I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 24

Chapter 24

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Xie Yixiu’s face was prudent, and he scoffed at Ming Yu’s words when he said he had learned it from elsewhere. How could this kind of boxing skill be a lousy product, but why did Duan Wang lie? Is it because of the person hiding behind his back?

It’s inevitable to say that Xie Yixiu really over thought. If you look up this military boxing sport on the Internet in later generations, you will find detailed teaching videos about it. Mingyu’s university had a military training period, so he learned it before and thought of taking it out to use here. It can cultivate the soldiers to be tenacious and unyielding, brave and undefeatable. The most important thing is that it toughens the body, but also is an effective means of defeating the enemy.

“Actually, this is mainly due to His Highness’s achievements. If it had not been for His Highness coming up with strategy and plan, this training camp would not have this kind of scale either.” Mo Jiang said respectfully.

Ming Yu smiled but said nothing. Xie Yixiu stared at him intently, trying to see something from his face, but it was in vain.

 “I wonder if I can gain first hand experience of the whole set of the technique?” Xie Yixiu asked slowly. He also saw Ji You the two people jumping up and down in the gathering place, with blue veins visible on their foreheads. Originally, he considered it not a good idea and that he should just dispatch a steady person instead. Although Ji You’s letters mentioned many novelties in the training camp, it was only when he really arrived that he could appreciate the unusualness.

Hearing that, Ming Yu rubbed his fingers on his smooth chin, raised his eyebrows and smiled: “Of course it’s fine, why don’t we let Commander Mo arrange it?” After speaking, he looked at Mo Jiang. To be honest, every time he came here, he came and went in a hurry, so he didn’t watch the soldiers’ training well, it’s not bad to take advantage of this opportunity to take a look.

Mo Jiang readily agreed and ordered someone to arrange it, while he led Ming Yu and the others to the high platform of the training ground to sit.

When the soldiers heard the order to gather, they quickly assembled. The gathering speed was very fast. They were assembled on the training ground in less than a quarter of an hour, moreover they were neatly arranged in order.

Ming Yu sat in the main seat, Mo Jiang and Xie Yixiu sat next to him. Mo Jiang whispered something to Ming Yu. Ming Yu listened with a smile on his face, showing appreciation from time to time, and occasionally whispering a few words back.

The closeness between the two made Xie Yixiu frequently look sideways, and an inexplicable feeling filled his heart. He frowned, simply stopped looking, and lowered his eyes to the troops below.

The troop of several hundred people suddenly did not feel disorganized at all when they assembled. It was unexpectedly completed in a short period of time. He was afraid that even his Red Robe Army can’t do it efficiently like this.

Although Xie Yixiu had seen countless military disciplines, he had to admit that this kind of situation was indeed rare.

Ji You and Cao Jian already knew that General Xie was coming, and hurried over to greet him. Xie Yixiu only glanced at the two of them. Ji You shuddered and pulled Cao Jian with a smile to stand behind Xie Yixiu.

Ji You weighed his words and observed his facial expression, although it wasn’t known how he could see the slightest difference from Xie Yixiu’s cold face. He leaned into Xie Yixiu’s ear and explained in a low voice, “General, this rapid assembly is also part of the training. Occasionally, in the middle of the night, the whistle will be blown suddenly in the training camp. Whatever time it is, you have to move when you hear the whistle. If you delay for a moment, you will not be qualified. The last three to come will also be unqualified. If there are unqualified people, the small group will be punished together.”

Ji You paused after explaining until this point. Seeing Xie Yixiu show interest, he then continued: “The punishment is not corporal punishment where they will be hit with stick, instead, they are given sandbags and have to run around the camp for a few laps, that’s all. Of course the camp is big, and the sandbag’s weight is heavy, so everyone all suffer unspeakable misery. It is even scarier than being hit by a stick . Therefore, when the assembly whistle blows, the soldiers quickly assemble, and there is no time to be sloppy.

Xie Yixiu looked at the neatly arranged and absolutely silent troops in the field below. This method of governing the army was really beyond his reach.

“The one who leads the army is Commander Mo?” Xie Yixiu asked.

“Yes.” Ji You firmly answered: “All things in the training camp are handled by Commander Mo alone.”

Xie Yixiu’s knuckled fingers tightly clasped the armrest of the seat. If all the means of governing the army were from Commander Mo’s hands, this man’s ability might not be inferior to his own. However, with this kind of method, why isn’t he famous? Why is he willing to stay behind someone’s back?

He looked at the two people whispering next to him again, feeling a little irritable in his heart. This is very strange. Normally he could deal with danger that lurks on every side easily, so what’s going on now? 

Xie Yixiu was still at a loss when the soldiers below had already prepared and started to practice the whole set of boxing techniques. Hundreds of people move neatly and uniformly, with powerful movements, coherent patterns, and aggressive momentum, which was pleasing to the eye.

Dozens of moves in a set of boxing techniques were soon completed, but Xie Yixiu was so shocked that it was difficult for him to regain his senses.

“General Xie! General Xie!”

Xie Yixiu regained his senses, and on one side he saw Ming Yu’s peach blossom eyes looking at him with a smile.

“What does General Xie think about this boxing technique?” Ming Yu asked casually as he tapped lightly on the armrest with his fingers.

“very good.”

After getting Xie Yixiu’s affirmative answer, Ming Yu’s smiling expression took a turn. He was just joking. If it wasn’t good, would he use it against the enemy?

