He’s so Flirty Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Fake brother Yu

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After Wen Yufeng entered the classroom, he walked directly to the aisle on Qin Qing’s side.

Li Xiang guiltily straightened his waist, “Brother Yu, my –“

 “It’s time for Class.” Wen Yufeng interrupted his speech casually, and walked past Qin Qing without stopping.


Li Xiang looked at Qin Qing strangely, then at the back of the person who had just walked past. He asked Zhao Zirui a bit confusedly: “I corrected myself too late and made Brother Yu angry?”

 Zhao Zirui also didn’t understand. 

Based on what they had seen before, Brother Yu wouldn’t behave as if he hadn’t seen this little girl…

Although he hadn’t figured it out, he didn’t hinder his movements, and he pulled Li Xiang back, speaking as he walked. “If he was really angry, would you stand here unscathed?”

Li Xiang thought for a while and nodded in approval: “That’s right.”

The two returned to their seats.

Qin Qing heard the boy’s voice earlier, and prepared to hand over the chemistry book. It was lifted half way in her hand, but she didn’t expect that person to walk pass without stopping, and she was blocked before she was able to thank him.

 Qin Qing frowned.


Could it be that Teacher Fu scolded him again?

Do they still want to persuade him to leave?

Qin Qing felt a little heavy for no reason, and hesitated to put the book back. As she closed it, the two black words on the first page swept past her eyes.

……The writing was really beautiful.

Qin Qing was thinking, when a pleasant female voice sounded. “I thought you had a good relationship with him.”

Qin Qing glanced at her, her eyes confused: “Him?”

Fang Xiaojing raised her jaw slightly, and her smile was uncomfortable. “Wen Yufeng. But it seems that I misunderstood, and you guys aren’t anything special.”

Qin Qing blinked silently, there was still harmless tenderness in her beautiful eyes. After she watched Fang Xiaojing for a few seconds, Fang Xiaojing’s smile became a little hard to maintain.

No response received, Fang Xiaojing was in a flustered mood, and as she was about to turn her head back, she heard the girl speak.

“You’ve misunderstood.” The girl’s voice was soft, and her tone was very serious–

“I really don’t know him at all.”

Fang Xiaojing: “…”

Obviously she got the answer she wanted, but why did she become more upset in her heart?

Seeing the gloomy expression of her new deskmate, Qin Qing turned back harmlessly, but her eyes couldn’t help flashing a bit of mischief.


 My cousin said that this is called retreating to make progress (advance).

After a few seconds of pleasure, Qin Qing lowered her eyes a little uncertain.

…… Was she being “corrupted”?

Before Qin Qing could finish struggling with whether she was right or wrong, a book was suddenly put on her desktop, interrupting her thoughts.

Slender and beautiful fingers were still resting on the book and didn’t leave. Qin Qing looked back at that hand in a daze——

The boy was also looking at her with his eyes down, his jaw pointing in the direction of the desk.

“The next lesson.”

After saying that, the boy turned around and was about to raise his legs and leave.


Qin Qing stopped him with a loud voice. Her hand also instinctively reached out and she just happened to grab the boy’s wrist.


In the last row of the classroom, Li Xiang, who had been peeking at the movement in front of him, sucked in a breath of cold air.

Zhao Zirui squinted at him: “What is wrong with you?” ”

“I just remembered, Brother Yu hates people touching him the most, right?”

Li Xiang narrowed his eyes and turned his head to ask.

Zhao Zirui didn’t think much about it, so he laughed mockingly: “The last time you dribbled on the court, you made the mistake of touching Brother Yu twice in a row. After, you were turned into a crippled dog – have you forgotten?” 

Li Xiang: “…”

“F*ck, you can just answer ‘yes’ and it’d be over, why do you have to say so much nonsense…”

After complaining, Li Xiang quickly continued with the following words: “This little new girl is really bold, and dared to grab our Brother Yu with her hand… It seems like nothing is happening right? Hey, if this was done by another person, they definitely wouldn’t be able to get out the doors safely, right? ”

Zhao Zirui listened and turned his gaze.

At this time, Qin Qing also reacted and hurriedly withdrew her hand as if she had been electrocuted.

Her cheeks burned slightly, and her eyes didn’t know where to focus. She didn’t have any confidence in her mouth.

“Sorry, that… You don’t have to lend me a book because of what I said before, you can use it yourself. ”


Wen Yufeng’s gaze slowly and profoundly lifted up from his grabbed wrist, and his thin lips slightly curved.

“I don’t need it, so why not pay back your life-saving grace? ”


Qin Qing was choked by this. She secretly glanced at the boy, and turned back silently.

Wen Yufeng laughed lightly and left.

At this time, Li Xiang in the last row was still crying and complaining to Zhao Zirui:

“Him being reserved and indifferent is fake, Brother Yu is clearly disgusted with us — look he just let the little girl touch him. Not only did he not get angry, but also talked to her and laughed, it was completely different from when I ——””

“What about you?”

A low, hoarse voice that could not suppress his pleasure sounded behind him.


Li Xiang was silent for three seconds, turned around with a stiff expression, and laid flat on the table, posing as a corpse.

