I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 49

Chapter 49

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Ming Yu’s words moved the people below beyond words. Look, only this kind of utterly fearless spirit and broad-mindedness would completely push his own credit to his subordinates.

The people below were not finished feeling moved, when Ming Yu tilted his head, “Of course, this is also inseparable from the teachings of Ben Wang, who is Ben Wang? Ben Wang’s the Great Yan’s smartest Wang Ye. Let me tell you, with a good team, you can achieve the glory of a person, and if I eat meat, there will be soup for you. ”

After speaking, he squinted his eyes towards Xie Yixiu, “How about it, do you want to come over and join Ben Wang?” 

Xie Yixiu was speechless, he still remembered the matter of him trying to lure his subordinate away from him? At first, he didn’t understand the situation and couldn’t help but open his mouth to lure the person, trying to convert Mo Jiang who was under Ming Yu. This was good, this person directly copied what he did and spoke like that.

It wasn’t known why, this person’s pettiness made him feel he was a little cute. Although he knew that he was joking, Xie Yixiu still shook his head.

Ming Yu’s words made Mo Jiang and the others not know whether to laugh or to cry but the words were reasonable, Mo Jiang had already made up his mind to follow Duan Wang loyally, and he had only this way to go.

And Xu Wen was even more excited, if he could have met such a master earlier, he would not have spent so many years in vain. Thinking of Wang Ye who once revealed the future blueprint of Liangzhou, Xu Wen’s heart was surging.

As a man, although he cannot carry a knife to kill the enemy, he can carry a pen to calm the world. He didn’t dare to think about this kind of thing before, he could only be a petty official, even if he tried his best, it was just a job such as sorting out paperwork, mediocrity and stumbling all his life, what ideals, what brilliance?

It wasn’t until he met Wang Ye and was appreciated and put into an important position by Duan Wang that he had a place to use his skill. Fortunately, it was not too late, he can still do a lot of things for Wang Ye in the future, and follow Wang Ye to rectify Liangzhou into the way he had in his heart. At that time, he will have no regrets, when his children and grandchildren look back to today, he can proudly tell them about their grandfather’s time.

When things were over, everyone had gone back to their houses. After saying goodbye to Ming Yu, Xie Yixiu took two steps, turned back and looked at Ming Yu fixedly.

Just when Ming Yu still thought that he had something important to say to himself, Xie Yixiu spoke: “It’s very sweet!” 

After saying that, he quickly left, leaving a confused Ming Yu with a full head of question marks. What was very sweet? Sweet? After thinking about it, Ming Yu reacted, he was talking about the candied fruit he had given him earlier.

It turns out that this was praising the sweetness of the candies! Then again, he didn’t have to come back to him to say such a thing, right? Could it be that this person had never eaten candies? Gee! It is so pitiful, the child who lacked love since childhood, no wonder he grew into such an ice sculpture as he is now. However, if he likes it, he can let Qingping make more another day, and send someone to send some over when the time comes.

The fact that Shi Dashun’s group was completely annihilated was rumored among the thieves.

Many people were shocked, because Shi Dashun’s team had always belonged to a medium force, and Shi Dashun still had some talent for leading hundreds of people. It’s just that no matter how bad it was, it can’t be completely annihilated, right? Could it be that they met the Red Robe Army?

With such doubts, everyone sent trusted people to inquire about the news.

“Mr. Song, what do you think about this?” Song Qingfu carefully poured a cup of tea for Song Lian before sitting across from him and asking.

Song Lian didn’t have any expression on his face, he lifted his eyelids to look at him, and then picked up the tea in both hands and took a sip gently.

Song Qingfu kept secretly looking at his face, everything was as usual, as if the events of that day had not happened, he breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time felt a little annoyed in his heart. That day, he was reckless and got carried away by the victory, so he confessed his feeling without hesitation.

He knew that Song Lian’s past was not simple, and he also knew that a proud person like him would definitely look down on a boss like himself, but he just couldn’t help it.

Now it’s okay, he hoped Song Lian was not affected by the events of that day, and can still advise them as always.

“This matter was a little strange, have you found out the cause of the matter?” Song Lian asked in a deep voice.

Speaking of business, Song Qingfu did not dare to think about those trivial matters, the person he sent to inquire about the news had returned. When he got the news, he immediately came to find Song Lian.

He nodded, “I heard that the target of Shi Dashun and his gang was Wang Village, and they stepped on the spot to investigate for a few days, preparing to carry out a surprise attack at night like us, but they didn’t expect to enter the village that night and couldn’t come out again.” He glanced at Song Lian and saw that the other party was listening carefully, and then said: “The news that came back said that it was because they encountered an army, and then they were wiped out. ”

Song Lian held the mouth of the teacup, there was doubt in his eyes, and he asked: “Is it the garrison or the Red Robe Army? Why did the army happen to be there? Were they waiting to ambush there or they just happened to run into the army? ”

“This…” These questions, Song Qingfu was not very clear. The person who brought back the news could not inquire about this at all, he only said what he knew, “The spies came back and said that this army was neither the garrison nor the Red Robe Army, but a guard army that came to Liangzhou with Duan Wang. As for whether an ambush was set up in advance or happened to happen, this was not clear. ”

“Guard army?” Song Lian was puzzled.

“Yes, also the Imperial Guard that the emperor gave to his son, Duan Wang, to guard his safety. However, everyone knows that the Imperial Guards are simply vulnerable. Shi Dashun should not be completely annihilated if he encountered them. Even if he can’t fight, he can escape, right? That’s kind of weird.” Song Qingfu scratched his head.

