He’s so Flirty Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Little Classmate.

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 After the afternoon recess, the third period was physics class.

The physics teacher was a clean and tidy male teacher, wearing a pair of glasses and looking around thirty-something years old. As soon as he got on the podium, he saw Qin Qing, who was sitting in the first row of the second column.

 “Huh?” The physics teacher raised his glasses and fixed his eyes on Qin Qing, “Your class has a new student?”

The physics teacher had always been known for his good temper, and the students got on well with him. As soon as they heard his question, they all started talking at the same time.

 “All right, all right, as soon as you guys get a chance, you start bickering ……” The physics teacher smiled and scolded, then looked at Qin Qing.

“What’s your name?” 

Qin Qing stood up, “Hello teacher, I’m Qin Qing, I just transferred to the class.”

 “…… fake modesty.” Fang Xiaojing cooed softly at the background and scornfully glanced away. 

Her voice was so low that the physics teacher didn’t hear her.

After Qin Qing introduced herself, the physics teacher clapped his palms together-


“You’re the ‘little genius from the middle school department?”


 Qin Qing was at a loss for words and lowered her eyes a little, blushing. Perhaps the physics teacher knew that she couldn’t give him a good answer, so he did not probe further, but rather changed the topic of conversation.

“I heard that you got three full marks in mathematics, physics and chemistry, quite interesting ah – I am the physics teacher of class 6, Teacher Shen Liang. If there is anything you do not understand, you are always welcome to ask me in the office.”

“Thank you, teacher.” Qin Qing sighed in relief, her eyebrows warm and soft. She sat down at the teacher’s gesture.

Shen Liang also turned to the podium satisfied, and when he turned back again, he inadvertently raised his eyes and caught a glimpse of two empty desks in the back row.

Shen Liang frowned, and after hesitating, he smiled and spoke.  “Wang Fengchao, you lock the back door for me.”

The one who was named was a small fat boy sitting in the penultimate row, whose face turned miserable immediately when he heard this- “Teacher Shen, how dare I?” 

Shen Liang was not angry and smiled good-naturedly. “If I tell you to lock it, lock it. With so many people here to give testimony for you – If they ask, you can say that I told you to do so.”

“…… ai.” Wang Fengchao cried out in response, got up and went over and closed the back door and locked it. 

Shen Liang also closed and locked the front door.

He turned around and went back to the podium while smiling at the class, “With the summer weather, turning the air conditioning on and not closing the doors, you guys just don’t know how to save electricity for the school.”

The students sitting below knew what Shen Liang meant, and looked at each other a few times, but nobody answered. 

Shen Liang also didn’t seem to care, but picked up the textbook to start the lesson.


After half an hour or so, seven or eight boys walked up the main staircase of the teaching building, withered. 

Once they got to the fourth floor, if they turned the corner, it would be the front door of the sixth class.

There were two boys from another class who couldn’t hold back their impatience and hurried to the door to see the “new girl” in class six.

But before they could take a second step, they were stopped by a voice behind them.

 “It’s still class time.”

The two boys turned back with reluctance. “Brother Yu, just one look, we won’t delay.”


The tall, leggy boy reached out and tugged loose the tie he had just tied. He raised his eyes and the two points of coldness in those dark eyes looked at the two people with a smile.

At this point, silence won over the noise.  


The two boys craned their necks, obediently said goodbye, turned around and went to their own class with the rest, leaving only three people outside the classroom.

Li Xiang had long been impatient to sneak to the back door. He twisted the doorknob twice and found his efforts fruitless. The joy on his face immediately evaporated.

“F**k, which grandson locked the back door?”

Li Xiang’s voice was not deliberately raised, but not low either. It was just at the time in the classroom when there was a lull in the lecture, so most of the class heard him.

The little fat guy at the end who locked the door was scared to death. 

Sitting in the first row, Qin Qing also vaguely heard it and in her heart a little inexplicable unease arose. 

Before she could understand the source of her uneasiness, the teacher on the podium Shen Liang had smilingly continued the rhythm of teaching the lesson. 

Qin Qing’s thoughts were then brought back to study.

Outside the classroom.

“Brother Yu, are you going to smash the door?” Li Xiang walked over with an ugly face.

Wen Yufeng laughed lightly, pawing the basketball in his hand and playing tricks, his expression indifferent.

“What did I say last time?”


Li Xiang did not answer but gritted his teeth, and was silent for two seconds before speaking. “But Shen Liang is just too idle, every time -“

Wen Yufeng suddenly raised his eyes, his thin lips lifted slightly. The two points of his eyes were not smiling.

 Li Xiang was stabbed by that look. At first he did not react, but after Zhao Zirui who was on the side winked he reluctantly changed his stance.

“…… Teacher Shen.”

Wen Yufeng collected his eyes and lazily leaned against the edge of the wall.

