Honest Wife Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Loneliness

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Cheng Fan didn’t respond, but his pained and embarrassed expression spoke volumes.

He was currently in the middle of an Omega’s heat.

However, his heat seemed to be somewhat unusual. Wen Mo furrowed his brow, and he reached out to touch the skin at the nape of Cheng Fan’s neck. The faint scar felt slightly hardened, the gland area that should have been slightly raised appeared perfectly smooth, as if nothing had ever been there.

—Cheng Fan had indeed undergone gland removal surgery.

Gland removal surgery had long been explicitly prohibited by federal law because it was not a mature technology. Glands were complex secondary reproductive organs, and Omega individuals who had their glands removed had to receive hormone injections regularly to maintain internal balance. However, the body’s strong self-repair capabilities still caused some tissue to continue growing, producing tiny amounts of gland tissue, which would interfere with the body. This interference not only affected an individual’s lifespan but also led to a lifetime of suffering for those who underwent the procedure— and currently, medical science had no solution to this problem.

So even though many Omegas struggled with their heats, very few would choose to undergo gland removal.

Wen Mo suddenly remembered the audacious words he had spoken before, “Commander, it’s not easy for an Omega to reach this position. You… you should do better.”

He sighed silently and softened his voice, “Don’t be afraid. Leave everything to me; I’ll help you.”

Wen Mo immediately retrieved several syringes from his bag— he hadn’t lied to the Alpha; he had indeed obtained several tranquilizers from a doctor and carried them with him. After all, Wen Mo was a cautious person, and he was prepared for any unexpected situation. It just happened that now he was using them on Cheng Fan. He re-entered the changing room, quickly removed the sterile covering from the syringe, crouched down, and slowly injected the transparent liquid into Cheng Fan’s neck muscles.

Tranquilizers are used to alleviate the intense impulses that Omega experiences during their heats, but they can’t completely solve the problem. Cheng Fan was sweating profusely and trembling violently. Wen Mo struggled to carry him into the bathtub and used lukewarm water slightly below body temperature to bathe him. These were all part of his experience, intended to make the excruciating torment of this heat more bearable.

Cheng Fan hadn’t experienced a heat cycle in a long time. Maybe it was because those glandular tissues had slowly regrown, or perhaps it was because he had been following Wen Mo around for some time, exposed to influences of his own kind. In any case, Cheng Fan’s heat had come on swiftly and intensely, tormenting him to the brink of despair.

The moon had gradually risen, hanging in the sky, mirroring its image on the surface of the lake, creating a tranquil scene.

Cheng Fan lay weakly on the edge of the bathtub, drenched from head to toe, but his expression had noticeably eased. He raised his eyes and looked at Wen Mo, then lowered his head slightly. “I’m sorry for causing you trouble. Commander He… he probably hasn’t figured out it’s me…”

His expression became inexplicably desolate and filled with sorrow, and he looked at Wen Mo with a pleading gaze. “If possible, please don’t report this to the military… I promise it’s just a private matter… unrelated to work… I—”

Wen Mo interrupted him, “Rest for now. I don’t care about these things, and I won’t tell anyone.”

With that, he placed the showerhead back into the bathtub and left the bathroom.

Cheng Fan felt relieved and a faint, bitter smile appeared on his pale face. He breathed slowly and gently laid down in the bathtub.

The night grew darker.

Wen Mo fed Cheng Fan some porridge provided by the beauty center. Cheng Fan obediently ate it, they hardly exchanged any words, as if they both understood that nothing else mattered at this moment.

Wen Mo said, “I’ll request a leave for you tomorrow.”

Cheng Fan immediately shook his head. “I have to report to Lieutenant Commander Zhang tomorrow.”

“Do you think you can go in this condition?” Wen Mo’s tone became firmer, though still gentle. “Of course, if you want to risk exposing your identity, that’s your choice.”

“But Lieutenant Commander …”

Zhang Qian had always been a strict workaholic, with high expectations for his subordinates and even higher standards for himself. He couldn’t tolerate any delay or slackness, so without extremely special circumstances, Cheng Fan could hardly think of a reason not to go.

Wen Mo paused and spoke in a soothing voice, “Don’t worry, I can handle it. Just rest here for two days.”

His voice was gentle but resolute.

Cheng Fan looked at him silently and, feeling vulnerable, realized he had no other choice. He could not return to the city center, surrounded by Alphas, with the state he was in. It could easily become a ticking time bomb. He understood that he had no other options and nodded weakly. “…….Thank you.”

Wen Mo got up and went to the dressing room to change back into his own clothes. As he was leaving, he turned back and said, “You can stay here with peace of mind. I’ve made arrangements, no one will disturb you here. Meals will be delivered by the staff, and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me.”

Cheng Fan glanced at him and nodded.

Wen Mo didn’t say anything more and left. In no time, Cheng Fan heard a clicking sound from the outer hall.

At that moment, Cheng Fan suddenly felt a sense of peace in his heart. It was subtle, but the unspoken understanding between fellow Omegas gave him a moment of reassurance.

He had initially thought he was silently protecting this fellow Omega in the shadows, but later, he realized that this fellow Omega was much smarter, resilient, and composed than he had imagined. This made Cheng Fan feel that he wasn’t just an ordinary Omega.

