Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Buying a house for my daughter-in-law

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The two brothers walked out of the isolation room. When they passed by several police officers, the police asked if Chu Suiyun was still feeling sick.

Chu Suiyun said embarrassedly to them, “I’ve caused you trouble.” 

The two walked out of the police station under the concern of the police.

Standing at the door of the police station, Chu Suiyun suddenly stopped, raised his hand to pinch his sleeve, and sniffed at the cuff.

Chu Muyu walked to the front and found that his brother hadn’t followed, and turned around to look at him: “Brother, what’s wrong?”

Chu Suiyun frowned.

When he was drowsy just now due to the effect of the drug, he smelled a nice smell on the tip of his nose, but it disappeared when he woke up. He didn’t know what his mood was, and he wanted to smell it again.

But there was no smell on the cuffs.

Chu Suiyun shook his head and put his hand down from the tip of his nose: “It’s alright, let’s go.”

When he went to drive, Chu Muyu was worried that his brother’s injection of the inhibitor would have side effects, and that he couldn’t drive normally, and was worried along the way.

Fortunately, Chu Suiyun just talked a little less than usual. His consciousness was still clear and there was no problem, and he drove home safely.

But after all, it was something that suppresses an Alpha’s body functions. No matter how perfect the inhibitor is, it will bring some side effects. The side effects for different Alphas were different. Alphas with large reactions may lose reproductive function after excessive use. However, most Alphas just show depression after they are injected with inhibitors.

Chu Suiyun remembered that he had never been injected with an inhibitor, and this was the first time he had been given one at the police station.

Superior Alphas are called superior not only because their pheromone is stronger than general Alphas and have stronger reproductive ability, but also because they are more stable, whether it is emotion or control of pheromone.

The vast majority of normal Alphas will show periodic susceptibility periods in adulthood, during which they become cranky, irritable, and lustful. Superior Alphas do not have periodic susceptibility periods unless they get sick, which makes them more rational.

Generally, the susceptibility period of an Alpha is once every one to three months, and each time, it lasts three to five days. Dong Kejie would lock himself up for a few days every three months, and Chu Suiyun always bought him some food during this period to prevent him from starving to death.

The feeling of losing control of one’s pheromone was unpleasant, and he was injected with an inhibitor. Chu Suiyun’s brain was now unresponsive, and he had used up all his attention while driving, so he became silent.

It was the first time that Chu Suiyun was so angry. When he saw the photos of his younger brother being secretly taken, his brain seemed to explode, and he couldn’t control his emotions at all.

At that time, Chu Suiyun would rather that the scumbag Li Cen not be caught, so that he can make the guy pay the price he deserves, it is too cheap for him to be locked up.

But thinking of what his brother said in the isolation room at the end, Chu Suiyun sighed. He will let the law punish him first.

A few days later, a rare weekend came.

At seven o’clock in the morning, Chu Suiyun had developed a biological clock because he went to work every day. When he was at school, he was still sleeping soundly at this time, but now he had already prepared breakfast for his brother.

“Xiao Yu, get up to eat.” Chu Suiyun shouted at the door of his brother’s room, and went to the dining table to sit first.

After a while, Chu Muyu appeared in front of the dining table, asked his elder brother for breakfast, sat down at the dining table, and took a small bite of the fried egg.

After eating the fried eggs, Chu Muyu glanced at his brother and said, “I’m going to play with Liao Xiao Yuan today.”

Chu Suiyun didn’t care, because his brother had to play with Liao Xiao Yuan almost every weekend.

“Go and come back early. Do you need pocket money?”

Chu Muyu shook his head: “I have money.”

Generally speaking, the conversation between the brothers was almost over here. But when Chu Suiyun finished eating the bread, he thought of the photo of his younger brother and Shen Qingdeng that he saw that day.

So Chu Suiyun asked, “Are you really playing with Liao Xiao Yuan?”

Chu Muyu looked at his brother in confusion.

Chu Suiyun coughed twice to hide his embarrassment: “Actually, brother will not interfere with your relationship with an Alpha, as long as that person is not a scumbag like Qin Miao…”

“Brother Miao is not a scumbag.” Chu Muyu retorted.

“Okay, he’s not.” Chu Suiyun didn’t want to argue with his brother on this point, “I mean, if you really have an Alpha with whom you’re dating, you can tell me, I won’t disagree.”

Chu Muyu said with a red face: “I don’t! What are you talking about!”

“Something Deng, wasn’t it?” Chu Suiyun was a little surprised, didn’t they both go to the amusement park on a date?

“No, no.” Chu Muyu hurriedly denied it, and hurriedly ate the last bite of bread, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m going to change.”

After speaking, Chu Muyu returned to the room as if smearing oil on the soles of his feet, and closed the door, closing it hard.

Chu Suiyun was at a loss, not understanding what was going on. Could it be a conflict?

But soon, Chu Suiyun had no time to think about his younger brother, because a big Buddha found him.

