Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Memory: How to divide top and bottom

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The crumbling rationality of the two was shattered by Chu Suiyun’s two sentences. Qin Miao took the lead in kissing the other’s lips, and an unquenchable flame ignited on the thirsty land.

Chu Suiyun’s mind was blank at the moment. He was young and an excellent Alpha. Some classmates in his high school class had encountered such moments during puberty but he was the only one who had never experienced such similar things, so he had no resistance.

Seven or eight minutes ago, the medicinal properties in his body were like a beast released from a cage. He fought against it with all his heart, but the moment he heard Qin Miao’s voice, all his efforts came to nothing.

Qin Miao’s voice made him realize that there was another person in the room and that person had a smell that he physically rejected but felt good psychologically, it had the same scorching body temperature as him, and could hug him tightly.

That’s why Chu Suiyun followed his instinct and asked Qin Miao if he could hug him, even a little bit, to satisfy a little thirst when he was passively in heat.

Sure enough, Qin Miao agreed to his request and embraced him. But the satisfaction brought by the hugging was fleeting. Chu Suiyun wanted more, but he didn’t know what else can be done to temporarily relieve the symptoms of passive heat.

So he asked Qin Miao, he asked Qin Miao if there was any way to make himself feel better, anything would do.

But Chu Suiyun did not expect that Qin Miao would kiss him directly.

This kiss was like the first shot of two armies facing each other. When the trigger was pulled, it became out of control.

This unprecedented novel experience had engulfed Chu Suiyun’s sanity. He hadn’t considered why he would obey Qin Miao and why he would accept another man who was also an Alpha without reservation. The passive heat manipulated him, making him hug the strong man to his body tightly, like a person who was going up and down in the waves hugging a life-saving raft.

The older Qin Miao had stronger control over his body and reason, and he still retained a trace of conscience, at least he hesitated before Chu Suiyun’s lips caught up.

Looking at the young face of the person in front of him, Qin Miao realized for the first time that Chu Suiyun was still a young boy, impatient and reckless. The two were both Alphas, and they shouldn’t do stupid things according to his wishes.

But when Qin Miao forced himself to pull away, Chu Suiyun, the young Alpha, rushed over and touched Qin Miao’s lips awkwardly.

“Continue? Okay?”

Qin Miao squeezed the back of Chu Suiyun’s neck stubbornly, closed his eyes, and roared in his heart: 

Who the f*ck cares what is going on, just treat me as crazy.

Qin Miao couldn’t help but press Chu Suiyun towards himself, and the kiss that was almost tearing the other’s lips tossed him around.

His kiss had a strong alpha pheromone scent, causing Chu Suiyun, who was also an alpha, to burst. Although his psychological desire was closely attached to the person in front of him, the physical repulsion honestly made Chu Suiyun cross his chest and wanted to push Qin Miao away.

Qin Miao felt the rejection from the person underneath him, and he was actually also not feeling well. Chu Suiyun, who was also a superior Alpha, exuded a pheromone that made Qin Miao instinctively feel threatened, an alert in the genes brought by powerful peers.

“Uncomfortable.” Chu Suiyun said vaguely.

This person’s refusal aroused the desire to conquer in Qin Miao’s bones. At this time, he didn’t care whether the other party was an Alpha or Omega. As a predator, he did not allow the prey to escape.

Qin Miao smiled slowly, but the smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes: “It’s too late to refuse now.”

Then Qin Miao stretched out his tong-like hand and moved Chu Suiyun’s head aside, revealing a young smooth white neck.

Three fingers below the ear were buried glands that belong only to an Alpha and Omega.

Qin Miao opened his mouth, revealing sharp canine teeth, which were innate tools of a superior Alpha and were specially used to pierce the glands. Instinct drove him to lean down and mercilessly bite through the skin on the side of Chu Suiyun’s neck.

“Ouch…!” Chu Suiyun exclaimed in pain the moment the skin was pierced.

