I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 51

Chapter 51

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“Bang!” Although Tuoba Ren looked sick, how could the eagle on the grassland have no man’s blood? He slapped his palm on the desk, before he could speak, he had another heart-wrenching cough.

Everyone did not dare to come out while the personal soldier hurriedly handed over the medicine bottle he was carrying.

Who knew that Tuoba Ren would wave his hand, refuse the medicine bottle, and have the person put the medicine bottle away, every medicine had its side effect. Tuoba Ren naturally understood this. His body knew that it was wounded to the root, and there was no hope of healing. Medication was only a temporary relief, in the long run, it will make him dependent on drugs. He was rebellious by nature and did not want to hold the medicine jar for the rest of his life, so he generally endured and endured.

Seeing that he refused to take the medicine again, the soldiers were a little worried, but their Wang Ye was stubborn, as long as the decision was made, no one could change it.

Fortunately, after a heart-wrenching cough, Tuoba Ren finally calmed down, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Tuoba Ren looked around and calmed his breath before saying: “The fourteenth son of the Great Yan Emperor, named Yu, was the youngest son of the emperor and Empress Yuan, he had a disease of stupidity, after recuperating, his dementia had improved, his nature was domineering, stubborn and wanton. The people who suffered from it in the palace hated him, and the Later Great Yan Emperor had no choice but to send him far away to Liangzhou and make him Duan Wang.”

These were all the news that he specially asked people to inquire about.

“That’s it?” Chacha Qi smiled and said, “This is a well-known fact, did the people sent by Wang Ye find out this kind of news? In fact, there is no need to specifically inquire, long before he came, the border land had already spread all kinds of deeds of Duan Wang. ”

Everyone also didn’t know so, what’s the reason that Hunle Wang is spending a great deal of effort? Was it really because he had to deal with a useless fool?

Tuoba Ren shook his head and coughed twice, “Do you think what you heard was true?” ”

“This?” Someone lowered his head and whispered.

Chacha Qi was impatient, “Wang Ye, what do you mean by this? Could it be that there is another side to this Duan Wang? ”

Tuoba Ren chuckled, “I don’t know if he has another side, but to say that he is not valued by the Great Yan Emperor, it is not necessarily true. Cough…”

“What does that mean?” Nuha heard what Wang Ye meant and asked busily.

“As the youngest son of the Great Yan Emperor and Empress Yuan, Duan Wang naturally had a different position in the emperor’s mind. I heard that Duan Wang’s fief Liangzhou was not set by the Great Yan, Emperor, but by Duan Wang himself. ”

Before Tuoba Ren’s words were finished, Chacha Qi laughed out loud, “It’s really a fool who asked to come to Liangzhou to die? Hahaha! ”

Tuoba Ren looked at him coolly, he laughed a few times, felt embarrassed, snorted, and turned his head away.

“Cough cough cough…. Since Duan Wang is important to the Great Yan Emperor, then he is useful to us… Since he came to Liangzhou, as long as we can grasp this chess piece… cough.” The unfinished meaning in Tuoba Ren’s words was obvious.

Nuha couldn’t help but clap his hands, “Yes! Let’s catch him, and when the time comes, we will negotiate conditions with the Great Yan Emperor, gold and silver treasures. I think the Great Yan Emperor will not be stingy for his son. ”

The other person gave him a blank look, “It’s easy to say, do you think this Duan Wang will stand there and let you go and catch him?” 

“Ugh!” Nuha scratched his head, that was right. Duan Wang was in Liangcheng, if he wanted to capture him, he could only attack Shi Chongguan and take Liangcheng.

Everyone looked at Tuoba Ren, no wonder Tuoba Ren wanted to take this trip in person, if it was really like he said that the Great Yan Emperor valued this son, as long as he could catch Duan Wang, it would be a great achievement.

