Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 67

Chapter 67 Memory: Hate the susceptible period

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After saying goodbye to Qin Miao, Chu Suiyun came to the cabin where the passengers rested on the ship.

There were two rooms on the boat. After Chu Suiyun checked it, he found that the two rooms were not big. The bed was wider than the single beda in the school dormitory, and the overall area was less than ten square meters.

The difference between the two rooms was very small. Chu Suiyun randomly chose one and walked in, closing the door lightly.

As soon as Chu Suiyun closed the door, he leaned against the door as if he had lost his strength, and slid directly to the ground.

The unbearable heat came from the depths of his body. Chu Suiyun leaned his head on the door, raised his neck, like a drowning person, trying his best to stick his head out of the water to breathe.

It took only a few minutes for Chu Suiyun to realize that his susceptibility period was coming. The restlessness and discomfort in his heart became menacing, quickly engulfing him. If he stayed by Qin Miao’s side just now, Chu Suiyun didn’t know if he would say some uncontrollable words again.

So he chose to separate from Qin Miao and find a room by himself. Since other Alphas can go through their susceptible period alone, so can he.

Chu Suiyun thought this way, but what he didn’t know was that the susceptible period of ordinary Alphas will never be as heated as his. This was the fate of a superior Alpha. Although they can maintain their sanity in front of Omegas for a certain period of time, distinguishing themselves from animals dominated by primitive desires, god was fair, so in their susceptible period, they were more difficult than the average Alpha.

Chu Suiyun closed his eyes tightly, thinking about some things in his mind, such as what happened to his brother, whether he would be afraid, and whether someone would find out that he was missing in order to divert his attention. But in the end, these ideas all became blurred. After the chaos turned into a ball, the scene of entanglement with Qin Miao rushed out to add another firewood to the flame.

This can’t go on like this. Chu Suiyun struggled for a moment in his heart, ready to fulfill his own needs.


“Mmm…” Chu Suiyun leaned against the door and gasped, feeling a little weak in his hands.

No, not enough.

So weird, how could this be?

Chu Suiyun didn’t know what he looked like now, but he must look battered, like a beast with no reason.

“Chu Suiyun, where are you?”

Qin Miao’s voice suddenly came from outside the door, and Chu Suiyun’s whole body was jolted.

The barrier patch on his neck was still there, but in Chu Suiyun’s current state, the barrier patch couldn’t completely isolate his smell. Thus when Qin Miao asked a question, took his first two steps, he smelled the overflowing smell.

Qin Miao immediately reacted. Chu Suiyun fell into his susceptible period after passive heat. Reason told him that he should withdraw at this time if he didn’t want something absurd to happen again.

But in fact, his feet seemed to be nailed to the ground, refusing to step back.

After all, not only did Chu Suiyun enter his susceptible period, but Qin Miao himself did the same.

This kind of thing has happened the first time, so a second time should no longer be a psychological barrier. So Qin Miao was not too entangled. Since two people can solve their physical discomfort together, there was no need to hesitate too much.

So he walked to the door of the room where Chu Suiyun was, reached out and gently pushed the door, only to find that Chu Suiyun was leaning against the door.

“Open the door.” Qin Miao said.

When Chu Suiyun heard Qin Miao’s words in a trance, his first reaction was to resist, but the next heat wave made him hesitate. In the end, he half-kneeled and moved away from the door, allowing Qin Miao to successfully open the door.

When Qin Miao came in, Chu Suiyun was still kneeling on the ground and didn’t get up. His legs were a little weak after he started to fulfill his needs.

So what Qin Miao saw was this scene: Chu Suiyun sitting on the ground disheveled, raising his slender neck and looking at himself with water in his eyes and flushed cheeks.

Qin Miao squatted down and picked up the person, knowingly asking, “What are you doing sitting on the ground?”

Chu Suiyun turned his head and didn’t answer.

Qin Miao asked annoyingly: “What are you doing just locking yourself in the room?”

“Shut up.” Chu Suiyun stated.

“It doesn’t matter, let me help you.” Qin Miao put a soothing kiss on Chu Suiyun’s brow bone, “After all, I need you too.”

Forget it, it didn’t matter, Chu Suiyun thought desperately, then he held Qin Miao’s face, and took the initiative to kiss his lips. 