But the ensuing feeling of soreness made him no longer have the strength to make a sound. The pheromone of another unfamiliar Alpha was like a flood that burst a dyke, pouring into his blood vessels, and Chu Suiyun’s eyes were black.

At the end of the long “mark”, Qin Miao propped up and looked at Chu Suiyun.

Seeing that the end of his slightly raised eyes was now filled with dampness overflowing from pain, Chu Suiyun was now looking at himself with hatred. The eyes were clearly angry, but Qin Miao felt like he was scratched by a cat.

Then Chu Suiyun took advantage of Qin Miao’s trance, turned over to suppress Qin Miao, pulled his hands over his head and pressed him firmly, and condescendingly showed off his might: “Don’t forget, I’m also an Alpha.”

Qin Miao raised his eyebrows: “Oh so what do you want to do?”

Chu Suiyun laid on Qin Miao’s body and leaned in front of him, breathing lightly: “What you can do, I can do too.”

“Really, then let me see what you can do.” Qin Miao spurred.

Chu Suiyun was young and shouldn’t be provoked. When he heard the words, without saying a word, he began to do everything he could, but he was suffering from the fact that he had never experienced it before, so his movements were like scratching around an itch.

Qin Miao gritted his teeth and asked, “Can you do it?”

This question should not be asked. Chu Suiyun became angry, straightened up again, and glared: “Why can’t I?”

“How can you do it?” Qin Miao asked back.

Chu Suiyun, who lost face, was silent for a moment, then he suddenly threw himself on the other side of the bed, and said to himself: “I’m tired, you come, you can do it.”

Qin Miao succeeded in his trick. Holding back the smile on his lips, he moved closer.

The two of them were tossing around in the room. They hated each other at first, but the pheromones on each other’s body later on began to smell good. Chu Suiyun’s head was dizzy, and the restlessness in his body became calm. His face laid on the pillow, his mind slowly returning to its place.

What time is it… what am I doing?

Chu Suiyun was still at a loss, and was wrapped around his waist by a strong arm. Then he was picked up, and Qin Miao’s low voice sounded.

“Wake up, my people are here, we’re leaving.”

At this time, Chu Suiyun finally came back to his senses. He followed the voice and saw Qin Miao’s upper body was naked, and there was still sweat on his skin. There were several tooth marks of varying shades on the side of his neck.

Qin Miao held a shirt in his hand and put it on quickly. When he turned around, he found that Chu Suiyun was still distracted, so he picked up Chu Suiyun’s clothes and walked over to help him put it on.

“Don’t be in a daze, let’s leave first.” Qin Miao urged again.

“I…” Chu Suiyun opened his mouth, and just said a word, but was startled by his hoarse voice, then he closed his mouth again.

Qin Miao’s face was slightly embarrassed. He directly hugged Chu Suiyun on his hips, let him lean on his shoulders, and then walked out quickly.

As he walked, he asked, “Do you remember what you did before you passed out?”

Chu Suiyun recalled something through his words then a tingling suddenly came from the glands on the side of the neck and blushing memory fragments came one after another.


Chu Suiyun opened his mouth wide, his eyes widened, his face burned red, and he began to struggle restlessly, wanting Qin Miao to let him down.

The person in his arms was not light, Qin Miao couldn’t control him when he struggled, so he had to put Chu Suiyun down.

After he put him down, Qin Miao couldn’t hold back when he saw that he was ashamed and embarrassed, and said, “You know how to be embarrassed now?”

“F*ck, are you perverted?” Chu Suiyun said indiscriminately, “I’m also an Alpha, don’t you have a preference. You are the one with a problem!”

Qin Miao laughed angrily. The situation now was not suitable for arguing with him about who made a move first, so he had to give in.

“Okay, I’m perverted, can we go now, Master Chu?”

Chu Suiyun also realized that now was not the time to quarrel, so he narrowed his eyes angrily at Qin Miao, then followed him to the outside of the villa.