“Hmph! Whether it was true or false was not certain. Even if we take the effort to catch this fool, can the Great Yan Emperor really let us do it? There were so many sons of the Great Yan Emperor, even with one more it won’t be too many and even with one less he will not have less sons, right? “Chacha Qi was very skeptical of Tuoba Ren’s words.” If you spend a lot of manpower and material resources just to catch a foolish Wang Ye, it is not appropriate, right? ”

“Haha!” Tuoba Ren sneered, “Ben Wang was determined to get this done, since General Chacha Qi is afraid, you don’t have to participate.”

Chachaqi stood up abruptly and curled his neck: “Who said that I’m afraid? He’s just an insignificant fool, should I be afraid of him?”

Tuoba Ren shook his head, judging from the news he inquired about, the other party could never be a fool, “Ben Wang got the latest news, cough… Not long ago, Duan Wang’s escort army completely annihilated a medium-force bandit in Liangzhou, cough… If Duan Wang didn’t have half the ability, it would definitely not be possible. ”

The situation in Liangzhou, they knew it better than anyone, those thieves and bandits were also outlaws, each with its own forces entrenched, many forces even the border garrison did not pay attention to it. They often flee immediately after committing crimes, it is too late by the time the garrison arrives. As long as the troops go to encircle and suppress, as long as there is a small number of guards, they will also scatter and flee. Therefore, these thieves and bandits would slip through their hands, so the troops have no way to take them.

This was the first time they have heard that a thief and bandit have been wiped out in one fell swoop, was this Duan Wang’s escort army more powerful than the garrison? It wasn’t known how powerful they were compared to the Red Robe Army.

“So what? The total annihilation of that rabble does not prove how strong his escort army is, the escort army was only five hundred people at best, why fear them? ” In Chacha Qi’s opinion, there was no real army in the Great Yan Kingdom except for the last real army of the Red Robe Army. He patted his chest and said with conviction: “As long as I go out, I will be able to capture him.” 

Nuha poured cold water on him, “General Chacha Qi, Duan Wang is in Liangcheng, dare to ask how the general plans to capture him? Is it to break through Liangcheng and capture him alive, or to sneak into Liangcheng and bring him out without anyone knowing it? I didn’t know that General Chacha Qi had such great ability. ”

“Hmph! You can’t do it doesn’t mean I can’t do it, Nuha, do you dare to gamble? The loser will have to give their mount to the other party? ”

“Why won’t I dare?” 

The two sharply pointed at each other with neither side taking an inch back, it looked like they’re about to quarrel.

“Enough!” Tuoba Ren shouted, “This matter concerns the interests of Suixi Country, how can it be considered as child’s play?”

Seeing Tuoba Ren’s anger, the two stopped and closed their mouths unwillingly.

This matter needed everyone’s advice. They wanted to kidnap the Great Yan’s Wang Ye in Liangcheng, this matter was more difficult than ascending to the sky, how can it be settled in a few words.

Ming Yu on this side did not know that someone had intention to make a move on his body as he eliminated a bandit group, which was an inspiring event, which didn’t take long for it to spread to the whole of Liangzhou.

“These guards, like the heavenly gods, slashed those people one by one, killing all the thieves and bandits who were frightened.” A middle-aged man dressed as a scholar sorted out the gossip he heard. When he said it like this, not to mention that there were really many old men, even the little lady loved to listen to him.

The men, women, and children surrounding him surrounded him in three layers in and three layers outside, when they heard the joy, they shouted and applauded. These people used to love to hear the news of the victory of the Red Robe Army, they would not tire of hearing about it, later after the news of the annihilation of the thieves and bandits spread, everyone became interested in the escort guard, or rather, they were grateful to the escort army.

These people of Liangzhou have suffered greatly from the scourge of thieves and bandits, so they hated them deeply. In the past, the officials and troops had no choice but to let these bandits go, what if the people suffered from them? It was unacceptable. 

Now, someone had finally helped them take a breath, how could it not make people excited. These people had never heard of any escort army before, but now they heard the three words of escort army, and they wanted to step forward and listen more.

