I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 33

Chapter 33

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Wen Yuzhao, on the other hand, never expected that it would be settled in such a short time. What about the secrets to completing a negotiation? At the beginning, General Wei begged them for half a month and his general did not agree, and now they agreed after two sentences?

He secretly glanced at General Wei next to him, he seemed to be stunned by the negotiation between the two. When he came to his senses, it was a foregone conclusion already.

He squinted his eyes. When he first learned that Xie Yixiu had sorted out various war documents, he thought of borrowing them to study, but after grinding for ten days and half a month, he didn’t see this person yield. Finally when he had no other choice, he could only give it up. Sigh! Constantly comparing oneself to another will only make one angry. How can the difference be so great?

He secretly calculated in his heart, the cost of the thousand mile eye is really expensive. He will definitely not be able to get the crystal glass material. However, Wangye was Wangye, his vision is different. The summarized battle documents are always cherished by Xie Yixiu. Wangye getting this thing from Xie Yixiu, he had no choice but to say that Wangye did have some tricks. Since there was no thousand mile eye, then he shall retreat for second place. He can’t say for sure but he could borrow the documents to study from Wangye by using his thick skinned face.

Now it seems that it is necessary to have a good relationship with Wangye and move around more in the future. This is the so-called “the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first”. Looking at the novelty here that Wangye made: the sand table and the thousand mile eye, which one was not a good thing? Maybe he will come up with something good in the future. It is good to follow along and drink the soup himself when the time comes.

The people in the field had different thoughts, but the atmosphere was inexplicably harmonious. The battle situation under the mountain has begun, with this thousand mile eye, the battle situation was clear, thus everyone’s minds were also attracted to the battle situation.

“Wangye, the escort battalion has set up an ambush, but I don’t have even a little clue. Is there any trick in this?” General Wei looked around with thousand mile eye in his hand, but found nothing, only seeing that the Red-Robed soldiers had already entered the destination. As long as they succeeded in capturing the flag, they could win but he didn’t see half a figure from the escort camp. Could it be that they’re afraid of the Red-Robe Army and didn’t even dare to show their faces? 

The confrontation in this game was also divided into two sides, the offense and defense. The defending side erects a flag and can ambush according to the terrain and environment, to catch the enemy by surprise and protect the flag. However, the attacking side needs to win the defender’s flag within a certain period of time.

At this time, the flag was already not far in front of the red side’s eyes.

Vice General Yang looked at the flag that was blown high in the woods not far away, which was very conspicuous. Only one charge was needed to take it down, but at this moment he felt a sense of uneasiness in his heart.

He paused, raised his hand and made a gesture that stopped the others. The Red-Robed Army behind him stopped, looking at him not knowing what to do and why Vice General Yang stopped. Obviously the flag was in front, but they couldn’t see even one figure of the members from the blue side’s escort battalion team. It may be assumed that they have all been scared by them from the game just now that they don’t dare to come out now.

“Beware of traps!” Vice General Yang was silent for a while and reminded: “Some of you go explore the way.” 

The soldiers were stunned, do they still need to use pathfinding? The front was clear at a glance! There was not a single trace of the enemy, it was not necessary for all five hundred of them to go get it, they can just send a few people to get the flag.

However, the Red-Robed Army has always followed orders. When they heard the order, several people immediately stood up, and went to explore the way.

Everyone in the Red-Robed Army were experts. They were all masters who could fight hard with the barbarians, otherwise they would not let the barbarians worry like this. Everyone’s talk changed.

“You guys be careful.” Vice Admiral Yang instructed.

Several people answered, and their movements neatly burrowed into the woods. Perhaps Vice General Yang was too worried, it was just such a small piece of wood, what dangers can there be? Even if the escort battalion set up an ambush, with their skills, they were not afraid of them. Perhaps, a few of them could take down the flag in one fell swoop obtaining first class merits.

There was nothing unusual in the woods, only the song of insects and birds, and the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves.

Several people had a hint of contempt in their hearts, what escort battalion? They’re just imperial bodyguards from the capital with a pleasant reputation. They have just been scared by them, and cannot be seen at all at the moment, it may be assumed that they have hidden somewhere to cry already.

Vice General Yang waited for a long time, but no one came out. The feeling of uneasiness in his heart became stronger and stronger.

“Old Liu, they won’t want to grab the lead and go directly to capture the flag, right? Vice General Yang, why don’t we rush in together. These guard battalions are just useless troops, they will be beaten down by me and the others when we encounter them. What’s more, there is no one in the forest at all, they have long been scared by us and dare not come out.” A person beside Vice General Yang persuaded him. They were all a little anxious, this game they can’t let Old Liu and the few steal the credit, right? Later, when they got the flag and came out, they were afraid that they would laugh when they saw them.

“It is said that we have seen the ability of the escort battalion before, so what if they are lying in ambush? Couldn’t they still turn over a flower in the woods? Let’s just raid it together. ”

Vice General Yang couldn’t help but hesitate a little when he heard this. He looked at the eager soldiers around him, and then looked at the quiet woods, could it really be that he thought too much?

“What are we afaid of? The escort battalion is just a rabble. We only need half of our men to win them. General, hurry up and order a quick battle! ”

Vice General Yang’s originally hesitant heart became steady after hearing this from the soldiers. It was also known that their Red-Robed Army had never been defeated, how could they be afraid of this insignificant guard battalion?

He nodded and raised his hand, “Dash! Seize the flag! ”

Everyone took the order and rushed into the woods.

When everyone on the mountain saw this scene, they all decided that the game would end soon.

