Honest Wife Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Believer

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Zhang Qian recalled over two decades of his life, in all likelihood, he would never have thought that one day he would find himself in such a predicament.

At the end of the day, Zhang Qian was not a confused person.

Though he was born into a declining aristocratic family, with outstanding personal qualifications, he graduated with absolute excellence from the top Federal Military Academy and earned the favor of the Huo family. There was no doubt that he was one of the most remarkable elites in the Federation. However, an Omega easily disrupted everything.

Half an hour later, the hotel’s front desk received an instruction to receive a VIP guest in ten minutes.

Being classified as a VIP in this top hotel with military connections naturally meant the person was either wealthy or influential. Soon, a special passage opened, and two figures entered it.

When they arrived via the exclusive elevator, Zhang Qian pulled the person out with a dark expression. Wen Mo was thrown onto a large bed. He bit his lip and looked at Zhang Qian, complaining, “It hurts.”

Zhang Qian’s teeth clenched. He had that kind of look again, bare and filled with venomous intent. It made him feel feverish, it drove him crazy, and made him willingly drink the poison even though he knew it was deadly.

With an iron face, Zhang Qian strode over and grabbed his neck with one hand, pressing him onto the bed as if to strangle him.

But Wen Mo didn’t resist at all. He simply looked at Zhang Qian obediently. Zhang Qian’s chest heaved violently, and suddenly, his hand with distinct knuckles abruptly released Wen Mo’s lips, only to cover them again.

The war had ended for less than two years, but the central city had nearly recovered to its pre-war prosperity, at least on the surface.

Below the towering hotel, the streets were bustling with traffic. They swiftly moved through the city’s arteries. The sunlight bathed everything, full of the positive force of progress. At this moment, not a single soul would know what was happening in the hotel’s top-floor room.

Not even the passing birds could see it.

However, the taupe curtains weren’t completely closed, allowing a thin sliver of light to seep in and spill onto his snow-white face. It was the only illumination in the room, casting a divine aura over his handsome features.

The strong contrast between light and darkness accentuated the hidden filth, making his fair and beautiful face appear even more saintly, like a suffering Jesus or a self-mortifying Gautama Buddha, as if he were bestowing blessings upon his followers.

But who would believe it? He was just an Omega, after all.


The progress on the 21 consecutive Alpha murder cases remained at a standstill. Clearly, it wasn’t due to the investigative team’s capabilities. The war had just ended, and the population and residency registration systems were severely damaged, needing urgent reconstruction. It naturally took time to identify several unknown suspects in the vast sea of people.

However, as important as solving this sensational case was, there was something even more significant on Huo Yan’s plate. He was preparing for the upcoming Senate elections, strategically placing his trusted allies within the senatorial ranks, which was clearly more crucial than a series of murders. Nevertheless, given this particular juncture, news about the Huo family disregarding Omega rights resurfaced as a stain — the defeated political opponents naturally seized every opportunity to attack.

Actual negative incidents had long been suppressed by the Huo family, and what remained were mere rumors and speculations. However, even for a politician laying the groundwork for the future, these issues were still headaches.

Huo Yan had just returned from S Zone, he had spent the whole day in important meetings at the conference center. When he finally left the venue, his face looked rather grim.

When Huo Yan wasn’t in a good mood, it became Wen Mo’s duty to make him happy. After spending a night in various activities, Huo Yan finally got a good night’s sleep.

When he woke up, the sunlight was just right. Wen Mo was meticulously ironing his shirt with a steamer. He was wearing a loose cotton home outfit, his expression gentle.

“Are you tired?” Huo Yan ran his fingers through his hair, looking a bit displeased. “You could’ve had the housekeeper do it.”

Huo Yan yawned and sat up, casually lighting a cigarette.

Seeing that he had awakened, Wen Mo immediately set aside what he was doing and poured a glass of warm water for him. “I enjoy ironing,” he said with a smile, adding, “These are your clothes.”

His smile was completely tender.

He pulled back the curtains, allowing the sunlight to flood into the room. The interior instantly brightened, bringing a moment of tranquility to Huo Yan, who had been feeling irritable for the past few days.

