I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 50

Chapter 50

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“What did you hear this time? Say it for me to hear.” Song Lian sat down and started the conversation.

He heard about Shi Dashun so he asked Uncle Ping to inquire, not that he didn’t believe the spies sent by Song Qingfu, but he just thought that maybe Uncle Ping would find out more when he went out to investigate.

Uncle Ping took a sip of the tea that Song Lian handed him, and then he spoke: “This Wang Village seems to be very unusual, Shi Dashun led hundreds of people to attack Wang Village at night, but there was no casualty in Wang Village. After that, it should have been surrounded and ambushed by troops, then the whole group will be destroyed. It stands to reason that Shi Dashun’s team cannot be so incompetent, and I can’t figure out how this result came about. ”

Song Lian frowned, “There were strange things in Wang Village, have you checked it out in Wang Village?”

“I have been there, but now the Wang Village is on guard and treating everyone as enemies so the guard against outsiders was very strong, ordinary outsiders were not allowed to enter the village. I have used my identity as a beggar to ask for food, so that I could enter the village, but I did not dare to stay for long, and was hastily taken out. But I have paid attention to it, the village was the same as usual, and the villagers’ demeanor was also as usual, with one glance, I can’t tell that they have been subjected to the ambush of the bandits.” Uncle Ping recalled the scene in the village.

Song Lian thought for a long time, what Uncle Ping said was exactly what he couldn’t figure out, but no matter how mysterious it was, he believed it would definitely be exposed in the future.

“That Shi Dashun and his group of people were destroyed by the escort army, I heard that they were sent to Liangzhou to protect Duan Wang. I heard about it when I was there at that time…Duan Wang he is but a foolish prince, and his guard was dispatched by the emperor from the capital. If they were against Shi Dashun, there is no reason why the whole army would be destroyed!” Song Lian only felt that this matter was weird everywhere. “If it was an encounter with the Red Robe Army, it might be believed that this situation would have resulted like this, but…”

Song Lian shook his head, as everyone thought, Shi Dashun and these people would have definitely come up with a way to retreat when they met the garrison, so that at least a single living mouth was left behind. What if the Red Robe Army disguised as the guard army? Or what’s so tricky about the escort? In short, there was something crafty in this matter that can’t be guarded against. 

“The Red Robe Army is impossible.” Uncle Ping affirmed: “First, the Red Robe Army was guarding against the barbarians west of Shi Chongguan and had not been active here, and second, General Xie of the Red Robe Army had always paid little attention to the thieves, they should not have bothered to deal with Shi Dashun’s side.” 

What Uncle Ping said was very reasonable, Song Lian nodded, and he continued: “As for the garrison, I have already inquired, and there had never been a garrison near Wang Village, so it is certain that who Shi Dashun and the others encountered were indeed Duan Wang’s escorts. ”

Song Lian’s eyes narrowed slightly, Duan Wang, Duan Wang, the emperor’s fourteenth son, that man’s same mother’s stupid brother, really had this ability?

He let out a long sigh. Duan Wang? So what if he’s making an enemy out of him, or even the world? It was better for him to be responsible for the world than for the world to be responsible for him. He came to this land himself, this was what they owe me!

On the vast grassland, a group of men and horses came slowly, they wore their hair, short clothes and leather boots, bows and arrows and machetes on their waist, everyone was fierce and brave, and their weapons were excellent. This was a group of barbarians.

In the middle of the horse team, there was a luxurious carriage, and from time to time there was a coughing sound in the carriage, which fluttered softly in the wind.

“Where are we now?” The coughing sound in the carriage stopped for a moment, and an inquiring voice came from it.

A soldier replied outside the carriage, “Reporting to the king, we can reach Shi Chongguan in half a day, we have already sent news to Chacha Qi, they should come to pick us up soon.” 

This group of men and horses were none other than the team of Tuoba Ren, the king of Hunle, who took over the task of Khan Tuoba Hong back in the imperial hall. He prepared everything and began to travel east. This task must be done beautifully in order to prove that he was capable of doing everything even if he was sick for many years.

