Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Memory: Prepare to leave

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Three days later, the ship docked at the port of Flower Snake Island on time as expected.

All passengers who came to Flower Snake Island needed to apply for a temporary residence permit and a pass. Old Frey and Sen led Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao to the check-in hall.

Qin Miao was a person who was used to being in charge, so he asked Old Frey to go to the window to ask questions, and he also pulled back Chu Suiyun who was going to follow him, and chatted with him to relieve his boredom.

Qin Miao reached out and twisted the tip of Chu Suiyun’s hair. Chu Suiyun looked over in confusion. Qin Miao rubbed his fingers and said casually: “There is a piece of paper.”

Chu Suiyun wondered how his hair could be covered with scraps of paper. He was about to argue with Qin Miao, but saw Old Frey walking back with a sad face. 

With his expression, he knew that the application for the certificate was not going well. Qin Miao didn’t ask, so Chu Suiyun spoke first: “What difficulties did you encounter?”

Sure enough, Old Frey sighed and said, “I left Flower Snake island for a while, and I didn’t know that the restrictions on entering the island have become stricter recently, now even if a general resident guarantees a referral, foreign Alphas can’t enter.”

“Then who do we need for a referral?” Chu Suiyun asked.

Old Frey: “There are only two ways for foreign Alphas to enter the island. The first is to obtain a special permit, which is impossible for us. The second is to seek a partner, that is, to be accompanied by an Omega partner to enter the island. “

The reason why the island introduced this kind of regulation is because during the two years when the policy on entering the island was relaxed, many single and malicious Alphas landed on the island and caused troubles, threatening the safety of the Omegas on the island.”

“Then what do we do?” Chu Suiyun felt absurd, so he turned to look at Qin Miao, “Why don’t we just go back to Yun Country .”

Chu Suiyun was in a hurry to go home and didn’t want to go to Flower Snake Island. Although they would face the danger of being chased by Richie by going directly back, this risk cannot be completely avoided.


Unexpectedly, Qin Miao and Old Frey retorted at the same time.

Chu Suiyun looked at Qin Miao unexpectedly. Qin Miao shook his head at him, the meaning in his eyes was that he should be calm. He didn’t understand Qin Miao’s intentions, but he didn’t speak anymore.

Old Frey continued to explain: “Richie must now know that you are out of his control. After his search for this period of time is fruitless, it will be safer to leave from Flower Snake Island. After all, there are only four of us, and I can’t appear in front of Richie. I’m Madam’s people, he will recognize me.”

Chu Suiyun frowned, unable to think of a way to break the situation.

In his opinion, circumnavigating the Flower Snake Island was unnecessary, and it was the result that he and Qin Miao had to compromise because they were coerced by Old Frey. When Old Frey was on the boat, he promised that he would eventually take Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun away, but now his performance has drastically reduced Chu Suiyun’s trust in him.

And he didn’t know what Qin Miao was planning, yet he also refuted him.

Chu Suiyun was thinking when Qin Miao suddenly called his name.

“Suiyun, come with me.” Qin Miao turned around and pointed to the toilet.

“You go to the toilet yourself, why do I…” Chu Suiyun had no interest in accompanying him to the toilet.

Hearing his refusal, Qin Miao directly grabbed Chu Suiyun’s wrist, and pulled the person towards him.

“Let’s go together.”

Are you a female middle school student? ! Chu Suiyun gritted his teeth and thought silently in his heart.

When they got to the toilet, Qin Miao pushed Chu Suiyun into the compartment, locked the door with his backhand, and turned around to trap the person between himself and the toilet.

“What are you doing?” Chu Suiyun leaned back against the partition wall and asked, slightly raising his head.

“Isn’t the rule here that an Omega needs to accompany an Alpha to enter the island?” Qin Miao said, “So I have a way to sneak into the island.”

“What way?” Chu Suiyun blinked.

Qin Miao was silent for a moment and said, “The implementation of this idea requires your cooperation, and you are the most suitable.”

Chu Suiyun’s eyelids jumped, he had a hunch that what Qin Miao said next might make him hard to accept.

Chu Suiyun stared at Qin Miao, watching his lips move up and down, coming up with a shattering plan.

“How about you pretend to be an Omega, say we’re partners, and sneak into the island?”

No way! Chu Suiyun shouted in his heart, but on the surface, he calmly analyzed its impossibility: “How can I pretend to be an Omega? I don’t look like it. What if I’m found out?”

“Similar.” Qin Miao spat out a word. Chu Suiyun was stunned for a moment, and after reacting, his temples jumped.

Eighteen-year-old Chu Suiyun still maintained a strong youthful aura. During this period, he grew taller quickly, and the speed of growing flesh could not keep up with growing taller, so he was slender. Not to mention that his appearance was too delicate to distinguish between genders.

Male Omegas are thinner than male Alphas, a softer face and younger looking. Chu Suiyun, who just became an Alpha adult, could just falsely report his age and pretend to be an Omega in his twenties.

“What about my pheromones?” Chu Suiyun asked the most difficult question to solve.

