Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Memory: Temporary Residence on Flower Snake Island

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After the two changed their clothes, Qin Miao opened the curtain to see if there was no one outside the dressing room.

Before entering this shopping center, Qin Miao noticed from the outside that this clothing store had two doors: one door led inside to the shopping center, and the other side led directly to the outside. This is why he chose to walk into this store.

Seeing the opportunity now, Qin Miao turned around and instructed Chu Suiyun: “Go out from the change room and turn left; there is a door leading to the outside, don’t speak, we will leave quietly.”

Chu Suiyun nodded behind him.

Then Qin Miao opened the curtain of the change room and walked out first. Chu Suiyun followed closely behind. The two met a shopping clerk during this period, but the shopping clerk only regarded them as guests who were about to leave and did not stop them.

They easily slipped out from under Old Frey’s nose.

Walking out of the shopping center, Chu Suiyun was still wearing a hood on his head. He didn’t know if he forgot or felt comfortable wearing it, but the outline of his face seemed a little rounder because of the outline of the hood.

He asked: “What should we do next? We have no money, no mobile phones, and no documents.”

Chu Suiyun pointed out the key problem. Flower Snake Island was a civilized society, their development level was not much different from the Federation and Yun Country. So without those three things, it was basically impossible to move around.

Qin Miao smiled. Then just like a magic trick, he took out a thin card from his pocket and held it between his two fingers: “Look what this is.”

“Bank card?” Chu Suiyun was surprised, “You were still hiding this?”

Chu Suiyun’s wallet was in the car, and after encountering the three kidnappers, his phone was thrown away, and his car was parked in the wilderness. Before being tied up at the back, he was searched and not even a piece of paper was left on his body. Qin Miao must have also been searched. Although he hid a watch before going to Richie’s villa, the watch was also taken later on, so he didn’t expect this guy to have hidden a bank card until now.

Qin Miao shook the card in his hand: “What are you thinking, this is what I borrowed from Old Frey.”

Borrowed it from Old Frey? It sounded so nice that Chu Suiyun almost couldn’t hold back his laughter: “When did you take it, you actually still had this hand left?”

“That’s not important.” Qin Miao said, “Since their young master wants my help, I’ll get paid first.”

“Do you know the pin?” Chu Suiyun asked.

“I know. When Old Frey used this card to pay for the taxi on his mobile phone just now, I saw him enter his pin.”

Chu Suiyun couldn’t help giving him a thumbs up, and then thought of another question: “What should we do when he goes to report the loss when he finds out that you took his card?”

“Little classmate, I can tell you are a good boy who follows the rules.” Qin Miao smiled maliciously, “Of course the first thing after getting the card is to take out the money.”

Qin Miao was so skilled that Chu Suiyun wondered if he had done something like petty theft, but as the valuable second young master of the Qin family, why would he need to steal money?

Chu Suiyun didn’t know that when Qin Miao was a child, in order to prevent his children from growing into playboys with distorted values, Senior Qin never gave the Qin brothers pocket money before middle school. Qin Miao once stole the old man’s money to buy a toy. President Qin’s bank card had been stolen more than once, thus he was so skilled.

The two went to the bank to withdraw a lot of money. Then they took a car to the ferry and went to another small island called Qinghe. On the way, Qin Miao threw the card into the sea, turned his head and said to Chu Suiyun, “We will use cash next.”

The first thing they did on the island was Qin Miao taking Chu Suiyun to buy a mobile phone. Qin Miao chose two mobile phones of the same style but different colors, and bought them together for a discount. The mobile deal was called a “couple package.”

With the pass and temporary residence permit, Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao successfully applied for a mobile phone card. However, there was a small episode during the process. The staff heard that Chu Suiyun was an Omega from abroad, so they pulled him aside and said to him in a low voice filled with earnestness: “We actually have a mobile phone card specially customized for an Alpha Omega Package.”

Chu Suiyun asked, “Is there a discount?”

The staff waved his hand: “It’s not a discount. There’s just the difference between the main card and the supplementary card. The Omega uses the main card, and the Alpha uses the supplementary card. Because you are from outside the island, I wanted to just remind you. If an Omega wants to control an Alpha, one must start with economic power and dominate the other in all aspects. The main card has the complete functions, and every action of the auxiliary card is under the monitoring of the main card. Any business he needs to handle in the future requires the main card’s approval. Take a look and see if you want it.”

After hearing this, Chu Suiyun couldn’t help but look back at Qin Miao who was standing beside the counter, dazzlingly thinking that the other party was like a large dog waiting obediently.

How could there be such an illusion? Chu Suiyun shook his head and pulled out the inappropriate imagination from his mind.

Chu Suiyun thought for a while and replied, “It’s fine.” 

