I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 35

Chapter 35

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“It’s just that this kind of concealment ambush method is indeed rare, I don’t know where the escort battalion have learned it from?” Xie Yixiu stared at Ming Yu, as if he wanted to see something from his face.

Ming Yu this person, how could one say it? He’s gentle, kind, sincere, with an inclusive heart, he heard that when he first came to the borderlands, his surbordinates had voices of disobedience.

As a foolish prince, he had already been cut off the road to imperial power when he was born. The existence of an invisible man in the palace, coupled with a bad reputation that was deliberately spread by others, people under the sky only regarded this stupid prince as a joke. Even if there was an emperor who owed guilt compensation, so what? There were many people who were attached to wealth and power, and everyone understood at one point that he was just a powerless outcast, so what can he do?

That’s why there was a lot of people who didn’t look favorably on him. The emperor sent them to protect him, but it was only forced by the emperor’s order, how many people were willing to follow such a useless prince? These surbordinates did not put such a prince in their eyes at all.

One must know, as long as there was a little bit of authority, surbordinates only dare to obey orders, and never dare to have any objections.

However, how did he solve it at that time? He promised to release these people back to the capital in a few years, and even lured them with benefits.

After Xie Yixiu learned about this, he had a strange feeling in his heart. Then he came into contact with Duan Wang himself, after thinking about it carefully, he understood the origin of this feeling.

This was not at all like the actions of a prince. No matter how stupid a prince is, growing up in the palace, he should also have a sense of imperial power that has invaded his bones since childhood. Moreover, Duan Wang was not necessarily a real fool, in his opinion, a person in power would punish someone as an example to others when faced with opposition, so that everyone fears the power of the person in power. However, Duan Wang was too tolerant, he did not have the arrogant idenity of a prince at all, but seemed to put himself in an equal position with his surbordinates, which made people feel strange.

He’s unable to say why, but since he came into contact with Ming Yu, this feeling has become stronger and stronger, making him want to go deeper and truly understand what kind of person he was. This made him pay more attention and thus become more interested.

Ming Yu seemed to be out of place with these people. His speech and behavior, way of doing things, and ideas and opinions were all different, but there was not the slightest sense of discord in him.

How could he have known that Ming Yu, as a visitor from the future generation, received ideological education that stated everyone was equal since he was a child. Coming to this time period, although he came into contact with feudal etiquette and the strictness of the hierarchy, the idea of equality and fraternity in his bones made him unable to integrate into this box, and since he could not fully integrate, he could only think of covering it up.

After leaving the capital, Ming Yu breathed a sigh of relief, living in such an environment almost drove him crazy. When he arrived here, he was like a fish in the sea, he was finally breathing the air of freedom, allowing him to be himself again.

It was also because of this that made it difficult for everyone who saw him to connect him to the rumored fourteenth prince.

What he saw and heard in the escort camp at the beginning exceeded Xie Yixiu’s expectations. He greatly appreciated the boxing techniques of the soldiers, and saw the impressiveness of this set of boxing methods. He didn’t believe that this was something that Ming Yu could make, and only Mo Jiang beside Ming Yu seemed to have this ability, however, after he investigated and understood things, the fog in it overlapped, making it even more difficult to distinguish between truth and false. Commander Mo has the ability, but it was not enough to have this amazing talent. Therefore, it just made him become more and more doubtful.

Today’s concealment ambush methods of the escort army should be the same as that boxing method, the two were used together to complement each other, which was far beyond the simple one plus one equals two. Its effect was even more powerful. Maybe there was really some secret on this Duan Wang, Xie Yixiu pondered.

Ming Yu’s eyelids jumped. He obviously didn’t want to answer Xie Yixiu’s question. However, his burning gaze swept over, making Ming Yu become uncomfortable. The rest of the people were also curious about this question, and all of their eyes fell on Ming Yu, while their faces were full of curiosity.

It’s impossible to stop halfway for Ming Yu at the moment, but he couldn’t tell the truth, so he racked his brains to think about how to fool these people. Wen Yuzhao couldn’t help but speak, “Yes!” Wangye, where did the escort battalion learn such a skill, you shouldn’t hide it! It should be taken out, so that everyone can exchange and learn from it, it can also benefit the Great Yan soldiers. ”

“Eh…” As soon as these words came out, Ming Yu did not dare to fool at will, his forehead’s vein popped up, his heart moved slightly, and he blurted out, “This, well, do you know that there was a fairy-like figure named Sun Wu in the past?”

Everyone looked at each other, then they slowly shook their head to indicate that they have never heard of it.

Ming Yu chuckled, it’s good that they haven’t heard of it. This was the so called Sun Wu of the ‘Most Holy Military Strategies’ known as “the master of a hundred generations of military strategies” and “the originator of oriental military science”. His influences impacted the future generations in an extremely significant way. However, this Great Yan Dynasty was an unprecedented new dynasty, which was naturally different from the history that Ming Yu was familair with.

“Let me tell you, this person was not ordinary. He knows astronomy from above, geography from below, and he can know things thousands of miles away when he sits at home.”

Wen Yuzhao was dumbfounded, “How is this possible? Where in the world can there be such a person, how come he’s not god?”

“Although he’s not, he’s similar.” Ming Yu joked and said half-truthfully half falsely: “It’s this person who left a book called “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, which was a strange book. ”

Wen Yuzhao didn’t believe it, how could they not have heard of such a fairy character, and what kind of book was that strange book? Could it be that these things made by Duan Wang were all related to this book?

