I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 34

Chapter 34

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This person was Ji You, who Ming Yu borrowed for the escort camp at that time, but has not been able to return until now. There was nothing he can do about it so he could only stay in the escort camp.

And it was he who led a small team to ambush and capture Wu Wang and the others.

At this moment, Wu Wang wanted to knock against a wall. General Ji, whose family do you belong to? In any case, you’re also from the Red-Robe Army, but he showed no mercy to his former comrades. There was still faint pain in his waist, Ji You’s punch just now was really ruthless.

“General Ji, you’ve only left the Red Robe Army for a few days, right? Is this how you treat your brothers?” Wu Wang complained, but it’s not that different from calling him traitor, white-eyed wolf, that kind of insult. 

Ji You smiled, not thinking about it in the slightest, “There’s nothing I can do, who can I call brothers now that I make a living in the guard battalion? When I go back, if I become an opponent with the escort camp brothers, I will also not be soft! Therefore, I’m sorry everyone.”

Everyone was speechless, they really wanted to tear that proud face to shreds. Good, they will all remember this now, the kid surnamed Ji had better not go back, as long as he dared to go back to the Red Robe Army, see if they don’t get together to clean him up.

Ji You watched them fight during the confrontation drill from the sidelines. The truth was he envied them, he itched to join in the fight so much that he asked Mo Jiang to let him play as well.

So, Wu Wang and his team hit the muzzle, and they were captured alive without defense. The brothers all looked at Ji You with resentment, and blamed themselves for being unlucky by bumping into such a troublesome person.

In fact, many of the same people encountered something similiar being staged in the woods. The opponent caught them off guard in their operation. The seamless disguise almost made the Red-Robed soldiers helpless in the face of danger, putting them in in a passive beating position for a while.

In the blink of an eye, several squads had met with a deadly blow. Vice General Yang had a thud in his heart, it was a bad calculation. Before when they huddled together, the escort army did not dare to force a breakthrough. Although cold arrows flew out from time to time, this casualty was nothing, yet now they dealt with them one by one. It perfectly aligned with the core of their trick, allowing them to seize the opportunity to breakthrough one after another. 

In a flash, Vice General Yang already figured out the key, it seems that the escort camp has some skill. At least their lying in ambush like this was unmatched. They have had a lot of experience against the enemy for many years, but they had never seen such a brazen combat method.

Logically speaking, they were not afraid of any opponent, even if they fight alone, they would still fight until they die or live with the barbarians. But who were they facing? These people were fierce and decisive, one move to control the enemy. No matter what kind of tricks and damages, as long as they were useful, they could all be used on the other party, which was really unguardable and miserable.

Fortunately, this was a drill, if it was really against the enemy. If they encountered this kind of enemy, then it would feel like their head would blow and they could only acknowledge they were out of luck. 

At the moment, the battle situation was stale, it didn’t allow him to think too much. He glanced at the location of the flag and immediately issued an order. Ignoring the squad that had fallen around, he quickly gathered his men and rushed towards the flag. The only way to win at this moment was to capture the flag.

Everyone understood that capturing the flag was the only opportunity. They can’t lose, they were the Red-Robed Army, the undefeated Red-Robed Army.

Only by capturing the flag can the guards hidden in the shadows face each other head-on. And as long as they dare to come up to obstruct them, even if they only have half of their manpower, they can guarantee the victory of the game.

Mo Jiang saw the changed strategy of the Red-Robed Army and felt a little regretful in his heart. It’s a pity that they couldn’t consume some more manpower.

Seeing the red-robed army recklessly wanting to capture the flag, there was no point in blocking the small squads at this moment. As long as they took the flag, even if there was only one person remaining, it will still count as a victory for the Red-Robed Army.

It will be hard to fight. Mo Jiang observed the situation, he could not let them easily capture the flag. Fortunately, they have just destroyed a third of their manpower. They have five hundred against more than three hundred, if they can’t win in this way, it can only show that the Red-Robed Army was really too strong.

“Kill the enemy with all your might and defend the flag.” Mo Jiang gave the order.

One side attacks, the other defends, and the two sides quickly formed a confrontation.

Although Ming Yu had the thousand mile eye, the trees were deep and the forest was dense. It was difficult to see through, but there were personal subordinates who reported the battle situation in time, so he was able to quickly grasp first-hand battle information.

Hearing General Wei’s puzzled question, Ming Yu raised his eyebrows and chuckled, “Since it is an ambush, how can ordinary people see through it? It’s normal that the general can’t see through it. General Xie, isn’t that right? ”

Seeing that Xie Yixiu was silent in thought, Ming Yu raised his chin, “General Xie, how about you guess when the two sides will come to decide the winner and loser and the casualties?”

After being oppressed in the previous game, Ming Yu still felt a little uneasy in his heart, but at this moment, he had the intention to checkmate him.

Xie Yixiu looked at him, and before he could speak, Wen Yuzhao had already said with a smile: “Wangye, the battle situation just now is already clear of its problem. Although the escort battalion is from imperial bodyguard origin, in the end, they lack combat experience, they are not as good as the Red-Robed Army that has experienced a hundred battles.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Ming Yu was depressed, but he didn’t expect this group of old soldiers to really be able to defeat the Red-Robed Army, so he snorted, “Is that right? The Red-Robed Army is powerful, but it is not necessarily invincible, right? Ben Wang believes that even if they can’t win now, they may not necessarily be unable to win in the future. ”

In the end, Wen Yuzhao was the son of the prime minister and had a fearless temperament. He was not afraid of offending Wangye, and said bluntly: “With General Xie in the Red-Robed Army, I’m afraid that it will be difficult to win. ”

Ming Yu squinted at Xie Yixiu, the other party did not think it was inappropriate, he seemed to agree with this sentence. He snorted, and a competitive idea arose in his heart. One day he will let him see that the soldiers of his escort battalion were no worse than anyone.

