He’s so Flirty Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Applause 

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Many years later, someone would ask Qin Qing what the most unforgettable scene in her life was and Qin Qing could not help but think of this day.

In an ordinary, dimly lit bar that could be seen everywhere, the commotion seemed to come from another world. Her eyes could only hold this figure, so there was only her and the person in front of her.

This was the first time she had truly understood the word “Amazing”.


There was no need to say too much. Just a suppressed and restrained “please” was enough.

Many years later, when she described this scene to the friend who asked this question, the friend sighed after a long time. “If I had experienced such an amazing thing when I was young, then this would definitely be the most unforgettable scene in my life——I would still brag to my grandchildren when I’m eighty.”

But at that moment, Qin Qing only smiled serenely and shook her head. “It’s a pity that this isn’t the most memorable scene for me.”

Her friend was surprised. “It’s not?”

“In those few seconds, this scene can indeed be called the most unforgettable scene in life.” Qin Qing’s smile was slightly curved, and there was a hint of softness and harmlessness of the past. “Unfortunately, it only lasted until he finished saying those words and fell asleep on the sofa.”

Friend: “…………”

After a while, her friend, whose expression was beyond her control, struggled to ask,”Then…What happened next?”

“Then…Then he was sent back.”

Qin Qing looked into the distance and narrowed her eyes.


“Be careful——Yes, take your time ——”

Outside, the black sedan parked by the roadside of Fenghua Entertainment City. Qiao An and another person helped Wen Yufeng, who had fallen asleep, into the car. Then, they heaved a long sigh of relief and turned around to look at the two girls standing behind them.

Qiao An looked at one of the small figures without leaving a trace. He smiled bitterly in his heart and walked over.

“I’m Qiao An, Qiao Mu’s Qiao, An Jin’s An. Brother Yu and I have known each other for two years, but today is the first time we’ve met this young lady. I’m not too familiar with you. How can I address you?”

“……” This was her first time being addressed like this. Qin Qing’s expression was a little unnatural. However, she quickly answered, “My name is Qin Qing. Qin from Qin Han, Qing from Qingtian.”

“Ah, so it’s Miss Qin.”

Qiao An smiled and nodded. He rubbed his palms together, eyebrows wrinkled together a bit, but his smile did not change.

“I think Miss Qin and Brother Yu knows each other? I wonder if the two of you are ……”

Before he could finish speaking, Qin Qing already understood what the other party meant.


If it were before today, Qin Qing would probably be able to speak confidently. However, the moment she opened her mouth, she could not help but recall the scene from before.

As soon as she thought about it, Qin Qing’s cheeks became slightly hot. She couldn’t help but add, “Yes…We just sit at the same table.”

Hearing the previous sentence, Qiao An was not sure if it was Wen Yufeng’s true feelings or just because he was drunk. However, after hearing Qin Qing’s explanation, he knew the answer.

—— Just as he had said, he had never allowed any woman who wanted to take the initiative to stick to him to come within a foot of him from the beginning, let alone the distance between meeting and breathing.

If Wen Yufeng had no feelings for this girl, then the two of them would never have sat at the same table.

Qiao An looked back at the black car and sighed.

Looking at the reaction of Wen Yufeng in the bar, this “feeling” was probably not average.

But with Brother Yu’s family background…

Qiao An sighed in his heart, but there was still a friendly smile on his face. “Then where does Miss Qin and her friend live? I’ll find someone to send you back.”

Hearing this, before Qin Qing could say anything, Lin Manxue waved her hand. “I don’t need it. I’ll just take a taxi later. You guys can see Qin Qing off.”

After a pause of two seconds, Lin Manxue hesitated for a moment and changed her tone. “Forget it, I’ll send Qin Qing back. No matter what, I was the one who brought her out.”

Qin Qing agreed, “Yes, I won’t trouble you. We can go back ourselves.”

Qiao An’s stomach was full of twists and turns. How could he not see that the two girls in front of him were on guard against him?

Therefore, he didn’t insist. He nodded. “Alright, I’ve neglected the two young ladies in my territory today, so I’ll definitely apologize to you two when I see you again.”

Lin Manxue was stunned by these words, her eyes widened. “That bar…it’s yours?”

Qiao An smiled and shook his head.

Before Lin Manxue could react, he raised his arm and pointed at the huge LED sign board of “Fenghua Entertainment City” that was exceptionally dazzling in the hazy night.

“To be exact, this is mine.”


Lin Manxue opened her mouth.

Beside her, Qin Qing was also a little surprised. Her beautiful almond eyes paused, but she didn’t show much reaction.

Qiao An nodded in his heart and restrained his smile.

“Then I’ll send Brother Yu back. Take care, ladies.”

Qin Qing answered, “Thank you.”

Then, Qiao An got into the passenger seat, closed the car door, and drove off.

When the car left, Lin Manxue came back to her senses.

She finally could not suppress the words she had——

“Xiao Qing, you know Wen Yufeng? Wasn’t he just an ordinary acquaintance?”


Qin Qing, who had expected this to happen, helplessly turned to Lin Man Xue. “It’s getting late. Let’s take a taxi and talk in the car.”

“Yes, yes, speak in the car.”


The next morning, Wen Yufeng, who had been on leave for two weeks, entered the classroom in front of everyone.

The first class was mathematics and it was still before class. Shen Liang was standing on the podium, flipping through the exam papers from last week’s exam. He was stunned when he saw the slender figure walking past him.

Then, Shen Liang raised his head and asked, “Didn’t you ask for leave? Why are you back in less than a week?”

Wen Yufeng stopped when he heard Shen Liang’s voice.