“I said I would return after this game, but you were the one who begged for mercy.”

Li Xiang cried: “I didn’t remember that this class happened to be physics class.”

“Just wait, they still have five minutes.”


Li Xiang answered listlessly and went to lean against the windowsill.

A few minutes later, the bell rang in the whole building.

Li Xiang almost jumped up with a jolt and looked at Wen Yufeng with eager eyes.


Wen Yufeng gave him a smirk, threw the basketball over, and then walked towards the front door of the classroom.

When he arrived at the classroom door, he already had a bunch of keys in his hand. He took one of the keys and inserted it into the key hole of the classroom door.

Zhao Zirui and Li Xiang were dumbfounded, only after two seconds did Li Xiang look up at Wen Yufeng with wide eyes…

“Brother Yu, you also have the classroom key?”

“Just in case.”

Wen Yufeng replied in a lazy tone, while twisting with his right hand. There was a “click” and the lock bolt was withdrawn.

Wen Yufeng raised his lips slightly, put his left hand on the door handle, pulled it down, and then pushed it forward. The classroom door opened wide.

Shen Liang, who was already packing up his teaching materials at the podium, froze for a moment, and the whole class turned their faces in surprise.

At the center of everyone’s sight, Wen Yufeng smiled lazily and took the key, leaning against the door frame.

There was a careless sneer in his voice. “Teacher Shen, class is over.” Shen Liang lowered his gaze and saw the key hooked on Wen Yufeng’s fingertips before he reacted. He was not irritated either, but smiled while holding up a book. “Okay, you have also learned to have countermeasures under the policy?”

 “Teacher taught me well.” Wen Yufeng joked lazily, and when Shen Liang stepped off the podium to go out, he straightened up, raised his long legs and walked into the classroom.

At this time, under the podium, Qin Qing, who was sitting in the first row, stared blankly at the figure at the door of the classroom. After a second of confusion, she came back to her senses, and quickly lowered her head.

Anyone watching from behind would think that the new classmate in the class was squeezing herself into the desk.

Because of the conditioned reflex movements that were somewhat obvious and Qin Qing’s little rose black dress was too dazzling in the classroom full of white shirts, Wen Yufeng glanced over unconsciously.

From his point of view, the girl nestled in her seat was mostly blocked by the desk, and he could only see two slender legs that were evenly anchored, and white, beautiful arms resting on the table.

Her entire face was buried, and the facial features were not clear, except for the exposed, curved and beautiful ears, which were slightly pink.

 …She was probably a pretty little girl.

 Thinking like this, Wen Yufeng casually withdrew his gaze. He proceeded to walk back to his seat in the last row of the classroom. Then the next moment, his thoughts stagnated, and his footsteps stopped, exactly at Qin Qing’s right front position.

After three seconds of silence, Wen Yufeng’s gaze fell to the side and looked down on the little girl who was lying on the table and refusing to get up. After another moment, the boy’s thin lips slowly lifted.

“Brother Yu?” Li Xiang, who followed right behind him, asked in a puzzled voice. He also felt that the new classmate should look quite beautiful. But there were many beautiful girls in the school, and Wen Yufeng had never reacted like this.

Li Xiang did not recognize who the girl lying on her stomach was, but Zhao Zirui already understood. He silently pulled Li Xiang and took the lead in turning around and returning to his position from another aisle.

Wen Yufeng ignored the movements of the two people behind him, and the corners of his lips could not suppress his smile.

When he opened his mouth again, his low voice was tinged with unconcealed pleasure—

“Well, who is this?”


Hearing the magnetic sound above her head, she trembled slightly. Qin Qing knew that she could not escape this fate. She was quiet for a few seconds before she slowly straightened up.

The delicate and beautiful little face was smothered red. Her eyes were black and white, and there was a slender boy’s figure reflected inside.

Her pink lips were slightly pursed, and the girl’s eyes also carried indiscernible innocence and slight annoyance.

Qin Qing was just about to shout “Senior” when she was interrupted.

“She is a new transfer to our class,” Fang Xiaojing smiled and directly snatched the conversation, “Brother Yu, don’t scare her.” 

Wen Yufeng did not look at this girl, but only stared at Qin Qing through pitch black eyes.

There was a deep smile in his eyes, and there were some teasing intentions hidden.

“Newly transferred? Have you introduced yourself?”

Being completely ignored, Fang Xiaojing couldn’t keep her smile, but she still took the initiative.

“Of course, she introduced herself as soon as she arrived.”

 “…Did I ask you?”

Wen Yufeng finally raised his gaze to look at Fang Xiaojing, but when he spoke, his smile faded, and his eyes were so cold that it made her shiver.


