I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 52

Chapter 52

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“Your Highness, I have heard that Song Qingfu’s force is now growing stronger and stronger, and many thieves and bandits have heard and defected to his command. Up until now, he was already the most powerful group in Liangzhou. If he is allowed to develop, will there be endless disasters?” Mo Jiang asked the question in his heart.

Your Highness, the brats below were looking forward to His Highness’s early action, but in this day of doing nothing, how do you want me to explain to those brats?

Ming Yu ignored Mo Jiang’s unspoken criticism and smiled, “What’s the hurry? We can just let them all gather together to annihilate them in one fell swoop! The bigger their power expands now, the better, so as not to have to work hard to clean up the little ones. ”

“Eh!” What His Highness said was so reasonable, he actually thought it was true, but can you sit in the mansion like this and wait for someone to throw themselves into the net? Wang Ye, can you use dim sum to deal with thieves?

As if seeing through his thoughts, Ming Yu waved his hand and said with a big grin: “Just wait! It’s not time yet.”

This wait lasted until the beginning of spring, until the mountains and rivers recovered, and the earth rejuvenated.

Fortunately, there was not much war in these days. Although small frictions between the border and Suixi Country occurred from time to time, they did not cause large-scale conflicts.

As for the matter regarding bandits looting the village, after Shi Dashun’s entire army was annihilated, all the other bandits also converged somewhat. Even if there were those who did not have long eyes, the people hid everything in the underground secret passage, avoiding it in advance, and so the loss was not great.

Along the way, the incident of the underground passage in Wang Village was intentionally or unintentionally publicised, it was learned that they escaped because of this, and there was no loss of people and property.

At this time, the people of the other villages followed suit. Xu Wen was so happy that he was grinning ear to ear. Now he did not have to persuade the village to build an underground passage, the others came to the door and asked the government to send someone to guide the villagers. Therefore, each village intensively organised its own manpower, and started construction day and night, without the supervision and management of the officials.

Ming Yu also organised people from the Wang Village patrol team who had studied it before to go to various villages to tell them how they trained in the training base, how they found the enemy when they returned to the village, how they protected the villagers, and how they killed the enemy. Because they have personally experienced it, it was especially easy to resonate at this time.

Therefore, the young and strong in the village were both red and envious, they all signed up to go to the base for training, their families were also optimistic about it. There were men who did not want to go, and they were beaten out of the house by their parents with sticks, bluntly saying that if they did not go, they would never have to go home. Of course, this was just a very small number of people, most of the young and strong had their blood boiling. Before dawn, they rushed to the road, for fear of going late, not being able to sign up, and having to wait for the next batch.

Song Qingfu’s power was getting stronger and stronger and his actions were more unscrupulous, it was good that the old man had Song Lian under his control, they knew that it all depended on Mr. Song today. But the newcomers looked down on this thin and weak scholar looking Mr. Song. When they were told to listen to the words of this weak scholar, hehe! What a joke.

However, Song Qingfu would never allow anyone to be rude to Mr. Song. Although he felt that Mr. Song was a little too cautious and was watching the great opportunity slip away, on the surface he did not dare to choke, and relied on Mr. Song for basically everything.

However, there were many complaints from the people below, and they all began to complain in private.

“What does the Great Chief Song think? Our brothers came to him because they wanted to follow him and drink and eat well, not to live a miserable life here.” A new man complained.

They heard that Leader Song ate meat and drank alcohol here. One should know that Leader Song led people to rob the villages near Liangcheng, and the official government suffered a secret loss. They came over, not mentioning anything else, as long as Leader Song leads them to continue to rob, what were they worried about? Aren’t the better days just around the corner?

However, looking at the present, they have been here for so long, yet they were only nestled in this mountain, and can’t go anywhere. Not to mention drinking alcohol and eating meat, you can’t see white noodles or buns all day long. They also have to hunt some pheasants and rabbits themselves, so they can barely get some oily meat.

And when they asked Leader Song when he would go out again to do a big deal, he always said all kinds of excuses.

“Tell me, what’s this called?” Someone spoke with a belly full of fire.

“What could this be? In fact, this matter can’t be complained about on Leader Song, I heard that the person in charge was a rabbit master, who has fine skin and tender flesh. Leader Song really likes him, and he listens to everything that guy says..” Someone who knew a little bit of the inside story interjected.

The newcomer was curious, “Huh! Is there really such a thing? No matter what, Leader Song is also a heroic character, how can he …”

“Hmph! What heroic character? Do you still think that he is really open and honest? How did the old chief die in the first place? To say that there was not the slightest bit of fishy thing, who would believe it? ”

As soon as these words came out, everyone looked around for a while, and they were relieved to see that no one else was there, and then whispered, “Tell me quickly, what’s so fishy about this?” 

Li Man and Wang Si looked at each other and smiled, they had already gained a foothold these days, as for those rumours, they just pushed a hand in the back.

Song Qingfu had just returned from seeing Song Lian, and now he sat in the hall with a stern expression. He had just had another unpleasant argument with Song Lian. As the leader of the gang, he wondered why all the brothers under his command showed him respect, only Song Lian always treated him with a bad attitude, and he could never please him

It had been three years, he knew his thoughts, but he never responded, sometimes he really wanted to lock him up, so that he no longer thought about the outside world, so he was the only one in his heart. But he knew that this was impossible, although he had saved him, he had never put himself in his eyes.