He turned around to look at Shen Liang, his hand was also removed from his pants pocket. His handsome face carried a lazy smile——

“I’ve already missed the first monthly exam. I’ll hurry back and study hard so that you won’t transfer my seat back Teacher Shen”

Shen Liang’s smile deepened when he heard that. “It’s good to have this idea, but you don’t have to be too regretful. Anyways, based on your past results, there’s no difference between taking the exam or not.”

As soon as he said that, someone in the classroom burst out laughing. However, in the next second, she hurriedly covered her mouth and looked fearfully at Wen Yufeng, who was standing under the podium, afraid that she might have accidentally provoked this school bully.

Wen Yufeng did not turn his head. He did not seem to be angry at Shen Liang’s words.

The students could only hear the boy’s slightly hoarse voice that was still carrying an inexplicable smile.

“With Teacher Shen’s help, how can I let you down?”

Shen Liang said, “I don’t know how much your grades will improve since you changed to your new deskmate, but you’ve become more talkative.”

The corners of his eyes drooped and he chuckled.

“……Probably because the new deskmate is too sweet.”

The voice was so low that no one in the first row could hear it clearly. Wen Yufeng didn’t say any more. He tilted his head towards Shen Liang and nodded. Then, he looked up and turned around to walk towards his seat with a smile.

When he arrived at the desk, Wen Yufeng’s left hand propped on the desk table, and he leaned over to the girl who was seated behind——

“Why didn’t you wait for me this morning?”

Qin Qing, who was sitting in her seat, was stunned.

—— The second after this person entered the classroom and before he walked over, she had been thinking about how this person would take leave to avoid the exam and how he would explain to her about yesterday’s matter, and how she would respond to it. However, Qin Qing never expected that this person would come up to her and “send her on a guilt trip”.

This was really a typical example of a legendary villain who complained first.

However, when she regained her senses, she immediately reacted and replied, “It was you who took the initiative to stop that last time.”

Wen Yufeng raised his eyebrows. “I’ve been waiting for you in the elevator since seven o’ clock today. Didn’t you deliberately hide from me? Why didn’t you meet me?”

Qin Qing was even more innocent. “I’m on duty today. I have to the sanitation area to clean up. I have to come to school early.”

“……On duty?”

Ever since School bully Wen entered his new class, the health committee member had already removed his name from his dictionary.

Now that he heard it, it could be said to be unfamiliar.

The girl sitting in her seat pursed her lips and gave Wen Yufeng a disapproving look.

“As a member of the class, it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect the honor of class hygiene.”

Wen Yufeng: “……”

Probably because these words were too reasonable, he could not refute them at all.

Shen Liang stood on the podium and looked away from the exam papers. He looked at the whole class with a smile.

“The monthly exam this time, whether it is the math scores or the average scores of all subjects in our class, there was a certain improvement compared to the first year of school. Apart from the progress of the students in the class, I’d like to highlight two meritorious deeds.”

Shen Liang paused for a moment and looked towards the back of the classroom.

“First place was our classmate Qin Qing. Everyone already knows about it. Qin Qing was ranked number one on the ranking list for the results of four subjects: Mathematics, English, Science, and Chemistry.”

Even though the students in the class already knew about this, they couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. They didn’t know from which corner, but the applause of the whole class gradually spread.

At this moment, the only person who didn’t know this was Senior 2 Class 6’s Wen Yufeng. He turned his gaze with a slight smile to the girl beside him.

The boy’s voice was hoarse from yesterday’s liquor. After deliberately lowering his voice, he was even more bewitching——

“Little classmate, can you pass on your learning experience?”

Qin Qing, who didn’t respond much to the applause of the class, blushed in embarrassment.

She tensed her face “Learning experience…At the very least, you need to be able to take the exam without fighting or getting hurt.”


When he heard this aimed at him, he didn’t look unhappy at all. Instead, his thin lips curved upwards.

“As for our second hero ……”

At this moment, the applause stopped. Shen Liang on the podium cleared his throat and smiled.

“Of course it’s Wen Yufeng.”

Hearing this, everyone, including Wen Yufeng and Qin Qing, looked up in surprise.

On the podium, Shen Liang continued to smile.

“Luckily, Student Wen Yufeng was absent from the exam and didn’t record his grades in the system, that’s why our average class score has improved a lot.”

He raised his hands and clapped it twice——

“Come, let’s applaud Student Wen Yufeng and encourage him to continue.”


The classroom was silent.

Many students forced themselves to hold back their laughter, and their faces turned red. However, no one dared to clap.

Without any cooperation, the atmosphere was a little awkward. However, nothing could be seen on Shen Liang’s face.

After a few seconds of silence, a soft clap suddenly rang out in a corner of the classroom.


The students in the class looked in the direction of the sound in shock.

Everyone’s thoughts were similar. They were really curious. Who was it that was so brave and dared to give up his life in order to let Teacher Shen have a way out?

After searching for half a circle, everyone’s eyes finally focused on the last desk in the classroom.

—— Beside Wen Yufeng.

At this moment, Wen Yufeng had already turned his gaze away from the crowd. His expression was a faint smile, and his dark eyes were filled with inexplicable emotions.

Looking at the little girl sitting by his side with her head held high and chest out, looking at that delicate and thin hand clapping lightly, Wen Yufeng’s gaze slowly became deeper and darker.

After two seconds, he slowly licked his upper lip, and the smile in his eyes deepened.

Then, he turned around and raised his hands.

His fingers were long and slender, and his palms came together.

Under the stupefied gazes of the whole class, Schoolbully Wen narrowed his eyes and clapped with the girl.

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Brother Yu: “I’ll listen to my wife:”

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