Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Password Zero Six Two Four

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It was another working day, and everyone in Fengmiao was working step by step and in an orderly manner.

Chu Suiyun was sitting in his seat sorting out information, when suddenly someone tapped him on the shoulder from behind.

Chu Suiyun looked up and saw that it was an Alpha from the same department, Lu Ren.

When Lu Ren saw Chu Suiyun looking over, he immediately said his business: “You are sorting out the data over the years on the Giant Ship, right? Zhou Papi asked me to check the data with you.”

It turned out to be for this matter. Chu Suiyun remembered he had printed a paper version after sorting it out.

“Okay, I remember I placed it…” Chu Suiyun said, and looked at the folders on the table.

Suddenly, his words stopped, and his mind went blank for a moment.

He didn’t remember where he put it.

Chu Suiyun’s expression did not change, and after putting the documents he was reading back on the book stand, he calmly said, “My documents are a bit messy here. When I find them, I’ll bring them to you, you can go back to work first.”

Lu Ren didn’t notice any difference. He nodded and left.

After Lu Ren left, Chu Suiyun rested his arms on the table and stared straight at the computer keyboard, but did not focus, and a burst of worry crept into his heart.

It was not the first time that he had forgotten something.

Chu Suiyun has a good memory. As long as he listens carefully to what the teacher said during school, he will not forget it for a semester. This advantage also gave him a lot of convenience after going to work.

As a person with a head injury, it is actually quite amazing to have such a good memory. Chu Suiyun never cared about it, he just thought he was lucky.

What the h*ll happened recently? He smelled a very familiar smell on Qin Miao last weekend, but he couldn’t remember where he smelled it.

The smell can be said to be an illusion, but when Xiao Yu told himself yesterday that Li Cen was transferred to a special nursing home, he almost blurted out for a moment: Who is Li Cen.

In the end, Chu Suiyun endured the discomfort of the blank memory and searched for a while in his mind before he remembered who Li Cen was.

The moment he remembered it, Chu Suiyun was soaked in cold sweat, how could he forget this person?

Could it be that the sequelae of the injury a few years ago happened only today after so long?

Three years ago, to be precise, four years had passed this year when Chu Suiyun had a car accident.

Chu Suiyun still remembered the exact time of the incident, June 24, the day of his 18th birthday.

At that time, he was only an adult, and he received a car from his father as an adult gift. He didn’t know what state he was in, but as the eldest son, he had always been reliable, yet he went racing late at night, then accidentally hit the guardrail.

After being rescued and revived, Chu Suiyun saw his father, whom he had not seen for several years, and found that there were many wrinkles on his face.

After Chu Suiyun woke up, he couldn’t remember what happened to him. His father and the doctor asked him if he could remember what happened before the accident. Chu Suiyun didn’t have the slightest impression.

Then his father sighed and told Chu Suiyun that he was in a car accident. The doctors said the inability to remember things could be caused by a concussion.

The memory loss had no impact on Chu Suiyun. He remembered his father, remembered his younger brother, remembered that he had just become an adult, and remembered that he had been admitted to Shanlan University. Except for the incident before and after the accident, Chu Suiyun remembered everything.

The memory of the car accident was not very good. Although Chu Suiyun had doubts about how he would go racing and whether he was pushed, in general, forgetting was better than remembering, so he didn’t specifically look for that memory.

The doctor was worried that Chu Suiyun’s memory would decline in the future, but a few years later, Chu Suiyun remembered things as fast as before, as if nothing happened. The doctor can only attribute it to the superior physique of a superior Alpha.

Now these symptoms of forgetfulness was something Chu Suiyun had never experienced before.

He thought it was time to see a doctor.

On the weekend, the First Hospital of Shanlan City.

Chu Suiyun held the registration form in his hand, and walked into the consultation room in response to the call from the big screen.

There was a doctor sitting in the clinic, a female Beta, who looked 40 years old, with short ears and short hair, and a mask standardly worn on the face. He could see a smile in her eyes.

“Doctor Zhai.” Chu Suiyun sat down opposite the doctor.

Zhai Xin has been Chu Suiyun’s doctor since the accident three years ago. Every time Chu Suiyun came back for a review, he would look for her. In addition, Zhai Xin knew Chu Suiyun’s father, so the relationship between the two was closer than that of ordinary doctors and patients.

“Xiao Yun.” Zhai Xin greeted, “Did you come to see a doctor? I remember you were given a check up some time ago.”

“Yes.” Chu Suiyun was a little heavy, “I feel a little forgetful recently.”

Zhai Xin raised an eyebrow : “Forgetfulness? Tell me in detail.”

“Some time ago… Xiao Yu had an incident.” Chu Suiyun said.

Zhai Xin nodded at the right time and said, “I saw it on the news, is Xiao Yu okay?”

“Thank you for your concern, he is okay.” Chu Suiyun said, “The stalker in that incident, I clearly met him. It’s impossible to forget. But when Xiao Yu mentioned it recently, I actually had to work very hard to remember that person. This is very inappropriate.”

Chu Suiyun glanced at the doctor and continued: “There are still some small things I forgot.”

The smile between Zhai Xin’s eyebrows had disappeared, she became serious, and asked, “Have you bumped your head recently?”

Chu Suiyun shook his head: “No.”

Zhai Xin asked again: “Have you taken any medicine recently?”

Chu Suiyun: “No.”

“Well…” Zhai Xin pondered for a moment, “Have you ever been emotionally agitated?”

Chu Suiyun: “…No.”

After speaking, Chu Suiyun frowned, feeling that something was wrong, but he couldn’t say anything, so he didn’t speak any more.