The two came to the first floor and inevitably passed by Zuo Ran in the living room. The Omega, who was left to experience a heat alone, was already extremely weak due to dehydration. He was laid down on the ground softly, trying to use the cold ground to lower his body temperature.

The pheromone was still strong. Most houses were designed to block the spread of the smell. This seemingly expensive villa had a powerful function of blocking the smell, so after a few hours, the pheromones did not drift outside the house, and no other Alphas were attracted.

Zuo Ran smelled an Alpha’s smell and wanted to come over, but he had no strength, so he could only stretch out his hand, his eyes full of desire.

Chu Suiyun had a bad impression of Zuo Ran, but seeing his humiliated appearance at the moment could not help but feel compassion. At this time, Qin Miao grabbed Chu Suiyun’s arm and warned coldly: “Don’t waste time, don’t waste your sympathy.”

Being held by Qin Miao, Chu Suiyun turned back step by step, and finally decided to stop looking at the painful Omega and left the villa.

The moment the two of them stepped out of the villa, they were seen by Richie’s sentry. The two quickly notified their companions and walked towards Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun together, trying to stop them.

But just a few steps closer, another five or six people appeared out of nowhere, well-trained surrounding Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun in the center. From their posture, it can be seen that they were professional security personnel.

Only two of Richie’s sentry near the villa discovered them, and the companions who were notified of them had not yet responded. The two assessed the strength gap between the two sides and decided to wait for support in place.

Therefore, Qin Miao’s people successfully took their boss and Chu Suiyun into the car. The car started, and the group quickly left.

Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun sat in the back row, and a righteous-looking Alpha turned around in the front co-pilot, with a guilty tone: “Mr. Qin, we were late.”

At this time, Qin Miao was lazy and reprimanded his subordinates, and directly asked a more important question: “Is there any inhibitors for an Alpha?” 

The righteous-looking Alpha was named Song Zheng. He is the leader of Qin Miao’s security team. Hearing his words, he felt even more guilt: “Sorry, no. We launched a search after we found out that you were missing. When we received the news of your location, we immediately rushed to the Federation. During this period, there was no time to prepare an inhibitor.”

Qin Miao pinched the bridge of his nose irritably and thought about it. He wanted to curse, but held back.

It’s not entirely because of the ineffectiveness of his subordinates. After all, when he sent the location message a few days ago, he didn’t expect Richie to drug himself. As a superior Alpha, Qin Miao had never used an inhibitor before, so it was difficult for his subordinates to consider it.

An Alpha’s passive heat disappears after leaving the Omega, but then they enter a susceptible period. The difference between the susceptible period and passive heat is actually not big in practice. An Alpha will still long for his partner, but it would be slightly less than during passive heat and they can endure it.

Usually, for a single Alpha in their susceptibility period, they just have to endure it, but now the situation was special. Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun both needed inhibitors to suppress the susceptibility period and prevent accidents on the way out of the federation.

The two of them seemed to be in a normal state now, but it is just a moment of calm in the ups and downs of the tide.

Chu Suiyun sat aside and did not speak. From the conversation between Qin Miao and his subordinates, he also remembered the knowledge from physiology class.

Yun Country does not encourage underage Alphas and Omegas to be marked, so the physiology class focused on the harm of premature marking. If Chu Suiyun was not a good student, he would not have remembered that the teacher said that even an excellent Alpha will also have a susceptible period. Besides the susceptible period, there is also the normal one that occurs with passive heat.

Chu Suiyun was only a young adult, and he had never experienced such a thing, let alone doing this with an Alpha. Being a little young and shy, he was reluctant to interject.

Qin Miao looked sideways and saw the bite mark on Chu Suiyun’s neck.

It was left by himself in the chaos. Alphas also have glands that can be bitten, but not marked. As an Alpha, Qin Miao had the instinct to pierce the gland, no matter if the gland belonged to an Alpha or an Omega. It’s just that Chu Suiyun was not an Omega after all, so he didn’t know if he would feel uncomfortable if the gland was bitten.

