Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Memory: Exiled Flower Snake Island

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After getting on the boat, Qin Miao pointed to the seat and said to Chu Suiyun: “Go and sit.”

Chu Suiyun obediently walked towards the seat, and at the same time turned around and asked, “What about your people?”

“I’ll call them.” Qin Miao quickly finished the sentence, ran to the door of the cabin, and shouted Song Zheng’s name.

Song Zheng and the others were fighting with Richie’s people. There were many people on Richie’s side, which was an advantage and a disadvantage. The pier was limited in size so it could not allow so many people to pass by at the same time. Song Zheng’s five people only needed to guard the entrance of the pier, temporarily containing Richie’s people.

“Song Zheng!”

Hearing Qin Miao’s voice, Song Zheng knew that it was time to retreat. He waved to the rest of his brothers, and ordered: “Get on the boat!”

After receiving the order, the remaining four stopped fighting, and retreated backwards.

Richie’s side did not stop Song Zheng and his party, because their purpose was to rush onto the boat to catch Qin Miao, not to compete with the group of bodyguards.

So for a while, everyone rushed towards the ship.

Chu Suiyun anxiously looked through the window to the pier, watching Song Zheng and the others run and not forgetting to kick the enemy a few times. He couldn’t listen to Qin Miao’s words to not worry about them.

Maybe for Qin Miao, they were just doing things for money, but for Chu Suiyun, they were the ones who saved him after all.

Looking at them, Chu Suiyun keenly realized that something was wrong, and he shouted at Qin Miao: “Qin Miao! The boat is moving! They haven’t boarded the boat yet!”

Qin Miao heard Chu Suiyun’s words and found that the boat was slowly starting. He looked outside the boat, Song Zheng and the others were no longer ahead of Richie’s people, and the group of people were mixed together. If the boat stopped and waited, it wasn’t clear who would rush up first.

Richie himself had arrived. He got out of a black luxury car and stood far behind the dock, watching the melee.

Qin Miao stood at the door of the cabin and looked at Richie from afar.

Dong stepped down from the driver’s seat, stopped beside Richie, and said something in his ear. Richie’s dignified expression suddenly melted, revealing a determined smile.

In the end, Qin Miao did not choose to go to the cabin to stop the ship. He stood silently at the cabin door, looked away from Richie, and looked at Song Zheng and the others for a while, then turned around and the cabin door was closed.

“Arrest those people.” Richie raised his hand and ordered.

A few minutes later, Song Zheng and the others were pressed down to the hard ground.


At the same time that Qin Miao closed the cabin door, there was a loud noise from the upper cabin, it seemed that something had hit steeL.

Qin Miao quickly turned around and looked; Chu Suiyun, who should have been sitting in his seat, had long since disappeared.

He took a few steps and quickly came to the upper cabin, where he saw Chu Suiyun pushing away the hands of the sailor on the console. On the side stood another person who had been scared and was still barely keeping the boat running.

“Why aren’t you stopping the boat when I’m telling you to?” Chu Suiyun scolded.

That man was a middle-aged male Beta, with a medium to thin stature. He was not Chu Suiyun’s opponent at all, he was suppressed and unable to resist. However, he was not in a hurry to resist, and he explained it a little calmly.

“If I stop the boat, those people will catch up.”

“They are the people who came to rescue us…” Chu Suiyun was obviously anxious.

“Chu Suiyun, let him go.” Qin Miao said coldly, “If you hold him down, who will drive the boat for us?”

Chu Suiyun looked at Qin Miao in disbelief and asked, “Those are your people, don’t you care whether they live or die?”

“It’s already like this, what’s the use of venting your anger at him?” Qin Miao frowned, condemning him for being reckless and childish.

Chu Suiyun couldn’t stand Qin Miao looking at him like this, his hands trembled with anger and he flicked away his wrist to get him to let go.

The old sailor who sailed the boat slowly straightened up, tidied up his clothes, and then turned to prepare to continue the operation.

“Wait.” Qin Miao suddenly called out to him, “Turn around.” 