The staff heard his rejection, and immediately became furious. Sure enough, the Omegas outside the island were domesticated too well by their Alpha, but this package was not mandatory, since Chu Suiyun didn’t want it, he couldn’t force it either.

So the two of them got their mobile phone cards, and finally they were able to communicate freely with the outside world.

Almost immediately, Chu Suiyun wanted to call his brother, but Qin Miao stopped him and said, “Let’s find a place to stay first, then we can make the call at ease. I see some temporary residences marked in the Temporary Residents Handbook, let’s go there and have a look.” 

It was not a bad idea to talk to his brother slowly after settling down, so after Chu Suiyun thought for a moment, he put away his mobile phone, and followed Qin Miao to the temporary settlement area for immigrants.

The two got out of the car at the entrance of the block, and were a little surprised by the scene in front of them.

The brochure said it was a temporary settlement, but this community had clearly existed for decades, with yellowed and outdated roads and buildings, dilapidated crowded streets, and tangled wires in the air. It was crowded and noisy.

There were many middle-aged and elderly people who came and went. It seemed that this place had long since changed from a temporary settlement to a permanent residence for outsiders. It may be a transit point for aspiring immigrants who would leave one day, but there were others who had to live here their entire lives.

Neither Qin Miao nor Chu Suiyun had ever seen such a crowded and outdated low-level community. In addition, there were foreigners pouring in from various countries, which made it even more chaotic and complicated.

“Are we going to live here?” Chu Suiyun asked.

While he was saying this, two children rushed past him recklessly and stepped on the sewage in the ground pool. Even though Chu Suiyun dodged in time, some mud splashed on his trousers.

“This place has crooks mixed with honest folk, so it’ll be easier to hide our tracks.” Qin Miao explained, “Let’s find a place to rent here for the time being.”

As Qin Miao said this, in such a place with frequent population movements, it is easiest to hide their whereabouts, and it was also the most suitable for new arrivals from outside to temporarily settle. It only took them two hours to find a suitable place here. Qin Miao didn’t hesitate and paid with all the money from old Frey for the rent.

“Aren’t you going to save some money?” Chu Suiyun asked.

Qin Miao took out his mobile phone and replied: “I can contact Yun Country now.”

Chu Suiyun felt worried for nothing and immediately shut up. The second son of the Qin family, with one phone call, many people would line up to give him money, there was really no need to be frugal.

This residence could be moved in immediately if they paid for it and the conditions in this area were quite good. Although there was only one bedroom, there was also a small living room, separate bathroom and kitchen, plus the furniture was complete. Compared with other cramped box rooms with only three square meters, it was already a luxury house.

Since the two settled down on Flower Snake Island temporarily, Qin Miao had taken the mobile phone to the front of the window, probably to call his family. Chu Suiyun was also in a hurry to get in touch with his younger brother, so he walked into the bedroom; the two did not interfere with each other, and began to report their safety to each other’s families.

Qin Miao called his eldest brother, Qin Han, first. In the end, Qin Han hung up because it was an unfamiliar number.

Qin Miao’s forehead twitched. In his heart he thought that his eldest brother was stupid for not answering unfamiliar calls when he was missing. If he had been kidnapped, was he planning on hanging up on the kidnapper’s call for ransom?

Fortunately, the eldest brother of the Qin family was not really big-hearted (doesn’t care about the situation). When Qin Miao called for the second time, the call was quickly connected.

“Hello?” Qin Han replied in a cold tone, completely different from his usual smiling face.

Qin Miao was silent for two seconds, then waited until the other side couldn’t help but say “hello” again, then he said leisurely, “Brother, it’s me.”

“Lao Er?!” Qin Han was obviously a little excited, and there was a burst of noise from the opposite side, then he continued to hear Qin Han ask, “Are you still alive?”

“What words are those?” Qin Miao had a headache, “I am alive, you should have received the signal I gave you.”

Qin Miao’s watch was an emergency device used to contact the Qin family in times of crisis. It can only send and receive signals, but it can accurately locate and record whereabouts. It was waterproof, fireproof and explosion-proof, just like a small black box. 

“If it hadn’t been for your signal, I would have flipped over the Maxson family long ago to look for you.” Qin Han was a little angry, “Stinky boy, what are you trying to do, do you know how worried Mom is!”

Qin Miao felt a little guilty, and said softly: “Tell Mom I’m sorry, I will go home soon. It’s just that Richie Maxson dared to do something to me in Yun Country. If I don’t teach him a lesson, I can’t justify this.”

In the end, this guy still felt that he did the right thing. Qin Han sighed and said, “You must know that nothing is worth risking yourself. Not long after father died, mother was already sad. If something happens to you, what will she do?So what are you going to do next? I’ll send someone to pick you up immediately.”