Wen Yufeng was in a good mood, so he did not bother with him, but turned back to his position.

Zhao Zirui smiled and said in a suppressed voice, “I see, you have to make sure to thank the person well. If it weren’t for the little girl coaxing Brother Yu to be in a good mood, wouldn’t I be preparing to collect your corpse by now?”


Li Xiang looked at Zhao Zirui resentfully.

He was just about to say another word when the front door of the classroom was pushed open.

Fu Zhengnan, who had a serious expression, walked in and spoke as he stepped onto the podium:

“The next activity class is canceled and replaced by mathematics.”


The classroom was filled with groaning.

Qin Qing quietly looked down at the fresh math textbook pressed under her hand, and wrinkled her small face curiously.

…… Can this boy also predict the future?

The wailing sound in the classroom was suppressed by Fu Zhengnan’s one look, and when it was slightly quiet, Fu Zhengnan’s gaze fell on Qin Qing.

A smile appeared on his serious face–

“Qin Qing, can you adapt to the pace of the course?”

After being called out suddenly, Qin Qing raised her face somewhat unexpectedly, and then nodded in return.

She didn’t say a word, and Fu Zhengnan didn’t mind, and continued to ask with a smile.

 “Do you know all the students in the class?”

Qin Qing was a little stuck on this question.

After all, apart from Wen Yufeng, she probably didn’t know anyone.

Fu Zhengnan saw her embarrassment, which was to his liking, and said with a smile: “It’s alright. The class committee was reorganized this semester. The math class representative has not been decided yet, so can you do it? I’ll give you the roster of classmates for the class. When you give and receive homework the next two days, you will be able to get to know them better then.”

Qin Qing was stunned, and reacted after two seconds, and stood up hurriedly: “Teacher, I–“

Before waiting for her to finish speaking, Fu Zhengnan smiled and added: “Don’t worry about anything else, your classmates will cooperate with you. If you have any other questions, you can ask me later.”

Speaking to this step, Qin Qing naturally couldn’t refute it anymore.

At last she nodded and sat back listlessly.

Fu Zhengnan withdrew his sight with satisfaction.


As soon as this last class was over, Fu Zhengnan took a brand new class roster to Qin Qing.

“Today is the first quarter, after self-study in the evening, collect the papers that were given to them yesterday; whoever submitted them and who did not, register them one by one, this will allow you to get to know the classmates.”


 Qin Qing wrinkled her nose and looked at the roster. After Fu Zhengnan finished speaking, she suddenly returned to her senses. She raised her small face and her large eyes opened roundly: “Self-study in the evening?”

Fu Zhengnan was taken aback by this questioning tone, and then he reacted.

 “En, you have just been promoted from middle school, so you don’t know the curriculum regulations of high school. In high school, you have to study in the evening after dinner time. At present, there are two periods in the first and second years of high school, and a third period in the third. The students have already submitted the self-study books they wanted before…”

Speaking of this, Fu Zhengnan said, “Except for a few students who did not want to self study, everyone else took on at least two sessions.”

Qin Qing blinked. “But I haven’t told my family yet…

Fu Zhengnan nodded: “It’s okay, I’ll inform your parents later. Dinner can be eaten in the school cafeteria, did you bring cash?”

Qin Qing was tempted to shake her head.

“It doesn’t matter if you didn’t bring any, teacher has some.”


Qin Qing wrinkled her small face sadly and lowered her head, “I have some ……”

However much she wanted her voice to sound like life had no meaning, her voice sounded like exactly that. 

Fu Zhengnan couldn’t hear that at all as he smiled and nodded.

“Well, then you’ll get used to it tonight.”

Qin Qing was at her final struggle.

 “Teacher …… evening self-study will be until what time?”

  Fu Zhengnan: “9:30.”

  Qin Qing: “……”

As soon as Fu Zhengnan left, Qin Qing flopped onto the table and looked so aggrieved that she was on the verge of tears.

Fang Xiaojing, who was not in a hurry to get to dinner on the side, watched the whole thing and finally couldn’t help but speak up at this point –

“It’s just evening self-study, it’s not like it’s the end of the world, right?”

Qin Qing’s mood at this time has been so desperate that she did not have the energy to think about who was asking her this question, she was just lying on her desk wrinkling her little face so as not to cry.

“When I was in middle school, I washed up and went to bed by seven o’clock.”

Fang Xiaojing: “…… Then what about your homework?”

“Its done at school……”

  Fang Xiaojing: “…………”

  She shouldn’t have asked this question.

  Meanwhile, at the last row of the classroom.

 Li Xiang packed his backpack and asked Wen Yufeng excitedly, “Brother Yu, where are you going tonight?”

Wen Yufeng raised his eyes lazily.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

 Li Xiang was confused, and only after a long time did he ask carefully, “Then Brother Yu, are you going to ……?”

Wen Yufeng looked towards a certain position in the front row of the classroom, and his thin lips lifted.


 Li Xiang: “……”

  The author has something to say.

  Li Xiang: I don’t believe it, this must be a fake Brother Yu.

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