Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Extra: First Snow

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Shanlan City had issued a blizzard warning two days ago, but this morning, Chu Suiyun was almost late, so when he went out in a hurry, he forgot to bring an umbrella.

The moment he walked out of the Fengmiao Building and saw the fluttering snowflakes, he remembered that he didn’t have an umbrella.

This can only be blamed on Qin Miao. Obviously they agreed to get up in the morning and just get up and not do other things, but there are always one or two days a week, he will pester Chu Suiyun, saying: “It’s still early, just one more hug.”

Then the situation would get out of control, and then Chu Suiyun would be late.

The bone-chilling wind swirled the snowflakes and smashed them to the ground. Chu Suiyun thought about just getting wet for a while and waving down a taxi but as soon as he approached the snow curtain, a gust of wind blew him back.

Chu Suiyun stood at the door of the building, looking at the snowflakes as dense as a net, and sighed helplessly.

He hasn’t driven to the company by himself for a while, and took Qin Miao’s car every morning. As long as one enjoys the treatment of being a passenger once, it is difficult to volunteer to be a driver again.

On weekdays, Qin Miao would come to pick him up after he got off work. Xingyuan and Feng Miao belong to the Qin family, and the office building was not too far away, but today Qin Miao happened to have a dinner party and told Chu Suiyun to go home first.

Before he got off work, he heard his colleague say it was snowing, but Chu Suiyun didn’t take it seriously. Shanlan City had a mild climate. It snowed every winter, but it didn’t snow much, like a child who sprinkles salt on the ground at will.

Unexpectedly, the snow came early and violently this year.

“Chu Suiyun!” A male voice came from behind. Chu Suiyun looked back, and it turned out to be Lu Ren.

“Brother Lu.” Chu Suiyun greeted him with a smile.

Lu Ren took good care of Chu Suiyun when he was still an intern at Feng Miao, but now they belong to different departments, and the chance to meet has plummeted. It was a coincidence that they met today.

“You didn’t bring an umbrella?” Lu Ren asked with a smile, taking out an umbrella and opening it, “How about I send you off?”

“Thank you Brother Lu.”

Chu Suiyun got under Lu Ren’s umbrella.

But who knows what girl or Omega Lu Ren took this umbrella from. It was so small and delicate that it couldn’t hold two Alphas measuring 1.8 meters. Chu Suiyun’s outer shoulder was wet, and his pants and socks were also soaked by the snow that flew in diagonally.

The wet clothes were blown by the wind, and he got a bone-chilling cold.

When the two came to the subway station, Chu Suiyun gave up the idea of ​​taking a taxi. In bad weather, taxis were very tight, and it was better to take the subway.

After taking the umbrella, Chu Suiyun found that Lu Ren was also soaked, and felt a little guilty.

“I’ll take Line 10, how about you?” Lu Ren asked.

The subway station near Fengmiao was a transfer station, and Chu Suiyun happened to take another line.

So he replied, “I’ll take the other line, No. 6.”

Lu Ren showed a surprised expression, and said regretfully, “Ah, there are a few stops on Line 6 that they won’t stop at, you should check if you will be affected. “

“What?” Chu Suiyun was startled, thinking in his heart that he wouldn’t be this unlucky and quickly took out his mobile phone to inquire.

Chu Suiyun was completely convinced when he saw that his destination was written in red letters on a white background under the outage site.

When Lu Ren saw Chu Suiyun’s face turning from white to red to green, there was nothing he didn’t understand. He patted Chu Suiyun’s shoulder and said sadly, “You… pray for more happiness.”

Two minutes later , Chu Suiyun watched Lu Ren enter the gate, returned to the subway entrance by himself, took out his mobile phone and took a taxi.

“You are in the 32nd spot, there are 31 passengers ahead, please wait…”

This line of words on the taxi app ruthlessly crushed Chu Suiyun’s last hope.

He gritted his teeth and put the mobile phone back in his pocket, scolding someone angrily in his heart. It was not someone else, but Qin Miao.

It’s all this guy’s fault! Making himself forget to bring an umbrella! Causing himself to not drive! Causing the subway to stop (?)…

Now I have to stand in the snow and wait for the bus. He was afraid he’d become an ice sculpture before he could wait for the heated car.

