Let Go Of My Little Brother And Come At Me Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Memory: Crazy Chase

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Qin Miao’s throat tightened, and his thoughts almost disappeared. He quickly returned to his senses, walked two steps, and grabbed Chu Suiyun’s wrist: “Go.” 

The two walked towards the road. The temporary residential area was busy and noisy in the morning, and the sidewalk only two meters wide could not accommodate three people passing side by side, thus forcing them to occasionally brush by passer-bys.

Qin Miao walked holding Chu Suiyun’s hand, and suddenly saw the backs of two men a few meters away.

The two men were of similar stature and walked in a similar manner, clearly well-trained bodyguards. They were dressed in regular clothes and had breakfast in their hands. One of them had an eye-catching light golden hair color, which was characteristic of some federation people.

Qin Miao had noticed these uninvited guests last night. They suddenly appeared and wandered around yesterday, looking for traces of himself and Chu Suiyun. However, thanks to the complex chaos of the temporary housing area, they had not been found for the time being.

But now the situation has changed. Yu Chang had made Chu Suiyun’s true gender known to everyone. Since this morning, this area has been full of discussions about foreign Alphas.

Qin Miao grabbed Chu Suiyun’s hand, changed the direction of his feet, and turned into a small shop on the side of the road.

Before Chu Suiyun could react, he was pulled into a bakery by Qin Miao. The owner of the bakery said to them with a smile, “Welcome.”

“You haven’t had breakfast yet?” Chu Suiyun asked Qin Miao.

Qin Miao was taken aback. He brought Chu Suiyun into this store just to temporarily distance himself from the two federation pursuers, and he didn’t even notice what it was selling.

After reacting, he asked indifferently: “Do you want to eat bread?”

Chu Suiyun had eaten breakfast, he shook his head: “I’m not hungry. But if you haven’t eaten, you can buy some.”

Qin Miao actually ate already too. He pondered for a moment then said to the bakery owner, “Bring him a cup of hot milk.”

The owner of the bakery started to warm the milk. Qin Miao walked up to Chu Suiyun and whispered, “There are a few people from the Federation lingering nearby.”

Chu Suiyun was surprised and raised his head slightly: “Richie’s people? Looking for us?”

Qin Miao didn’t answer directly, but said: “I noticed them last night. They didn’t know our exact location, and they weren’t even sure if we were really here. The fact about your real gender had caused some discussion, and they must have noticed this anomaly.”

“So we have to leave as soon as possible. I went out in the morning to prepare the car.” Qin Miao said. At this time, the boss just happened to warm up the milk and handed it to Qin Miao. 

Qin Miao put it in Chu Suiyun’s hand. “Take it, let’s go.” 

The two paid the money, went to the road side and stopped in front of a new SUV.

Qin Miao first opened the door of the passenger seat, then went around to the other side of the driver’s seat and opened the door to get in the car. Chu Suiyun sat in the co-pilot and closed the door.

The two moved quickly, and after a few seconds, the car started driving on the road.

Shi Hao was 24 years old this year, a Beta, and received a difficult task shortly after he joined the company. The boss asked them to go and arrest someone. They only knew that the other party had come to Flower Snake Island, and they didn’t know the rest at all. The omnipotent leader speculated that most of the people who came to Flower Snake Island would stay in the temporary residential area, so they barely found a clue to start their search.

In the past few days, they have turned over almost all the temporary residential areas on Flower Snake Island. Yesterday, they came to this residential area to search, but they still found nothing. If they didn’t find the person by the afternoon, they would have to go to another residential area to have a look.

But this morning, they learned from the gossip of the residents here that an Alpha disguised as an Omega recently came here, which was very suspicious. Shi Hao had an intuition, there was definitely something wrong with that person.

Shi Hao really didn’t want to continue running around, and prayed in his heart to find that person quickly.

