Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Memory: Burned Out Rationality

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Seeing a group of black-clothed bodyguards pouring in from outside the door, Chu Suiyun suddenly became nervous, and he unconsciously looked at Qin Miao sitting on the sofa.

Qin Miao still sat steadily, without showing a panicked look.

“What do you want to do, Mr. Richie?” Qin Miao asked.

Richie straightened his collar, stood up, walked to Zuo Ran’s side, stretched out his hand, and patted the Omega’s butt frivolously.

“Are you ready baby?” Richie asked in Zuo Ran’s ear.

Zuo Ran was angry, but did not dare to resist, only nodding slightly.

Richie approached Zuo Ran, and his tone revealed blame: “At your request, I gave you time to seduce Qin Miao to have him mark you voluntarily, but you didn’t do it, I’m disappointed. I don’t have more time to allow you to cultivate your relationship, now implement plan B.”

Zuo Ran lowered his head in shame, clenched his fists, and replied in a low voice, “Understood.”

Patting Zuo Ran’s shoulder, Richie turned around, looked at Qin Miao, and then as soon as he raised his hand –

“Hold him down.” 

With an order, four or five bodyguards in black behind Richie moved quickly and walked towards Qin Miao.

Standing at the entrance of the stairs, Chu Suiyun realized that the situation had changed. When he took a step to walk over, two black-clothed bodyguards immediately appeared in front of him to stop him.

Under the suppression of the absolute number of people, Qin Miao knew that he could not resist, and was quickly controlled by the bodyguards in black.

Seeing that he was successfully subdued, Richie walked slowly to Qin Miao.

Richie bowed slightly, reached into Qin Miao’s trouser pocket, and took out a watch from there.

Richie stared at the watch and smiled slightly: “I knew you left a move behind. Leave this communicator to me for safekeeping for the time being, President Qin.”

Qin Miao frowned and looked at Richie coldly.

When Chu Suiyun, who was stopped by the bodyguard in black, saw the watch-style communicator, he was stunned for a moment. It turns out that Qin Miao had always had a card that had not been revealed, and had never even told himself.

After putting away the watch, Richie asked the bodyguards to let go of Qin Miao, and said triumphantly, “Mr. Qin, do you remember how you made me have to terminate the contract?”

Qin Miao did not answer, and Richie did not really want Qin Miao’s answer, he continued:

“You used my incident of marking an Omega to stir the public, inciting the so-called Omega rights protection organization of Yun Country to protest, and it actually had an impact in the Federation. The most serious situation is that at that time, you jumped out and terminated the contract with me in a just and righteous manner, which caused me to lose money and to be scolded by the old man. You earned a good reputation and stock price, while I ended up with a fishy stench.”

Speaking of which, Richie glanced at Zuo Ran and smiled grimly: “Now, I want to see, the ‘righteous’ President Qin, what choice will he make after marking an Omega, and will he be responsible until the end?” 

The Qin family and the Maxson family have cooperated for ten plus years. Qin Miao was just a fledgling coming out a few months ago. It was estimated that if they continued to cooperate with the Maxson family, the Qin family would lose a lot of benefits. Thus implementing the theory of the new boss cracking the whip three times*, to establish prestige, he decided to terminate the cooperation with Maxson.

* implementing new policies; sweeping clean the system

However, after all, the two sides have been partners for many years. Rashly canceling the contract, not to mention compensation, will also affect their credibility. At this time, Qin Miao learned that Richie Maxson had forced an Omega to be marked and forced them to have an abortion and remove the marking, so he took the initiative to find the Omega and offered to help the Omega defend his rights.

Then Qin Miao manipulating behind the scenes, made the incident public, setting off a wave of public opinion. In addition to the huge momentum in the Yun Country, it also sparked extensive discussions in the Federation, even some Omegas from the Federation wanted to take to the streets. Although the parade failed, the public opinion overwhelmingly condemned the overbearing behavior of the Maxson family.

Just when the public opinion was at its most enthusiastic, the Qin family jumped out to express “sadness”, regretting that the family style of their partner for many years was so lax, and said that the Qin family has always been committed to the protection of Omega rights and interests, and thus will cut off all cooperation with the Maxson family.

Hence, the Qin contract was terminated successfully, and he also earned a good reputation , increased stocks and a beautiful win.

Richie had to pay the Omega a sky-high compensation, and was scolded severely by his father. He temporarily lost management rights and was asked to suspend his work and reflect. After the Omega got the compensation, the mark was washed away and settled in the country of Yun, under the protection of the Qin family.

Richie couldn’t let this go. In his eyes, marking an Omega was just a trivial matter, and it wouldn’t have become so serious. It was all the manipulation of Qin Miao.

So he wanted Qin Miao to have a taste of being kidnapped and following his morals.

After Qin Miao marks Zuo Ran, if he refuses to be responsible, Richie will be able to repay him with his own trick; if he chooses to be responsible, even better, he can influence Qin Miao through marriage.

This strategy was good, and Richie wanted to thank Qin Miao for providing him with such wonderful inspiration.

Qin Miao didn’t care: “Is this the plan you came up with?”

He didn’t seem to worry at all that he would lose his mind because of the Omega’s temptation.

Richie of course knew what Qin Miao was thinking. He shook his head: “I know that you are an Alpha, and you can keep your senses in front of an Omega during their heat. Now that I know this, how can I have no countermeasures?”