In the end, the results were reported, the red-robed army finally took the flag and won the victory. However, the losses were not insignificant. They were caught off guard by the new combat methods of the escort army. The concealment methods of the escort army were endless, it was impossible to detect them with the favourable terrain and environment around them.

Vice General Yang was dejected, their red-robed army had never won such a difficult victory. In his opinion, although this game was narrowly won, in fact, such a big loss should be counted as their loss, and such a battle situation made them feel extremely humiliated.

After learning about the entire battle situation, Ming Yu calculated the casualty ratio of both sides in his heart. Very good, although the escort battalion failed to hold the flag in the end, even if they were defeated, they could still severely damage the red-robed army. They almost annihilated more than half of the manpower of the red-robed army. Although the defeat was glorious, in comparison, this was a big improvement, and Ming Yu believed that this progress will only get bigger and bigger, then the distance between them and the red-robed army will become smaller and smaller.

He was very satisfied with this result, and went to encourage the escort army again. Letting them continue to work hard, but what about the red-robed army? They can still knock them down as before.

Ming Yu was triumphant and looked around, “What else does everyone want to say?” 

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, General Wei was afraid that he would be the first to not believe such a result. It was simply a fantasy that a guard battalion could make the red-robed army lose so much manpower, right?

He was not ignorant of the combat strength of the imperial guards. It was pleasant to hear of their reputation as the emperor’s guards, in fact, those all show and no go people can only drive away domesticated beasts such as snakes, insects, tigers and leopards when the royal nobles hunt. Their real strength was not comparable to those border garrisons.

However, it was such a group of people who actually made the red-robed army suffered an embarrassing loss. He believed that the red-robed army had not lost so many men in a battle for a long time.

He had no choice but to say that this was a wonderful ambush. It was an impressive show to successfully ambush the red-robed army. The camouflage and solo killing ability of the escort battalion were also too strong. It was almost as long as if it’s the lone small squad, and as long as they have the right opportunity, they could attack them in one fell swoop. Their concealment methods were skillful to ensure that their own side was not detected by the enemy army, and they can also disrupt the judgment of the opposing generals. More importantly, those trap barricades were simple and practical and according to local conditions, which were rare tricks against an enemy.

The art of war has a saying: Movement amongst the trees of a forest shows that the enemy is advancing. The appearance of a number of screens in the midst of thick grass means that the enemy wants to make us suspicious; the rising of birds in their flight is the sign of an ambuscade. Startled beasts indicate that a sudden attack is coming. ① And the ambush of the escort camp seen today can be judged without common sense. There were no people everywhere, but people everywhere.

General Wei touched his beard, he was still reminiscing about the battle just now. If he encountered it, how would he deal with it, how much causalities would he have? If such concealment methods can be applied to the border garrisons, then the garrisons will certainly be able to catch the enemy off guard.

Hearing Ming Yu’s words at this moment, his old face smiled like a chrysanthemum blooming, “The ambush of the escort camp was really beautiful. At that time, our border garrison will have to learn from the escort camp. Wangye, how about our garrison and Wangye’s escort army also have an appointment for a few confrontation drills? ”

Ming Yu naturally viewed this request as exactly what he was looking for. He came up with the confrontation drill not to improve the combat capability of the soldiers. Each army has its own different combat style, and adapting to different combat tactics can make the soldiers grow up as soon as possible, so such confrontation drills were the more the better for Ming Yu.

“Great!” Ming Yu agreed very cheerfully, “We will be waiting for the garrison troops at any time. Friendship come first, while competition come second. Win or lose doesn’t matter, it’s already good enough as long as we can make progress together and learn from each other. ”

“Hahaha! That makes sense, then it’s settled.” General Wei laughed. Although their garrison was not comparable to the red-robed army, there should be no big problem for the escort army to fight and resist. It was of course better to make progress together.

“You guys are very good, through time, this army will become a very unique existence.” Xie Yixiu said firmly.

Ming Yu narrowed his eyes with a smile. Obtaining General Xie’s affirmation, it would prove that the hard work of the escort battalion was not in vain. As long as he can train this escort army, he would have useful manpower, and won’t be afraid of anything in the future, whether it was to escort the caravan or guard the territory, he will not have to ask others for help.

Xie Yixiu’s vision was indeed unique, he did have the idea of training this escort army into a famous special combat team in the future, but the current escort army was too far behind. Today, they were just caught off guard, therefore they were defenceless against the opponents. If the opponent understood their routine, he’s afraid that they would be abused just like the first game and would be discarded and lost in a few minutes.

“You’ve over praised. It’s still the Red-Robe Army that started off leniently on us, that’s why these cubs were not completely wiped out.” Ming Yu laughed twice, although his mouth was modest, his heart was secretly happy.

The author has something to say: Note (1) The article quoted in this chapter from the marching chapter of “The Art of War” will be marked with a serial number. I am afraid of forgetting it, so I noted it down.

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