Perhaps he was usually too unlucky, so the accumulated bad luck turned into good luck when it reached an extreme. As soon as Shi Hao made a wish in his heart, he saw through the car window two people walking quickly by the side of the road. The various characteristics just matched the target they were looking for.

Shi Hao was agitated, and patted the co-pilot boss: “Boss! Look, it’s him!”

Hu Ren heard the words, took a closer look, then his face changed and his eyes were sharp. He ordered: “Call Kyle and the others to come back, let’s chase first!” 

The next second, the car started with a bang, turned a corner, and just saw Chu Suiyun and Qin Miao get into the car. When Shi Hao was driving, Hu Ren urged, “Come on, catch up, see what happens if you lose them!”

Shi Hao was under a lot of pressure and stepped on the accelerator more vigorously.

Flower Snake Island, or more precisely the Flower Snake Islands, was made up of a string of islands. There were three main islands, as well as small islands dotted around them. Qinghe was one of many small islands, and the area was not large. Qin Miao had already left the island after driving at high speed for half an hour, driving onto the sea-crossing bridge.

Qin Miao glanced at the rear-view mirror, and found that the car was still chasing after them, so he snorted impatiently.

Seeing his reaction, Chu Suiyun naturally knew that the car behind him was still biting on to them. The bridge was straight, at least for the next few kilometers, and they didn’t have any chance to get rid of the car.

But they couldn’t get rid of the car, and likewise, the car couldn’t do anything to them. There was no stops on the bridge so they still had time to think about what to do.

“I haven’t asked these past few days, but I think I have the right to know what you are planning.” Chu Suiyun suddenly questioned Qin Miao, “We have been on the island for so many days, obviously there was a chance to leave, but you did not move. What are you waiting for? Is the person chasing us now, Richie? Did you fail to negotiate with him? “

Qin Miao was silent.

He didn’t know how to explain to Chu Suiyun.

This matter had nothing to do with Chu Suiyun from beginning to end, he was completely innocent. When they were kidnapped from Yun Country to the Federation by Dong and the gang, Qin Miao forced Chu Suiyun to stay. On the one hand, he was afraid that Chu Suiyun would act rashly and cause trouble, but on the other hand, it was more out of his own selfishness.

Because Chu Suiyun was an excellent Alpha. With him around, he could help himself so he detained Chu Suiyun by his side. He didn’t think there would be any problems with this approach before, but now, Qin Miao regretted it.

If he didn’t want to fight Richie to the end, Chu Suiyun would have gone home long ago.

How can he answer Chu Suiyun? Because he wanted Richie to learn a lesson, so he delayed going home and kept him by his side at the same time? Allowed him to be humiliated by the people of Flower Snake Island, and allowed his brother to worry about him for nothing?

Chu Suiyun would probably give himself a punch.

“I’m sorry.” Qin Miao could only say, “I…was waiting for an opportunity. The Maxson family has huge debts outside, and urgently needs the funds of a company I actually control secretly to have a turnover. I’m waiting for them to be at their most desperate moment, then at that time, negotiate with them. I need to let Richie learn a lesson, and I need to have a bargaining chip to let them let Song Zheng go. But now the situation has exceeded my expectations.”

Chu Suiyun digested it for a while, then went straight to the point: “So your negotiation failed, and they came to arrest us?”

Qin Miao shook his head: “No, the negotiation has not started yet, but an unplanned variable has appeared.”

“What is it?”

Qin Miao turned his head and looked over, then answered: “Your father.”

Chu Suiyun was dazed and did not understand what Qin Miao meant.

“Your father is Chu Tian from Tingyu Technology right?” Qin Miao asked.

Chu Suiyun couldn’t understand Qin Miao’s words. His father was indeed named Chu Tian, ​​but what did he have to do with that technology company? Immediately, he recalled that his father was really doing research. He had his own research and development room and often stayed in that room all night. When he was a child, he also met the uncles and aunts of his father’s team.