Before he could ask a question, he heard Ming Yu continue: “Because the time was from a long time ago, this strange book has been handed down to this day and has fallen into an ordinary farmer’s household. Ben Wang accidentally found the content of the book quite interesting, so he sorted it out and asked the soldiers of the escort battalion to train according to this, and as for the results, everyone also saw it, and that’s it. ”

He glanced at Xie Yixiu from the corner of his eye, and saw that there was no expression on his face. He didn’t know if he believed it. In fact, he himself also doesn’t believe it, but there’s no other way, if he doesn’t take this opportunity to pull out a name and talk about everything, he will be annoyed in the future. He said all this, as for whether people believe it or not, it’s not something he can control. Besides, his statement was much better than the nonsensical story of having a white-bearded grandpa coming to his dream to teach him all these stuff, right? Ha ha!

Ming Yu comforted himself in his heart. Anyways, he was a prince, no one dared to get to the heart of the matter.

“But if there really was such a fairy character, it is impossible for everyone not to know it.” Wen Yuzhao was suspicious, “What Wangye said is true? I wonder if the strange book “The Art of War” can be borrowed to take a look? ”

Ming Yu smiled and said nothing.

“I don’t know what conditions Wangye has?” Xie Yixiu asked straightforwardly. After so many exchanges, Xie Yixiu already knew Ming Yu’s actions very well. It was better to talk to this person straight, if you beat around the bush with him, he’s afraid that he won’t know when he will be taken by him to fly 108,000 miles away.

And no matter how credible his words are, the source of what he wants to know was from Ming Yu. What Ming Yu said was the clue, no matter whether what he said was true or false, he always has to take a look at it personally, only then will it ease his heart.

Ming Yu wrinkled his nose in dissatisfaction. He wanted to put on an act but he was seen through by him at a glance. However, Xie Yixiu’s words just asked what’s in his heart, who told him to lack everything now? Of course, he will not let go of the benefits when he can get them. 

He grinned and stretched out his hand, rubbing his thumb and index finger lightly. “Sigh! If you say it like this, it is as if we are strangers!You guys don’t know. This book has been handed down too long and have been thoroughly damaged. Ben Wang had spent a great deal of effort, endured the suffering of day and night; not to mention, losing weight, even dark circles are coming out of my face!”

General Wei, who was originally watching from the sidelines, couldn’t help but look away, this was Wangye, the real Duan Wangye.

Wen Yuzhao twitched the corners of his mouth, “Wangye, what do you mean?” Needless to say, this was a prelude of extortion by taking advantage of somebody’s weakness. This Duan Wang won’t lift a finger unless there’s something in it for oneself. He’s simply the same as their general. 

Mingyu smiled until there was only teeth and no eyes, “I, in fact, don’t mean anything else. It’s hard work fee, you should know. ”

He really knows how to speak nonsense! Wen Yuzhao choked on a mouthful of old blood in his throat, he shouldn’t have asked such a sentence with his mouth. He looked at Xie Yixiu, and felt sorrowful in his heart, his family general really met an opponent now! However, who was their general? Being called “ghost worry when meeting with him” has become not only because the enemy is afraid to see him, but also because no one was willing to be General Xie’s negotiator. Everyone knows that General Xie can only enter and not exit. It has always been only their general who pull back things from others, when would it be the turn of others to get benefits from their general? So what if the other party was the prince, their general even dared to bargain in front of the emperor before too.

Just when Wen Yuzhao wanted to see Ming Yu meet with a sharp rebuff, Xie Yixiu nodded, “That’s possible.”

Po-possible? Did he hear it right? What does his general mean? Ming Yu hadn’t put forward any conditions, yet he readily agreed? What if Mingyu opens his lion mouth widely?

“Hahaha, General Xie is rich and imposing. You’re really a straightforward person. Ben Wang likes to deal in a frank and straightfroward way like this with you. In fact, my requirement isn’t high, for this much hardship, it would be enough if you give me five thousand taels of silver.” Ming Yu stretched out his left hand, his fleshy palm swayed in front of Xie Yixiu.

Wen Yuzhao almost went dizzy, how was this requirement not high? What little hard work? Sure enough, you can’t expect anything from him.

Xie Yixiu pondered for a while, “Yes, but I have one condition. ”

Ming Yu didn’t expect him to agree so quickly, so he was stunned for a moment and nodded. “What might it be?”

The corners of Xie Yixiu’s lips hooked slightly, “I also want all the training plans of the escort camp.” 

Wen Yuzhao was finally relieved when he heard General Xie say these words. He said it, how could their General Xie suffer losses?

“What? That’s impossible.” Ming Yu didn’t think before he directly refused. Are you kidding? The training project plans of their escort battalion, that was their killer skill, if it has been known by the opponent, how can they still play?

Xie Yixiu was not surprised by Ming Yu’s refusal. His fingers caged in his sleeve rubbed lightly. Unhurriedly, he said indifferently. “The training plans of the escort camp were all newly sorted out, right? Anything brand new can’t be perfect, doesn’t Wangye want to make it more perfect? ”

“Hiss…” Ming Yu gasped, Xie Yixiu’s words could be regarded as saying what’s in his heart. These training projects were all planned by him by following the model but without capturing the main essense of the subject. Only when he asked Mo Jiang to investigate and research the loopholes of whatever he had given out did a general outline could be seen. When it comes to perfection, this was impossible, if there was a military big shot like Xie Yixiu to help him improve it then he can achieve twice the result with half the effort!

It’s just that he’s unwilling to send it out. His heart was really entangled so he was silent for a while.

Xie Yixiu was in a good mood when he saw his tangled appearance. The speed of rubbing his fingers was somewhat faster at the same time. He didn’t urge, and looked away calmly.

Ming Yu weighed the pros and cons for a long time, then gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, Ben Wang agrees, but you have to increase the——price!” The last two words came out almost with a bit of gnashing of teeth. At the moment, there was only one thought in his mind, he can’t make a losing transaction!

Xie Yixiu was relaxed and comfortable, “Okay! ”

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