The cold wind was piercingly cold, and the temperature dropped nearly ten degrees compared to the morning. Chu Suiyun was wearing clothes according to the morning weather, and now his coat could no longer withstand the cold, so he could only shiver in the wind.

Fortunately, it may be that the passengers in front of Chu Suiyun also felt that the queue was too long, and they canceled one after another. When it was Chu Suiyun’s turn, less than half an hour passed.

The taxi stopped on the side of the road. Chu Suiyun walked over against the wind and snow, and when he opened the door and got in the car, his lips were a little white.

He exhaled a breath of heat, confirmed the order with the driver, and finally set off.

The car was warm, and Chu Suiyun came alive, feeling a little drowsy.

Just as he turned his head over and was about to fall asleep, the car suddenly braked suddenly, causing Chu Suiyun’s forehead to slam into the front seat.

“Ouch.” Chu Suiyun rubbed his head and called out.

The driver looked at him with a face full of shame: “I’m sorry, this guest, the car was scratched, I’ll go down and deal with it.”


Before Chu Suiyun could respond, the driver pushed the door open and got out of the car, and started talking with another car owner.

After arguing for almost five minutes, Chu Suiyun had a headache. He heard that the other party’s car owner did not intend to pay privately on the spot, but wanted to use his insurance. The taxi driver on his side had to come back and apologize to Chu Suiyun, saying that he would not charge for this order.

It meant that Chu Suiyun had to get off and find his own way.

Chu Suiyun knew that the driver didn’t want the accident, so he didn’t embarrass the other party, and got out of the car without saying a word. Seeing the two car owners who were still negotiating the price, his brain was hurting.

He didn’t know what kind of bad luck he encountered today, everything was not going well.

The place he got off was a bit awkward. It was half way, not far from Qin Miao’s.
If he called a taxi, it would take a few minutes to get there, it was definitely not cost-effective, and it would take a long time, but walking… It will take nearly 20 minutes.

Especially in this snowy night.

At 6:30, it was only half an hour after getting off work, and it was already dark.

The street lamps were lit up, and the warm yellow light reflected the heavy snow like goose feathers, which fell to the ground piece by piece.

Chu Suiyun was walking alone on the road with a bag on his back. The light snowflakes hit his face, and it was cool. His nose and ears were already frozen, and his knees were only covered with a thin layer of cloth, which was also cold at this time.

The further he walked, the colder Chu Suiyun felt.

How did he end up like this? He blamed that someone.

When he got home, Chu Suiyun opened the door with the password, and when he looked up, he saw that the room behind the door was dark and silent, and a sense of loneliness suddenly rose.

He put down his bag and walked to the center of the living room.

Qin Miao’s house was on the top floor, and the living room was equipped with a 270-degree window, overlooking the entire Shanlan City. Usually when Qin Miao was at home, he would be talking to him, so now that Chu Suiyun was the only person at home with it snowing heavily outside, pedestrians hurrying on the road, and all the houses brightly lit, it actually made him feel a little lonely at such a height.

Qin Miao lived alone in this house for three years.

There was no reason to think of this, and the trace of resentment against Qin Miao that was in Chu Suiyun’s heart suddenly disappeared.

Then he remembered that when he was an adult, his younger brother always stayed alone in the big empty house, sitting on the sofa with his knees in his arms, waiting for him to go home.

Chu Suiyun suddenly wanted to experience what his brother felt at that time.

So he didn’t turn on the other lights in the room, leaving only the floor lamp next to the sofa that glowed a dim warm yellow. He took off his coat, sat down in the middle of the sofa, threw off his slippers, brought his legs to his chest, hugged his arms around his knees, and sat quietly.

This was a sitting position that can bring a little sense of security, but this sense of security was too subtle, only a person who was extremely lacking will choose this posture, because they were reluctant to let go of even a little bit of stability.

Curled up, the already spacious big house became emptier, not to mention Qin Miao’s panoramic glass windows. Chu Suiyun suddenly felt as if he was sitting alone in the center of the universe.

