Honest Wife Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Similar

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Everything returned to calm.

Wen Mo lazily lay on the bed, not wanting to move a single finger. He had been taken to a damp chest, and then, warm lips pressed against his forehead.

Zhang Qian’s brows were cool and his eyes held a familiar warmth in them. His fingers gently traced Wen Mo’s cheek, he never took his eyes off him.

Wen Mo nestled his head into Zhang Qian’s neck. “Zhang Qian,” he rubbed against him and buried his face deeper. “My heat is coming in the next day or two.”

He could clearly feel Zhang Qian’s muscles tense up and grow warm.

Wen Mo’s voice was light as air. “Are you willing?”

Willing to do what. There was no need for Wen Mo to explain further. The stern young man in front of him only used his fingers, calloused from labor, to gently caress that soft and hot swollen gland. He stared at Wen Mo’s round, watery eyes for quite some time before finally placing a gentle kiss on them.

He said, “I’ll find a way.”

Wen Mo smiled, his eyes crescent-shaped and pure, like an innocent child. He embraced the man’s neck and initiated a deep and passionate kiss.

The next day, a requisition letter arrived at the Military Security Center.

The head officer, Qiao Weimin, quickly summoned Cheng Fan to his office. He lit a cigarette, tapped it on the table, and examined Cheng Fan with a furrowed brow.

“Why do you look so pale?”

Cheng Fan had a very pale complexion with dark circles under his eyes, making him look sickly. He forced a smile and said, “I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Young people should take care of their health. Don’t overexert yourself just because you’re young,” scolded Qiao Weimin.

“By the way, Lieutenant Zhang Qian needs some assistance from our side. He specifically requested your temporary transfer, so you should report there tomorrow.”

Cheng Fan was taken aback and was about to say something when Qiao Weimin continued, “Don’t worry. Officially, it’s to assist Second Lieutenant Wen. After all, he’s your superior, and we can’t bypass him.”

He seemed to remember something and pondered for a moment. “I’ll personally talk to him later. But remember, you’ll be responsible for all the tasks. Don’t cause any trouble for our center.”

Like everyone else, Qiao Weimin was convinced that the Omega was merely a decorative figurehead that the Huo family had placed in the Military Security Center. He wasn’t seen as someone capable of handling tasks. What Zhang Qian needed was Cheng Fan, but Qiao Weimin had to include the Omega as well. After all, he was favored by Commander Huo, and they had to save face. Qiao Weimin didn’t want to be affected by baseless rumors.

Cheng Fan sighed internally, fully aware of what was happening. It seemed that Wen Mo’s status as an Omega had already defined these prejudices. He couldn’t change any of this and could only silently lower his head and comply with the arrangements.

Later, Qiao Weimin personally visited Wen Mo’s office, wearing a warm smile as he explained his purpose. He then added with a slight bow, “You won’t have to do much, and Cheng Fan will be there as well. You can guide him.”

Wen Mo smiled gently, “I’ll follow your arrangements in everything.”

Qiao Weimin felt relieved and glanced at Cheng Fan, clearing his throat. “When you go there, you must listen to your commanding officer. Did you hear me?”

“Yes,” Cheng Fan nodded silently.

Once Qiao Weimin left the office, Wen Mo stretched lazily, appearing to be in a good mood. Cheng Fan hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Commander…”

Wen Mo looked at him, interrupting with a smile. “It’s okay, I do need your help.”

He reassured Cheng Fan, “Take it slow.”

Of course, he had to take it slow. Just like at the Military Security Center, apart from Cheng Fan, in the eyes of others, he was just an Omega who served Alphas for pleasure, without any real capability. But so what? He didn’t need to prove himself to be capable. Wen Mo cared the least about the opinions of Alphas.

The reason for his good mood was that his next step was originally to lend himself to Zhang Qian’s department. However, he hadn’t expected that Zhang Qian would help him achieve this ahead of time. This made him unable to feel anything but happiness.

He thought with delight that he wouldn’t have to distract himself with something during his upcoming heat. It was a relief, but at the same time, it felt somewhat unusual to him.

After all, pleasing, coaxing, enticing, and seducing were his usual practices in the bedroom.

Wen Mo’s mind wandered as he dialed Zhang Qian’s office phone, “Lieutenant Zhang, I’ll be reporting to you tomorrow.”

His voice was unusually soft, with a subtle hoarseness that both of them could understand. After a moment of silence, Zhang Qian responded with a nasal sound of “Mmm.”

As the evening sky filled with hues of sunset, a specialized car arrived to pick up Wen Mo, taking him to a beauty center.

Lying facedown, a Beta attendant massaged him with aromatic oils.

“Your skin is truly exquisite, like silk,” the attendant praised.

The service attendant’s praise wasn’t an exaggeration. Wen Mo’s skin was naturally fair and smooth, and he took great care of it through diligent postnatal maintenance. The frequency of his visits to this prestigious beauty center was a testament to his dedication to skincare. After all, not everyone could afford to be a patron here, and the clientele was selective, but Wen Mo was clearly a familiar face.

—His beauty and physique were Wen Mo’s most potent weapons at the moment, and he cherished them with the same care as he did his firearms.

“You’re so beautiful; Mr. Huo must love you dearly,” the attendant said with a smile.

Wen Mo shifted to the other side and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He couldn’t help but smile and replied to the attendant, “Of course.”