“No.” Qin Miao refused, “How long have I been away from Yun Country?”

“Ten days, what’s wrong?”

“Ten days…” Qin Miao pondered for a moment, “Is the order between Federal Express and Yun Country about to be signed?”


Qin Miao picked up the bottle cap left by someone and turned it around in his hand: “Federal Express has ordered a batch of new ships, and it’s almost time to pay the final payment. Their senior management also took the money to enter the stock market, I’m afraid they’ve lost a lot recently. They’re just waiting for Jingzao’s deposit to have a turnover.”

Having said that, he pressed the bottle cap on the table with a “snap”: “Brother, Jingzao won’t sign with them unless Richie Maxson pays the price he deserves, do you understand?”

Qin Han already understood, and while admiring his brother’s boldness and decisiveness, he was angry at him for putting himself in danger. He didn’t know when Qin Miao took control of Jing Zao, but he didn’t reveal a word.

“I know, when Jingzao finally negotiates with them, I will come forward and talk to the Maxson family.”

Qin Miao emphasized: “Have Richie Maxson bring Song Zheng and the others back to me intact. “

“Okay.” Qin Han agreed, “It’s just that you have to wait a few more days. Also I can’t be calm while you are on that flower snake island, so hurry back to me.”

“No, Richie will definitely notice when I go back. If he doesn’t get crazy and do something, how can I catch him?” Qin Miao threw up the bottle cap and caught it, “Just pretend I’ve never called you, that it’s unclear whether I’m alive or dead. Just pretend to be sad and don’t show your stuff.”

“Then you won’t come back from Flower Snake Island?” Qin Han asked.

“I’ll stay for a few days, it will be a vacation.” Qin Miao smiled. Speaking of this, he couldn’t help looking at Chu Suiyun’s bedroom, “I’m quite happy to stay here.”

Qin Han sneered: ” You’re beautifying the situation. I will transfer money to you, so quickly buy a computer and start working remotely!” 

In the bedroom, another pair of brothers were also talking on the phone.

After the call was connected, Chu Suiyun heard his brother’s slightly hesitant “Hello”, and his eyes turned red.

“Xiao Yu.” Chu Suiyun shouted.

The other side suddenly fell into a dead silence. This silence lasted for a long time, until Chu Suiyun thought it was because the signal was not good and that it had hung up automatically. Only then did Chu Muyu’s unbelievable voice came from the other side: “Brother?”

“It’s me.” Chu Suiyun was afraid that his younger brother would be afraid, so he quickly responded, “I’m fine…”

“You, where have you been?” Chu Muyu’s voice immediately became choked up. Chu Suiyun heard it, and his heart ached.

“I… encountered a little accident, but there is no danger. Now I am on Flower Snake Island. You know, Flower Snake Island, the one located on the southwest side of the map, it’s very close.”

“Are you really okay? Are you sure? Why didn’t you show up for so long? Why didn’t you call me? Why did you run there? Did you know I, woo…” Chu Muyu asked a lot of questions, asking all the countless questions in his heart these days. The words were asked all at once, and at the end, he was sobbing.

“I’m so scared, brother…I was afraid you wouldn’t come back, I was afraid you didn’t want me because I made you angry…”

“I went to the police and said you were missing, but I couldn’t answer the questions the police asked me. I didn’t know where you usually went or the contact information of your friends. They never found you…”

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, I’ll be home soon, don’t worry. Don’t cry… …” Chu Suiyun kept repeating.

Apart from these words, he didn’t know what to say. He could only constantly comfort his younger brother, promising that he would go home immediately.

“Then when are you coming back?” Chu Muyu asked in a sob, now his voice was much more stable than before.

Chu Suiyun didn’t know either, so he could only answer: “Soon. Can you take care of yourself? Are you hungry?”

“No.” Chu Muyu obediently reported, “I won’t go out by myself, I just paint at home. I also use the phone to order takeout.”

“Well, that’s fine. Before I come back, try not to go out. Finish your homework after drawing, and sleep peacefully at night.” Chu Suiyun urged.

“Ah, but…” Chu Muyu suddenly remembered something.

“What?” Chu Suiyun asked.

“…No, nothing.” Chu Muyu swallowed the words back. He wanted to say that there have been many unfamiliar faces in their neighborhood since yesterday. They were all men and seemed to know each other. They always lingered around the community. However, when he wanted to bring it up, he thought it would only add to his elder brother’s troubles, so he chose to hide it. Anyways, if he didn’t go out, those people couldn’t affect him.

“Take care of yourself, goodbye.” Chu Suiyun didn’t notice the difference. After saying goodbye to his brother, he hung up the phone.

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