His trousers were still wet from the cold snow, and the frozen tip of his nose and ears began to feel slightly hot and sore because they entered a warm environment.

Today, he got drenched in snow, found that the subway was out of service, waited for a taxi for half an hour, finally was thrown out halfway by the taxi driver and walked home in the wind and snow.

Also, he didn’t see Qin Miao when he got off work.

Chu Suiyun’s chest filled with an emotion called grievance. He thought that it was the first time that he felt the same way as his younger brother who was left alone at home. It turned out that the loneliness of leaving the person he was dependent on was like this.

When Qin Miao returned home in a hurry, all the lights in the room were turned off, except for the one next to the sofa, a faint yellow light like a star in the dark night sky.

And the person who was being illuminated by the dim starlight was sitting on the sofa in an extremely uneasy posture.

Qin Miao was flustered in his heart. His steps were fast, and he came to Chu Suiyun in the next second.

Chu Suiyun seemed to be in a trance, unaware of his arrival. The Alpha’s little lover, who was many years younger than himself, was staring blankly at the TV screen that was not turned on.

Qin Miao was at a loss for the first time. He stood there, looked at Chu Suiyun, and looked around, almost spinning around in a hurry.

“You…” Qin Miao finally had the courage to speak up. He wanted to ask Chu Suiyun if he blamed himself for not picking him up.

God knows that when Qin Miao got off work today, when he just walked out of the company and discovered the snow, he remembered that Chu Suiyun didn’t drive and couldn’t go home if he didn’t pick him up.

He asked Zhao Kai to help him postpone the dinner, and started the car to go to Fengmiao to send Chu Suiyun home first. As a result, he made a phone call there and found that Chu Suiyun’s mobile phone was turned off. He turned to ask his elder brother, and the dignified Fengmiao Boss asked a few more people before learning that Chu Suiyun had left long ago.

Qin Miao’s first reaction was to go back to the dinner party. After all, he and Chu Suiyun have always been like this. The two were sticky but would not rely too much on each other. They were Alphas who didn’t get angry if they didn’t get picked up.

But on the way back, the more he drove, the more he felt that something was wrong. There was something in the dark that drove him to see Chu Suiyun immediately.

So he made a phone call to Zhao Kai, who was temporarily helping to support the scene. He was unreasonable: “Today’s first snow, I want to enjoy the snow with your sister-in-law. If the dinner is not over, you help me deal with it.”

Then, without waiting for Zhao Kai’s response, “Click”, he hung up the phone, turned the steering wheel and went home.

Then he opened the door and saw the scene in front of him: Chu Suiyun sitting alone, hugging his knees in the dark room, showing an unprecedented fragile position.

It made Qin Miao panic.

But who knew that when Qin Miao only made a syllable, Chu Suiyun seemed to suddenly come back to his senses, the brilliance in his pupils appeared in an instant.

“Why did you come back early?” he asked.

With a normal and energetic tone, Qin Miao was stunned for a moment, unable to understand what happened to Chu Suiyun.

Before he could react, Chu Suiyun stretched out his legs, put on slippers, walked around the sofa and walked to Qin Miao’s side, suddenly opening his arms and giving him a routine hug.

Up until now, Qin Miao was still a little unsure, is he not angry?

Then Chu Suiyun raised his head slightly, gave a peck on Qin Miao’s mouth, and said, not surprisingly, “I guess you must have escaped the dinner party again, so let’s have a good meal together?” 

Confirming that Chu Suiyun was really not angry, everything just now was just him scaring himself.

He frowned and let out a sigh of relief, pinched the back of Chu Suiyun’s neck, and set a rule arbitrarily.

“You are not allowed to sit on the sofa with your knees in your arms in the future.”

Chu Suiyun was confused: “Why? I can sit any way I want.”

“Then you sit on my knees.”

Chu Suiyun: “Are you ill, why are you nervous?”

“It’s settled.” Qin Miao said one thing and changed the subject, “It’s snowing, let’s order takeout from the hotel and have a candlelight dinner.”

“There are no candles at home.” Chu Suiyun reminded.

“Then turn on the lights and have dinner with the lights on.” 

It was snowing outside, the wind was biting, and there was heating, food, and the person he loved the most.

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