightly pink. She pulled the shoulder strap of her backpack and walked into the classroom. 

The high school department had been busy with military training, and there had been no time to distribute the school uniform. Therefore, Qin Qing was not wearing the school uniform of No. 1 high school, but a little black skirt with dark rose pattern. 

The slender waist was pinched into a beautiful curve, and the white jade like calves also outlined an arc that had no flaws. The long chestnut hair was tied up, and two strands of soft hair hung on the temples. The ends were slightly curled, which lined the girl’s beautiful face with some playful and lovely elements. 

The girl’s red lips were gently pursed under the attention of the crowd, and her bright eyes were dappled with light.

She stepped onto the podium, then turned to face the classroom.

“This is the new student in our class, Qin Qing.” Fu Zhengnan introduced: “Qin Qing passed the senior year 1 aptitude test and jumped up directly; so she is relatively young, two or three years younger than all the students in our class. We should take care of her more in the future. Do you understand?”


 As soon as these words came out, many looked at one another in surprise. In their eyes, although the girl looked small and lovely, they never thought that she was two or three years younger than them. 

… and listening to Old Fu’s words, it seems she’s also a very good student. 

Suddenly, a low voice came from a corner of the classroom – “Is she the girl from last semester, the middle school department, who soared into the No 1 spot for ranking?” 

This question caused all the students to look at Fu Zhengnan, but Fu Zhengnan smiled and turned to the girl next to him.

 “Qin Qing, can you make a simple self introduction?” 

… sure enough, she couldn’t escape. 

Qin Qing wrinkled her little nose slightly, but didn’t dare to object. She could only speak obediently. 

“Hello, I’m Qin Qing. I’m glad to have the opportunity to meet you.” With that, Qin Qing bowed to the classroom.

 Fu Zhengnan standing next to her and the whole class were silent all of a sudden. 

The self introduction ended a little too quickly, so they were yet to react.

After two seconds, Fu Zhengnan cleared his throat and answered next to her. “It seems that our classmate Qin Qing is still relatively modest, so I won’t say much.” 

He raised his hand, pointed to the vacant seat in the first row of the second column of the classroom. He turned his head and said to Qin Qing, “Just sit there for now. If you have any problems later, tell me.” 

“Thank you, teacher.” Qin Qing gently nodded her head and walked down the platform.

 “Fang Xiaojing,” Fu Zhengnan said to the girl sitting at the same table, “Take care of your new classmate. Is that alright?”

 “No problem, Teacher, feel rest assured.” The girl named Fang Xiaojing agreed without hesitation.

 “Hmm, in addition, Qin Qing’s textbook hasn’t been sent down yet. I’ll follow up with it later. If she needs them, you can share yours with her for now.” 

“Ok, teacher.” Fu Zhengnan nodded with satisfaction. After checking the time, he turned and left the classroom.

Sitting in a completely unfamiliar environment, Qin Qing could only look down at her eyelashes. She quietly opened her school bag and put her things out one by one.

 Fang Xiaojing glanced at the girl up and down, then smiled and asked,  “Are you Qin Qing?”


Qin Qing looked sideways with her almond-shaped eyes. “Yes, hello.”

“I’ve heard about you since last semester. You came first in the middle school year 3 ranking and got full marks in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. With the level of difficulty that our school has always set the questions, it seems like it’s never been done before.”

“……Really?” Qin Qing replied and did not say anything else.She really didn’t know how she could continue with this topic.

Fang Xiaojing’s smile froze. 

However, she quickly adjusted herself and smiled again. “My academic results are still good——I was the top student in the class at the end of last semester. If there is a chance, we can help each other.”


When Qin Qing heard this, her black and white eyes held onto the girl’s figure and her eyes were clear.

Under this gaze, the smile on Fang Xiaojing’s face was about to collapse when she saw the girl nod her head.

“Okay.” Qin Qing turned around and continued to pack her things.

Fang Xiaojing’s smile turned cold as she turned around and muttered, “What is she even arrogant about……”


Qin Qing’s hand that was holding the water cup paused. After a few seconds, she lowered her eyes and put down the glass of water.



“I can’t. I can’ t ——”

Li Xiang howled and threw the ball and collapsed on the rest bench beside the basketball court.

“Brother Yu, I know you’re in a bad mood, but you can’t take it out on us——If this continues, we’ll be ruined by you sooner or later ……”

The few people on the field looked at each other a few times and dispersed. Zhao Zirui panted heavily as he walked over to the resting bench and sat down. After calming down for a few seconds, he raised his head. It was rare for him to agree with Li Xiang—

“I am also applying for a substitute——Brother Yu, your physical strength is simply inhuman. You are deserving of having stayed in the “Primitive forest” for two years.”

The only boy who was still standing on the field and dribbling the basketball raised his eyes when he heard that. His thin lips curled lazily and his smile was unrestrained. “You boys are too weak.”

Unlike the other boys who were panting, the guy on the court only looked a little sweaty. His pitch-black eyes looked like they had been washed by water, and they were glistening in the sunlight.

Everyone wailed in protest. At the end of the wailing, Li Xiang, who was lying on the bench and rummaging through his phone, let out a “Yi” sound, successfully attracting everyone’s attention.

—— Except for the one who was practicing their three-step layup alone on the court.

“Brother Yu!” Li Xiang rolled down the bench with an abnormal excitment and waved his phone excitedly.


“They said that a new classmate has arrived in our class. She’s a beautiful little girl. Let’s go back and take a look!”

The rest of the listless ones immediately became interested and were all revived——

“Are there any photos?”

“Don’t say anything without a photo!”

“Bring me one. I want to see your new classmates too!”

With a “clang” sound, the commotion on the side fell silent. The boys turned to look, and Wen Yufeng, who was carrying the ball and dunking the basket, had already landed. The basketball was bounced at his feet, and the basket was still buzzing above his head.

“So handsome ……” A faint sigh came from the PE class not far away. Li Xiang and the others couldn’t help but look over.

Only Wen Yufeng, who was the center of this line of sight, did not even lift his eyes. He reached out to grab the ball that was about to bounce back up


Then he lifted his eyes and glanced at Li Xiang and the others who looked eager to give it a try, with a faint smile on his face——

“Could it be promising? …Continue the competition.”

Li Xiang wailed, “Don’t, Brother Yu. You have a target, us brothers are still single!”


Wen Yufeng’s eyes darkened when he mentioned a certain “target “.

After a few seconds, he snapped back and slapped the basketball. His eyes lazily swept over Li Xiang.

Then, his thin lips lifted slightly, and the boy spoke with a faint smile.


“Then we can return after this game.”

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