Fang Xiaojing’s expression froze, and after a while she sat back in a daze. Wen Yufeng returned the focus of his eyes to the girl. The slender and powerful five fingers pressed against Qin Qing’s table. He leaned forward, his lips curved with a hint of a smile—

 “Have you introduced yourself?”


  Qin Qing blinked lightly.

She really didn’t know what mischief he was up to, but with the enthusiastic attention of the whole class behind her, Qin Qing could only nod her head obediently in the end.


Haven’t heard her voice for a week, the voice was still soft and cute as his memory. Wen Yufeng’s eyes were deep. His face was lazy and smiling, but his voice became more and more muffled:

“It’s a pity, I didn’t hear it.” He paused meaningfully, “So, could you introduce yourself to me alone…Little classmate?”

The last two words carried undisguised jokes and deeper meanings, so the girl’s white jade-like earlobes were dyed red.

…Endure it, Qin Qing. Qin Qing cheered herself quietly in her heart, but her voice was still soft–

     “Qin Qing.”

Wen Yufeng’s eyes flashed when he heard it, and his pupils became darker and darker.

This voice…The boy chuckled softly, straightened up, smiled and opened his eyes.

 ….. It’s so nice to listen to that he wanted to bully her very much immediately. 

How can he bear it? 

After laughing, Wen Yufeng turned back his eyes.

He leaned on the edge of Qin Qing’s table, raised his lips, and looked down at the obedient and well-behaved little girl with a smile.

“I’m a little tired, little classmate, can you give me a seat?”


Qin Qing was stunned for a second when she heard the words. She raised her small face and looked at Wen Yufeng innocently.

Apricot eyes widened slightly, like a frightened little cat.

Wen Yufeng became itchy with this look, and his eyes seemed to be splashed with thick ink, and deeper and unspeakable emotions surged in the depths of his eyes. But before he could speak again, an angry voice rang out at the door of the classroom.

     ——”Wen Yufeng!”

Upon hearing this familiar voice, the enthusiastic students immediately bowed their heads. It took two seconds before they dared to glance at the classroom teacher who strode in.

Fu Zhengnan walked to the table of Qin Qing and Fang Xiaojing, watching Wen Yufeng’s face flush.

“Bullying a little girl over and over again… You are not a good student yourself, so don’t despise others who are good, huh?!”


Wen Yufeng’s smile faded. After two seconds, he straightened up lazily and looked at Fu Zhengnan without any emotions.

This reaction made Fu Zhengnan more annoyed, and he raised his hand and pointed at Wen Yufeng angrily.

“Fighting with the instructor of the first grade two days ago resulted in a penalty, and a reprimand from the whole school. I haven’t settled it with you yet, yet you have to take it an inch further?!”

Fu Zhengnan was so angry that his forehead swelled up: “Okay, if you don’t want to go to school – I will definitely help you apply for a dismissal from the school! I won’t allow you to do harm to other people!”

The other students in the class were frightened and dared not disturb the atmosphere, but Wen Yufeng, who was in the middle of the storm, looked calm as if he was out of the picture.

Even when he heard the “dismissal punishment”, he just smiled lightly and his voice was lazy: “Then no trouble Teacher  Fu, I will definitely cooperate—”

“Teacher, you misunderstood.”

When everyone held their breaths and didn’t dare to move, a soft voice rang out.

Fu Zhengnan and Wen Yufeng turned their heads at the same time and looked at the girl who spoke.

Wen Yufeng frowned slightly and gave Qin Qing a look.


Qin Qing turned a blind eye and looked at Fu Zhengnan with a serious expression, “I was just borrowing textbooks from Senior Wen, and the last time I was in the office, I took the initiative to give him a seat and…”

Her words paused, and a bit of embarrassment flicked from her clear eyes. “Also in the training area before, Senior Wen was in a conflict with the instructors because he sent me to the school hospital because of heatstroke.”

These words were clean and tidy, without any muddle-headedness, but after speaking, it confused Fu Zhengnan and the rest of the students for a while before they came back to their senses.

Fu Zhengnan was still angry, but at this time, seeing the little girl standing in front of him with a serious expression, he couldn’t make any more rough sounds.

He frowned and looked at Wen Yufeng——



Wen Yufeng slowly turned his gaze back to Qin Qing. In the depths of his black eyes, two ink-colored flames shimmered slightly. Qin Qing turned to look at him with an intense gaze, hiding a little bit of anxiety in her eyes without knowing it.

“Yes.” After a long time, Wen Yufeng lowered his eyes and his voice was calm. Other than that, he didn’t say a word.

Fu Zhengnan looked surprise. This was the first time he had heard this almost submissive tone from Wen Yufeng, and he was so surprised, he almost suspected it to be a hallucination.

At this point, a teacher outside the classroom came in and shouted. “Teacher Fu, please come out.”

Fu Zhengnan glanced back, then turned his face slightly. “Okay, you all prepare for class first, and we’ll talk about it later.” After speaking, Fu Zhengnan turned around and left.

