Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 42

Chapter 42 High Tech Stalker

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After sending Mother Qin in the car home, Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun stood side by side at the door of the sales office.

“I’ll take you home.” Qin Miao stood for a while and suggested.

Although Chu Suiyun came by car today, the car was parked in the shopping center, and the sales office was still a long way from there.

So Chu Suiyun said nothing: “Send me back to the shopping center, my car is still there.”

Qin Miao naturally agreed. The two went to the parking lot.

After the car started, Qin Miao looked at the road ahead, slowly drove out of the parking lot, and asked distractedly, “What’s wrong with you today, are you tired?”

Chu Suiyun didn’t know why he asked, “What?”

Qin Miao smiled a little: “You usually jump up when I touch you, why did you fall asleep leaning on my shoulder today?”

After saying this, Qin Miao originally was prepared to make Chu Suiyun angry, but he didn’t expect that Chu Suiyun didn’t explode.

“I don’t know.” Chu Suiyun was calm, “Maybe I smelled a familiar smell on you.”

Qin Miao’s pupils shrank and couldn’t help but look back at Chu Suiyun. He tried his best to stabilize his voice and asked, “What’s the smell? Why do you feel it familiar?”

Chu Suiyun didn’t know the fluctuations in Qin Miao’s heart. He leaned lazily on the passenger seat. Looking at the city landscape outside the window, his voice was also lazy.

“I forgot.” He frowned.

“I seem to have forgotten something.”

There are many popular cake shops in Shanlan City, which is a favorite gathering place for young students.

Liao Xiao Yuan had a sweet tooth. Today, when he asked Chu Muyu to play, the location he chose was an internet popular cake shop.

Liao Xiao Yuan was an Omega with a round face but a slender body. It was unclear where he got such a big appetite, but he ordered a whole table of desserts easily. He specially brought a SLR to take pictures. The cake was served on the table, but the camera ate first.

After the “click, click” shot, Liao Xiao Yuan raised his head and saw that Chu Muyu was still playing with his phone.

“Chu Muyu!” Liao Xiao Yuan called out to his friend, “You’ve been looking at your phone since you sat down.”

Chu Muyu pressed the screen on his phone and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

Liao Xiao Yuan pursed his lips, “I won’t blame you. It’s just that you don’t chat with me, you keep playing with your phone. I see that you’re typing, are you chatting with someone online?”

“I’m sending a message.” Chu Muyu explained, his eyes wandering unconsciously, he didn’t want to elaborate. 

He was sending a message to Shen Qingdeng.

Since returning from the amusement park last time, Shen Qingdeng has become very strange. Although that person had few words in the past, he would reply to Chu Muyu’s message sentence by sentence, and he would reply in seconds.

Even if it’s an “Oh”, or even an expression, at least he will answer.

But in the past few days, Chu Muyu had sent a lot of messages, and Shen Qingdeng would only answer one or two words perfunctorily, and all of them were “en”, “no time” or “no”.

Shen Qingdeng sent Chu Muyu home before, and Chu Muyu could always meet him at school. In addition to the two public classes they took together, occasionally in the cafeteria, when Chu Muyu was eating alone, Shen Qingdeng would also appear.

But starting this week, Chu Muyu never saw Shen Qingdeng in the school again.

The two were from different departments, and it was a small probability event that they would meet by chance on a large campus. Chu Muyu was not a fool, of course, he vaguely guessed that Shen Qingdeng did it on purpose. But now even in the public class with the two, Shen Qingdeng did not appear.

Shen Qingdeng was hiding from him, and Chu Muyu clearly recognized this.

During this time, he always sent messages to Shen Qingdeng. At first, he politely asked if he was free to go home and to have dinner together, and without exception, he got the answer of “no time”. Later, Chu Muyu directly asked Shen Qingdeng if he was hiding from him, but Shen Qingdeng said, “No.”

Chu Muyu just now was also sending a message to Shen Qingdeng, asking him if he had time to go out on the weekend, but he still hasn’t received Shen Qingdeng’s answer.

When Liao Xiao Yuan watched Chu Muyu finish speaking, he lowered his eyes and looked melancholy and sad, then he suddenly asked, “Are you in love?”

“Ah?” Chu Muyu raised his head blankly, denying, “No. “

“You’re still saying no?” Liao Xiao Yuan looked like he had seen through the mystery. “You just need to answer me whether the person you sent the message to is an Alpha.”

“He is an Alpha, but we don’t…” Chu Muyu explained.

“Don’t say it anymore, even if it’s not a relationship, it’s almost that, right?” Liao Xiao Yuan grabbed Chu Muyu’s hand with a face full of gossip, “Tell me, is he handsome or not?”

Chu Muyu was not in the mood to talk to Liao Xiao Yuan, mentioning Shen Qingdeng only made him feel puzzled and unhappy.

Seeing that his friend’s mood was visibly depressed, Liao Xiao Yuan also put away his smile and asked with concern, “What’s wrong? Did he bully you?”

“I don’t know…” Chu Muyu raised his hand and covered his eyes.

“It was fine before, but since last week, he suddenly alienated me. I don’t know if I did something wrong…”

Chu Muyu told Liao Xiao Yuan about the change in Shen Qingdeng’s attitude.

Liao Xiao Yuan had a strange look on his face at first, but the more he heard it, the more angry he became. When Chu Muyu finished speaking, Liao Xiao Yuan slapped the table and made a firm conclusion.

“He’s a scumbag!”

Chu Muyu felt that this statement was inappropriate, and retorted: “But he didn’t do anything to me, and we weren’t… we weren’t together.”

