I Built a Territory in Ancient Times Chapter 53

Chapter 53

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 Song Lian sat down, his expression calm as water. Song Qingfu sat down next to him, and before he could sit firmly, he heard Song Lian ask, “Have you already decided?”

Song Qingfu stammered, since Song Lian had heard it, there was no need to hide it, he finally gritted his teeth, “That’s right, the brothers below are already thinking about it, if they are not satisfied this time, these people who defected to me will only be extremely disappointed, then everything we have done before will be in vain.”

Song Lian nodded, “You can go, but you must not be greedy, if they have backups, you can’t insist on fighting.” 

“What? What?” Song Qingfu thought that he had heard it wrong, he thought that Song Lian would not agree, but listening to this, he agreed?

“It’s better to agree and decide on a plan, after all, this is a royal gift from the emperor, when and where can we make our move? And what to do after we get the goods, how to get rid of the pursuers, these are all problems, they all have to be planned and arranged.”

Song Qingfu was overjoyed. As long as Song Lian agreed, then nothing would be a problem, he rubbed his hands and said happily: “Okay, I’ll listen to you, as for how to arrange all this, I will have to trouble Mr Song.”

Song Lian let out a “En”, lowered his eyes and stopped talking.

Song Qingfu did not notice his abnormality, and walked back and forth in the hall a few times, then said excitedly: “I will tell them the news, this time we must make a big splash, robbing the rich to help the poor. If we even dare to make a move on the emperor’s things, just wait for the news to spread around. In the future, we will see who dares not look at me Song Qingfu, hahaha!”

Song Lian frowned slightly, he wanted to say something, but finally his lips twitched a few times, and he didn’t say it, however, there was an imperceptible dark light under his eyes.

Song Qingfu was proud, his face was full of red light, he had not yet begun to implement it, and yet he acted as if he had already succeeded. At this moment, he couldn’t care about anything, and energetically asked people to come and discuss.

Song Lian didn’t like to see the others, he got up and left. When he walked to the door, he turned his head to look at Song Qingfu before leaving.

Ming Yu took a bite of the crisp and sweet watermelon, it was indeed the taste in his memory, mmm! Now he can finally satisfy his craving. 

General Wei had already eaten two small pieces, he had never eaten this thing, the taste was really good, he opened his mouth, “Your Highness, is there any of the thing called watermelon left? I still want to….”

Liu Zhifu glanced at General Wei and shook his head, how did this person live to this age? It’s really incurable stupidness.

Liu Zhifu and General Wei could still sit in this position, all thanks to Ming Yu, so they were very grateful to Ming Yu. In the last incident in Ningshi Village, he and General Wei were inescapable from punishment, he had already written to His Majesty the Emperor to request for punishment, and it was Ming Yu who interceded on their behalf to save them of their crime. His Majesty’s imperial decree also mentioned to punish them lightly, but reproached them for their dereliction of duty, letting them remember it first. If such a thing happened in the future, they would be punished heavier. To make up for their crime, they had to do good deeds to assist Duan Wang with all their strength.

Today, Duan Wang sent someone to invite them to his house, so even if they were busy, they still had to come.

Sure enough, before his words were finished, Ming Yu had already waved his hand again and again to refuse, “It’s gone, it’s gone, there are only a few in total for this first batch, and I have to send it to the capital to give my father a taste, I don’t have anymore.” 

To be honest, the emperor has been very good to his son. Perhaps he is not a competent father, but his kindness is visible. Maybe because the emperor is getting old or yearns for the warmth of an ordinary family, he has become more tolerant of his harmless and foolish younger son. This is also the reason why Ming Yu dares to be so reckless in the palace. He empathizes his father’s favor and is willing to do things that can warm his father’s heart so his Father will spoil him such as asking the emperor for help when he needs money. Thus giving the glasses he made or sending some freshly grown watermelons to show his affection was a must.

Since Ming Yu had already said it so clearly, General Wei knew that he couldn’t get it, so he still had some regrets in his heart. Originally, he thought that he could get more from Ming Yu, so he could bring it back to his family for them to have a taste, but it’s a pity!