The old sailor turned around, and there were several lines of wrinkles on his face.

Qin Miao said, “I don’t know you, who are you?” 

It stands to reason that all the people Song Zheng brought should be from the security team. Everyone in the group was personally selected by Qin Miao. How could there be someone in their fifties? After looking at the middle-aged man, Qin Miao also glanced at the other young sailor who was slightly chubby and short. The man shrank his neck and looked away when he met Qin Miao’s eyes.

Qin Miao looked at the middle-aged man again, frowning and thinking: Could it be that Song Zheng couldn’t find a person who can sail a boat, so he grabbed an old sailor at random?

Impossible, everyone in the security team has been specially trained, let alone sailing, helicopters can be operated in special circumstances.

Under Qin Miao’s heavy gaze, the middle-aged man said slowly, “My name is Frey, they all call me Old Frey.”

Qin Miao didn’t know such a person at all and cautiously didn’t say a word.

Old Frey looked directly at Qin Miao, he was not at all timid under the pressure of an Alpha. He directly stated his identity: “I am Master Dong’s people.”

Qin Miao raised his eyebrows, and Chu Suiyun’s attention was also attracted, looking straight at Old Frey, a pair of sharp eyes that can almost see through a hole.

“Master Dong.” Qin Miao chewed on the title.

Dong’s identity was just Richie’s assistant, how can he afford to be called “young master” by an old man who was not afraid of wind and rain.

Old Frey easily guessed what Qin Miao meant, and said bluntly: “Master Dong is the child born by Master Maxson and his last wife more than 20 years ago. If the young master was recognized by the family, he should be ranked fourth.”

As soon as the middle-aged man’s voice fell, Qin Miao’s mouth showed a hint of imperceptible interest.

“Oh? The last wife? I remember the last Mrs. Maxson died of a sudden illness and had no children.”

Old Frey explained: “That was a lie fabricated by the Maxson family to cover up the scandal. Mrs. Maxson died only last year. She died of a disorder after gland removal.”

As someone in the same circle as the Maxson family, Qin Miao had naturally heard of this kind of secret. It was rumored that the last Mrs. Maxson did not marry Mr. Maxson voluntarily, but after performing some “any means possible” drama, she eventually married into the wealthy family.

Mr. Maxson got what he wanted, but his wife was unhappy, and finally died of a sudden illness within two years, leaving no children. Mr. Maxson was heartbroken because of this, and he did not marry another for ten years in between, but he did not break up with his lovers. It was not until recent years that Mr. Maxson got old and those scandals disappeared.

If what Old Frey said was true, then it seemed that there were some secrets with the last Mrs. Maxson.

Chu Suiyun listened to the two of them talking, not knowing the secret. He only caught one piece of information in Old Frey’s words: Old Frey was Dong’s people.

Chu Suiyun’s first reaction was that they were caught in Richie’s trap, but the next second it felt wrong.

Why does Old Frey emphasize that he is Dong’s people instead of saying that he is Richie’s? Dong was also one of Richie’s subordinates and followed Richie’s orders to do things, so there must be only one possibility for Old Frey to express his identity like this –

Richie does not represent Dong. In other words, Dong and Richie are not one in heart.

The more Chu Suiyun thought about it, the more reasonable it seemed. As early as a few days ago, when he and Qin Miao were still on the boat, Dong already seemed to be showing this.

And Qin Miao, who knew the secrets of the Maxson family, guessed Dong’s real position when Old Frey said his first sentence.

Sure enough, Old Frey continued: “Although Young Master Dong is the son of Master Maxson, Master does not know about the existence of Young Master. Madam did everything she could to escape to Flower Snake Island, only to find out that she was pregnant when she arrived on the island. Madam wanted to abort the child, but in the end, she finally relented and brought the young master into this world.”

“After giving birth to the young master, madam underwent gland removal surgery. Twenty years ago, the operation was extremely risky, and madam was left with an old root problem. After the young master grew up, he found out the experience of his mother in the first half of her life…”

“So he wants revenge?” Qin Miao interrupted Old Frey, “So he found me to defect?”