He couldn’t figure out what was going on. He knew this team of Shi Dashun, they’re cunning, vicious, they can also rank high even on the road. Even if they encounter the garrison, they can fight together, why didn’t any of them escape this time?

In this way, it was indeed a little strange, Song Lian frowned, “Go and let people inquire again, I want to know the details of that battle from beginning to end.”

Song Qingfu answered, and then asked, “Shall we make another big deal?” 

They had robbed a lot of things before, enough for them to squander for a while. They originally wanted to live a few days of stability, however, their reputation spread, and for a while many small forces on the road heard the wind and wanted to come to them. Song Lian once said that to let him develop his power, as long as they wanted to join he should accept it.

What Song Lian ordered, he didn’t dare not listen, if it weren’t for Song Lian’s support, he would still be a low-level little minion, so he loved and feared Song Lian. However, after accepting in these people, although the power seems to have grown a lot, this indicated that the amount of eating had increased a lot.

The food supplies they robbed last time had to feed more and more people, only sitting on the mountain with nothing to eat, if they don’t do another big deal, then this winter will be a little difficult.

In addition, since the brothers under their hands successfully ransacked Ningshi Village last time, their hearts have become proud, as long as they want, Liangzhou can be theirs inside and out, they can rob wherever they want, so what about officers and soldiers? They would only suffer humiliation when they ran into them.

Although he felt that something was wrong in his heart, when others praised how wise and brave this big leader was, how clever he was, and how he was powerful, his heart was also fluttering.

After all, he still had some inferiority, as if after hearing this, he can stand side by side with Song Lian. Although he said that today’s idea was the idea of his brothers, how could he not want to create miracles again? He wanted to become the largest force in Liangzhou, wanted to be affirmed and appreciated by Song Lian, he wanted to protect Song Lian under his wing, so no one dares to bully him in the future.

Song Lian stared at him, his eyes were a little penetrating, Song Qingfu was at a loss by his stare, “What do you think?”

Song Lian snorted coldly: “What did I tell you that day?”

Song Qingfu shivered, “You said that we have to be lying low during this recent period,” he paused, and raised his head, his words revealed caution, “I know that you are afraid that the soldiers will track us down, but you see, it had been so long, but the soldiers don’t even dare to let out a fart, what is there to be scared of?!” 

When Song Lian heard such vulgar words, he frowned in disgust and sneered: “If you want to go then go, what is the point of asking me?” The implication was that it doesn’t matter what he did.

Song Qingfu was a little flustered when he heard this. Looking at Song Lian’s face, it did not seem to be a joke, if Song Lian really didn’t care about him, then he would be miserable. He quickly waved his hand to explain, “I don’t mean that either, please don’t get angry, sir.”

Song Lian hooked the corners of his mouth, “Huh! What am I angry about? You guys want to send yourselves to death by yourself, I can’t care about it, can I? ”

Song Qingfu scolded, how was it sending themselves to death? Song Lian was also too fussy, but he didn’t dare to mention this again, so he had to talk about other things.

After that, Song Lian looked sickly, not interested in any topic, most of the time it was Song Qingfu who was talking, he just spoke one minute and quiet the other minute. Song Qingfu barely stayed for a while longer, then ended the topic and left.

Not long after Song Qingfu left, a small person popped in outside the door, like an eight- or nine-year-old child.

Song Lian was originally dizzy, but when he saw this person come in, his spirit suddenly improved, and a beautiful smile appeared on his face, it seemed that the whole room became bright.

“Uncle Ping, are you back?” Song Lian’s voice had a touch of sincere joy, the indifference just now was simply making it seem like there were two people.

Uncle Ping wiped a few times on his face, his figure did not change, but after such a brush, a child’s face became like an orange peel. Deep and shallow wrinkles like a ravine covered the entire face, so that at a glance, you can see that his real age should be forty or fifty years old.

Uncle Ping smiled kindly, “Master, I have already heard about the things you asked me to inquire about.” 

Song Lian no longer had any shelves at this time, and personally poured him a cup of hot tea, “Uncle Ping had worked hard, drink a cup of tea first, sit down and talk slowly.” 

In this world, only Uncle Ping was his closest person, in front of him, there was no need to pretend.

He and Uncle Ping came here to find an opportunity, he was not willing to do nothing for a lifetime, he wanted revenge at all costs.

How those people treated him back then, he had to return it all. How the emperor was back then, how the prince was back then, he hated these supreme people, they didn’t need to do anything, and only needed a word to destroy a person’s life, drive people deep into the mud, and never be allowed to turn over.

And he, clearly was unwilling, on what basis? He was ambitious, talented, capable, should he end up in this situation just because others framed him, just because someone didn’t want him to come out?

Therefore, as long as he had the opportunity, he must let them know how to write the word regret.

However, the hatred in Song Lian’s eyes gradually faded, and he returned to his usual calmness. Now in his own situation, he did not know when or how he will be able to realize his ambitions.

Uncle Ping knew Song Lian’s thoughts, he watched this child grow up, how can he not know what’s in his heart, but no matter what he did, he would do his best to help him.

“Master, don’t be anxious, one day, it will be fine.”

Uncle Ping’s words calmed Song Lian down. Yes, it will be fine, isn’t today’s dormancy just for his day’s edge, everything had just begun!

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