Therefore, although Tuoba Hong regretted it after the agitation and planned to change person to do it, who knew that Tuoba Ren was stubborn with him and was bound to go in person. Tuoba Hong could not make him change his mind in any way, and in the end he had no choice but to allow him.

So there was this mighty team. Tuoba Ren was a little depressed, hated his body for not contending. If it was five years ago, he would be with a horse and a whip, across the entire Suixi grassland, galloping wantonly on horseback as if it was his world.

Now, he gasped in three steps and coughed in five steps. No matter where he goes, he can only be held back in a small carriage, and he can no longer experience the pleasure of galloping through the wind.

Tuoba Ren stopped talking as there were several more coughs in the carriage.

The soldier’s face showed a hint of unbearability, he had followed Wang Ye for so many years, and naturally knew the pain in Wang Ye’s heart. The arrow at that time, now that he thought about it, he still had palpitations. The fierce momentum was like a broken bamboo, shooting straight into the chest. If it weren’t for this arrow, their king would be an eagle in the sky, and now the eagle had been folded, yet it still yearned for the vast sky.

It wasn’t clear how long it took, but a horse came from the front, bringing news that General Chacha Qi was waiting in front to greet him.

The personal soldier passed the news to Tuoba Ren, he was silent for a moment before he said in a deep voice: “Got it.” ”

The cold wind was fierce, the horses were snorting, and they kept rolling their hooves in place, the jujube red horse at the front was extraordinary. There was a rough man sitting on it, with a high nose and deep eyes, typical of the Suixi national martial general. The reins in his hand tightened slightly, the originally restless horse quieted down in his hand.

This person was General Chacha Qi who came to greet Tuoba Ren when he got the news. A group of dark shadows slowly approached in the distance. Chacha Qi’s eyes were a little impatient, and when he saw the carriage in the team, his face became gloomy, there was a look of contempt and disdain in his eyes.

Ah! This was their famous Hunle Wang of Suixi Kingdom, a young hero who killed wolves at the age of five and hunted tigers at the age of eight. Now he was a waste that cannot even get on a horse, he rubbed the reins in his palms, hmph! If it weren’t for that layer of identity, Hunle Wang would have changed hands a long time ago.

They, the people of the grassland have always worshipped heroes, no matter where they inhabited, the former hero has now become a wasted person, how can he still enjoy the glory of the past?

Although Chacha Qi had a complaint in his heart, etiquette should still be followed. When Tuoba Ren’s carriage approached, Chacha Qi dismounted, stepped forward a few steps, put his fist on his chest, and bowed: “Chacha Qi greets Wang Ye.”

The carriage didn’t even open the curtain, and after waiting for a while, a faint voice came out: “Cough…. Got it, go directly to the military camp tent. Cough cough cough….”

Chacha Qi’s face was unhappy, the personal soldier stepped forward and explained in a low voice: “General Chacha Qi, Wang Ye had been seriously ill in recent days, he can’t be under the wind, please forgive me.”

A smile tugged at the corner of Chacha Qi’s mouth, “Wang Ye’s illness is not serious right? The weather is getting colder, there are palace walls and tiles in the royal court, which is best to shield from the wind and cold. This ghost place only has tents and felt houses, I’m afraid that it is not good for Wang Ye’s body. ”

He deliberately said it very loudly, just to let Tuoba Ren know that it was better not to come here to make trouble.

The soldier’s face was slightly embarrassed, but he glanced at the carriage and saw that there was no movement, so he breathed a sigh of relief. He changed the topic and said, “General Chacha Qi, please lead the way.”

Chacha Qi also stared at the curtain of the carriage, it did not move for a long time, he cursed a word coward in his heart, and said no more, beat the horse and walked forward.

The soldier returned to the carriage and whispered Wang Ye.

Tuoba Ren’s dull voice came out, “Keep up.”

