He’s so Flirty Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Sweet and sugar

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“I put it there.”

The girl stood in front of Wen Yufeng with a cup of hot water and looked at the envelope on the table helplessly.


Wen Yufeng’s eyes darkened as he looked at Qin Qing.

……Right now, you’re only close to her by relying on the so-called’ close to the water tower’ (metaphor for getting some kind of benefit or convenience first because of being close to someone or something). But the distance between the two of you, can you fill it up with ‘close to the water tower’?……

……Admit it, Wen Yufeng. You’ve never been in the same circle as her. I really can’t understand why you must pester her.……

……After the arts and science classes are divided, with her grades, she will definitely enter the science preparatory class—I will wait for her there, can you? After that, how far will the distance between you two be?……

Lin Wentao’s words seemed to be right next to him. Wen Yufeng looked deeply at Qin Qing and turned around to return to his position.

The class bell rang behind him.

Qin Qing hesitated for a moment before quickly walking over.

“……This was sent by a girl from the middle school department.”

After returning to her seat, Qin Qing looked hesitantly at Wen Yufeng, who was sitting next to her. At this moment, the lines on the handsome boy’s profile were stern and unsmiling. No matter how she looked at it, he looked a little angry.

“She slipped it to me and immediately ran away, so ……”

Wen Yufeng lowered his eyes, his slender forefinger and middle finger clamped onto the thin pink envelope and shook it in the air.

Then, he narrowed his eyes and turned around.

“Do you know what this is?”

Qin Qing pondered for two seconds before she wrinkled her nose and asked uncertainly, “……A love letter?”


Wen Yufeng was almost angered by the girl’s harmless appearance.

“You don’t feel anything at all?”

This time, Qin Qing frowned. “What do you feel?”

“……” Yu Wenfeng’s eyes turned malevolent for a moment. Then, he suddenly leaned over. He slapped the envelope in his hand on the table beside the girl.

At the same time, his left arm supported the wall behind Qin Qing.

Qin Qing leaned back in shock. When she regained her senses, she was already trapped between the wall behind her and his chest.

There were those who heard the movement at the last table in the classroom, and they all turned their eyes to look carefully. However, when they saw the two people’s situation, everyone turned their heads around.

—— Although they really wanted to watch the show, they still knew that their life came first.

“What about now?” The corners of the boy’s lips raised. This smile carried a dangerous aura that Qin Qing was not familiar with.

He pressed forward. “What do you feel now?”


Qin Qing’s hands were tightly clenched by her side.

She held her breath and stared unblinkingly at the boy in front of her. She didn’t know if it was because of the distance or holding her breath, but her pink cheeks gradually turned red.

“Listen Wen Yufeng, this is the classroom. You, you can’t do this.”

“I thought you didn’t feel anything.”The boy turned a deaf ear to her words, but the corners of his lips became thinner and thinner. His burning breath began to approach and blew on the girl’s earlobe——

“Then if I treat others like this, you don’t have any feelings?”


Qin Qing slowly widened her eyes.

She finally managed to find a crack in the suffocating aura and managed to get rationality out of it. She understood the reason why this person had suddenly made these strange moves.

Qin Qing looked at Wen Yufeng seriously. “I know you won’t.”


This time, it was the boy’s turn to be stunned.

In the girl’s black and white eyes, he could clearly see his clear figure.

Qin Qing did not notice Wen Yufeng’s absent-mindedness. She shifted her gaze to the pink envelope in the boy’s hand. “Even if you accept it, you won’t read it, right?”

She turned around, her beautiful and soft eyes slightly curved, and the corners of her lips curled up: “Wen Yufeng, I know what kind of person you are, I know you won’t do that——That’s why I said I didn’t feel anything.”


In the short span of a few seconds, the situation suddenly changed. Wen Yufeng rolled his Adam’s apple and hurriedly looked away.

He actually didn’t dare to look at the girl again.

He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to hold it in.


The only two people in the class who were fortunate enough to watch everything were Zhao Zirui and Li Xiang.

As soon as Li Xiang saw Yu Wenfeng, he turned around. He hurriedly avoided his gaze and turned to Zhao Zirui—

“Is this the legendary counter-attack?……D*mn, I’m really convinced—the new classmate can do it, she’s simply holding Brother Yu firmly in her palm!”

Zhao Zirui, who also heard the entire thing, didn’t suppress his smile. He smiled and shook his head.

“Indeed impressive. Only a small number of people have such a clear mind. In the past, when compared to Qin Qing, Ling Yu and the others who tried making schemes, they were too clever to be smart.”

Before he could finish, Zhao Zirui raised his hand and gestured with two quotation marks——

“Of course, ‘clever’ is quoted.”


When the class was about to end, Qin Qing heard the boy who had been silent for most of the class beside her speak.

“After the next monthly exam, we’ll have to split into arts and sciences. What do you think?”


The sudden question startled Qin Qing.

She raised her head in confusion and looked at Wen Yufeng.

Wen Yufeng asked, “Will you choose arts or science?”

“……I haven’t decided yet.” Qin Qing thought about it and said honestly, “What about you?”

