Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Memory: No need to be responsible

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On the other side, Chu Suiyun was escorted out of the villa and got into the same car with Richie.

The car did not intend to start immediately, and was stopped steadily onto the side of the road, with Chu Suiyun and Richie sitting side by side in the back row.

Richie looked at Chu Suiyun with interest, while Chu Suiyun looked defensive.

Seeing the young Alpha’s look like a wolf cub guarding against a hunter, the smile on Richie’s face couldn’t help but deepen.

“Don’t look at me like this, it will make me lose my mind.” Richie said with a smile, “I will not hurt you, you are my honorable guest, and when things are completed, I will send you and President Qin back home safely. “

“You are a despicable person.” Chu Suiyun judged coldly.

Richie was stunned for a moment, and smiled even more happily: “As a businessman, being called ‘despicable’ sounds like a compliment.”

“Shameless.” Chu Suiyun said, “You think you can tie down a person like this for a lifetime?”

Richie rubbed his palms and laughed: “Hahaha, you are really interesting.”

The little guy in front of him aroused Richie’s interest, and now that the plan is about to succeed, he also had a leisurely interest to chat with the young person.

“It’s not me who has bound President Qin for the rest of his life. If he doesn’t want to be responsible, no one can do anything to him, as long as he dares.”

Chu Suiyun asked, “Are you so sure that Qin Miao will mark that Omega?”

Richie did not immediately answer, but instead asked Chu Suiyun: “You just became an adult, right, little classmate?”

Chu Suiyun didn’t answer.

“You’re a good student? You must have never dated an Omega, right?” Richie guessed, “Only a young boy who hasn’t dated an Omega would say something like that. An Omega’s temptation to an Alpha is absolute, even without being affected by that kind of medicine, a superior Alpha can only stay sane in front of an Omega during their heat period for only ten minutes. After that, they will also be affected. Not to mention that kind of medicine, I guess they have already begun the main meal.”

Chu Suiyun clenched his fists. He didn’t like Richie’s tone when he mentioned Qin Miao, as if he was talking about a beast who was dazzled by lust, rather than the calm and powerful Alpha in his impression.

“Have you been to the Federation before?” Richie suddenly changed the subject, “While the two of them are enjoying a good night, I am willing to be your tour guide and show you around, take you on a seven-day tour of the Federation, and when the tour is over, it will be the perfect time to come back to meet President Qin and his newly appointed wife.”

“No need.” Chu Suiyun said coldly, “There’s nothing to look here, I hate—Federation people.”

Chu Suiyun said, suddenly violently punching Richie in the face.

This punch came unexpectedly. One second before, Chu Suiyun was still chatting with Richie honestly, the next second, he couldn’t even see the movement of his hands, and he punched out mercilessly.

Richie cursed and covered his aching nose. The pain was so severe that the bridge of his nose might collapse.

The driver of this car was Dong. When he saw the two move their hands, he quickly pushed the door and got out of the car, and went around to the back seat to help.

During this period, Chu Suiyun took advantage of Richie’s unpreparedness, and quickly took out the communicator that he had put in his pocket.

Just at this time, Dong opened the door of the back seat. Chu Suiyun turned around, crossed his elbows in front of his chest, and rushed out with all his strength.

Chu Suiyun was not strong, but as an Alpha of nearly 1.8 meters tall, he was not light. The weight of his entire body hit Dong’s chest with his hard elbows, almost smashing him cold.

After overturning Dong to the ground, Chu Suiyun quickly got up and ran to the villa. The other bodyguards found that something was wrong, and they all came around and were about to chase.

“Don’t chase!” Richie stopped while covering his nose, with a very ugly expression on his face, “Let him go.” 

The bodyguards were confused, but they stopped honestly.

Richie didn’t realize that the communicator was taken away by Chu Suiyun. He moved his hand covering his nose, saw a pool of bright red in his palm, and said almost through gritted teeth:

“An Alpha intruded by another Alpha when he is marking an Omega, Qin Miao can tear up that little b*stard himself without us needing to do anything. You can just watch the villa and don’t let anyone run away.” 

“Understood!” The bodyguards responded.

At this moment, in the bedroom on the second floor.

Qin Miao sat on the edge of the bed, leaning over his knees on his elbows. He placed his two thumbs at the root of his nose. If one looked closely, one could see the sweat oozing from his forehead, his slightly trembling hands, and his furrowed brows.

An Omega’s pheromones were pervasive, not even the second-floor bedroom could escape . The ventilation system configured in the house was shut down and could not be started normally. Qin Miao could only sit in the rich pheromones and suffer.

Now he has fallen into chaos, unable to think normally, and unable to think of how to get out of the current predicament.

He was like a beast trapped in a cage, growling anxiously in the narrow space, but could not escape.

The only remaining trace of reason left in him told him not to open the door and not to go to the first floor.

But gradually, this shred of sanity also faltered.

“Knock knock”.

Suddenly, the crisp sound of two knocks from nowhere temporarily brought Qin Miao back from his predicament.

The knock sounded again. Qin Miao glanced at the door and found that someone was not knocking on the solid wood door. So he stood up, walked around the room, and saw Chu Suiyun poking his head at the windowsill.

Qin Miao walked over and opened the window. Chu Suiyun rolled in as soon as he opened it.

The moment he entered the room, Chu Suiyun frowned, and the arrogant alpha pheromone rushed towards him, warning all Alphas to retreat.

After barely suppressing the discomfort in his heart, Chu Suiyun still couldn’t help pushing Qin Miao.

“Stay away from me, you’re heavy.”

Qin Miao was not annoyed, he asked: “Why are you back?”