The carriage moved slowly until it entered the middle of the army camp, and then stopped, the curtain was lifted, a skinny hand stretched out, and then a thin man wrapped in a thick fox hair came out.

Chacha Qi was a little stunned, the former goshawk, the former hero, and the former proud son of heaven turned out to be like this.

He felt a little stuffy in his heart, if this person was himself, he would be so frustrated, he was afraid that he would not have the courage to live anymore.

Thinking so, the body was already ahead of the brain, and he reached over to help him. Tuoba Ren glanced at him lightly, but his hand turned and rested on the personal guard.

Chacha Qi helped the air, his face was a little unbearable, but it was difficult to erupt, so he had to withdraw his hand.

When they entered the big tent, several braziers had already been lit inside, the big tent was baked warm.

Tuoba Ren slowly breathed a sigh of relief and stepped directly to the top position.

“Cough… You have worked hard here. Cough cough…” After everyone sat down, Tuoba Ren spoke, but as soon as he spoke, there was a heart-wrenching cough.

Those who can enter the middle military tend were the backbone of the generals, or veterans who have already made great achievements, or young generals who have been newly promoted with outstanding talents. At this time, they gathered together, and when they saw Tuoba Ren’s appearance, they felt a lot of emotion in their hearts.

There were veteran generals who regret the folding of the wings of the goshawk, and there were also young generals who have admired and worshipped for a long time, determined to become heroes like the King of Hunle.

Tuoba Ren was a former hero of Suixi Kingdom, everyone knew it, he was a heroic figure that many young men on the grassland once admired.

“Cough… Do you know the purpose of Ben Wang’s visit?” Tuoba Ren took a sip of hot water, barely suppressing the cough in his throat, and asked.

Everyone looked at each other, they only knew that Hunle Wang was going to come in person, but they didn’t know why.

Everyone was silent, and Tuoba Ren did not detour, he said directly: “Everyone should know that the Great Yan Emperor divided the land of Liangzhou to his youngest son, right?”

Everyone had heard about this, they heard that the prince was a foolish person. Now that they thought about it, it seems to be true, only those who were not liked by the emperor will be sent here, right? Whether you were dead or alive, no one will care too much.

Chacha Qi sneered lightly, “It’s just a stupid prince not liked by the Great Yan Emperor, and was assigned here, what? Could it be that Hunle Wang came here just because of a stupid child? Hahaha! I really couldn’t imagine that such a person would actually make Hunle Wang make a journey here.” 

He laughed wantonly, there was contempt in his words, and the meaning of his words was self-evident, it was estimated that only such a sick man could deal with a fool.

“General Chacha Qi, what do you mean by this? Hunle Wang came here with his own intentions, so how can you as a general put his beak in place?” The person who defended Tuoba Ren immediately stood up and said very unconvinced.

This Chacha Qi acted arrogantly and despotic, thinking that he was a hero, but in fact he was just arrogant, and compared with the Hunle Wang, he could not even compare to his toe. 

“Nuha! What kind of thing are you, to dare to speak in front of me like that? The last time your flying cavalry team was wiped out, it hasn’t even been dealt with yet!” Chacha Qi snorted coldly.

He was stabbed at his feet, and Nuha did not dare to speak again, he was also unlucky, last time when he sent a flying cavalry team deep into the hinterland of the Great Yan, they actually encountered the Red Robe Army. They were surrounded and annihilated by the Red Robe Army, leaving no one behind. They also learned the news later. However, the destruction of the entire flying cavalry team must fall on someone, this responsibility naturally fell to him, the leader.

But he was young and vigorous, so he was still a little unconvinced, this Lao Tzu was truly unlucky that the flying cavalry team met the Red Robe Army. Who was General Xie? There were very few people who could escape from him, and if it weren’t for General Xie of the Great Yan, how could their Goshawk Hunle Wang of their grassland become what he was now? Humph! If you, Chacha Qi had encountered him, you may not be able to escape with all your tails, right?

The big tent was silent for a while, but it was extremely tense.

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