Just after washing the dishes, Chu Suiyun’s phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number. Because Chu Suiyun’s job involves a lot of contact with strangers, he was afraid of missing important calls, so he would still answer unfamiliar numbers.

Unexpectedly, as soon as it was connected, a familiar female voice came from the receiver.

“Xiao Xue, today is the weekend, I wonder if you have time to go shopping with Auntie?”

Chu Suiyun quickly compared the voice with someone he knew in his head, and he came to the result in less than half a second.

This is Qin Miao’s mother.

Chu Suiyun’s heart was suddenly alarmed, and the relaxed sitting posture became straight, even if Mother Qin couldn’t see it at all.

Hearing the invitation from Mother Qin, Chu Suiyun was full of entanglements. He wanted to refuse, but how could he refuse? His identity is Qin Miao’s fiancee, and his future husband’s mother wants to go shopping with her daughter-in-law. He just happens to have no other arrangements today, so how can he politely refuse?

“Hello.” After holding back for a long time, Chu Suiyun couldn’t think of what to say, so he said hello first.

Mother Qin thought it was Chu Suiyun who didn’t hear what she just said, and said it again thoughtfully: “Xiao Xue, I asked if you are free today, how about going shopping with me? Auntie will buy you new clothes.”

“No, Auntie, I have enough clothes to wear.” Chu Suiyun refused, the excuse was very poor.

“Then will you buy some clothes with me? Auntie has been at home for several days, and is finally coming out to get some air. Or do you have something to do today?” Mother Qin’s tone sounded negotiable, but it was even more difficult for people to refuse.

“It’s not a problem…” Chu Suiyun said bravely.

“Why don’t you go shopping with Auntie? I’ve only met you once. From now on, we’re a family. Auntie also wants to know more about you.”

Chu Suiyun’s brain jumped.

So at eleven o’clock, Chu Suiyun was fully armed and met Mother Qin in the shopping mall.

Mother Qin could see her daughter-in-law, who was tall and long, from a distance. He was good-looking and gentle. Every time she looked at her, she felt even more satisfied.

At the age and position of Mother Qin, she often does not have any scruples, and some words are said when they think of it.

So she took Chu Suiyun’s forearm, looked at it, and praised with satisfaction: “Oh, the more I look at you, the better I think of Xiao Xue. I don’t know what kind of blessing Lao Er has cultivated to catch you.

“Hehehe…” Chu Suiyun didn’t know how to answer, so he could only laugh with her, but fortunately, he went to socialize a few days ago, and he had already grasped the fake smile.

For the next two hours, Mother Qin took Chu Suiyun to visit almost all the luxury brands in the shopping center, and changed Chu Suiyun’s outfit from head to toe.

Chu Suiyun was too embarrassed to accept it at first, and would shirk a few words. After an hour, he had learned to keep silent, becoming a qualified doll for Mother Qin to dress up.

After visiting another clothing store, Mother Qin gave Chu Suiyun a set of winter clothes and asked him to change into them.

Chu Suiyun dragged his sore legs and walked into the locker room.

After walking out, he was surrounded by shopping clerks and Mother Qin for evaluation.

Because of Mother Qin’s generosity, the shopping clerk’s smile at this time was very sincere: “Oh, your son’s body proportion is very good, I have never seen such a tall Omega, who can support these clothes.”

Mother Qin, bursting with joy, explained patiently to the shopping clerk, “This is not my son, but my daughter-in-law.”

Chu Suiyun, who was standing on the side, was now used to being called “fiancee,” “madam,” “Sister-in-law,” and “daughter-in-law.” ”, so his face did not change at this time, and he was calm.

“It turned out to be your daughter-in-law, then your son and you are blessed.” The shopping clerk closed his eyes and praised.

Mother Qin: “Hahaha, yes. And my son is tall, so it’s better to find a taller daughter-in-law. Those short Omegas and my son are not in harmony.” 

The shopping clerk followed and said a few more jokes making Mother Qin extremely happy. With a wave of her hand, she bought the whole set.

Walking out of the clothing store, Chu Suiyun’s shopping bags were full in both hands. Only then did Mother Qin feel that it was about right, and took Chu Suiyun to dinner.

After eating, Chu Suiyun thought that today’s tour was coming to an end, but was mysteriously dragged into the car by Mother Qin who said she was taking him to a place.

Ten minutes later, the car drove into a sales department.

When Chu Suiyun sat down with Mother Qin in the sales center, an ominous premonition rose.

Sure enough, Mother Qin almost scared Chu Suiyun as soon as she opened her mouth.

“Xiao Xue, Auntie wants to buy you a house.”

Chu Suiyun looked at Mother Qin in surprise, and quickly waved his hand to refuse: “No, Auntie, you don’t need to buy me a house.”