When Cheng Fan had these thoughts, he felt deeply ashamed of himself. How could he subconsciously separate excellence from someone just because they’re an Omega? It was something he had pursued throughout his life, but having immersed himself in the world of Alphas alone for so many years, he seemed to have been gradually domesticated to think like them.

At the age of fourteen, he secretly underwent the procedure to remove his glands, putting in tremendous effort to blend into another group. He wanted to prove that Omegas could also achieve great things, but it was too exhausting. He was like a lone goose flying to its destination, unsure of where that destination was or how far he had to fly. He never knew, so he had to keep flying alone. Perhaps he would fly until he was exhausted, fly until he died, only then would it be over.

Now, a new companion had appeared, even though he hadn’t said anything. Cheng Fan could sense that he was one of their kind, someone with the same purpose. Many things were converging.

However, they were still lonely.

Cheng Fan slowly rested his head on the warm edge of the bathtub. Exhausted, he closed his eyes, and two lines of tears slowly trickled down.

Meanwhile, He Yinsheng sat in his office, his face dark. The wound on his lip had healed, leaving only a gray-brown scab—a mark left by an Omega in heat.

He played with a Military Security Center badge between his fingertips, one that belonged to a sergeant. However, how could it have ended up with an Omega? Last night, he had consumed some alcohol and had been under the influence of pheromones, clouding his judgment. The room had been dim, making it impossible to clearly see the person’s face. He didn’t know which daring Omega it was, or perhaps an AB who had taken Omega pheromones? He narrowed his eyes slightly, brought the badge to his nose, and sniffed it. There was a faint scent of catnip, very subtle but enough to transport him back to that evening with its fragmented memories.

He abruptly clenched the badge in his palm and immediately called his secretary to request a list of all the sergeants in the Military Security Center.

The secretary quickly provided the list, totaling 17 individuals. He Yinsheng had spent five years at the security center, so he had some degree of familiarity with these people. From his remaining impressions, the person he encountered wasn’t tall and was quite thin—such individuals were not common in the Military Security Center.

He scanned the list and found a rather inconspicuous name—Cheng Fan. 

He furrowed his brow; this person had a history with him. Both of them had attended military school together, but Cheng Fan had been a quiet and unassuming Beta, leaving little impression on anyone.

Years later, they had both joined the military, and Cheng Fan had become one of his subordinates. This civilian Beta remained the same—quiet and reserved, going about his work with little fanfare. He was the epitome of a dull and unremarkable Beta, to the point that He Yinsheng had almost forgotten the nearly ten years they had spent together.

He Yinsheng felt that he needed to figure this out; it was an incredibly bizarre situation.

He personally sought out Zhang Qian.

Zhang Qian was in the midst of handling a stack of documents. He sat upright with a focused and solemn expression, making it clear that he wasn’t someone to be easily disturbed. He Yinsheng thought that in Zhang Qian’s world, there was probably only work. Besides shooting practice, he had never seen Zhang Qian engage in any other leisure activities. It was as if he were a high-performance work machine. It was no wonder that despite the many offspring from influential families in the military, Zhang Qian had risen the fastest. With these thoughts in mind, He Yinsheng approached him with a smile.

“Senior, are you busy now?”

Zhang Qian’s hands didn’t stop as he glanced up at He Yinsheng and asked in a calm tone, “What is it?”

He Yinsheng smiled and replied, “I need to borrow someone from you.”


“Cheng Fan.”

Zhang Qian promptly rejected, saying, “He’s not available.”

“Why not?” He Yinsheng raised an eyebrow, placing his hands on the table. “Senior, you can’t do this. You’ve taken away all the capable people. We’ve got a heavy workload at our center recently, so you’ll have to give me a few days.”

“Choose someone else,” Zhang Qian finally put down his pen. “Secretary Cheng was sent on a business trip to the East yesterday.”

He Yinsheng was momentarily taken aback. “He left the central city last night?”

Zhang Qian asked, “Is there a problem?”

He Yinsheng seemed somewhat flustered and let out a dry laugh. “No… nothing.”

He seemed to realize he had overreacted and quickly composed himself. “Alright, then give me someone else, but remember this.”

He Yinsheng finally left, and the door closed behind him.

Zhang Qian redirected his attention. He leaned back in his chair, and soon, the door to his office opened with a creak. Delicate arms wrapped around his neck from behind.

Wen Mo nestled against his cheek. “Zhang Qian, you’re really something.”

Zhang Qian reached back and pulled the person onto his lap. He looked at him expressionlessly, and Wen Mo wrinkled his brow as if he resented his coldness. He kissed the cool skin between Zhang Qian’s eyebrows and whispered, “But you’re the only one I can trust now.”

Zhang Qian’s face remained cold, but his movements became gentler. He removed the isolation patch from Wen Mo’s neck. Wen Mo’s gland had swollen and felt hot, the once snowy-white skin had turned pink. Wen Mo lowered his neck and buried his face in Zhang Qian’s warm neck. Zhang Qian massaged his gland, eliciting a soft moan from Wen Mo, who held him even tighter.

“Zhang Qian…”

Zhang Qian’s lips pressed against that heated and fragrant gland.

He knew that Wen Mo was about to enter his heat.

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