Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Memory: The beginning is not right

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After the two of them called their families, they had to solve the problem of eating.

Qin Miao was a young master who did not have to do any chores, but Chu Suiyun was good at cooking because he needed to take care of his younger brother. Thus, the task of cooking fell to Chu Suiyun.

Qin Miao said that he was going to buy a computer. To save time, the two split up and he transferred a few thousand yuan to Chu Suiyun to let him buy vegetables.

Looking at extra thousands of dollars in the account, Chu Suiyun fell into a trance that he had become the Qin family’s nanny. Don’t rich people know how much an average meal costs? Can he keep the rest of the money?

There was a small supermarket downstairs, selling some fresh snacks and daily necessities. Chu Suiyun walked into the supermarket and went to the fresh food area to look.

The living environment here was not very good, but the food was quite fresh. Chu Suiyun packed a few tomatoes and a few eggs. When he was about to lift it to weigh, someone suddenly stepped on the leaf of a vegetable, slipped, and bumped into Chu Suiyun, knocking the egg over in his hand. “Pa-ta”, it stickily smashed to the ground.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” The young voice sounded, and the guy who bumped into him bent over and apologized, with a sincere attitude that made Chu Suiyun unable to get angry.

“It’s okay, you didn’t hurt yourself, right?” Chu Suiyun helped him.

The guy who bumped into him raised his head. Chu Suiyun realized that the other party was a young Omega in his twenties, with big, round eyes and a natural smile at the corners of his mouth.

“Hey! What are you doing? How did you break the egg? Who did it? You have to pay up!” The owner of the supermarket noticed the strangeness here and hurried over.

The round-eyed Omega immediately confronted the boss and quibbled: “How can you make us pay for it, it’s clear that your egg was not properly protected. If you put a guardrail next to the cargo basket, would the egg still be knocked over? And your supermarket is full of dirty vegetables and leaves, so I almost fell. If my handsome face was disfigured, can your store afford it? You want me to pay you money? It should be me making you pay me money!”

The boss obviously recognized the round-eyed Omega. When he saw it was him, he immediately put on a resentful expression, feeling helpless as if he was unlucky to meet him.

“Boy Yu, it’s you again? Haven’t I said that you are not allowed to come to my store again!?”

The Omega named Yu Chang, after listening to the boss’s words, put his hands on his hips, and said confidently, “Opening the door to do business, you should welcome customers from all over; why won’t you let me come in? Don’t I pay for my shopping?”

“I don’t care whether you pay or not, every time you come, you have to find fault with my products, causing other customers to think that I am selling fake and shoddy products. Get out of here, I won’t receive you!”

“You’re saying things incorrectly, if you sell nothing wrong, why would you be afraid of me saying…”

“Okay!” Chu Suiyun shouted, “Boss, it’s because I didn’t hold the eggs firmly, I can buy these eggs.”

“Hey! How can I make you pay, there are vegetable leaves on the floor of this supermarket… …” Yu Chang grabbed Chu Suiyun’s hand, anxious to persuade him.

Yu Chang was a head shorter than Chu Suiyun, and at this moment he raised his head to persuade him, for fear that he would suffer a loss.

The boss came and saw the vegetable leaves on the floor, and also saw that Chu Suiyun was a reasonable person. At this moment, he felt a little ashamed and said, “This little brother doesn’t need to pay any money. If the egg is broken, then it’s broken. It’s a small matter. You can pick another.”

Yu Chang immediately climbed up the pole (take advantage of the situation): “Did you hear that the boss is guilty, quickly get him to give you a bag of free eggs.”

“No need.” Chu Suiyun didn’t have the heart to take this small benefit. He pushed Yu Chang away and refused.

In the end, the boss insisted on not taking the money that Chu Suiyun wanted to compensate. Thus, Chu Suiyun took his re-bought eggs and a bag of other daily necessities and prepared to leave.

Walking out of the supermarket door, Yu Chang chased after him and grabbed Chu Suiyun’s hand: “Wait!”

Chu Suiyun had never been in contact with these noisy marketplaces, and it was the first time he had seen a flamboyant petty citizen. The community where he lived in Yun Country had never had such a scene. Everyone was polite and ignored each other, let alone having a stranger stop him to speak.

Yu Chang seemed to be used to doing these things, and asked very naturally, “Are you new here?”

Chu Suiyun was a little surprised by his question. There were so many people coming in and out of the temporary settlement area every day, yet this Omega can recognize them and remember them.

“I have an impression of the people in this area, but I haven’t seen you before; I also heard from the renter that a new household moved in today. Is that you?” Yu Chang asked.

“Yes, what’s the matter?” Chu Suiyun admitted.

“Can’t I get to know you for no reason? We’re all neighbours!” The Omega said familiarly, “My name is Yu Chang, I’m an Omega, what’s your name?”

“Chu Suiyun.”

