He’s so Flirty Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Please

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Qiao An, who was sitting beside him, was shocked by the boy’s low voice.

“Yu…Brother Yu?”


It was as if he did not hear Qiao An’s voice at all.

He supported himself on the leather armrest of the sofa and stood up. After he stood up, his body swayed slightly. It was obvious that he was quite drunk.

However, even in this state, the boy’s eyes were still fixed on the girl sitting on the sofa opposite him. His gaze was frighteningly gloomy.

Under that gaze, Qin Qing instinctively stepped back onto the sofa.

She was a little confused.

……Didn’t this person pretend not to know her before?

If Qin Qing was just a little confused, the rest of the people at the two adjacent tables were already in the clouds.


The short man leaned over to the stunned Qiao An and whispered, “Brother Qiao An, I told you…Brother Yu must have taken a fancy to a certain little girl at the next table. Look, she’s here.”

On the other side of the table, Sun Wan smiled at Fu Hanlin with an ugly expression. “She’s scheming. She deliberately did the opposite to attract Wen Yufeng’s attention.”

“……” Fu Hanlin looked at Sun Wan with a complicated expression. He didn’t say anything and turned around.

Although Wen Yufeng was staring at Qin Qing, he first walked and stood in front of Sun Qifeng.

Sun Qifeng had been stopped by his words. Even if he didn’t continue to get closer, he didn’t retreat at all.

Sun Qifeng tilted his head and smiled calmly.

“Brother Yu is trying to steal food? But this little girl came to me from you. Since you haven’t been able to keep her, isn’t it a little ugly to do such things now?”


Wen Yufeng did not say anything. The corner of his eyes slowly pulled up, and his eyes were filled with cold emotions.

Then, he bent down and grabbed Sun Qifeng’s tie with his left hand and lifted him up.

Behind the table, Qiao An and the others, who had long been looking at the atmosphere, changed their expressions. They all got up and hurriedly came over to dissuade him.

“Brother Yu, Brother Yu, don’t be angry with him ……”

The few of them tried to persuade the boy to stop.

Sun Qifeng, who had been lifted, also had an ugly look on his face. He adjusted his tie and snorted with a cold smile.

“If it wasn’t for your surname, I don’t know what right you have to be arrogant here.”

His eyes turned cold as he looked at Sun Qifeng and slowly narrowed his eyes.

“I don’t need any qualifications,” the boy said. “I can cripple you with just one hand. If you have the guts, come and try.”


Sun Qifeng looked away as if he had been stabbed.

He pretended to be calm as he tidied his clothes, but could not help but frown secretly.

……Naturally, he had heard of the skills of Wen Yufeng.

Everyone in their circle knew that after the fierce and arrogant wolf raised by the Wen family set up its own business, the eldest son of the family happened to bring the lost wolf cub back to recognize its ancestor.

Even though this little wolf cub still had the same personality and refuses to go home, everyone knew that he was the eldest grandson of the Wen family.

Even if they had sent him out, they would not dare to provoke him easily.

What’s more, this wolf cub had been taken abroad by his little uncle for two years to teach him hand-to-hand combat.

Everyone in the circle said that if this wolf cub’s claws were sharpened in the future, it would definitely be an alpha wolf that was no less ferocious than Wen Jing’s.

Just looking at that gaze just now, it was clear that it carried a ruthless bloodthirsty aura.

If he was really targeted by this fierce wolf, even if he was really torn to pieces, no one would be able to get even the slightest explanation for him.

Thinking of this, Sun Qifeng could only suppress the anger in his heart.

He endured an angry smile as he looked at the girl on the sofa. Then, he looked at Wen Yufeng. “Since Brother Yu is so protective of his food, it’s best to take her back and hide her well to avoid causing such trouble.”

With that said, Sun Qifeng didn’t stay any longer and walked away.

Everyone couldn’t help but sigh in relief.

Qiao An also loosened his grip on Wen Yufeng and smiled helplessly. “Brother Yu, if you really are interested in a little girl, just say it in advance. There’s really no need to make a scene. Sun Qifeng doesn’t know, so he’s not guilty. Brother Yu, please calm down.”

“……” Wen Yufeng looked down at Qin Qing.

After two seconds, he lifted his foot and walked over, leaving behind a mute voice. “She’s originally mine.”

His low voice seemed to be filled with resentment.

Just as Qiao An and the others, who had heard this, were shocked, Wen Yufeng had already walked to the sofa opposite him. He stopped and looked down at the girl.

There was no emotion on his handsome face. He was distant and indifferent, except for his dark eyes.

“……Who told you to look for someone else?”

The boy suddenly opened his mouth and his voice was hoarse and low, tainted by alcohol.

