Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Memory: Here comes an Omega

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These words blurted out, and the two people in the room were a little surprised for a while. Chu Suiyun didn’t know why he felt sympathy for Qin Miao, but Qin Miao was surprised that Chu Suiyun, as an Alpha, was willing to “serve” another Alpha who he was not familiar with.

Things like massages, unless it is in a massage parlor, the relationship between two people must be relatively close, and in the hearts of many arrogant Alphas, giving others a massage is simply degrading.

Since the words were said, Chu Suiyun had no plans to take it back. He looked up at Qin Miao and asked with his eyes, “Do you want me to massage it?”

Qin Miao smiled: “Thank you then.” 

He got Qin Miao’s answer. Chu Suiyun took off his slippers, climbed onto the bed, and knelt down beside Qin Miao’s calf.

Qin Miao, who had taken a bath, was now wearing loose home clothes. The trouser legs were so large that they could be easily lifted, revealing the entire ankle. Chu Suiyun looked a little surprised. His ankle was already red and swollen, it was not lightly sprained.

“You need ice compresses for this.” Chu Suiyun pressed down carefully, “Does it hurt?”

Qin Miao nodded: “A bit.”

Chu Suiyun looked at Qin Miao’s ankle seriously and pressed it gently: “I’ll massage it for you first, and then I’ll help you see if there are any ice packs or the like in the villa later.”

Qin Miao didn’t speak, which could be considered to be tacit approval.

In the next few minutes, Chu Suiyun lowered his head quietly and focused, gently pressing Qin Miao’s ankle to help him activate blood and remove stasis. The silver-white moonlight flowed in from the window, like water in a cold spring pool, gurgling and flowing to submerge Chu Suiyun, softening the originally unruly eyebrows and eyes of the young Alpha.

The quiet atmosphere could easily breed embarrassing emotions. Qin Miao finally couldn’t help it and broke the quiet air again.

He asked, “What’s your name?”

Chu Suiyun’s hand paused, realizing that the two of them hadn’t exchanged names.

“Chu Suiyun.” He replied, “Chu from the Songs of Chu, Sui from shatter, and Yun as in the clouds in the sky.” 

The young man answered very seriously, as if introducing himself in a class. This seriousness almost amused Qin Miao.

Qin Miao thought about how to write Chu Suiyun’s name, and then said, “Suiyun, doesn’t it mean snow, then your name translates to ‘Chu Xue’? How did your parents pick it for you? A girl’s name–ah!”

Before he could finish speaking, Qin Miao called out in pain; it turned out that Chu Suiyun had squeezed him hard with his hands.

Qin Miao “hissed” and inhaled, then he saw Chu Suiyun staring at him with an unhappy face.

“Sorry.” Qin Miao quickly softened, after all, his injured leg was still in this person’s hands.

After hearing his apology, Chu Suiyun stopped caring about it and continued to help him massage his legs but Qin Miao couldn’t keep his mouth shut and asked, “Why don’t you ask for my name?”

For the first time, Chu Suiyun felt that this guy who was much older than himself was a little childish, and he asked directly: “What is your name? “

“Qin Miao, my name is Qin Miao.”

“Oh.” Chu Suiyun replied lightly.

The overly indifferent reaction surprised Qin Miao, he was surprised: “Don’t you know me?”

This time it was Chu Suiyun’s turn to feel strange: “Why should I know you, are you a big celebrity?”

Qin Miao asked: “Don’t you usually read any financial news?”

“Why?” Chu Suiyun frowned, “I don’t care about that.”

Qin Miao had no choice but to say, “Okay.”

His words made Chu Suiyun a little bit curious: “So who are you? I’m a university candidate, and I don’t have much time to watch TV and news.”

Qin Miao smiled slightly: “It doesn’t matter who I am.”

After getting this answer, Chu Suiyun decided that Qin Miao was unwilling to tell him, and no longer bothered to ask questions. He could only reluctantly suppress the curiosity in his heart and continue to massage his legs.

After pressing Qin Miao’s leg, Chu Suiyun went downstairs and found the kitchen. There was an ice machine in the kitchen. Chu Suiyun packed an ice pack and gave it to Qin Miao.

The next day and night, Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun stayed in this villa. There were only the two of them in the villa most of the time, and it was unclear where the guards went. Qin Miao had no plans to run away, so Chu Suiyun thought that he should be planning to meet Richie who was behind the scenes.

Qin Miao didn’t intend to leave, and Chu Suiyun could only give up his life to accompany the gentleman. After all, he was in the Reese Federation and had no documents, no mobile phone, and no money. He didn’t know where to flee.

Except on the first night, Chu Suiyun slept in Qin Miao’s room because he was afraid that he would be arrested and disposed of if he stayed alone. On the second night, when he found that the guards no longer appeared, Chu Suiyun moved away to another room.

Time passed quickly, and in the evening of the third day after arriving at the villa, Chu Suiyun was leaning against the living room watching TV.

A person’s adaptability is extremely strong. After spending two days peacefully here, Chu Suiyun almost got used to the life of being locked up.

They ate, drank and slept here. Besides the fact that they couldn’t access any communication equipment and they couldn’t step out of the villa, it was no different from a vacation. Obviously, Qin Miao was also a chill person, he slept until he woke up naturally for the past two days.

There were only a few fixed programs on TV, no Internet connection, and there were no pay-per-view channels. Chu Suiyun put on TV just to find something to do for himself.

Music was playing on the TV when Qin Miao’s footsteps came from the stairs, so Chu Suiyun looked over.

Qin Miao walked over lazily, nodded to Chu Suiyun, and kept walking towards the kitchen, it seemed that he wanted to drink water.

“Hey, don’t you feel uncomfortable?” Chu Suiyun suddenly spoke up and stopped Qin Miao.