As Wen Mo emerged, flushed and glistening from the steam room, he donned a light robe and sat by the glass window, sipping water and contemplating his plans for the upcoming days.

A gentle breeze wafted in, brushing against his face, providing a soothing sensation.

The beauty center was located by a serene lakeside in the suburbs, offering picturesque scenery and fresh air. Several private clubs were nestled along the lakeshore, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and calmness. Occasionally, a white egret would glide gracefully over the water, adding to the peaceful ambiance.

As Wen Mo’s gaze wandered aimlessly, his eyebrows suddenly furrowed when he noticed a figure not far away. 

His attention was drawn to someone stumbling out of a nearby private club. The person took a few unsteady steps, tripped, but quickly scrambled to their feet and began running in a panic towards his direction. Several people were chasing them from behind.

When Wen Mo finally saw the person’s face, he abruptly stood up. It was none other than Cheng Fan.

How did he end up here?

Wen Mo immediately set down his water glass, not bothering to put on his slippers, and hurriedly rushed downstairs.

Cheng Fan stumbled and managed to hide in a corner of a building. He couldn’t hold on any longer, collapsing to his knees on the ground. He clenched his lips tightly, trying to stay alert through the pain, but his entire body was trembling, and the overwhelming heat was nearly clouding his consciousness. He was on the verge of losing control, despairing as he heard the chaotic footsteps getting closer. Just when he thought he couldn’t endure it any longer, a warm hand suddenly grabbed him and pulled him forcefully to the side. He was sent tumbling into a room.

Wen Mo hastily dragged the person upstairs, ushering Cheng Fan into the innermost dressing room and locking the door securely. He caught his breath before coming out of the room, leaving the flustered and astonished attendant behind.

Wen Mo tried to calm his breathing and gave her a reassuring smile. “I can help you achieve the best performance of the year, but you must keep your mouth tightly shut.”

The attendant, who was used to serving clients at this level in such establishments, quickly regained her composure and nodded. “You can trust me.”

Wen Mo looked at her approvingly before proceeding with his plan.

With a loud bang, the door was burst open, and a well-built man walked in with confident strides. He was followed by two security personnel in suits. He paused for a moment when he saw Wen Mo.

Wen Mo furrowed his brow. Why was Deputy Chief He Yinsheng from the Military Security Center here?

He Yinsheng was dressed casually, clearly out for leisure, but his clothes were disheveled. There was a noticeable injury at the corner of his mouth, and his hair, which was usually perfectly styled, had become somewhat messy. He Yinsheng was always meticulous in his appearance, and Wen Mo had never seen him in such a state. However, it was not the right time to dwell on that. Wen Mo adjusted the tie around his waist and inquired with suspicion, “Why are you here, Second Lieutenant He?”

He Yinsheng glanced around the room before returning his gaze to Wen Mo. “Did you see anyone just now?”

“No,” Wen Mo replied, his brows furrowing slightly. He added with curiosity, “Are you looking for someone?”

Without waiting for He Yinsheng’s response, Wen Mo turned to the service attendant and asked, “Did you hear any noises just now?”

The service attendant shook her head. “No, sir.”

He Yinsheng narrowed his eyes as he scanned both of them. They appeared calm and genuine, not showing any signs of deceit. However, he had clearly seen someone approaching this area, so how could they suddenly disappear without a trace? Suspicion arose in his mind.

Wen Mo, appearing urgent, instructed the service attendant, “Don’t just stand there. Hurry and inform the front desk to lock the main entrance and secure it. If there really is someone hiding here, make sure they don’t escape.”

“Understood,” the service attendant replied and immediately picked up a communicator.

Wen Mo looked down at his oily hands and realized he had nowhere to wipe them. He had to bend down, using the excuse to discreetly massage the fair skin of his leg. He then raised his head and said, “You should hurry and go find them. Don’t waste any more time here.

The faint fragrance mixed with rose essential oil wafted through the air, and He Yinsheng’s heart suddenly raced. He took a step back involuntarily and glanced at Wen Mo. His pupils dilated suddenly—this Omega had no protective measures on his neck gland and dared to face three young Alphas. It was like inviting trouble!

He Yinsheng furrowed his brows, when he glanced back, his suspicions were confirmed. The two security guards were staring at the Omega with slightly flushed expressions.

Damn whore! He Yinsheng cursed inwardly. He then quickly looked around, making sure there were no unusual circumstances. Once he was certain, he closed the door and left with the two security guards.

As the door closed, Wen Mo let out a sigh of relief. He clapped his hands and straightened up. He handed a black card to the service attendant and smiled, “I’ve prepaid next year’s fees, and I’ll separately add a tip of one-tenth for you.”

The startled service worker accepted the card and thanked him profusely before leaving.

Closing the door behind him, Wen Mo tore off the protective film from another isolation patch and applied it to his nape. Only then did he enter the dressing room.

On the floor, Cheng Fan had flushed red, writhing in agony, appearing to endure intense suffering.

Wen Mo furrowed his brow; something didn’t seem right. Although faint, he detected a trace of clary sage, a scent he was very familiar with, typically exclusive to Omegas.

A thought crossed Wen Mo’s mind, and he suddenly opened Cheng Fan’s shirt collar. There, he found a faint surgical scar—a mark that would have gone unnoticed without such a close examination.

With these recent clues, Wen Mo’s lingering questions seemed to find answers. In a hushed voice, he asked, “Are you also an Omega?”

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