“No.” Old Frey denied, “Young master just wants to get back what belongs to him and his mother and this process requires a strong support.”

Qin Miao sneered: “Your young master’s abacus is really loud. Catch me first, then save me, wait for me to be grateful, then take care of the Maxson family?”

Old Frey didn’t argue and let Qin Miao let out his anger.

“So what about the boat my people prepared?” Qin Miao asked.

Old Frey: “They were spotted by Richie Maxson and had to move to another pier to avoid him. Their ship’s signal was blocked, so the people who came to your rescue didn’t get word. This is the Federation after all, Maxson’s family almost covers the sky with only one hand.”

Qin Miao was silent, he had to believe the words of Old Frey, the Maxson family has been entrenched in the Federation for a hundred years, it was not an exaggeration to say that they had a lot of power.

“Then are you going to send us back to Yun Country?” Qin Miao felt that things would not be so simple.

“No.” Sure enough, Old Frey shook his head, “If Richie wants to chase, going to Yun Country now will be like walking into a trap. We will detour to Flower Snake Island, and we will get rid of them before returning to Yun Country.”

Flower Snake Island, a country that was incompatible with the Federation, no matter how stupid Richie is, he would not dare to take the risk of a war between two countries to chase after them.

When Chu Suiyun heard this, he was a little hesitant. The reputation of Flower Snake Island among Alphas was very bad, it was almost described as an Alpha’s hell. Endless labor, low wages, and social status comparable to slaves…

When any Alpha hears that he is going to Flower Snake Island, he will subconsciously reject it.

Qin Miao was no exception. He cursed secretly: “Are you trying to trick us on purpose? Us two Alphas, going to the anti-foreigner Flower Snake Island, are we going to be arrested and imprisoned when we land on the island?

“Don’t be impatient.” Old Frey said, “Flower Snake Island is much better now. They won’t see Alphas and panic. Ten percent of the population on the island are Alphas. Those in power have also discovered the importance of population to the development of a country. As long as there is a recommendation from an island resident, you can live temporarily after applying for a certificate.”

“Me and Sen will be your two recommenders.” Old Frey pointed to the other person who sailed with him, a young man.

The boat was in their hands. Even if Qin Miao knew how to sail, he had no experience in sailing in such a vast body of water so the current situation, at least on the boat, was going wherever Old Frey wanted to go. Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun had no room for resistance.

Qin Miao hated the feeling that everything was out of his control. Since he arrived in the Federation, this feeling had become stronger and stronger. He kicked the table irritably and turned to leave.

Seeing him lose his usual indifference, Chu Suiyun was surprised for a second, and immediately thought that this guy should have entered his susceptible period, and then he inevitably thought that he would also enter his susceptible period.

He was no longer angry with Qin Miao, it wasn’t because Qin Miao didn’t want Song Zheng and the others to board the ship, but because the situation forced him. He shouldn’t put his own anger on him. Now that they are really isolated and helpless, if they don’t trust each other, how can they get out of trouble?

Thinking of this, Chu Suiyun followed Qin Miao out of the cabin. When he came out to see him sitting with his legs crossed and his brows wrinkled, he walked over a few steps and sat beside him.

He didn’t know if it was because they slept together, but Chu Suiyun keenly noticed that after he sat down, Qin Miao’s anger was restrained.

Chu Suiyun with a low emotional intelligence directly poked at Qin Miao’s heart: “We can’t go back for the time being.”

Qin Miao’s face turned black when he heard it.

Then, with a hint of anger, he said very unhappily: “I said I would take you home, don’t rush.”

Chu Suiyun was stunned for a moment, and all the words he had prepared were swallowed back in his stomach. Someone pity him, what he said just now was not what Qin Miao understood.

Chu Suiyun wanted to explain that he was not rushing, but then he thought:

Since Qin Miao understood it like this, it is also very good, indicating that he had always remembered his promise, he is a person who keeps his promises.

He remembered to take himself home.

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