“Come here,” Huo Yan called out to him.

Wen Mo immediately approached, half-kneeling by the bedside and looking up at him.

Huo Yan took a deep drag of his cigarette and then firmly held Wen Mo’s head by the back, transferring all the smoke into his mouth.

Wen Mo choked on the smoke, covering his mouth with the back of his hand, his face turning bright red.

Huo Yan burst into laughter. After a while, he stopped and suddenly asked, “Why didn’t you mention your heat cycle?”

As he voiced the question, he realized how absurd it sounded. An Omega’s heat cycle was said to last a week or even shorter, around three to four days. How could he possibly drop his work for an Omega’s heat? In that moment, Huo Yan became aware that, in a world where suppressants for Alpha had been developed for over a century, there hadn’t been any research on suppressants for Omegas.

All of this made perfect sense. Even in the era when Omega, who could control high-affinity Alphas with pheromones, existed, the heat cycles of Omegas were not allowed to be artificially interfered with in order to ensure fertility rates. Not to mention the current era; no research institution would be willing to undertake such a non-profitable study.

News like “Commander Huo’s Omega lover ended up in the hospital due to not being appeased during his heat cycle” might be good material for political opponents to exploit, but what Huo Yan was thinking about was something else. If someone as strong-willed as Wen Mo couldn’t endure it, then the heat cycle must indeed be difficult to endure.

Huo Yan furrowed his brows, about to say something when Wen Mo suddenly leaned into his arms.

“I’m sorry, sir,” Wen Mo said in an anxious tone, clearly understanding why Huo Yan had inquired about his heat cycle. He spoke softly, “It’s my fault; I’ve caused trouble for the Huo family.”

Huo Yan pinched Wen Mo’s cheek. “Why blame yourself?”

He took another drag of his cigarette and looked somewhat disdainful. “It’s just those O rights activists causing trouble.”

Wen Mo sighed. “Those people are experts at chanting slogans.”

Huo Yan squinted his eyes. “Of course, slogans have to be chanted loudly; otherwise, how would the public notice them? What’s ridiculous is that none of the O rights organizations has an Omega as their mastermind. Instead, each one of them uses Omegas as the face of the organization.

Wen Mo fell silent for a moment and said, “They are really bad.”

Huo Yan was amused by his words and said, “Bad? If you call their methods bad, then compared to them, your man is a hundred times worse, hmph.”

Huo Yan’s smile still hung on his face, but his gaze turned colder. “A bunch of hyenas.”

“I really wish I could help you with something,” Wen Mo said seriously, sighing as his tone turned darker. “But I’m too useless.”

Huo Yan was taken aback and burst into hearty laughter, shaking his solid chest as he laughed. His smile gradually faded, and he stared at Wen Mo as if contemplating something. After a while, he narrowed his eyes dangerously and said, “Alright, I’ll let you help me with something.”

Wen Mo blinked his eyes a few times, clearly not understanding what he meant, but Huo Yan seemed much happier. He extinguished his cigarette and planted a deep kiss on Wen Mo.


That night, Huo Yan gathered several high-ranking military officials. He sat in the main seat and got straight to the point, “Do you have any suitable candidates for the Deputy Chief position at the Military Security Center?”

As soon as he asked, the atmosphere in the meeting room noticeably changed. The importance of the Military Security Center was self-evident, since the Deputy Chief position had been vacant for six months, many people had their eyes on it. However, Huo Yan had remained silent until tonight.

Without waiting for the high-ranking officials to express their opinions, Huo Yan spoke again, “I have a candidate in mind. What do you all think?”

When Wen Mo’s name was mentioned in the meeting room, it indeed caused a stir. Zhang Qian furrowed his brows and glanced at Huo Yan, but he quickly averted his gaze.

 It was clear that the issue of this candidate was not up for discussion; Huo Yan was merely informing them.

 “How about it?”

His emotionless brown eyes swept across the conference table, and the initial commotion gradually subsided. The spacious conference room fell silent, that you could hear a drop of a pin.

Huo Yan finally smiled. “Excellent, it’s settled then.”

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