Qin Miao also had bite marks on the side of his neck, which were naturally left by Chu Suiyun. The jerky young Alpha couldn’t even find the position of the glands. His eyes were red with anxiety when he left a tooth mark on the side of Qin Miao’s neck, but none of them bit the right place. Qin Miao was also a wicked person. He deliberately didn’t tell him where the glands were and let him bite, but he couldn’t bite it right. He smiled at Chu Suiyun’s anxious look.

“Is there a barrier patch?” Qin Miao retreated and asked for the next best thing.

Song Zheng nodded again and again: “Yes!” 

A barrier patch is easier to obtain than an inhibitor. When Song Zheng learned a few hours ago that the boss was in passive heat because of the drug, he sent someone to a pharmacy to buy a few boxes.

Taking the barrier patch from Song Zheng, Qin Miao took off one and put it on his neck, then tore off the second one and slapped it on the side of Chu Suiyun’s neck.

Chu Suiyun was startled by his sudden action, and glared angrily at him, clutching his neck. Qin Miao didn’t care, but laughed heartily.

A barrier patch was better than nothing, at least the two of them will not be affected by random smells during their susceptible period. Most of Qin Miao’s bodyguards were Alphas but their physical discomfort will not disappear because of the barrier patches.

After the car of Qin Miao’s subordinates drove at high speed on the road for ten minutes, Richie’s car appeared far behind.

Song Zheng saw several cars chasing in the rearview mirror and snorted impatiently. This direction led to the port, which was remote and uninhabited. Apart from their current road, there was no other path.

So it’s almost impossible to get rid of Richie’s people, they can only try to speed up, create a time difference, and get on the boat before they catch up.

Song Zheng gave his brother who was driving a wink, and the car accelerated again.

But if they can speed up, so can Richie’s people. After a period of time, Richie’s people escaped to some unknown trail, and they actually shortened the distance by dozens of meters.

Chu Suiyun had only seen this kind of life-and-death race in commercial blockbusters in the movies. He retracted his gaze and looked back, in fact, he didn’t understand.

“Why is he still chasing?” Chu Suiyun asked.

Richie’s plan is to tie down Qin Miao and force Qin Miao to mark an Omega and get his weakness. Now that Qin Miao has escaped, the plan has failed. Richie’s wisest choice would be to just stop and not make things worse. But now he was acting crazy, as if he won’t give up until he catches up to Qin Miao.

Qin Miao sneered: “That guy is a scumbag, impulsive and irritable, and has no brains. If he wasn’t born well, reincarnating as the only Alpha in the Maxson family’s current generation, he would be nothing.”

Chu Suiyun stopped talking. It was true that Richie did things recklessly, was arrogant and a self-willed scumbag, who had wealth and power. Such people are more troublesome than their wise opponents, because they do things out of common sense.

The car continued to drive at an extreme speed for a few minutes, and the pier was already in sight. The driver braked suddenly, the ground and the tires rubbed sharply, and before the car stopped, Qin Miao grabbed Chu Suiyun’s arm and pushed the door to get out of the car.

The boat prepared by Qin Miao’s men was parked at the dock. They only took a few steps, when Richie’s men followed. They had stopped and got out of the car, and was running over quickly.

“Mr. Qin, you get on the boat first, we’ll delay them.” Song Zheng frowned and said to Qin Miao.

Qin Miao didn’t talk nonsense. He stretched out his arm and put his arm around Chu Suiyun’s shoulder, pulled him tightly, and walked towards the boat without turning his head.

Chu Suiyun ran after him. He couldn’t hold back, and said worriedly: “There are only five of them!”

Qin Miao looked ahead and seemed to say very indifferently: “Don’t worry about them, do you still want to go home?”

Chu Chu Suiyun was stunned for a moment, then shut up and ran on the boat beside Qin Miao.

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