When an Alpha is in heat, he can’t help clinging to his partner’s neck, leaving bite marks. Qin Miao was no exception. Every time he grabbed Chu Suiyun’s neck, he bit down on the other’s gland arrogantly, regardless of whether he could mark the other.

But this time when Qin Miao’s canine teeth just touched Chu Suiyun’s neck, Chu Suiyun’s two fingers, who had a little sanity returned, were stuffed into his mouth. He parted his teeth, and pushed the person away.

“Don’t bite.” Chu Suiyun said coldly. After a while, he felt that his tone was too heavy, and then softened it a bit. He explained, “It hurts.” 

With a finger in his mouth, Qin Miao’s words were a little hard to hear, but he coaxed: “It won’t hurt, I’ll take it easy.”

Chu Suiyun shook his head: “No.”

Qin Miao squeezed Chu Suiyun’s wrist and took his hand away from his mouth.

“Let me take a bite, just one bite, one last bite, be good.”

Like coaxing a child, he spoke rashly, his tone was so gentle that he would drown a person, but his coaxing words were nothing novel.

But no one had ever said such a thing to Chu Suiyun before. Taking advantage of his first time, Chu Suiyun was an extremely deceived idiot at this time and was coaxed by a few words.

Chu Suiyun did not continue to refuse, but buried his eyes into the pillow. He reached behind his neck with his backhand, slightly lifted the tail of his hair that was not too long, and offered his neck.

The next second, familiar canine teeth came with scorching heat and breath. Tthe glands were punctured, and unfamiliar pheromones poured in. The tingling and soreness made Chu Suiyun frown.

An hour later, Qin Miao came out of the bathroom with water dripping from the ends of his hair. Chu Suiyun laid on the bed asleep, with the quilt covering his shoulders.

The bed was a bit small, only enough for Chu Suiyun to sleep alone. Qin Miao would make it too crowded if he lied down.

Qin Miao walked to the bed and stretched out a finger to touch Chu Suiyun’s cheek, which was red and a little hot.

“You have a fever.” Qin Miao said, “I’ll wipe for you, do you still have the strength to take a shower?”

“I’m not washing…” Chu Suiyun just wanted to sleep and disliked Qin Miao’s fingers for making himself uncomfortable and turned his head away.

“Okay, then I’ll go to sleep next door. If you want something, call me.”

Qin Miao looked at the narrow bed, then finally decided to let Chu Suiyun have a good rest and to go to sleep on the other side.


Chu Suiyun let out a perfunctory snort from his nose, expressing his agreement, and then turned over, exposing his entire arm and thigh.

Qin Miao was about to go out, but when he saw Chu Suiyun almost throwing the entire quilt on the ground as soon as he turned over, he stopped.

Qin Miao helped Chu Suiyun to pull up the quilt, and along the way, he shamelessly said, “Forget it, I’ll stay here and watch you so you don’t kick off the quilt.” 

The bed suddenly became crowded. Chu Suiyun arched in dissatisfaction, and Qin Miao locked his limbs.

“Go to sleep.”

Chu Suiyun was so tired that he didn’t want to argue with him. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. Qin Miao’s spirit was not much better. After the room was quiet, he soon fell into a deep sleep.

When Chu Suiyun opened his eyes again, the sky was dark. When he woke up, he was lying flat with no one else around, but Chu Suiyun still remembered that Qin Miao was lying beside him before he went to bed.

After some rest, Chu Suiyun was not sleepy, so he got up from the bed and prepared to take a shower. As a result, his legs fell to the ground, and for a moment, he became weak and almost lost his footing.

Chu Suiyun’s face darkened. He forcibly straightened up, pretending that nothing happened.

Twice in one day, the number of times within the two times was unclear, so Chu Suiyun was a little tired. But it’s not bad. It’s similar to the feeling of the next day after swimming at school for an afternoon, sore but tolerable.

After taking a shower, Chu Suiyun dried his hair and walked out of the bedroom cabin.

As soon as he went out, there was a row of windows on the opposite side, through which one could see the situation on the deck. Chu Suiyun saw Qin Miao and Old Frey standing outside, they should be talking.

He walked over, pushed open the door and stepped onto the deck.