“You are from Yun Country!?” Yu Chang was a little surprised and switched directly to Yun Country dialect, “My mother is also from Yun Country. She came to Flower Snake Island from Yun Country decades ago and gave me a Yun Country name with her surname. There are not many people from Yun Country here, so we are half a fellow townsman!”

The first batch of immigrants on Flower Snake Island was mostly from the Federation, so the official language was the Federation language, which Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao used to communicate with others after they landed on the island. However, in recent decades, with the increasing number of immigrants from Yun Country, the Yun Country dialect had also become a commonly used language in many places on Flower Snake Island.

Yu Chang, under the influence of his mother, spoke very well, with no foreign accent.

Hearing the local accent in a foreign country, Chu Suiyun felt cordial; his impression of Yu Chang changed, and he patiently listened to him continue.

“Are you an Omega?” Yu Chang pointed to the barrier sticker on Chu Suiyun’s neck, “I heard from the renter that who moved in was a pair of AO partners. You already have an Alpha?”

Chu Suiyun then remembered his character and nodded awkwardly: “En.”

“Your Alpha asked you to come out to buy groceries?” Yu Chang’s tone was a little surprised.

Chu Suiyun hadn’t figured out what was so strange, when Yu Chang said, “An Omega’s status is higher than an Alpha’s on Flower Snake Island, they never have to do chores. This work should be handed over to the Alpha, anyways, they have nothing to do with their brute force.”

“What does the Omegas of Flower Snake Island do?” Chu Suiyun was a little curious.

“Omegas do high-end mental activities and management work!” Yu Chang was very proud. “Research shows that Omega’s average intelligence is higher than an Alpha’s, and an Omega’s emotional stability is more stable than an Alpha’s, so they are more suitable to be a leader.”

Chu Suiyun had never heard of this kind of research, which may be the conclusion drawn by the researchers of Flower Snake Island. He didn’t know whether this conclusion was correct or not, so he just listened silently.

After speaking, Yu Chang felt bad for Chu Suiyun: “You came from outside and are used to being dominated by an Alpha, but arriving on the island, you should learn to control your Alpha in reverse.”

“Why do you want to control the Alpha?” Chu Suiyun asked, “We respect each other so can’t we divide labour peacefully? I came to buy food to cook because I can cook.”

“Then why doesn’t he learn to do it?” Yu Chang immediately retorted.

Chu Suiyun didn’t answer, and he couldn’t say it was because the so-called AO partnership was fake, so Qin Miao couldn’t be taught to cook temporarily.

His silence fell into Yu Chang’s eyes, and it became another meaning: “Look at you, are you imprisoned by your habitual thinking? Do you think an Omega should be at home with their husband and children, shopping for food and cooking? Hey! Most foreign Omegas are like this, and you will learn when you stay here for a few years.”

Chu Suiyun was an Alpha after all, and pretending to be an Omega will not make him feel the same way as an Omega. He disagreed with Yu Chang’s point of view, but he didn’t want to have a dispute with his new friend, so he nodded to indicate that he understood.

The two walked with each other, and Yu Chang chatted non-stop on the road; Chu Suiyun had no room to interrupt, and could only listen.

Ten minutes later, Yu Chang actually followed Chu Suiyun upstairs. Chu Suiyun asked, “Don’t you have to go back to your own house?”

Unexpectedly, Yu Chang smiled, turned around and opened the door opposite Chu Suiyun with the key.

“You didn’t expect that right? I live at the opposite door, otherwise, why would I chat with you for so long? We are neighbours!”

It turned out that Chu Suiyun thought that Yu Chang was this warm to everyone, yet now it seems that he only got closer to him in advance because he knew from the landlord that he lived in the opposite place.

The two said goodbye, Yu Chang opened the door of his house, and as soon as the door opened, Chu Suiyun heard a woman’s voice coming from Yu Chang’s house, which should be the mother he mentioned.

“Little Chang! Did you go to your Sixth Uncle’s place to make trouble again? You’re already working, yet you still aren’t looking proper! Do you need a beating?”

Yu Chang blushed. Feeling embarrassed that this is happening in front of Chu Suiyun, he shouted to his mother, “No! I just went to buy soy sauce, and sixth uncle made me almost fall…”

Yu Chang spoke, while closing the door until his voice was completely shut in with the door. Seeing him disappear behind the door, Chu Suiyun turned around and opened the door to enter the house.

When he got home, Chu Suiyun changed his shoes, walked into the kitchen, and took out the items to prepare.

In fact, it was a good thing to meet a local person who was as enthusiastic as Yu Chang for the first time in a new place. This way he could understand many local rules more quickly, and because the other person was a descendant of Yun people, Chu Suiyun was quite happy to know him. 

After half an hour, Qin Miao returned home with a computer.

He put the key on the shoe cabinet. He recalled that when the door was just opened, a young Omega had just happened to walk out of the door, carrying the garbage out. For some reason, when the Omega saw him, he looked on guard, frowning and staring at him as if he was looking at an enemy.