The walls of all the bedrooms in the villa are covered with a medicine that can make an Alpha lose its mind when tempted by an Omega. This medicine is colorless and odorless, and even an Alpha with five sensitive senses cannot detect it. It is effective. This medicine has only recently spread in the black market of the Federation. It is said to be very effective. Today, I will have President Qin experience it first hand.”

Speaking of this, Qin Miao really showed a trace of solemnity.

He and Chu Suiyun were on guard, preventing others from manipulating the food, but they didn’t guard against it.

He had never heard of the existence of this drug before, and if Richie’s words were true, he was in trouble today.

Richie took a good look at Qin Miao’s expression and said, “Zuo Ran’s heat period is in these next few days. I have made him take a catalytic medicine, I believe his body is ready now.”

“Perfect.” Richie turned around, “We’re getting ready to leave, so I’ll leave this villa to the two of you.”

“Enjoy, Mr. Qin.”

After that, Richie raised his hand and signaled the black-clothed bodyguards to bring Chu Suiyun to leave with himself.

Chu Suiyun, whose hands were tied behind his back, looked back at Qin Miao, but Qin Miao didn’t look at him. The moment he walked out of the room door, Chu Suiyun smelled a fragrant Omega pheromone rising.

The door closed with a “click”, and only Qin Miao and Zuo Ran were left in the spacious living room, and the whole room fell into a depressing silence for a while.

When Zuo Ran was reporting last night, Richie had already predicted that he would not be able to get Qin Miao by himself, so he ordered him to take the catalytic medicine when he got up this morning.

That was a drug that can advance an omega’s heat period.

At this time, the medicine gradually took effect, Zuo Ran began to have a fever, and a faint blush appeared on his face.

The concentration of Omega pheromones in the room rose rapidly. Zuo Ran almost suffocated because of his own smell, but the strong and handsome Alpha still remained motionless, as if his aura was uninteresting to him.

Zuo Ran said to himself in his heart: “The Alpha in front of me is the head of the Qin family of the Yun country. As long as I can get his mark, I will not have to worry about anything in my life, and I can live a life of a superior man.”

Humiliation is nothing, he no longer needs dignity at this moment.

After completing the psychological preparation for himself, Zuo Ran slowly came to Qin Miao, knelt down gently in front of his knees, and looked at the Alpha with a humble lookup.

As a conqueror, an Alpha likes to see the surrender gestures of others. Zuo Ran can interact with many rich Alphas because he utilized their psychology.

“Master Qin…” Zuo Ran’s voice softened into a puddle of water, “Please, please mark me.”

After saying that, the Omega put his cheek on Qin Miao’s knee with a look of nostalgia.

Qin Miao looked at the Omega in front of him coldly, but did not speak for a while.

His face was indifferent, as if the drug in Richie’s mouth had no effect on him, but only Qin Miao knew that the drug that had been dormant in his body for a long time and becoming restless in the first second the Omega pheromone overflowed.

It was a feeling he had never experienced as a superior Alpha. The face of the Omega in front of him became blurred. It didn’t matter who the other party was. The important thing was that the other party was an Omega, a prey waiting to be marked by him, owned by himself.

Alphas are like this, they are born to mark their possessions, partners, territories, wealth; all pursuits were engraved in their genes. A Superior Alpha has a rationality that other Alphas would beg for, so that they can control themselves, but this rationality that they were proud of had no resistance in the face of drugs, and it almost collapsed on the spot.

Qin Miao’s eyes were stained with madness, and the restlessness of his body made it difficult for him to continue to maintain his rationality.

“Lift your head.” The Alpha commanded in a low voice.

At this time, Zuo Ran had already been dominated by his nature of obeying an Alpha. He raised his head obediently and was completely unguarded against Qin Miao.

Then Qin Miao stretched out his hand and grabbed the back of Omega’s neck with his big hand. His thumb just landed on Zuoran’s gland, which made him tremble unconsciously.

Generally, an Alpha will give the Omega a temporary mark to appease the Omega before the official marking begins.

This temporary marker is usually a bitten gland.

Zuo Ran’s heart uncontrollably raised its expectations. Even if Qin Miao bit his neck to the point of blood flowing, he would still be happy.

Just as his cheeks were flushed with delusions, the strength on his neck suddenly tightened.

He didn’t know when, but Qin Miao’s hands were holding Zuo Ran’s neck, firmly controlling his fragile and slender vitals.


The Alpha’s hand was getting stronger and stronger, Zuo Ran couldn’t breathe. He grabbed Qin Miao’s hand with both hands, trying to make him let go of him, but the difference in strength between the two was too great. When Zuo Ran started to have his eyeballs roll backwards and his eyes were turning black, he still couldn’t get Qin Miao’s hand to loosen.

In the end, Zuo Ran’s whole body softened and he passed out.

Qin Miao quickly withdrew his hand, stood up and stepped back a few steps, as if he could not avoid it.

Qin Miao raised his hand and glanced at it, then looked at Zuo Ran who was lying on the ground, panting unconsciously.

If he let go one second later, he was afraid that he couldn’t help strangling this person directly.

An Alpha in their susceptible period is not only lustful, but also destructive.

Qin Miao didn’t look at Zuo Ran again and walked quickly to the second floor, and locked the door.

Temporarily freed from the rich Omega pheromone, Qin Miao let out a long breath. He paced the room restlessly. At this time, he couldn’t calm down, and it took all his strength to restrain the urge to mark the Omega.

He hated the feeling of being out of control.

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