Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Memory: Richie Maxson

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Being treated coldly, Zuo Ran walked into his room full of grievances. Dong told him before leaving that the room on the first floor belonged to him.

This room was originally designed for the servants of the family to live in. It was small and simple as a whole, clean and tidy but not exquisite.

Zuo Ran pursed his lips after seeing it, this little worn out room was not even as good as his own dormitory.

The Omega laid out the light and slender suitcase on the ground, opened it, and tidied it up, this is where he would spend his next few days.

He needed to… change his fate here.

Zuo Ran was a native of Yun Country and came to the Reese Federation from Yun Country two years ago to study. When he was in the country of Yun, he already showed his love for luxury, so when he came to the flashy Reese Federation, it became even more serious, but his family was only a working class family and could not support his large spending.

At the beginning, Zuo Ran would look for some part-time jobs. He looked good and his Yun Country appearance was a scarce resource in the federation, thus some clothing brands would invite him to be a model. But after he became rich, he spent even more money, and his finances were still stretched. This was until a chance encounter when he had a relationship with the boss of a modeling agency, and after two months, he received a sky-high breakup fee.

Since then, Zuo Ran has realized that it is better to find a rich person to rely on after working so hard for another all his life. What leaked out of the fingers of those powerful people was wealth that ordinary people could not imagine.

As a native of Yun Country, Zuo Ran certainly knew who Qin Miao was. The second young master of the Qin family, a leading wealthy merchant family, he was also the heir and had already taken over the power from old President Qin.

Zuo Ran, an ordinary student, never thought that he would one day come into contact with person like Qin Miao.

He saw some news from a group of socialites last month, saying that a very reliable star agent was recently connected with a rich man. As long as he signed up, he would have the opportunity to be selected to meet the other party.

Most of the friends in the group didn’t believe it and thought it was a scam, but there were also people like Zuo Ran who filled out the registration form with the mentality of giving it a try.

Afterwards, he met with the person in charge. After several rounds of interviews, Zuo Ran successfully won due to him being a student from Yun Country.

The other party did not ask him to give even a penny in the whole process. In the last round of interviews, Zuo Ran also met Richie Maxson. Although the other party was not the target, it made him more and more convinced that the registration was the right decision.

At that meeting, Richie Maxson told Zuo Ran that this was an opportunity for him to become the second young lady of the Qin family in one fell swoop. If successful, he will be recognized by the Maxson family and marry Qin Miao as a family member.

That’s how Zuo Ran learned who the target person was. At that moment, he almost knelt down and kowtowed to God, how could such a shocking good thing actually fall on his head!

The appearance of Qin Miao appeared in his mind and Zuo Ran’s face burned red. He fanned it with his hand, and decided in his heart that this might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to turn over his life.

He must grab on to it!

In the evening, after Chu Suiyun took a shower in his room, he habitually walked to the kitchen, got a few pieces of ice, and put it into a bag.

After the bag was tied, Chu Suiyun realized that he should still be angry with Qin Miao. Originally, his impression of Qin Miao was better than when he first met him. After all, the two had experienced danger together, but he did not expect Qin Miao, like those other rotten guys, was a scum.

Forget it, Chu Suiyun sighed. The ice packs were all packed, so they can’t be wasted, not to mention Qin Miao’s bad ankle would make it inconvenient to escape in the future. Even if his character was not good, Chu Suiyun still hopes to escape with him, so he can’t be too obsessed with the details.

Therefore, Lord Chu Suiyun decided to ignore Qin Miao’s character issue for the time being, and knocked on the door of his room with an ice pack.

“Please come in.” Qin Miao’s voice sounded, and when he saw Chu Suiyun pushing the door in, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, “You came?”

Chu Suiyun raised the ice pack, indicating that he was here to give him it.

Qin Miao cooperated honestly, sat down on the head of the bed, and lifted up his trousers.

Chu Suiyun put the ice pack heavily on Qin Miao’s ankle, not as gentle as the previous two days.

“Hey!” Qin Miao sucked in a breath of cold air, “Take it easy.”

Chu Suiyun didn’t answer, and silently looked down at the ice pack.

Qin Miao leaned forward curiously and asked tentatively, “Angry? Why?”

“No.” Chu Suiyun was reluctant to admit it because he thought that Qin Miao would be different from the others. Thus when he saw Richie giving Qin Miao a gift, he thought that Qin Miao might have experienced many similar things, and there was a gap in his heart. Maybe it’s because his moral requirements for others are too strict. Qin Miao lived in such an environment and was surrounded by scum, how can he get out of the mud and not get dirty?

Thinking of this, Chu Suiyun’s face softened a little, and explained: “I just didn’t hold back.”

Qin Miao: “Don’t break my feet.”

Chu Suiyun rolled his eyes in his heart.

“By the way.” Qin Miao said again, “Have you seen the Omega that came today?”

“He’s a big living person, and I’m not blind, why did you even ask that?” Chu Suiyun was speechless.

Qin Miao originally wanted to tell Chu Suiyun that when he saw that Omega, he could probably guess Richie Maxson’s plan, but when he met Chu Suiyun’s eyes that exuded “I’m not very happy”, he suddenly became a little hesitant.

Did he need to speak? What was the point? Forget it, Chu Suiyun does not need to know.

So Qin Miao turned around and said, “The ones I don’t like the most are that kind of Omegas. You can tell they are hard to deal with at first glance.”

Chu Suiyun: “If you don’t like it, then don’t like it.”

“Why aren’t you asking what type I like?”

Qin Miao couldn’t help teasing Chu Suiyun. This young Alpha has the innocence of an 18-year-old. He would explode when he is teased, and jump when he is poked. A grumpy little wolf cub.