In addition to looking at appearance, the most accurate and common method to distinguish an adult Alpha and Omega is to distinguish pheromones. As an Alpha, how could Chu Suiyun exude the smell of an Omega?

“Just cover it.” Qin Miao took out the barrier patch that he had prepared earlier, tore it off and stuck it on Chu Suiyun’s gland.

Then he casually rubbed the packaging of the barrier patch and threw it into the trash can. He held Chu Suiyun’s cheeks, his index finger and thumb forcing Chu Suiyun to open his mouth slightly.

Qin Miao lowered his head and exchanged a kiss with Chu Suiyun.

“Mmmm… what are you doing?”

Chu Suiyun didn’t expect Qin Miao to kiss him suddenly, and subconsciously resisted twice. Qin Miao retreated, but his hand still held Chu Suiyun’s cheek and explained: “I’m giving you a taste of me, aren’t we going to play partners? This way others can’t smell you, and it can show our relationship.”

Chu Suiyun was confused, but he also knew that what Qin Miao said was right. He was also an Alpha, and he knew the nature of Alphas. They will definitely leave a strong smell on their partner, so as to mark their belongings, intimidate people with ulterior motives, and show off their abilities.

“Hold me for a while.” Qin Miao ordered.

It’s all for the sake of going on the island… Chu Suiyun brainwashed himself, then raised his arm around Qin Miao’s shoulders, and hugged him tightly.

Hugging someone brings a very satisfying feeling. Chu Suiyun rarely had the opportunity to be in close contact with people. His whole chest was filled with another person’s body temperature, and the tip of his nose was lingering with another person’s nice smell. This kind of feeling makes a person feel a little addicted. Near the end, Chu Suiyun closed his eyes.

Fortunately, this toilet had no smell, Chu Suiyun thought, otherwise he would definitely have felt nauseous the moment Qin Miao kissed him, let alone hug him in the toilet.

Five minutes later, Chu Suiyun, with the smell of Qin Miao, followed him back to the office hall.

In order to marinate Chu Suiyun as soon as possible, Qin Miao did not restrain his pheromones. At this moment, the two walked out side by side, and the smell was so strong that even though Old Frey and Sen were Betas who were insensitive to pheromones, they couldn’t help frowning. 

Qin Miao told Old Frey about his plan. Old Frey had some doubts about the feasibility of this plan, but when Qin Miao asked back, “Do you have a better way?”, the objection was immediately dismissed. 

Qin Miao led Chu Suiyun to the office window, raised his chin, and motioned for Chu Suiyun to speak. This is Flower Snake Island, so it was only right to allow an “Omega” to call the shots.

“Uh…” Since this was a lie, Chu Suiyun struggled to overcome his inner obstacle and sort out his words, “Hello, my partner and I want to apply for a pass and a temporary residence permit.”

Sitting behind the window was a female Omega with a round face who looked very young. If she was in Yun Country or the Federation, she must be the soft-spoken, most popular cute Omega, but here, her voice was cold and didn’t match her appearance at all. She spoke decisively, and didn’t act like an Omega.

“Please show your identification.”

Chu Suiyun glanced at Qin Miao and responded accordingly: “The documents have been left in the sea, we are here to start anew.”

Flower Snake Island was a special existence. Because the founding of the country was not long, it was an uninhabited island before, and it was not until a hundred years ago that the escaped Omega landed on the island, most of the residents on the island were immigrants. They seem closed off, but that’s only for Alphas, they actually maintained a highly open and welcoming attitude towards Omega immigrants who flee for some reason.

If Chu Suiyun’s words were placed in Yun Country or the Federation, the window clerk would definitely give him a blank look and tell him to leave, but it would be another case if it was placed on Flower Snake Island.

Behind the window, the Omega’s eyes were cold and stern, like a detector, her eyes squinting at Chu Suiyun.

As an Omega, this boy looked only 20 years old, very young; except that he was slightly taller, his appearance was in line with the characteristics of an Omega. He had a strong Alpha smell on his body, and his own smell was completely covered up, which was also in line with the state of an Omega with a partner.

And his partner made some small gestures behind him from time to time, such as touching his neck and touching his cheeks, which was in line with most AO’s getting along patterns outside of Flower Snake Island. The teenager also feeling embarrassed because he is in front of others would pat his partner’s hand making him stop for a while.

As expected, the clerk did not insist on Chu Suiyun showing his documents, but took out a few forms and handed them to him: “Fill out the registration information with your partner, and then I need you to remove the barrier patch to confirm your pheromone. “

Chu Suiyun took the form then quickly exchanged a look with Qin Miao, and agreed very calmly: “Okay.”

As he said that he was going to lift the barrier sticker, he didn’t seem to have the slightest guilty conscience.

The moment Chu Suiyun’s fingers touched the barrier patch, Qin Miao suddenly shot out, grabbed his wrist and stopped him from continuing.

Then Qin Miao looked at the clerk without a smile, and said in an unhappy tone: “This is not good. To have my partner remove the barrier patch in a cluttered office hall and let messy people smell him? Furthermore, I see that everyone didn’t lift their barrier patch when they were being dealt with, why are you targeting us?”