Today, Ming Yu held a melon eating conference, as the name suggests, the watermelon he planted in the greenhouse was ripe. Except for the one to be given to the emperor, the rest was used to treat guests to have a taste. Taking advantage of the good weather today, he invited them over, and conveniently the net that should be collected by the way should also be collected.

Although Ming Yu said that the watermelon was gone, but…

“Wang Ye, how does this watermelon grow? How was the harvest? Can the commoners grow this watermelon as well?” Liu Zhifu asked respectfully.

Liu Zhifu’s vision was unique, he understood the truth that things were rare and the watermelon that Wang Ye took out to treat guests today was sweet and delicious. It was really a rare good thing. He had never heard of it before, had never seen it before, it was a real rarity. It was believed that as long as the people can grow this watermelon, it will inevitably be favoured by the world.

General Wei’s eyes lit up when he heard this, Aiya! Yes! Since Wang Ye can take out this watermelon, of course there is a way to grow it. Although there was none this time, it does not mean that there will be none next time.

Ming Yu smiled, this Liu Zhifu was really shrewd, he asked about this as soon as he came. However, Ming Yu did not plan to hide it, he first planted it experimentally, but also so that the people could plant it as soon as possible.

“If Liu Zhifu is interested, you can ask the old farmers who planted this watermelon, the watermelon was all grown by them, if you want to talk about experience, they are much better at it than Ben Wang.” 

Liu Zhifu was overjoyed, then hesitated a little. Such a rare thing, Wang Ye didn’t care about taking it out, didn’t he know that if this thing was in his hands, how much profit and wealth can be created for him, can he really give it away like this?

“Wang Ye? This?” Liu Zhifu didn’t understand what Ming Yu was thinking.

Ming Yu saw through his thoughts, and laughed, “Liu Zhifu rest assured, Ben Wang will not ask you for patent copyright fees. Even if you don’t ask, Ben Wang will still let the old farmers take a small number of people to try to plant, the watermelons planted will be sold by Ben Wang’s own sales channels, then the watermelon farmers will naturally have a shared profit. ”

Liu Zhifu did not understand what patent copyright was in Mingyu’s mouth, but he also understood what he meant. It turned out that Wang Ye had already thought through it,  and it was he who was overthinking.

Xie Yixiu, who was silently eating melons on the side, glanced up at Ming Yu at this time, but he was not surprised by Ming Yu’s statement. Perhaps Ming Yu was the only one in this world who was so different, something that may be precious and rare in the eyes of others, in his eyes, he did not care at all. It was the same for the crystal glass, same for the thousand mile eyes, and same for the watermelon today.

He wiped his hands with the cloth towel sent by his subordinates, he really just tasted it. This watermelon was very sweet, he can’t say whether he liked it or not, but it can only be said that it was not unpalatable.

“Wang Ye asked us to come, it’s probably not just a simple matter of eating melons, right?” Xie Yixiu said lightly.

Ming Yu smiled, “Of course, the most important thing is that the news just came today, the fish have been hooked, our net had long been laid, and it’s time to close the net.” 

General Wei slapped his thigh, they finally waited for this day. He had enough of these waiting days. The commoners were pointing them behind their backs, scolding the garrison officers and soldiers for being a waste, did they think this was what they wanted to do? It was Wang Ye who gave the extreme order so that they could not act rashly, that’s why it had been delayed until now.

Now that Wang Ye had spoken, they finally had a place to be useful, they were ready to do a grand service to wash away the wrongs they have suffered these days.

Xie Yixiu nodded, they had been preparing for so long, it was time to annihilate them in one fell swoop.

The materials sent over were not only the things that the emperor rewarded, but also the next batch of goods that the crown prince prepared for Ming Yu. The caravan sent away by Ming Yu last year had not yet returned, but counting the time, if there was no accident, it should probably be on the way back. Because it was the first time they travelled to and from various countries in the Western Regions, Ming Yu did not ask them to travel to all countries, but only let them take Wan Kingdom as their destination and bring back good horses as many as possible, as for the rest, there was no need to force it.