Zhai Xin asked a few more questions, and after Chu Suiyun answered them one by one, she tapped the table with a pen in confusion.

“There seems to be no problems from your answers.” Zhai Xin said, “It may take further examination to determine the cause.”

Chu Suiyun quietly waited for the doctor to speak.

“But the last time I looked at your scans, there was nothing abnormal. This time I need to conduct a more accurate test, but the instrument will do some damage to the body. My suggestion is that if you just forgot some small things, it will not affect your life. We can wait until later.”

Zhai Xin was right, although Chu Suiyun felt that he was forgetful, it was only some very small things, it could not be ruled out that he just didn’t bother to remember it. If it does not affect life, Chu Suiyun needs to weigh whether or not to do the test.

Chu Suiyun also cared so much because he had been injured in the past. If he was a normal person, he would not go to the hospital if he forgot a little thing. Since Zhai Xin said that he could wait and see, Chu Suiyun didn’t want to worry about it.

“Okay, Doctor Zhai, I’ll go back and observe for a few days.” Chu Suiyun finally decided not to do the examination.

Zhai Xin nodded at him: “Well, come here if you have any questions, it’s fine.” 

After leaving the clinic, Chu Suiyun stood in the corridor for a while. There were always so many people in the outpatient department of the hospital. A child brushed by his leg and ran away, and the child’s mother chased after him.

Chu Suiyun stood there for a long time in a trance, he felt as if he had forgotten something just now.

He decided to stay in the hospital for a while to see if he could remember.

So Chu Suiyun found a place on the bench and sat down, took out his mobile phone, and habitually clicked into the chat box with his brother.

In the chat box, there were chat messages between the two brothers. Because the two see each other a lot, messages are rarely sent. They were all “Are you here?”, “I’m here, come out.” These kinds of words .

So Chu Suiyun flipped twice and turned to the chat records from a week ago.

Chu Muyu: Brother, the police uncle said you left a piece of clothing at the police station. Is it yours?

Chu Muyu: [Picture]

At that time, Chu Suiyun didn’t know why he didn’t reply to this message, and Chu Muyu didn’t ask any further questions. Now that he saw it again, Chu Suiyun opened up the picture of the clothes and stared at it for a long time.

No impression, not only about this clothing, but Chu Suiyun didn’t even had the vague memory of why he went to the police station.

Chu Suiyun closed his eyes and held the phone in the palm of his hand. He felt as if he had caught a hint.

What happened on the day you went to the police station?

Ten minutes later, Chu Suiyun walked into Zhai Xin’s clinic again.

When Zhai Xin saw him appear again, a trace of surprise flashed in her eyes, and then she noticed the sweat on the tip of his nose, and hurriedly asked him to sit down.

“Why are you back?” Zhai Xin asked.

Chu Suiyun held both hands, naturally placed it between his legs, and said, “I had my pheromones go out of control caused by emotional agitation some time ago.”

As soon as these words came out, Zhai Xin’s expression immediately changed and became serious.

“Why didn’t you say it just now?” The loss of control of a superior Alpha is abnormal but not uncommon. Once it happens, it will have more serious consequences than the general loss of control of a regular Alpha.

Chu Suiyun said solemnly and slowly: “I just…forgot.”

“Tell me about the matter in detail.” Zhai Xin said.

Chu Suiyun nodded, cleared his throat, and told Zhai Xin all the things that happened at the police station that day that he tried his best to remember.

Hearing Chu Suiyun saying that the police had forcibly injected him with an inhibitor, Zhai Xin interrupted Chu Suiyun by raising her hand.

“You said you were given an emergency injection of depressants?”

Chu Suiyun: “Yes, Xiao Yu was by my side at the time. In order to quickly control the situation, they had to inject me with an inhibitor.”

Zhai Xin pondered for a moment, and let Chu Suiyun continue talking.

After Chu Suiyun finished speaking, Zhai Xin thought about it: “I think I probably know why you have symptoms of forgetfulness.”


Zhai Xin sighed: “It may be a side effect of the inhibitor.”

“As we all know, Alpha and Omega’s pheromone are very complex, and the injectable inhibitors produced uniformly on the market may cause different side effects. So now most Alpha and Omega will go to the hospital to adapt first, and then inject their own special inhibitor.”

“You are a superior Alpha who has never been out of control, nor have you come to the hospital for inhibitor adaptation. You have never used a regular injection before, so I highly suspect it is a side effect of the injection.”

“Is the side effect amnesia?” Chu Suiyun knew that the inhibitor would have side effects, but he had never heard that the side effect was amnesia.

“This is the most likely reason.” Zhai Xin said, “You should go get a screening.”

After that, Zhai Xin gave Chu Suiyun a list and asked him to take the list for testing.

After Chu Suiyun took the instruction, he left the clinic. Zhai Xin sat behind the table, pinched the bridge of her nose, and took off her mask.

She took out her phone and dialed a number.

“I’ll transfer it to the Reese federal line for you, please wait.”

An electronic female voice came from the phone, Zhai Xin waited patiently for a while, and finally waited for the answer from the person on the other side.

“Hello Mr. Chu.” Zhai Xin greeted the other side, “Xiao Yun came to see a doctor at my place today. He said that he has been a little forgetful recently.”

“That’s right, it’s not a big deal. I asked him some questions. We can probably guess the reason for Xiao Yun’s amnesia, which is likely to be the same reason as the memory loss back then.”

“We didn’t find out the cause back then, so I want to know if Mr. Chu is hiding something from the hospital?”

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