At this point, the only remaining doubt in the mind of the clerk was also dispelled. No matter how you look at it, this was a real AO couple. Alphas are annoying and arrogant, and Omegas are willing to be controlled by their partner.

The clerk, an Omega and an unmarried person, thought that an Omega should not be with an Alpha and should fight alone. However, she would not force others to have her own values. When she sees a sticky and loving AO partner, she will at most avoid them and will not have prejudice, not to mention that she is working now, and will not bring personal emotions in.

So after deciding that Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao met the requirements for entering the island, she raised her hand and motioned them to go to the side to fill out the form and not to stand in the way.

“Please fill out the form at the form-filling office, hand it over to me when you’re done, and I’ll handle the pass and temporary residence permit for you.”

Chu Suiyun was overjoyed, he didn’t expect to fool them. He couldn’t help but look at Qin Miao, Qin Miao blinked at him, and his eyes were full of smugness, no doubt saying: How is it, my plan is useful.

After the two filled out the form, they handed it over to the clerk, successfully clearing the customs, and obtaining the qualification for entering the island and the qualification for temporary residence.

Old Frey and Sen were residents of the island. After Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun passed through, they followed them into the island. The group passed through the back door of the office and came to the distribution station, ready to leave by car.

Old Frey stopped two taxis and was about to tell the driver the destination, but Qin Miao took the lead.

“Go to the nearest mall.” Qin Miao said to the driver through the car window, bending over.

Old Frey frowned in disapproval and asked, “Mr. Qin, what do you need to do in the mall?”

“Buy something, at least a few pieces of clothes, I’ve been wearing the clothes from Richie’s house for several days.” Qin Miao answered as a matter of course.

Old Frey shook his head: “Mr. Qin, we should go to the residence first, I can do the shopping for you later.”

“What’s the hurry?” Chu Suiyun suddenly said and walked between Qin Miao and Old Frey. “From here, we have to pass through several shops that sell clothes. We can just go in and pick a few pieces at will. It won’t take too much time. Instead, it will be more troublesome for you to do it later.”

“Yes, yes.” Seeing someone speak up for him, Qin Miao immediately agreed, “I want to change my clothes right now, and I don’t know how long it will be to wait for you to buy it for us.”

After speaking, Qin Miao opened the car door and pushed Chu Suiyun’s shoulder: “Don’t waste your words, just go.”

Seeing the two of them insisting, Old Frey had no choice but to sigh helplessly, finally compromising. He and Sen got into another car and followed after the vehicle that Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun were in, driving to a fairly prosperous shopping mall.

After getting out of the car, Qin Miao went straight to the most conspicuous men’s clothing store, he didn’t care at all what the price of this specialty store was, which occupied a very large area in the shopping center. He turned around and asked Old Frey: “Since your Young Master Dong is willing to cooperate with me, I believe he is willing to invest in a few clothes, right?”

Old Frey’s temples jumped, but he could only smile and say to Qin Miao, “Of course.”

Thank you.” Qin Miao thanked him insincerely, and immediately grabbed Chu Suiyun to choose clothes.

The shopping clerk came and wanted to recommend this season’s new styles to Qin Miao, but all the styles he recommended were rejected by Qin Miao for various reasons such as “the color is too old-fashioned”, “the style is too outdated”, and “the price is not respectable”.

Seeing this situation, Old Frey felt that his head was going to explode. He didn’t know how long it would take for Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun to make a final decision. He planned to temporarily wait in the rest area set up by the clothing store.

Qin Miao seemed to have his own plans. After successfully shutting up the shopping clerk, he glanced from the corner of his eye and saw Old Frey and Sen sitting down in the rest area. Then he immediately sped up, grabbed two sets of men’s clothing, and draped them over the crook of his arm.

His movements seemed to be unthinking, as if he had taken them casually, but Chu Suiyun knew that he had started observing them from the moment he entered the store, because the clothes on his hands were all low-key and unobtrusive.

“Take us to the fitting room.” Qin Miao said to the shopping clerk.

The shopping clerk nodded and brought the two to the fitting room. The store was very large, so the fitting room and the rest area were separated by a large distance, and because of the emphasis on privacy, a semi-open partition design was also made around the fitting room, which made it not oppressive but also isolated them from the outside world.

“We’ll try on the clothes first, you don’t have to wait outside.” Qin Miao said to the shopping clerk, meaning for him to go away.

The shopping clerk was also sensible, nodded and exited the dressing area.

The next second after the shopping clerk left, Qin Miao stretched out his palm and held Chu Suiyun’s back, pushed him into the fitting room, and squeezed in with him.

Qin Miao closed the curtain of the fitting room and threw a set of clothes to Chu Suiyun.

“Quickly change.”

Chu Suiyun noticed something from Qin Miao’s actions, and quickly began to undress. At the same time, Qin Miao also began to unbutton.

“Are we going to ditch Old Frey?” Chu Suiyun put on his sweater and asked.

Qin Miao smiled and tugged at the rope of Chu Suiyun’s hood: “Very smart, little classmate.”

Chu Suiyun slapped Qin Miao’s hand away with a dark face.

“You are getting more and more childish.” Chu Suiyun commented.

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