“Commander Mo’s method to govern the army is brilliant. He has the talent of a general. If he can join the Red Robe Army, he will definitely be able to live up to his skills, I don’t know…”

The more Ming Yu listened, the more he felt wrong about it. The smile on his face became stiff. He was still thinking about poaching the Red Robed Army people, but this guy already made the first move and gained the upper hand. This is ridiculous! Does this guy still want face? He unexpectedly dug out his people in front of him! Did he think he’s just a clay figure? No, this is absolutely impossible! Ming Yu started to explode.

“Our commander Mo has the ability, but talented people can shine everywhere. They don’t have to go to the Red Robe Army to show their ambitions. General Xie, don’t you agree?” Ming Yu raised an eyebrow and interrupted Xie Yixiu. If he really proached his people right in front of his eyes then where could Ming Yu put his face?

Before Xie Yixiu could speak, he heard Mo Jiang cup his hand and say, “General Xie is kind and well-intentioned, I really appreciate your kindness; but I am His Highness Duan Wang’s commander guard, I have already pledged to follow Wangye for life.”

As soon as these words came out, he had already made his position clear and Xie Yixiu had a little regret. He also knew that he was reckless, thrilled for the hunt, and the heart that admired talented people made him say that regardless of everything. But he also understood that people have their own aspirations and cannot be forced. 

However, it seems that he should have a good relationship with this side. Fortunately, when Duan Wang borrowed his manpower, he also agreed. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t be able to find an excuse to come.

Mo Jiang firmly stood on Ming Yu’s side, making Ming Yu very satisfied. He lifted the corner of his lips and his fingers rubbed the jade ornamental ring on his thumb, “General Xie’s men are all strong elite soldiers, making Ben Wang quite envious of you. To be honest, when Ben Wang first arrived, it was not easy to manage a training camp to train this escort team, there was not enough manpower. Nowadays, Commander Mo is already suffering hardship enough from this side, so why don’t you send a few more people to help Ben Wang share the burden?” 

Xie Yixiu looked at him coldly, he said with his flat voice, “That’s possible. You can borrow a person for half a year in exchange for 10 fine horses.”

“Shoot! Why don’t you go and steal it then?” Ming Yu exploded. Xie Yixiu is worthy of being the lord who does not release the hawks until he sees the rabbits. This business can smash people to death with a stick. In his later life, he had never been unfavorable in the business field. Talking about trading, this kind of simple thing, it’s almost as easy as stretching a hand to grab it. Unable to get past Xie Yixiu, he was so angry, he had become a puffer fish.

Ming Yu puffed up his plumpy cheeks, making people can’t help but want to pinch it. Xie Yixiu’s eyes softened, his fingers rubbed each other without a trace, trying to rub away the itch of restlessness that he had. 

To not lower himself to argue with the ice scuplture, Ming Yu mentally prepared himself, wanting to convince him with reason. He brought out up decent smile, “General Xie is quick to speak, but you also know that Ben Wang has only settled down, and I am not that plentiful either. How about a discount? ”

Xie Yixiu looked at Ming Yu, and just when Ming Yu thought he really impressed him, Xie Yixiu spoke, “Or you can exchange Commander Mo for it?”

 ””Ss ~” Ming Yu felt that his cheeks hurt. This lord who is unmmoved by force and persuasion, it was really not good to attack him. Mo Jiang was his right and left arm, how could he possibly exchange him out. This person clearly planned something against him, so how could he let him succeed?

Ming Yu laughed and changed the topic, “Since General Xie wants a good colt, I have the means here, why don’t we talk about a long-term cooperation?” 

Xie Yixiu was stunned. Could it be that he really has a way out? Remembering that three days ago, Ming Yu promised five good horses as soon as he opened his mouth, it made him have no choice but to think about it over and over agian.

“What kind of long-term cooperation?” Xie Yixiu asked ambigiously.

Ming Yu did not intend to hide it, and said the plan of forming a caravan and sending a caravan to bring back the good colt. At the end he said, “How is it? Is it interesting? Bringing back a few dozens of good horses would be no problem if the trip goes smoothly. When the time come, I will share 10 horses with you, how about this?” 


Ming Yu’s eyes grunted, “To go to the Western Regions, the caravan still needs to be escorted. General Xie only needs to send a few hundred troops to escort for a round trip and it will be enough.” He saw Xie Yixiu pondering the feasibility of his words, so he striked the iron while it was hot: “What do you think I did to train these soldiers in this training camp? Won’t it be possible for them to escort the caravans in the future? It’s a pity that the people here have not been trained, otherwise we would not have had to find outsider’s help. A year and a half more, and Ben Wang won’t have to use other people anymore, I will be able to use these people by then.”

Xie Yixiu narrowed his eyes slightly, “That’s too little.”

Ming Yu was stunned for a moment before he realized that what he meant by too little was for the horses that will be given to him. So he shook his head resolutely and said, “More than this will not do well. I am relying on these horses to build a horse farm in the future.” 

“Horse Farm?” Xie Yixiu no longer knew how many strange ideas he still had.

Ming Yu’s mouth slipped, but it didn’t matter. He waved his hand and said, “This is just a plan for the future, now there is no sign of success yet. Rice has to be eaten bite by bite, this first step has not yet been taken.” He paused, retreating in order to advance, “If you are unwilling, it’s fine. Ben Wang can do this half a year at the latest. It wont be too late to wait until these people could assume their responsibility.”

Xie Yixiu’s lips curled a little, “Wangye can wait until that time, but I heard that Wangye treats the soldiers in the training ground generously; and the fortifications being implemented in various villages also cost a lot of silver, right? I wonder how long the property led by the prince would last? ”

Xie Yixiu hit the nail on the head and stabbed Ming Yu in the heart. The angina was about to be forced out by this person.

Motherf*cker! This demon, opening your big lion mouth, why don’t you just kill me directly?!

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