“I don’t care. Arts and sciences make no difference to me.”

The boy’s voice was deep as he stared at the girl. “But I want to be close to you.”

Qin Qing was startled and her beautiful almond eyes widened slightly.

“So if you choose science, I’ll choose science. If you choose arts, I’ll go to arts.” Wen Yufeng said, “The division of classes will be decided by the next monthly exam. Before that, I will try my best to be closer to you.”

He paused. “Will you help me?”

Qin Qing instinctively nodded.

“……” Yu Wenfeng’s eyes flickered. “Then, in order to devote all your attention to coaching, why don’t you put your conversation with Lin Wentao from Class Seven on hold?”

Qin Qing was dumbfounded. She did not know why the topic had suddenly changed to this point. She looked at Yu Wenfeng with innocent eyes.

“Is it not okay?”

The boy’s eyes darkened.

Qin Qing: “……”

For some reason, she suddenly remembered a whisper that the boy had whispered to her in the corridor between the bar and the last class.

Just as she was thinking about this, Yu Wenfeng seemed to be pressing towards her.

“I, I promise!”

Qin Qing hurriedly dodged back and spoke at the same time.


A trace of a successful smile appeared in the depths of Wen Yufeng’s eyes.

“You’ve said it, so you can’t go back on your word.”


In the weeks before the monthly exam, all the teachers in the class were shocked. There was no other reason than Wen Yufeng, who used to be disciplined by all the teachers in the class and had never appeared in class, had actually started to study hard.

With the language teacher as the first representative, it was the first time he saw the composition book with the words “Wen Yufeng” written on it. He had just drunk a mouthful of tea when he spat it out on his desk.

Compared to the subjects such as Chinese and English, which focused more on past accumulation, Wen Yufeng’s grades in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other subjects were improving at a visible rate. As a result, even Shen Liang, who always liked to make fun of Wen Yufeng, praised him several times in class.

This made the students inside and outside Class 6 exclaim in amazement. Wen Yufeng himself did not react to these praises.

—— He was indifferent just like when he was indifferent to getting the No 1 High School ‘Black List Title’.

However, the rapid progress in a short period of time naturally required a certain price.

At least from Qin Qing’s observation, the tiredness in Wen Yufeng’s eyes was indeed getting heavier and heavier.

Seeing that Wen Yufeng often fell asleep for a long time during self-study, she could guess how inadequate his recent rest was…

This morning was a weekend that required self-study in school.

At the last desk, the boy was lying on a light gray cushion. His eyebrows were slightly locked, and his thin eyes looked tired.

Qin Qing, who was standing beside him, frowned and looked around for a while. Just as she was about to do something, she heard a series of messy footsteps outside the classroom.

“Big event! A major event! This week the annual autumn sports meet that our school had originally agreed to cancel is about to start again!”

The member of the Sports Committee of Class 6 hadn’t even appeared at the door when voices echoed in every corner of the classroom.

At the back of the classroom, all the students who remained silent turned their eyes in the same direction.

The smile on the sports committee member’s face who had already rushed into the classroom, froze.

After this deathly silence, he suddenly remembered——

It was different from before. Their school bully, who was extremely angry when he woke up, was now stationed at the back of the classroom…

At the thought of this, the sports committee’s courage almost shattered. He looked over with a trembling heart.

As if responding to the terrible premonition in his heart, a cold and deep voice, with a hoarse voice, sounded behind the classroom——

“Do you f*cking want to die?”

Accompanied by these words, there was an ear-piercing sound of tables and chairs dragging.

The last row guy stood up with a calm expression. His hands were clenched into fists, and the pale green veins could be seen clearly through his fair skin.

“—— Yes, I’m sorry, Brother Yu, I ……”

The sports committee member swallowed his saliva. Even though he was still half a classroom’ distance away, he instinctively took a step back under the fierce and cruel gaze of the wolf.

Wen Yufeng took a step forward, his eyes dark as he walked towards the front of the classroom.

But before he could take the second step, his left sleeve was pinched.

“……Wen Yufeng don’t be angry.”

Qin Qing was also a little uneasy as she swept her fierce gaze over him. But she still did not let go, instead, she clenched her fists even tighter——

“I…I’ll teach you a subject, okay?”

Wen Yufeng: “……”

The entire class: “……?”

The boy stood still for a few seconds.

Then, what shocked the entire class was that their school bully actually turned around slowly and sat back down.

Seeing that the situation had eased, Qin Qing heaved a sigh of relief.

She took out the papers that she had not finished yesterday and smoothed out the last question for Wen Yufeng.

When she saw the usual casual smile on the boy’s handsome face, Qin Qing couldn’t help but hesitate.

“It’s very likely that it’s caused by my low blood sugar when I get up. You can check it.”

“If that’s the case, all you need to do is take a candy bar with you……”

“I have mild hypoglycemia.”

Wen Yufeng held his pen as he checked the paper and replied, “But there’s no need for candy.”



Wen Yufeng’s pen paused.

After two seconds, he slowly raised his gaze and a smile appeared at the corner of his eyes.

“Don’t I have you?”

“……Tiantian.” (means sweet sweet)

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