The strong wind at sea at night rolled up Chu Suiyun’s slightly long hair. The sound of the wind and the waves clattered, so the two people who were standing in front of him didn’t notice his arrival.

It wasn’t until Chu Suiyun came to Qin Miao that Qin Miao turned his head slightly unexpectedly: “Are you awake?”

Old Frey noticed Chu Suiyun’s arrival and immediately stopped the conversation with Qin Miao. Chu Suiyun nodded.

“What are you talking about?” Chu Suiyun asked casually.

“Nothing.” Qin Miao did not answer directly.

Old Frey said goodbye directly: “Then I’ll end our conversation here, you can talk to Mr. Chu. I’ll leave first.”

After that, the elegant and straight-backed old man left without any hesitation.

Chu Suiyun naturally felt that he was deliberately avoiding him. He didn’t feel right, but he couldn’t say anything. Chu Suiyun lowered his eyes for a moment, put the distracting thoughts behind him, and asked Qin Miao, “When will we arrive at Flower Snake Island?”

“There are still three days.” Qin Miao said, shaking the cigarette in his hand. The soot scattered into the sea.

Chu Suiyun asked again: “Then how long do we have to stay in Flower Snake Island before we can go back?”

Qin Miao frowned: “The earliest would be a few days.”

Chu Suiyun was relieved. He looked away from Qin Miao, and turned to the vast sea, in trance for a moment.

Qin Miao didn’t smoke the cigarette in his hand, probably because he thought the cigarette from Old Frey was too cheap, too stimulating and unpalatable.

The two were silent for a moment. In the end, Chu Suiyun couldn’t hold back and asked, “Can’t I know what you were just talking about?”

Qin Miao paused and smiled, “No. It’s just that you don’t need to know. Old Frey said Dong wants my help, and is negotiating with me about the conditions, some troublesome things.”

Chu Suiyun really wasn’t interested in this matter. It’s enough to give Qin Miao a headache, so he didn’t ask anymore. 

After standing for a while, the wind became stronger and stronger. Qin Miao pressed the cigarette on the railing to extinguish it, pinched the butt of the cigarette, and wrapped his arms around Chu Suiyun.

“Let’s go back to sleep, it’s cold to death.”

Chu Suiyun initially resisted Qin Miao’s sudden physical contact and wanted to struggle for a moment, but then he thought that the two of them had done everything they should and shouldn’t do. The level of shoulder-to-shoulder contact was basically child’s play, so refusing to be hypocritical, he honestly leaned into Qin Miao and was led forward.

On the way back to the room, Chu Suiyun couldn’t help but think what he and Qin Miao were now? Emergency refuge? Because they both fell into passive heat and had to help each other, they temporarily maintained their physical relationship. When the matter passes, the two are independent individuals with no relationship and will not leave any marks.

That’s right, after all, Qin Miao chose to go to bed with himself because he couldn’t mark an Omega. When he lost his mind, he also used this sentence to persuade Qin Miao, so for Qin Miao, the current relationship between the two is short-lived and can be ended at any time without any burden.

Then he should learn to be free and unaffected, he doesn’t need to think about the future.

Before that, Chu Suiyun had never had a close relationship with anyone. As a superior Alpha, it made him a model student in his youth. His life plan was to meet a lovely Omega when he was in college. The two would date for a few years. When they get married, they will complete the life-long mark, and they will have one or two children in a few years. There would be no unexpected incidents in their calm and smooth road, one would see the beginning and end at a glance, tnothing to look forward to, and no surprises.

He didn’t expect to encounter such an unexpected accident before he set foot on the university campus. Chu Suiyun told himself that it was a wild dream, and the day he returned to Yun Country was when he needed to wake up. He would then have to go on with his life as if nothing happened. At the same time, he had a faint premonition that the impact of this dream might last for a long time, and it would not disappear because he and Qin Miao returned to Yun Country .

“Why are you in a daze?”

At some point, Qin Miao had brought Chu Suiyun to the door of the room. Seeing Chu Suiyun stunned, he couldn’t help but wake him.

Chu Suiyun returned to his senses, and saw Qin Miao’s arrogance and unconcernedness in his brows and eyes, and his heart was sour for no reason.

“Ah, nothing, maybe I was drowsy,” he replied.

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