Song Lian had a clear grudge, and he saved him, so he helped himself plan and single-handedly pushed himself to such a high position. He was clear about his own skills, if there was no Song Lian, how would he be in today’s position.

At the beginning, he was only a small team of seven or eight hundred people, but now he had more than two thousand people under his command. The more people there were, the more difficult it was to reconcile, and in recent times, many brothers have mentioned in front of him the matter of going down to work. However, Song Lian rigidly did not allow them to go down and had them rest on the mountain for a while. Both side’s opinion was not united, he was really a little anxious, and he didn’t know how to mediate in the middle.

In fact, in his heart, he was also biased towards the opinions of the brethren, however, he could not help but listen to what Song Lian said. Scholars have a lot of thoughts, always afraid of the tiger and the wolf, and everything must be thought through.

In his view, their group of over two thousand people no longer needed to consider the government, let alone the stationed troops or escort armies. Even if they encountered the Red Robe Army, he could still stroke his beard confidently. He didn’t know what Song Lian was worried about, as he believed they would surely return with full loads as long as they descended the mountain. A few days ago, a message came from the road that a caravan was delivering supplies to the Duan Wang and had just arrived within the Liangzhou territory. These were rare treasures sent from the capital, including gold, silver, jewels, and countless exotic items. If they could get their hands on these supplies, they wouldn’t have to do anything for two or three years, and they could live luxuriously and carefree.

Song Qingfu was naturally moved, today he also went to find Song Lian because of this matter. However, when he told the matter and his thoughts again, Song Lian did not agree no matter what he said.

Song Qingfu was sulking because of this, but deputy leader Sun Zheng came in.

Seeing Song Qingfu’s obvious face, Sun Zheng pondered in his heart, but still did not withdraw, and only stepped forward to meet with the leader of Song.

“What’s going on?” Song Qingfu asked in a deep voice.

“Leader, do you have a decision on the matter of Duan Wang’s caravan materials?” Sun Zheng did not mince his words, and asked directly to the point.

Song Qingfu frowned, “Let me think about this again.” 

Hearing the words of the leader, Sun Zheng was also a little anxious in his heart. It seems that what Li Man said was true, it must be that Mr. Song did not agree to this matter, that’s why the leader could not make a decision.

“Leader, you should have made a decision early on, you must know that the opportunity is fleeting, if Duan Wang’s caravan enters Liangcheng, everything will be for nothing at that time.”

How could Song Qingfu not understand this truth, it’s just, it’s just, alas!

Seeing that Song Qingfu remained silent, Sun Zheng continued to speak, “Boss, our scouts have already found out that there are only two to three hundred guards protecting the caravan. Are we, with our two thousand brothers, afraid of them?” He stole a glance at Song Qingfu’s slightly moved expression and continued, “I heard that the Emperor dotes on his youngest son and has given him countless treasures, including the most precious crystal and glass. They are all bestowed upon Duan Wang. Crystal and glass! They are priceless treasures. Once we get our hands on them, we will be wealthy.”

When Song Qingfu heard this, his breathing was a little rapid, his hand was clenched into a fist and released, and he repeated it several times, but he still couldn’t make up his mind.

“Boss, we can’t just sit and wait like this with so many people. You don’t know how much resentment there is among the men down below. They joined us and followed you because of your exceptional courage and style, and they naturally wanted to achieve great things with you. However, after following you for so long, they realized that things are not what they seem. You could have led us to a better life, but we are still starving and suffering here. This is not what everyone had in mind when they first joined you. You worked so hard to gather so many people to follow you, are you going to let them down?”

“If you are afraid, I will personally lead a team of people to go, and you just need to wait for the good news I will bring.”

Sun Zheng’s words came down, straight into Song Qingfu’s heart, finally got to the current situation, he didn’t want his power to fall apart. How could he not understand the complaints of the people below, but if he did nothing like this, let alone his brothers, even he himself would be in flames.

“Don’t worry! We are going to get this batch of goods, it should be ours, no one can take it away, you let the brethren prepare first, we may leave at any time.” Song Qingfu gritted his teeth and said.

No matter, this batch of things was too tempting. Robbing this order, even if they were desperate, he can be worry-free. If he really watched this batch of things slip under his nose, then he couldn’t be the leader.

Sun Zheng was overjoyed in his heart, it seemed that he finally moved the leader, he was afraid that Song Qingfu would take back his words, so he quickly answered, “Yes, I will go and tell the brothers to prepare to go.”

After Sun Zheng left, the heroic feeling in Song Qingfu’s chest dissipated. Thinking of Song Lian, he was a little unsure in his heart, Song Lian did not recommend them to go, but if he insisted on going, he didn’t know what Song Lian would think, how should he explain it to him?

Thinking of this, Song Qingfu couldn’t help but sigh again.

“Are you really going to rob Duan Wang caravan?” Song Lian’s voice sounded.

Song Qingfu looked up and saw that Song Lian was standing at the door, he didn’t know how long he had been here. Looking at his appearance, it seemed that he had listened to what he had just said in his ears.

He was a little uneasy in his heart, quickly stood up, greeted him, and smiled, “You, why are you here?”

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