Liao Xiao Yuan: “A scumbag isn’t just a person who hurts you after being together, Xiao Yu.”

Chu Muyu looked at Liao Xiao Yuan and listened intently to his explanation.

“You also said that he suddenly came into contact with you during a public class one day. At the beginning, he was very proactive, right?”

Chu Muyu nodded.

Liao Xiao Yuan continued: “This means that he started chasing you first. When he sends you home every day, you can see that he is interested in you. You said that his transformation started at the amusement park. You were very happy that night. Do you think he is very good, and even had the urge to confess to him?”

Chu Muyu blushed. He never thought about taking the initiative to confess, but Liao Xiao Yuan was right about everything else. He felt that Shen Qingdeng was very good that night, so for the first time, he took the initiative to say that he was very happy to be with Shen Qingdeng, although Shen Qingdeng didn’t hear it.

“This is the problem!” Liao Xiao Yuan clapped his hands, “He had already sensed the change in your attitude that night. He felt that he has caught you, so he is now playing hard-to-get with you.”

“Hard-to-get?” Chu Muyu frowned, “Why? Huh?”

“Idiot! Of course it’s for dominance in the future relationship! Think about it. He was the one who chased you first, and if he was the one who confessed first, you’ve always been the one liked, and in this relationship, you are in the leading position. But when he does this, you are worried about the gains and losses. You feel that you can’t live without him, so you can’t hold your breath and will confess to him. In the relationship, won’t he dominate?”

Chu Muyu thought for a while. I think Liao Xiao Yuan’s words are reasonable, but there is something wrong.

Liao Xiao Yuan continued angrily: “Many Alphas are like this. They like the feeling that everything is under their control. Even a partner needs to be in complete control and they can’t bear to be led by the nose.”

“My mother said this kind of Alpha is unacceptable.” Liao Xiao Yuan said to Chu Muyu seriously.

The light in Chu Muyu’s eyes dimmed obviously. He lowered his head and poked at the cake on the plate.

“Besides, we don’t have that kind of relationship. I just don’t want to lose him as a friend.” 

What Chu Muyu and Liao Xiao Yuan didn’t know was that, opposite the cake shop, there was a gap between the two buildings. Shen Qingdeng in sportswear was standing leisurely by the wall.

The Alpha’s tall figure easily supported the loose sportswear. Shen Qingdeng’s head was covered with the hood that came with his shirt, which just covered the Bluetooth headset he was wearing on his right ear.

From this angle, he could just see Chu Muyu and Liao Xiao Yuan who were sitting outside the cake shop.

Chu Muyu’s voice came from the earphones, the Omega said that he couldn’t bear to lose his good friend. Hearing this, Shen Qingdeng’s calm surface had a trace of waves, and he blinked.

Then Shen Qingdeng took off the Bluetooth headset from his ears, took out the mask to cover half of his face, and turned away from the cake shop.

Crossing the gap between the buildings to the main road, Shen Qingdeng beckoned, and a taxi stopped in front of him.

After getting into the car, Shen Qingdeng played with the Bluetooth earphone box unconsciously in his hand. Instead of wearing earphones when he was alone, as usual, he stared at the road in a trance.

Half an hour later, the taxi stopped at the entrance of a high-end community, and Shen Qingdeng paid to get off.

Walking into the community, getting on the elevator, Shen Qingdeng came to his door and pressed the password.

The door opened, and the first floor was an empty room that was simply decorated. There was no TV in the living room, and the sofa was not a complete set. Countless cardboard boxes were neatly stacked in the room, and it seems that all the storage spaces in this home were simple cardboard boxes.

Shen Qingdeng changed his shoes and walked back to his room.

The layout of his room was also very simple, a bed and a wardrobe. The only difference is that his bedroom is connected to two other rooms, one is the bathroom behind the door, and the other door was unremarkable, lacking any mystery.

Then Shen Qingdeng walked over and pushed open the door.

The room behind the door was not too big, there was only a computer with excellent configuration in the center, which was very eye-catching.

The computer was not turned off, and the room was kept at a constant temperature. Shen Qingdeng didn’t show any surprise when he found out that the computer was turned on. It seemed that it wasn’t that he went out carelessly and forgot to turn off the power, but that the computer had been running all the time.

Shen Qingdeng turned on the lights in the room, walked to the computer and sat down.

The computer has three split screens and a vertically long mobile phone interface displayed on the right screen. The mobile phone interface was still changing, and someone should be using this mobile phone.

The user obviously doesn’t know that their screen is being monitored in real time, and they were sending messages on the social software unknowingly.

Looking at the computer, he can see that the owner of this phone having two contacts on the top, one with the note “Brother” and the other with the note “Shen Qingdeng”.

The owner of the phone clicked on the “Shen Qingdeng” message box and entered a paragraph of text: “What are you doing now?” But it was deleted before it was sent.

Shen Qingdeng silently looked at the monitoring interface of the mobile phone, watching Chu Muyu edit and delete messages to himself in a tangle, but his expression did not change at all.

The phone interface went black. Shen Qingdeng knew that this meant that Chu Muyu had locked the screen, so he retracted his gaze and naturally landed on the large central screen.

On the entire screen in the center, no programs were running, only the desktop wallpaper, with a pure black background and scarlet characters, clearly warnings to himself.

“Keep an eye on him, but don’t get close to him.”

That was a desktop made by Shen Qingdeng when he was a sophomore in high school. Shen Qingdeng looked at this sentence for a long time.

The room was so quiet that one could even hear Shen Qingdeng’s calm breathing.

Then, suddenly, Shen Qingdeng spoke to himself in the void.

“I want to get close to him.”

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