Everyone was preaching the courage and ability of the guards, how to save the people from fire and water, and how to fight against thieves.

They all hoped that the escort army can continue to work hard to eliminate more thieves, so that they don’t have to worry about it, and have a peaceful life.

“You know what? These guards are the same as the guards that Duan Wang Ye brought from the capital. I heard that they used to protect the emperor, they were called the Imperial guards. What do you think, can the guards around the emperor not be powerful?”

“Tsk, tsk!” Many people give a thumbs up, “No wonder they’re so powerful.”

“Ugh! The escort army is powerful, and our Great Yan’s Red Robe Army is also powerful. I don’t know which of these two armies is more powerful?” Someone asked curiously.

“Whoosh! What is there to compare with this? The Red Robe Army resisted foreign enemies, the merit is indispensable, and the guards suppressed thieves and thieves within the territory, they are equally meritorious as they work together inside and outside, they could return Liangzhou to a peaceful Haiyan River. ”

These words won the approval of most people, before they knew it, the people had put the escort army in the same position as the Red Robe Army. In fact, this was also very understandable, in the hearts of the people, those who can do things for the people and protect the people were all great.

These words reached the ears of the soldiers of the escort battalion, one by one they were like beating chicken blood, even their walking postures were much higher

When they left camp in the morning for a morning jog, there were even ordinary people waiting on the side of the road, either carrying baskets of eggs or carrying a chicken or two ducks, no matter what they said, those people still shoved those stuff to them. Commander Mo had long had a rule that it was not allowed to take even a needle and thread from the common people, how could they dare to accept these. They had to say good words to appease them, and in the end, Commander Mo came forward and persuaded them with good words, and for those who he couldn’t persuade, there was no other choice but to use money to buy the stuff.

These things touched the soldiers of the escort battalion very much. They had never heard the people’s praise, only then did they feel that nothing was comparable to someone’s praise and love. In the past, in the capital, they were of only title with no use in the eyes of the people, naturally they could not hear any good words, yet they could still be proud of their status as an Imperial Guard all day long. They lived a life of spending days drinking in confusion, it was really incomprehensible.

Today’s people’s praise and recognition made them feel a real sense of pride and complacency, compared to the emptiness and complacency of the past, this was what they should really pursue, what real men should be.

As for the matter of returning to the capital, they have long forgotten. Could the capital be any better than this place? Can the people of the capital be so cute and unpretentious? They were going to stay and protect the people here.

The soldiers of the guard battalion screamed and went to find Mo Jiang, one by one they begged Mo Jiang to give them another chance to suppress the bandits. It annoyed Mo Jiang so much that he felt like his head could explode. Finally there was no other way, so he let out the words, if anyone did not train well, and instead came to him to speak of this trivial matter, they would be beaten by the stick. As soon as these words came out, the soldiers stopped a little.

When Mo Jiang helplessly told Ming Yu these things, Ming Yu laughed, this was very good, it shows that the soldiers still have hot blood left!

“….” Mo Jiang was left with only black lines on his face.

Ming Yu leaned on the small bed, holding an idle book in his hand, he supported one leg up, leisurely dangling, Mo Jiang simply didn’t look at it, how could such a person who sat improperly look like a king? But thinking about his actions in the palace, he also felt relieved, he even dared to set fire to the noble concubine small treasury, so no one should expect him to abide by the rules.

There were two braziers next to him, it was cold, Ming Yu was afraid of the cold, so he could only idly nest at home and not go out too much, at most, he would run a few times to the greenhouse to see the watermelon seedlings that had borne flowers.

“You tell them not to be anxious, sooner or later there will always be a place for them to move their bodies.” Ming Yu reached out and picked up a small pastry, threw it into his mouth, and said nonchalantly.

To be honest, Mo Jiang being here was because he was anxious. He knew Ming Yu’s plan to deal with Song Qingfu, but he had not seen movement for a long time, so he thought of coming over and asking about it.

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