“I’m not asking, you old man should take a break.” Chu Suiyun didn’t take the bait.

“Knock knock”.

The two were talking when there was a knock on the bedroom door. There were only three people in the villa, and the two of them were in the room, it was self-evident who was knocking on the door outside.

Chu Suiyun got off the bed and opened the door.

Sure enough, Zuo Ran stood outside the door with his hands behind his back. The Omega was a head shorter than Chu Suiyun, and lowered his eyes to the ground again, not daring to look up. When he was finally willing to look up, he was suddenly startled by an unexpected person.

“Ah! Why is it you?” Zuo Ran blurted out, and immediately felt rude, then added, “I’m not very familiar with this place, so I knocked on the wrong door, sorry.”

Chu Suiyun didn’t want to talk to him, and said bluntly: “Looking for Qin Miao? He is in this room.”

“Huh?” The Omega was even more surprised, why are these two Alphas in the same room?

Chu Suiyun frowned: “Did you come to find Qin Miao? Your own room is on the first floor, how could you go the wrong way?”

Zuo Ran bowed his head shyly and replied weakly, “Yes.”

“Qin Miao.” Chu Suiyun turned back decisively, “This person is looking for you, I will give him the ice pack and let him apply it to you, I will go back to sleep.”

Qin Miao was shocked, and before he could stop it, he saw Chu Suiyun stuff the ice pack into Zuo Ran’s arms, then he walked away without looking back.

Zuo Ran, who had come here for no reason, suddenly had a legitimate reason. He suppressed the joy in his heart and pretended to be very reluctant and shy.

“That…is your foot hurt? I’ll ice it for you.”

With that, he moved to the side of the bed.

“No.” Qin Miao’s cold voice sounded, “I’ve already applied the ice pack, you take the ice pack away. We are Alphas and you are an Omega. Although I don’t know why you came here, in the spirit of the etiquette of mutual respect, we will not disturb you. Go back to your room to rest early.”

The subtext in this sentence was: I know the reason why you are here, but I will not say it to your face. I hope you do your best, I won’t bother you, and you shouldn’t bother me either.

Zuo Ran had been in contact with all kinds of people, so naturally, he could understand Qin Miao’s tone. He closed the door, embarrassed, and ran away quickly with the ice pack.

Looking at the back of the Omega leaving, Qin Miao sighed tiredly.

Richie Maxson was a man who will do anything to achieve his goals, and would not hesitate to find an innocent Omega to seduce him.

Under the legal and moral requirements of Yun Country, once Qin Miao really left a mark with an Omega, it is certain that he will be responsible for this Omega’s life. If there is secret pressure from the Maxson family, it may really end with marrying that Omega.

Because Qin Miao is a native of Yun Country and Zuo Ran is also a native of Yun Country, even if they are in the Federation at the moment, the laws of Yun Country can still restrain them in this matter.

But for Richie, this is the Federation, he is a federal person. Even if he instigated the Omega to seduce an Alpha, the Federation laws don’t mind it and Yun Country laws can’t touch him.

In this way, Richie can influence Qin Miao’s marriage, life and even the entire Qin family behind it through an unimportant person.

Really good calculation.

A cold light flashed in Qin Miao’s eyes.

Early the next morning, Chu Suiyun was awakened by a ray of sunlight coming in from the window. He got up from the bed, went into the bathroom to wash up, and walked out of the room after.

They usually cook their own meals, and the guards brought fresh ingredients every morning.

At first, the two were worried about these ingredients, thus had no choice but to pay more attention when cooking.

Chu Suiyun left the room to cook breakfast, but when he reached the corner of the stairs and saw the situation in the living room, he stopped abruptly.

There were three people in the living room, Qin Miao was sitting in the middle of the double sofa, and the other blond Alpha was sitting on the single sofa beside him. Zuo Ran had nowhere to sit and stood between them awkwardly.

As soon as Chu Suiyun’s figure appeared on the stairs, Qin Miao found him.

Qin Miao’s eyes swept over Chu Suiyun lightly, without signaling him to come or leave, and quickly moved away.

But even if he looked away quickly, he was caught by the blonde Alpha. He followed and saw Chu Suiyun.

From the atmosphere of the living room and Qin Miao’s unprecedented serious expression in the past few days, Chu Suiyun guessed that the blonde Alpha should be the initiator of everything, Richie Maxson.

Chu Suiyun guessed right.

The moment Richie saw Chu Suiyun, he showed an interesting smile.

“I thought that Dong brought back an annoying little brat, but I didn’t expect him to be such a beauty.”

Hearing this, Chu Suiyun’s face froze in displeasure. Just because he was young and his characteristics that belonged to an Alpha had not yet matured, becoming an Alpha Omega beauty in the eyes of an Alpha who has matured for a long time made him feel offended.

Qin Miao’s voice seemed to be stained with frost: “Richie, have you played enough tricks?”

Richie was attracted by Qin Miao’s words, and finally moved his frivolous eyes away from Chu Suiyun, he smiled and watched Qin Miao.

“Don’t worry, President Qin.” Richie said lightly, “You managing a behemoth like the Qin family, you definitely must not have a chance to rest. Why don’t you just use my invitation to play in the federation for a while, how about it?”

“Humph.” Qin Miao snorted coldly, “This is not an invitation to me, you will pay for what you did today.”

Richie shook his head, looking helpless, “Hey, President Qin, don’t be so sure about that. Now that we are still in the federation, it is uncertain who will pay the price.”

After that, Richie pressed a button on the phone.

In the next second, more than a dozen well-trained bodyguards dressed in black poured in from outside the gate, all Alphas.

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