Chu Suiyun took out the watch communicator in his pocket and handed it to Qin Miao: “I took this back, can you contact someone?”

Qin Miao was silent for a moment, took the watch, and nodded.

The next second, he suddenly said, “I’m sorry.”

The two of them knew exactly what this apology was for.

Chu Suiyun waved his hand: “It’s okay, after all, we’ve only known each other for a few days, you not trusting me is normal. Don’t talk so much now, and contact your people quickly.”

Qin Miao fiddled with the watch for a moment, then sent it to his subordinates. Afterwards, he handed it back to Chu Suiyun.

“I’ve already contacted my people. Take this watch.” Qin Miao said.

Without any explanation, Chu Suiyun could guess the meaning of Qin Miao’s move. It was an important token for himself to express the sincerity of mutual trust.

Chu Suiyun didn’t grumble and put the watch back in his pocket.

“Then what do we do next, when will your people arrive?”

Chu Suiyun asked, walking behind Qin Miao. He walked to the bed, and watched Qin Miao sit down.

“It should… take a few hours.” Qin Miao’s voice trembled, as if he was trying his best to endure it.

Of course Chu Suiyun knew what Qin Miao was going through at the moment. He asked worriedly, “What are you going to do in these next few hours, will you just endure it?”


Chu Suiyun turned around a little impatiently. He didn’t know if it was influenced by Qin Miao’s pheromone, but he was also more annoyed than usual.

An Alpha’s pheromones are mutually exclusive. It was a miracle that they didn’t fight at this moment. Chu Suiyun exhaled, stayed away from Qin Miao, kept silent, and tried to keep himself calm.

An Alpha knows an Alpha best, and Qin Miao knew that Chu Suiyun’s mood was definitely not much better at this moment. He was no longer the same as before, teasing him whenever he got the chance, but was quiet.

The two sat quietly facing each other for five minutes.

Five minutes later, Qin Miao was the first to discover that something was wrong with Chu Suiyun.

Qin Miao glanced at Chu Suiyun at random, and then keenly noticed that his state had changed.

The young Alpha’s cheekbones were stained with a faint red that burned to the back of his ears. He didn’t seem to realize what the changes in his body meant, and he changed his sitting position a little bit intolerably.

“Chu…” Qin Miao just shouted a word.


Chu Suiyun raised his watery eyes, and looked over with a bit of panic and a bit dazed, the expression in his eyes was unconsciously seductive.

Qin Miao’s adam’s apple rolled twice subconsciously, causing madness in his mind.

He thought he might be completely insane to find an Alpha alluring.

“What’s wrong with you?” Qin Miao asked in a hoarse voice.

Chu Suiyun shook his head: “I don’t know, it’s uncomfortable.”

Judging from Chu Suiyun’s reaction, Qin Miao could probably guess what was going on.

The superior Alpha living in this villa was not alone, and Chu Suiyun was no less affected by the drug than himself. Now that he returned to the villa, the Omega was still emitting pheromones downstairs so with Chu Suiyun smelling it, the medicine began to work.

So Qin Miao told him: “You’re going into heat.”

Chu Suiyun didn’t seem to understand Qin Miao’s words. He was very confused at the moment, and it was difficult to concentrate.

“What should I do?” He could only ask with his first reaction.

Qin Miao looked away and forced himself not to look at him: “You can bear with it.”

“But I’m not feeling well…” Chu Suiyun moved around in the chair, “Can I hug you?”

Qin Miao was startled, and realized that this was the desire for physical contact during one’s heat.

It’s not just Omegas who crave skin-to-skin contact during their heat, but Alphas too. During this special period, they can’t help but want to stick with their partners all the time.

Qin Miao is no exception. His desire for another person’s body temperature at this time was the same as Chu Suiyun.

So he resisted and said, “…Come here.”

Chu Suiyun moved to Qin Miao. Qin Miao took off his shoes, sat on the bed, and opened his arms.

“Come, sit in front of me.”

Chu Suiyun kicked off his shoes and climbed onto the bed. Qin Miao’s height of 1.89 meters was a lot larger than the young Chu Suiyun, just enough to embed the person in his arms.

Qin Miao’s chest was against Chu Suiyun’s back, and his arms passed under Chu Suiyun’s arms, wrapping around his waist.

The similar body temperature on the skin brought the two of them the same sense of satisfaction, but this satisfaction was destined to be short-lived, as a passively heated Alpha would not be dismissed so easily.

They crave the mark, they want to bite through an Omega’s glands, it’s instinct.

Only by thoroughly marking an Omega could they be satisfied.

So soon, Chu Suiyun began to be dishonest again, arching back and forth in Qin Miao’s arms.

“Don’t move.” Qin Miao warned through gritted teeth.

The grievances in Chu Suiyun’s voice almost overflowed: “It’s still uncomfortable.”

Qin Miao covered his mouth and shouted sharply: “Then what else do you want, bear with it for me.”

Could it be that Chu Suiyun still wanted to go downstairs and mark that slutty Omega? Qin Miao didn’t know but his eyes were faintly red at the moment.

“Qin Miao, Qin Miao…” Chu Suiyun began to call Qin Miao’s name randomly.

“Shut up.”

The man shouted again, killing Qin Miao’s last sense of reason.

Being shown a fierce attitude, Chu Suiyun was quiet for a moment. Qin Miao breathed a sigh of relief, but the next sentence from the young Alpha was like a flame that could not be extinguished, it directly burned Qin Miao to the ground.

“Qin Miao, I’m an Alpha, I can’t be marked, so you don’t need to be responsible for what you do to me.”

“I’m not feeling well… anything is fine, I’m uncomfortable…”

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