Ming Yu’s hand in his sleeve gently clenched into a fist, his eyes were shining, a pair of peach blossom eyes were as bright as obsidian.

How beautiful! Xie Yixiu, who accidentally saw this on the side, thought.

Xie Yixiu took the thousand mile eye handed by Ming Yu and followed Ming Yu’s gaze. Seeing Vice General Yang ordering the soldiers to rush into the woods, he frowned immediately. He took down the thousand mile eye and looked sideways at Ming Yu.

Ming Yu seemed to feel his gaze, tilted his head to show him a big smile. Xie Yixiu quietly withdrew his gaze, and pursed his lips inexplicably.

Not far into the woods, the soldiers accidentally tripped over vines one after another.

Before anyone could get up, they heard someone shouting, “D*mn, who is plotting against me behind my back?” Then the referee who was accompanying them ruled the man out.

It turned out that just now, he felt a pain in his back. He had already received a dark arrow with a white gray mass on his back. It was a short arrow with a blue band tied to the arrow laying on the ground.

When everyone was a little confused, there were a few more calls, and more than a dozen people were judged out.

Where is the enemy? Where did the cold arrows come from? For a while, everyone in the Red-Robed Army was a little surprised, but they were people who had gone through a big battle, experiencing great hardships. They were not afraid of such tricks. After a brief panic, they all quickly calmed down and each became cautious.

Vice General Yang had already understood at this moment that the guard battalion was waiting to ambush them in this forest. His hunch was not wrong, in the end, he was reckless.

Now that they have entered, it was impossible to exit. The only way was to move forward to seize the flag and win the final victory.

“Swoosh!” After a loud sound, another dozen or twenty people were hung upside down on trees by ropes, their bodies covered with white ash. They would become hedgehogs long ago if it had been real enemies.

The people hung on the tree were confused and disoriented at the moment. They didn’t know what was happening, they were obviously very cautious, but they didn’t expect to be caught in the trap.

“Bah! What bad luck!” A grumpy and bad tempered person was hung up. When he heard the news that the referee had announced that they were out, he couldn’t help but curse. He, Wang Dahu, had never suffered such a loss during the time he had joined the Red-Robed Army.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of people had lost, but the shadow of the enemy was not seen, this made everyone in the Red-Robed Army a little frightened. If this is a real enemy, then their Red-Robed Army would only suffer heavy losses.

“General, what now?” Someone calmed down and asked Vice General Yang.

Now the enemy was in the dark and they were in the open, it is clear that they were being used as living targets. Changes must be made, otherwise they will have no power to fight back.

Vice General Yang thought for a while and said resolutely: “Everyone disperse, detect the enemy’s tracks, and be ready to fight back at any time. ”

When they were gathered together, the target was too big, it would only make the opponent better target them, but if they were divided, it wouldn’t be so easy to target them.

Being able to hide in a secret place and release cold arrows means that the enemy is not far from them. But they were concealed too well that no one had detected them so far. The enemy must be found so that they do not fall into a passive position.

Everyone listened to the order to act separately. To be honest, they were not afraid of any enemy, meeting force with force, no one had been their opponent so far. But, this kind of hidden tactic, they don’t even know where the opponents are, so how can they fight the enemy?

They were in teams of three or five, horned at each other, fanning out in all directions, searching in a carpet manner, powerfully determined to expose the guard battalion position.

“These youngsters are also abominable, how could they be regarded as heroes when they don’t even dare to fight with swords and spears but only hide behind to sneak attack? A group of cowards.” Someone complained, “If I find them, Lao Zi will beat the crap out of them.”

Someone echoed, “They can only hide like rats, if they really dare to come out, won’t they be like last game, losing even their pants.” 

“Zhuzi, you should be more serious. Later if you get out before you even encounter them, you’ll be making a joke out of yourself.” The teammate next to him advised.

Team leader Wu Wang glanced at them and said solemnly: “Although this is a drill, we have to look at it as a real battle. If you lose this game, I will see if you have the face to see General Xie? ”

Everyone was silent at this remark. Not to mention going to see their general after losing this game, they themselves were afraid that they would not have the face to stay in the Red-Robed Army.

“This game is really very resigned, there is no one in sight, so how can we fight?” Someone was anxious, he stomped his foot and whispered. However, he suddenly felt that something was wrong under his feet. When he was about to check, he didn’t know what tripped his ankles, but he suddenly stood unsteadily and fell straight down.

Several people in front heard the movement. They turned around, someone did not pay attention, and was also tripped and fell to the ground like the other just now.

Wu Wang secretly said no good. Knowing that his team was probably in the middle of a trap, he kicked under his feet, wanting to stand up straight, but before he could move, his waist had already been hammered with a punch, and the supporting strength was immediately loosened.

Then he was chaotically held down unable to move.

“Stop struggling, you’re out.” Someone was speaking in his ear.

He looked out, and then found that several faces were smeared with yellow-green paint. There were also many dead branches and grass leaves hanging on their bodies, who could it be if it was not the people from the escort camp? No wonder they haven’t noticed, they were too well disguised.

The men of the escort battalion had already subdued their squad, covering their mouths with cloth balls like bundles of rice dumplings one by one, before throwing them all behind the bushes, rolled into a pile.

A person approached with a grin, ripping off the rag in Wu Wang’s mouth. Then he slapped him on the back of the head, scolding very familiarly: “Stinky boy, how did the general teach you? You have to always be alert, do you understand? Have you learned your lesson now? ”

Wu Wang’s eyes widened, he was stunned for a while before recognizing the person in front of him, and stammered and shouted: “Ji, General Ji?”

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