“I need to.” Mother Qin said, “you and Lao Er are going to get married, and you must have a wedding house. Lao Er has several properties under his name, but it’s either too far, or it was bought and left for too long without anyone living in it. It is not suitable for a wedding house. The only one that is not bad is the one you and Lao Er live in now, but that house was renovated like a rough house by Lao Er. How can it be used? So I thought about it, I should buy you one in your name, a wedding house.”

Rough, rough house? Qin Miao lives in a rough house now, so what is it that he and Xiao Yu lived in? A tent?

“No… I really don’t need it, it’s pretty good now.”

Chu Suiyun is an actor invited by Qin Miao, how can he have the right to receive gifts from his mother?

Clothes don’t matter, but the house must not be collected.

“You are the daughter-in-law of my family, and we are all in the same family. What’s the difference between giving it to you and buying it for myself? It’s the same, you don’t need to be awkward.” Mother Qin advised.

Chu Suiyun couldn’t resist, he shied away several times, and simply stood up: “I, I’ll go to the toilet first.”

Then he quickly grabbed the phone and ran to the toilet.

When he got to the toilet cubicle, Chu Suiyun called Qin Miao.

“Hello?” Qin Miao answered the phone quickly.

Chu Suiyun: “Qin Miao, help.”

After more than ten minutes, Qin Miao hurriedly entered the sales department and saw Chu Suiyun who had just come out of the toilet.

After Chu Suiyun called Qin Miao, he didn’t dare to go out to face Mother Qin. He kept hiding,  the longest possible time for a normal person to go to the toilet before he came out. As a result, he ran into Qin Miao.

Qin Miao walked in front of Chu Suiyun in a few steps and asked, “How is it, where is my mother?”

Chu Suiyun gestured with his eyes. Qin Miao looked over and saw his mother sitting in the seat reading a magazine.

“Let’s go, it’s alright.”

After speaking, Qin Miao took Chu Suiyun to the place where Mother Qin was, and the two sat down opposite.

Mother Qin raised his eyes and was not surprised to see her son appearing in front of her.

She smiled, glanced at Chu Suiyun, and said, “I guessed that you were going to call for a rescue soldier.”

Mother Qin was quite fond of this. It showed that her daughter-in-law was obedient, and her son was the one who made the decision. Although she herself was an Omega who squeezes her husband to the bone, as a mother, she can’t help but be partial to her son.

Chu Suiyun hid, thinking, you and your mother should discuss, don’t look at me, I don’t exist.

Qin Miao sat down and went straight to the point: “Why do you suddenly want to buy a house for Xiao Xue?”

Mother Qin moved her mouth and repeated the words she just gave Chu Suiyun. Qin Miao listened quietly, and after listening, he said, “It makes sense.”

Chu Suiyun was startled and reached out and pinched Qin Miao’s waist.

Qin Miao, who received the signal, turned around and said, “But it’s not necessary.”

Mother Qin frowned: “Why? You are so stingy that you don’t want to buy a house for your wife?”

These words accurately attacked the Alpha’s self-esteem, and Qin Miao was silent.

Seeing that something was wrong, Chu Suiyun pinched Qin Miao again.

Qin Miao was in pain, but he couldn’t show it on his face. He felt uncomfortable, so he could only reach out and hold Chu Suiyun tightly in his arms, holding his hand with one hand to prevent this person’s claws from being dishonest.

Controlling Chu Suiyun, Qin Miao continued to say to his mother, “It’s not being stingy. It’s just that Xiao Xue is very shy with strangers, and it took a lot of effort to persuade him to move in with me before. He doesn’t want to change places all the time. Wait for a while and we can talk again.”

Chu Suiyun was tightly hugged by Qin Miao, and his head was inevitably placed on his shoulder.

In this place close to the Alpha’s gland, Chu Suiyun suddenly smelled a familiar smell.

So he raised his head and stared at Qin Miao with wide eyes.

Mother Qin: “But the longer he lives in your place, the more reluctant he is to move. It’s better to change quickly.”

Qin Miao was about to speak, but he felt a gaze that could not be ignored staring at him, and he unconsciously turned around to face Chu Suiyun’s eyes directly.

Being stared at by this gaze, Qin Miao suddenly forgot what he was going to say.

Chu Suiyun’s eyes seemed to have an irresistible attraction. When he looked at him seriously, especially when he looked up, no one could not be bewitched by those eyes.

Qin Miao’s throat tickled, and the prominent Adam’s apple couldn’t help sliding up and down.

Then he raised his hand, went around Chu Suiyun’s head, and covered those eyes.

No, he can’t look.

Chu Suiyun’s eyes were covered, but he didn’t resist. He even closed his eyes obediently. Qin Miao clearly felt the moment when the eyelashes were sliding in the palm of his hand.

Chu Suiyun had no other thoughts in his mind, he just felt that Qin Miao’s body smelled very good.

Later, what Qin Miao said to his mother, he didn’t even remember. Chu Suiyun leaned on Qin Miao’s shoulder as if falling asleep, silent.

In short, Mother Qin finally temporarily gave up the idea of ​​buying a house for Chu Suiyun.

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