Qin Miao turned around and looked at Chu Suiyun suspiciously. The meaning in his eyes was: Why did you say this?

Chu Suiyun pressed his temples: “We were really kidnapped, not running away from work and studying to go on vacation? Why are you so at ease?”

Qin Miao raised his eyebrows and heard Chu Suiyun’s meaning: “You still want to run?”

Chu Suiyun paused when his inner thoughts were revealed, then thinking that there was nothing to hide, he admitted: “Who doesn’t want to run after being placed under house arrest? What’s more, even if you really don’t plan to run now, you should still think about countermeasures, not be like this…”

Chu Suiyun’s voice finally stopped, and he didn’t say any more. What he really wanted to say was: they shouldn’t be eating, and sleeping every day acting like everything was safe.

After listening to Chu Suiyun’s words, Qin Miao stopped drinking water and walked upstairs instead.

“Come with me.”

Chu Suiyun didn’t know what he wanted to do, but he got up obediently, followed behind Qin Miao, and went to the balcony on the second floor.

When Chu Suiyun came, Qin Miao was already leaning on the railing and glancing at him leisurely: “Come.”

At his order, Chu Suiyun walked to Qin Miao’s side.

Qin Miao stood behind Chu Suiyun and bowed slightly. This movement almost embraced Chu Suiyun to his chest. He raised his hand and pointed.

“Do you see the person standing under the umbrella and wearing a security uniform?”

Chu Suiyun nodded. That person seemed to be the security guard of the community. He was thin and unobtrusive at all.

“Although he is wearing a uniform, he is not the security guard of this place. He is the one who monitors us. This post changes every four hours.” Qin Miao’s voice sounded close to Chu Suiyun’s ear, and then he pointed in another direction.

“Have you seen that black car?”

Chu Suiyun followed Qin Miao’s fingertips to see a car parked in an open-air parking space in the community. He nodded to indicate that he saw it.

“That is a small base for the guards, where they change shifts and eat.” Qin Miao said, “This car has been there since three days ago.”

At this time, Chu Suiyun finally guessed what Qin Miao was saying.

Sure enough, Qin Miao then explained: “There are 5 similar squatting spots in all directions of the villa. It can be said that as soon as we go out, they will immediately surround us.”

“We don’t want to confront them. Richie doesn’t plan to kill me and I won’t let him kill you.” Qin Miao’s tone was almost soothing, and he successfully smoothed out Chu Suiyun’s hair that exploded due to his anxiety.

“But why?” Chu Suiyun didn’t understand, “Since it is a kidnapping, why did he take so much trouble to put you under house arrest, instead of threatening your family immediately after catching the person?”

“This…” Qin Miao hesitated for a moment, then vaguely said, “How do I know what is going on in Richie’s mind, since it’s good for us, we don’t need to think so much.”

Chu Suiyun didn’t ask any more.

In fact, Qin Miao had a vague guess that Richie was the heir to the Maxson family, and kidnapping himself was definitely not for money. It is also impossible to return the canceled order to them, because the order has been given to someone else, the contract has been signed, and they were only waiting for delivery. Kidnapping himself, in addition to achieving the purpose of showing off his power, he must have other plans.

Soon, Qin Miao knew what Richie’s other plan was.

Just as the two were lying on the balcony talking, there was a sudden sound of unlocking the door of the villa, followed by the sound of two people’s footsteps.

Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun looked at each other and walked downstairs from the balcony one after another.

From the stairs on the second floor, one can see the gate of the villa. There were two people standing there, Dong and another… Omega?

Chu Suiyun was a little surprised. After confirming again and again, he dared to conclude that the young man who looked as big as himself had a collar around his neck—this was the symbol of a Federation Omega.

Why did an Omega suddenly appear in the villa?

The two people at the door heard the movement on the stairs and looked up. Dong’s expression was as usual, while the Omega was a little excited, especially when his eyes swept across Chu Suiyun and fell on Qin Miao, his eyes could not be concealed. 

“Hello, hello, my name is Zuo Ran.” The Omega should be an introvert, and his face turned red as a sunset while talking.

Qin Miao’s expression was not good, he did not respond to the Omega’s greetings, but directly asked Dong: “What does this mean?”

Chu Suiyun stood behind Qin Miao, and when he heard this question, he unconsciously turned his eyes to Dong.

Dong put down the suitcase and said vaguely: “This is the boss’s way of hospitality, Mr. Qin.”

A young Omega who was brought into an Alpha’s place, the so-called “hospitality” specifically meant for Qin Miao. The three Alphas present seemed to have a heart-to-heart, Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao immediately understood what Dong meant.

Chu Suiyun frowned subconsciously. He had already heard about the Federation’s attitude towards Omegas. In fact, not only the Federation, but some of the upper-class wealthy people in Yun Country also mostly regarded Omegas as a sweet gift, not a living person.

Seeing this situation, and thinking that Qin Miao also belongs to the wealthy class of the Yun Country, Chu Suiyun couldn’t help but look back at him with disgust in his eyes.

Qin Miao met Chu Suiyun’s gaze and knew that he had misunderstood him, but how should he explain it now?

Therefore, Qin Miao said angrily: “Mr. Richie is really perverted as always, I don’t need this kind of hospitality.”

Dong shook his head regretfully: “I’m sorry, my task is to escort Mr. Zuo Ran to the villa. The mission is completed, so I’ll leave first.”

After speaking, Dong turned around and closed the door and disappeared, leaving only two Alphas and an Omega in the room looking at each other.

After two seconds, Chu Suiyun, who felt that Qin Miao was filthy, finally couldn’t bear to stay in the same space as him, and quickly returned to his room, closing the door with a “bang”.

Qin Miao glanced coldly at the Omega named Zuo Ran again, and turned to leave.

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