I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Ghost Mountain Villa 22

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The loss of food at this moment confirmed Yan Shixun’s earlier guess completely.

— There’s something in the villa preventing him from exploring the fourth floor.

Zhang Wubing anxiously approached Yan Shixun, seeking a solution, while others were trying to figure out how to find food.

However, Yan Shixun turned around and took brisk steps up the stairs towards the fourth floor.

“Brother Yan?” Zhang Wubing was taken aback.

But Yan Shixun’s steps were determined, and as he walked, a gust of wind accompanied him. He moved away from where everyone was in the living room, brushing past Zhang Wubing.

Rather than passively defending and being led by whatever was in the villa, it was better to take the initiative, turning defense into offense!

Those things were preventing him from exploring the fourth floor?

Heh, then let’s settle this on the fourth floor!

A dark look crossed Yan Shixun’s eyes, and a crazed grin spread across his lips.

Just as his slender figure crossed the corner of the staircase guarded by the Buddha stature and stepped onto the stairs leading to the fourth floor, a fierce wind suddenly arose. It swept up all the curtain fabrics in the entire villa, and the long hair, resembling the claws of a female ghost, fluttered wildly.

In the empty air, a sharp and resentful wail rang out, shaking the window glass, emitting a low humming sound.

The once cloudless sky outside the villa quickly gathered into a large cluster of dark clouds centered above the villa, instantly darkening the entire sky.

Layer upon layer of black clouds pressed down like mountains and oceans, as if the heavens were about to collapse.

Thunder and lightning flickered within the clouds, and a torrential rain was imminent.

As if a furious female ghost, unwilling to let this arrogant person touch her scars, swore to kill him on the spot.

The people who remained in the first-floor living room were frightened by this strange phenomenon, their faces turned pale. They quickly huddled together to avoid being blown away by the wind.

Ding Xian couldn’t help but let out a cry, clutching the arm of the staff member next to her, trembling. She kept chanting Yan Shixun’s name, as if a devout believer was calling upon their deity, praying that he could rescue everyone from this danger.

The violent wind, carrying a large amount of dust, howled down from the fourth floor towards Yan Shixun. His clothes rustled, and the strands of hair in front of his forehead were all blown up.

Revealing those bright and wildly arrogant eyes.

Against the wind, facing immense resistance.

However, Yan Shixun stood like a pillar amidst the raging tempest, completely unmoved by the fierce winds and storms. He was like a drawn sword, cutting through the oncoming resentment and anger.

His arm slowly raised, and his slender fingers formed seals in front of him, confronting the furious wind.

“Qianhou Zuo Guo, Yu She Bu Yuan. Lan Hun Si Huo, Ji E Ying Guan. Zongfeng Chan Bu, Daohua Liu Xing.!”

The incantation flowed clearly from Yan Shixun’s slightly reddened lips, dispersing in the air and forming a golden script.

These golden scripts entwined around the seal, circling it and transforming into the eternal Tai Chi symbol.

Upholding the eternal, preventing evil spirits and malevolence from arising.

Commanding the forbiddance, breaking evil and removing adversity!

The talisman suddenly erupted with a powerful golden light, even illuminating the entire staircase that was as dark as night.

The bright light radiated from the cracks and crevices, rapidly spreading to every corner. Unstoppable, the light gradually devoured the darkness, covering the entire villa that had been shrouded in dark clouds with a golden glow.

In the void, it seemed as if there was a deafening “boom!”

The violent wind and torrential rain froze for a moment.

Then, there was a long, brittle sound, like spiderweb cracks spreading across glass, followed by “crash” and “snap” sounds coming from the space in front of Yan Shixun.

Finally, when the last explosion, which could have shaken the entire villa, resounded, some invisible barrier that had been blocking the staircase to the fourth floor shattered into pieces.

Following this, there was a painful and eerie wail of a female ghost.

Suddenly, everything in front of Yan Shixun went completely black. The villa, the stairs, and even the people waiting in the living room all vanished from sight.

The sounds around him, whether it was the wind or anything else, rapidly fell silent.

This darkness, which stripped away all perception, both visual and auditory, felt like it concealed unknown dangers, making it impossible to discern day from night, the flow of time, and instilling fear of the unknown monsters that might emerge at any time and from any direction.

However, Yan Shixun, who had abruptly plunged into darkness, remained calm. He stood still, patiently waiting.

After an indeterminate amount of time had passed, a faint glimmer slowly appeared at the edge of Yan Shixun’s field of vision. It gradually spread, illuminating his surroundings once more.

It was as if someone had flipped the switch on a projector in the midst of this darkness. The faint sound of electrical currents hummed softly, and the old film flickered with static.

However, Yan Shixun was no longer inside the villa.

Instead, he found himself in a dense forest at night.

He could hear his own heavy and panicked breathing, as well as the weight of his backpack on his shoulders. His legs had been moving tirelessly for who knew how long, and his sore muscles were trembling. Sweat dripped from his forehead into his eyes, stinging sharply.

But he couldn’t spare a hand to wipe away the sweat, nor did he have time for a break.

“Leader! I-it’s a bomber!”

Suddenly, a cry of alarm came from behind Yan Shixun.


Yan Shixun furrowed his brow, pondering this term that seemed entirely out of place in the modern context. 

Note: the chinese word is one of older context term but i cant find exact word for english term.

He was dressed in layered short robes, wore straw sandals, and had his legs bound in coarse cloth, which were covered in mud, indicating that he had been walking through the mountains and forests for a long time.

Yan Shixun tried to raise his hand but couldn’t make the motion.

It was as if he were temporarily inhabiting someone else’s body, experiencing events that had already happened. Besides observing as this person, he couldn’t do anything, nor could he change anything.

However, from the corner of his vision, Yan Shixun still managed to see a pair of short, stout hands with calloused palms.

These were hands that had wielded blades and sticks for many years.

Yan Shixun felt the body he was in turn around to look at the person making the sound.

At this moment, Yan Shixun finally saw that he was not the only one traversing the mountains and forests.

Behind him, there was a whole line of people, numbering dozens, all dressed in similar short rough attire, carrying large and small bags on their backs, appearing dusty, battered, and in a state of fleeing.

This body followed the direction pointed by that person and looked up at the sky.

In the already dark night sky, the roar of airplane propellers could be heard, and streaks of fire cut across the sky in parabolic arcs, landing in the distant city.


The earth trembled.

Through the overlapping tree branches, Yan Shixun could see the distant city, where the explosion-generated fire illuminated half of the night sky.

He suddenly remembered that he had seen a similar scene in the illusions created by the nanny.

The answer to whose body this one called “Leader” belonged to was self-evident.

“Damn it! Let those scrawny bastards deal with the bandits, forcing us to abandon our village and run so far! I bet they got blown up too, right? Haha, that’s a good blast!”

The leader spat fiercely and burst into loud laughter.

In the pitch-black mountains and forests, there was utter silence, with only the leader’s laughter echoing repeatedly.

However, a faint light in the distance caught the leader’s attention.

“Hmm? There’s still a house in these mountains?” the leader wondered.

“It sure seems like it!”

“It looks like a big mansion! Leader, we’re going to be rich now!”

Days and nights of fleeing had left everyone hungry and exhausted, and now they were like hungry wolves seeing a fat lamb, showing sinister smiles.

The leader and the bandits stormed into the mansion, wielding their weapons. When the caretaker rushed over upon hearing the commotion, his head was promptly severed.

Blood sprayed all over the leader.

“Who, who are you people?”

“Me?” The leader grinned maliciously. “I’m Zhou Shi, your ancestor!”

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