Qin Qing panicked. “I saw that you’ve drunk too much ——”

The boy seemed to be a little impatient. He clicked his tongue and interrupted the girl.

“Come here.”

He spoke in a hoarse voice, his dark eyes deep.


Qin Qing felt that she was unfamiliar with this serious look.

And this ‘come here’ also puzzled her——

Wen Yufeng was clearly already standing in front of her. He was only a few inches away from her and their legs were almost touching. Where else could she go to?

Seeing that the girl still didn’t do anything, only using her clear and innocent eyes to look at him without blinking, Wen Yufeng, who had been paralyzed by alcohol, bent down impatiently. His left hand hooked onto the girl’s thin waist and directly lifted her up to the armrest of the soft and spacious leather sofa.

The sudden displacement of height and lateral distance made Qin Qing stunned. Moreover, Wen Yufeng’s actions had come too suddenly. She was shocked and did not control the two wine glasses in her hands.

As a result, the alcohol spilled on the white shirt.

The dark gold-copper stains dyed the shape of a flower on the pure white shirt.

On top of that, the shirt itself was thin. It splashed down from his chest and wetted the entire shirt underneath to cling to his upper body. The boy’s beautiful abs and fair flesh were visible.

Both of them lowered their eyes to look at the alcohol stain, and then looked at each other.

After a while.


The girl’s eyes were clear and harmless. After slowly expressing her surprise, she unblinkingly looked at Wen Yufeng.


Wen Yufeng was silent for two seconds, but he still maintained his bent posture. He did not remove his hand from the girl’s waist.

After a while, his thin lips moved——

“It’s already spilled.”

Qin Qing blinked. “It’s not…on purpose.”

“Then how are you going to make up for the mistake?”

There were two black sparks hidden in the boy’s eyes.


Qin Qing was slightly embarrassed and looked around guiltily. She didn’t see any other cloth and could only rub her sleeves against it.

“Let me wipe it for you.”

The girl’s warm fingers rested on the ice-cold alcohol and gently stroked Wen Yu Feng’s abdomen.


It was as if there was an invisible explosion in his mind. Two black sparks in the depths of the boy’s eyes instantly lit up like blazing ink flames.

As a result, Qin Qing, who was still trying her best to ‘save her mistake’, was suddenly pushed by Wen Yufeng onto the low curved sofa back behind her.

No one knew which girl at the next table cried out in alarm. The entire bar became quieter, and more people were paying attention outside the two tables.

After a short while, the sounds of jeers and whistles rang out.

However, the two people in the center of everyone’s focus were completely oblivious.

The back of the sofa in the bar was really short, and Qin Qing’s upper body almost tilted back half a right angle. Above her, Wen Yufeng leaned down. His right arm, which was still wrapped in bandages, was resting on the top of the sofa. He raised his left hand and lifted her chin with cold fingers.

His eyes, which were so close that she could not see clearly, seemed to be filled with the hazy starlight of the Milky Way.

Qin Qing felt like she was drowning in it.

No one could pull her back.

“……Aren’t you afraid of me?”

A low male voice rang out from a position very close to her, with a hoarse and gentle voice.

Qin Qing widened her almond eyes.

Then, she noticed that the man in front of her moved slightly and her legs, which were resting on the armrest of the sofa, were pressed down by the man.


“Speak.” The boy’s voice was still hoarse and provocative.

As for her tightly pressed calf, the temperature had risen all the way upwards almost burning her cheeks.

“I don’t hate you…” Wen Yufeng’s eyes were still misty and intoxicated, but his black eyes still held the girl’s figure tightly, “……Do I scare you?”


Qin Qing was speechless.

Her heart couldn’t help but tremble when she heard Wen Yufeng, but it didn’t seem to be because of fear.

It was a deeper and more deep-seated emotion that was forced out of the compressed chamber. Then, it spread all the way to her limbs and bones, making her entire body go numb leaving a tingling sensation.

This was the first time Qin Qing had felt such intense and burning emotions. She did not know what to do or what the guy wanted.

She could only look at Wen Yufeng without saying a word. Her almond eyes were like flowing water.

Wen Yufeng’s eyes dimmed when he didn’t get an answer. His focus gradually shifted to the girl’s pink lips.

The boy’s sharp jawline pressed down bit by bit, and the air between the two became thinner and thinner, almost being pushed away.

However, the moment his lips were almost pressed against hers, the boy’s movements stopped at a distance of a millimeter.

He slightly tilted his face and brushed past.

His thin lips left a bit of cold but even more scorching heat on the girl’s hot cheeks.

Wen Yufeng reached the girl’s ears. When his thin lips moved, he almost kissed her ear.


“Tian Tian, grow up quickly ……”

His voice was hoarse “……Please.”

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