When Fu Zhengnan’s figure disappeared at the door of the classroom, Qin Qing’s breath suddenly relaxed, and the serious little expression she tried to maintain instantly disappeared.

With a rapid heartbeat, she sat back with soft legs. She dared to lie to the classroom teacher on the first day of jumping grades, and in front of the whole class…

Doing too much scary, on edge things will probably reduce her lifespan, right? Qin Qing wrinkled her face and thought with resentment.

She didn’t finish catching her breath when a low male voice rang beside her.


“Are you always this helpful?”

When Wen Yufeng spoke, Qin Qing was forced to remember the fact that she had just confessed to knowing him in front of the class, and her mood was even more listless.

“Senior,” she slowly raised her small face, “This is returning one’s grace, not helping a person.”

Wen Yufeng laughed lowly: “Returning one’s grace? Just like you ‘saving’ me that day?”


Qin Qing struggled inwardly, and whispered, “That was a misunderstanding…” 

Wen Yufeng didn’t wait for her to finish speaking, and answered with a low smile. “Then your kindness to me is really not small, I must repay you well, little classmate.”

Obviously this was just a casual call, but when it came out of the boy’s mouth, it brought a scorching temperature that made her face red.

Qin Qing hesitated for a second before speaking.

“My name is Qin Qing, not ‘little classmate’.”

“Okay, I won’t call you ‘little classmate’ next time, and will change it to another one.” Wen Yufeng responded with a smile.

At the front door of the classroom, the chemistry teacher for the next class had already walked in. Wen Yufeng didn’t stay any longer and walked back to his seat.

Qin Qing was completely relieved. However, within a minute of being quiet, the classmate behind her poked her. Qin Qing turned her head back and looked at him in confusion. 

The boy handed her a brand new chemistry book.

“Brother Yu said to pass it to you.”


Qin Qing then remembered the reason for “borrowing books” that had made her anxious for a while. She blushed, thanked him in a low voice, and accepted it.

The book was brand new, and Qin Qing glanced through it, feeling that he hadn’t touched a page.

Maybe he didn’t even write his name? Thinking of this, Qin Qing turned to the first page naturally.

The two marks that were still wet greeted her eyes instantly. 

Qin Qing was in a daze. 

Two seconds later, she snapped shut the chemistry book. Then a blush spread from her cheeks to the girl’s white jade earlobe.

The memory that was evoked by the low-pitched voice that had been temporarily forgotten by her seemed to sound in her ears again—

     “Tian Tian”. (Sweetie)


Then the person sitting behind her found their new classmate about to squeeze herself into the desk again. In a corner of the classroom, someone lowered his eyes and gave a low laugh with great pleasure.


Much later, Li Xiang, who had been restless for an entire class period, finally couldn’t hold back. He pulling Zhao Zirui along, then ran to Qin Qing.

The subjects in the second year of high school had started for more than a week. Qin Qing was delayed by military training and had fallen behind. At this time, she was reviewing the new book Wen Yufeng passed to her.

Suddenly, two figures came from above her head. Qin Qing paused, then raised her face to look over.


They were two familiar boys and one of them had dyed his hair an arrogant yellow. 

Before Qin Qing remembered where she had met these two people, she saw one of them with a mischievous smile, “You are Qin Qing?”

Qin Qing was silent. The frequency of this sentence appearing around her recently was getting higher and higher.

Zhao Zirui patted Li Xiang on the back of his head next to him: “Can you be a little more polite?” 

Li Xiang’s gossipping mood was off the rails, and he didn’t care about Zhao Zirui at this time. 

He immediately bowed his waist with kindness: “I’m sorry, classmate Qin, You’ve been very famous for a long time. It took so long for us to meet again, and I was a little excited and I couldn’t control my tone.”

Qin Qing suddenly widened her beautiful apricot eyes: “‘Famous for a long time?”

“Yes indeed!” After Li Xiang bowed, he straightened up, and his voice increased a lot.

 “To be seen by our Brother Yu——” 

Before the words fell, a figure walked in from outside the classroom.

 The shoulders were wide, the waist narrow, the height was tall and the legs were long. Hearing the conversation, the boy inserted his hand in his pocket and leaned against the door frame, his thin lips slanted.

His dark eyes stared for a moment, a cold look in them.


Li Xiang’s words were stuck before he could finish talking, almost choking himself. The girl sitting in the seat did not notice the figure at the door of the classroom. At this time, she still looked at Li Xiang with a puzzled expression, waiting for him to continue.

Li Xiang smiled stiffly in the face of two gazes from both sides, and was forced to change his speech.

“To be seen by our Brother Yu…this student will have a boundless future!”


The person at the door of the classroom took back his gaze and his thin lips curled up as he walked in unhurriedly.

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