But he had never heard of his father’s relationship with any company. His father’s income mainly came from teaching at the university. The research they had done had never been fruitful, and it was impossible for any company to take a fancy to it.

However, it had been many years since his father had gone to the Federation and it was not surprising that his occupation could have changed.

When Qin Miao saw Chu Suiyun’s expression, he understood that Chu Tian didn’t let his son know what he was doing at all. He could only briefly explain to Chu Suiyun what Tingyu did and what position Chu Tian was in.

“All in all, in order to save you, your father reached a cooperation with the Maxson family. Now the predicament of the Maxson family has disappeared, and my pressure is no longer useful. Now, I don’t know who is chasing us.”

Qin Miao looked at Chu Suiyun seriously: “If it wasn’t for me being too conceited and feeling that everything is under my control, you would have returned home by now. Sorry, but give me a little more time and I will take you back to Yun Country.”

Qin Miao said a lot. Chu Suiyun was surprised by the true identity of his father at first but when he finally heard Qin Miao’s self-blame and commitment, he had a complicated feeling in his heart.

“You don’t need to apologize.” Chu Suiyun said angrily, “That guy Richie, I’ve seen him in a bad mood. If it were me, I would also want to take care of him and make him completely honest.” 

The strength of stepping on the accelerator became lighter, and the speed of the car began to slow down.

“Accelerate, don’t let them catch up.” Chu Suiyun reminded him. Qin Miao quickly stepped on the accelerator again.

The SUV threw them off by several cars and the passage under the bridge had already appeared in the distance. Chu Suiyun looked ahead and said, “As long as I can go home at the end, I will treat these few days as vacation.”

Ten minutes later, The two drove off the bridge and came to another small island opposite Qinghe Island. This was a place smaller than Qinghe Island. There was no city and the population was sparse, like a paradise.

Qin Miao looked in the rearview mirror. Because the vehicle turned a corner, now he could not see whether the car was still following him.

“Take your mobile phone, look at the map for me, and pay attention to whether there is a path that can get rid of them.” Qin Miao said.

Chu Suiyun immediately took out his phone and began to examine it carefully. At the same time, the black sedan that had been following them reappeared in the rearview mirror.

“Yes.” Chu Suiyun raised his mobile phone, “There are two entrances here, the front is a slope and there is a blind spot for a period of time, they can’t see us. We can change lanes, misleading them.”

Qin Miao understood and depressed the accelerator hard.

At this moment, a ramp exit appeared ahead, and a black car of the same model as the car behind suddenly drove out, inserting itself into the main road, and appearing in front of Qin Miao and Chu Suiyun.

Neither Chu Suiyun nor Qin Miao expected the other party to have another car. Qin Miao only saw one of their cars last night, and there was only one car that had been chasing them today.

There were no other vehicles on this road, so the black car in front parked in front of Qin Miao’s lane without any scruples, trying to stop them.

The other party was very courageous. The distance between the two cars was extremely close, and the high-speed vehicles had no time to brake.

Qin Miao gritted his teeth, clenched the steering wheel, and said to Chu Suiyun in a deep voice, “Sit tight.”

The cars in front waited for Qin Miao and they were forced to slow down and stop. .

Shi Hao felt his adrenaline rushing upwards, his face flushed red. He had only seen this kind of life-and-death car chase scene in movies. Unexpectedly, he became an immersive driver today. It was too exciting. 

After the companions in front stopped horizontally, Shi Hao blew his whistle proudly. Now they can’t run away, the mission is successful!

But in the next second, he suddenly realized that something was wrong, and put one foot on the brake reflexively, confused.

“Boss!” Shi Hao shouted, “Are they f*cking crazy, they didn’t slow down—!”


A loud noise accompanied Shi Hao’s cry, resounding through the peaceful island.

The SUV hurriedly turned the steering wheel at the last moment when it was about to collide with the vehicle in front, broke through the roadside railing, and crashed into the dense forest on the hillside.

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