When they come back, they can rest first before setting off again with their goods. When they get bigger and bigger, one day, the reputation of the Great Yan caravan will spread in the countries of the Western Regions, and more people will join in. That would be the true formation of the Silk Road.

By that time, Liangcheng, as a real east-west hub station, what kind of sparks will be produced when the cultural and economic between the East and the West collide? The future of Liangcheng will have endless possibilities.

Song Qingfu carefully wiped the big blade in his hand. The blade followed him for several years, going through fire and water, now it can come in handy again.

Everyone on the mountain had already gathered, they were going to set out today, with the goal of bringing back the convoy of supplies that was sent to Duan Wang.

Everyone was in a stirring mood, their blood was gushing. They were going to rob the things of the Great Yan’s Wang Ye, who else under the sky dared to think about this, but they dared. They were already ready, ready to accomplish an amazing task.

Song Qingfu walked to the front of the team, what should have been said had already been said. He raised his hand and waved it forward vigorously, as he shouted with great enthusiasm: “Go!” 

The team of two thousand people walked toward the bottom of the mountain, their purpose was to move to Zhaofeng Mountain. It was also the closest way for the convoy to Liangcheng. They heard accurate information that within two days, the convoy will arrive at Zhaofeng Mountain. As long as they make an ambush in advance, they will be able to take this batch of materials in one fell swoop.

After that, Mr. Song had already arranged how to retreat, how to keep the backhand, and how to transfer and hide in groups afterward. As long as they succeed, they will not worry about eating and drinking in the future. They all believed in Mr. Song. As long as the goods were in their hands, and as long as they did as Mr. Song said, then the soldiers would not be able to do anything to them.

Song Qingfu walked these past two days as if he was floating, when he thought of this, he couldn’t suppress his grin. In addition to gold, silver jewellery, and crystal glass, these were treasures among treasures, the emperor’s playthings will all fall into his hands, he can also live such a life.

However, the sun was already westward, and yet there was still no figure on the mountain road, let alone the convoy. The people below were a little restless, what’s going on? Have they already figured it out? At this time, the convoy should have come a long time ago, but what about the people? Can it be that they flew away already?

“Leader, why haven’t we seen this convoy arrive yet? Our brothers have been waiting here for two days already.” Sun Zheng was anxious in his heart and found Song Qingfu to ask.

Song Qingfu didn’t know what was going on, he glanced at Song Lian next to him and saw that the other party frowned, he didn’t know what he was thinking.

He circled around in place twice, “The spy is already inquiring about the news, I believe he will be back soon.” 

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the spy to report the message.

Song Qingfu urgently let the person in while panicked, and before the spy could catch his breath, Song Qingfu had already stepped forward and grabbed the person’s clothes, asking urgently: “Quickly speak, where is the convoy? Why hasn’t it been seen yet? ”

The spy did not dare to delay, he was forced by the pressure and stumbled and said: “Reporting to leader, convoy… The convoy did not come this way. ”

“What?” Song Qingfu threw the word out, “What did you say? What does it mean not coming this way? ”

He was about to lose his temper and kick the person, but was stopped by Song Lian, “Don’t be impatient, wait for me to ask properly.”

Song Qingfu sat back in his seat with a huff.

“Speak clearly, what’s going on? Where did the convoy go if it didn’t come this way?” Song Lian walked to the spy, squatted down, and asked softly.

The spy was finally less afraid, and said what he had inquired about, “When the convoy was not far ahead, it wasn’t known why there was a pile of rubble on the road. Because it was not good for the convoy to pass, their people discussed and decided to take a long detour and went to the side of the Qifeng River Valley instead.”

“What!” Sun Zheng was also very angry when he heard this. What is this? So, their plan to lie in ambush for the past two days had been in vain? “Whoever put the rubble on the road, when Lao Tzu catches him, I will have to separate him into eight pieces.” Sun Zheng said fiercely. He was really angry, seeing that they were about to succeed, but in the end, they fell short, and their hard work these days was in vain.

Song Qingfu was also speechless, just because of such a little thing, they let them slip away from under their noses like this? The wealth that should have been in their hand was lost in vain, this was absolutely impossible!

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