But Qin Miao didn’t do anything; he hadn’t even seen this Omega before. Do Omegas on Flower Snake Island regard Alpha as enemies? Qin Miao was lost in his thoughts.

After changing shoes, Qin Miao smelled food from the kitchen and followed the smell to the door of the kitchen.

He saw Chu Suiyun standing behind the stove, wearing an apron, and his wide sweater was tightened by the string around the waist of the apron. After hearing movement, Chu Suiyun turned his head and greeted him: “You’re back? We can eat the food now.”

Qin Miao suddenly had some inappropriate fantasies.

He threw the images that were not suitable for children out of his mind, and walked in with a serious face: “I’ll help you.”

“Help me take it out.” Chu Suiyun untied his apron, instructed Qin Miao to do things with peace of mind, and then turned around by himself to go out.

During the meal, the two sat opposite each other and Chu Suiyun ate quietly. Qin Miao seeing that he didn’t make a sound, suddenly felt that he should say something.

But they didn’t know each other, and nothing seemed appropriate. For the first time, the second son of the Qin family experienced the awkwardness of wanting to talk but not knowing where to start. After thinking for a while, Qin Miao said, “When I came back just now, an Omega from the opposite door came out and looked at me very fiercely, but I didn’t eben provoke him. Do all Omegas in this country hate Alpha?”

Chu Suiyun heard this and knew exactly who Qin Miao was talking about. He remembered what Yu Chang said when he was chatting with himself today, He didn’t know why Yu Chang misunderstood Qin Miao as a scumbag, but there was no need to tell Qin Miao this.

So, Chu Suiyun replied casually: “It may be that you look too vicious, like a bad person, so others are guarding themselves against you.”

Qin Miao: “???”

Qin Miao: “No, you should speak reasonably. How do I look vicious? Am I not handsome?”

Chu Suiyun ate a mouthful of rice and shrugged: “You’re alright.”

Having lived in the world for more than 20 years, Qin Miao had always been evaluated as a “talented person” and had a “dignified appearance”. For the first time in history, someone said that he looked “alright”, and this person was also Chu Suiyun. Inexplicably, he was very concerned, and very naively insisted on clarifying things with Chu Suiyun.

“Look carefully.” Qin Miao put down the bowl and chopsticks, walked to Chu Suiyun, reached out and took away his chopsticks, forcing him to look at himself, “Look carefully and then evaluate.”

“What are you doing!” Chu Suiyun went to grab the chopsticks, but Qin Miao grabbed his wrist instead.

Qin Miao leaned closer: “Think about it clearly, do I look fierce?”

An imposing handsome face suddenly approached, and Chu Suiyun held his breath for a moment. Even as an Alpha, he had to admit that Qin Miao was very good-looking. The curvature, distribution, and shape of his facial features seemed to have been carefully sculpted by God. A little arrogance between his eyebrows and eyes made him look lively, so he would not become a soulless statue because his facial features were too delicate.

Chu Suiyun’s wrist was tightly held by Qin Miao. Forced to stare at him for a few seconds, he quickly recovered his thoughts, looked away, and said stubbornly: “It’s okay.”

Qin Miao caught the momentary change in his expression, released his hand, and smiled smoothly: “You lied.”

“Okay, I didn’t want to admit it. Forget it, let’s just eat.” Qin Miao straightened up and returned to his position.

Chu Suiyun glared at Qin Miao fiercely, how could this guy be so confident? If this guy wasn’t born in the Qin family, he would have been beaten up more than eight hundred times.

After dinner, Qin Miao shouldering his older brother’s instructions, turned on the computer, and started working remotely. He couldn’t show that he was safe to the outside world, so he could only go through Qin Han for office work, and let Qin Han send some things that needed his decision-making. At most, he only released some news to the tops of the company, saying that he was fine, and gave them reassurance.

Chu Suiyun saw that he was starting to work and that it was inconvenient to disturb him. After tidying up the house a little, he found that he had nothing to do, so he returned to the bedroom and started to use his mobile phone boredly.

After about half an hour, Chu Suiyun suddenly felt a tightness in his chest, his heart beat faster, and his emotions began to become restless for no reason. This feeling was too familiar to him these two days, it was his susceptible period.

Chu Suiyun thought that his susceptibility period had ended after the past few days, but he did not expect that the susceptibility period would come back after calming down for a little bit. Is this normal?

“Chu Suiyun, I smell your pheromones, you put the barrier sticker…” Qin Miao appeared at the door of the bedroom. Seeing Chu Suiyun sitting on the bed, his voice stopped abruptly.

Chu Suiyun didn’t know that his cheeks were quickly reddening at this time. He looked at Qin Miao at a loss: “I, my susceptible period seems to be coming again, what’s going on?”

Qin Miao stood at the door, his Adam’s apple slightly moved twice.

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